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Planet Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Planet Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters

113 Crosby Rd., Ste. 15
Dover, NH 03820 USA
Corporate Phone Number: +1-603-750-0001
Customer Service Number: Contact Your Local Club

  • Charging people after they close their bank accounts is DECEPTIVE!!! not only they keep charging you but the bounced checks and late fees over a period of months add up. They are Crooks. With a balance of 230 for a few months I could pay to go to a good gym. The managers dont help they act like their stupider than the corporate employees. This business is out to clean you, just by paying 10$ you end up getting screwed DONT GO TO THIS GYM!!!

  • Planet Fitness, change your policy regarding allowing someone who is still obviously male to use the women's locker room because he is 'transitioning.' You want to be so PC, but you are NOT considering the women and their rights at all; most of us want to be in a locker room where we feel safe and secure. And what about the many women who have abuse issues? Having a male in their locker room could trigger serious issues for them – did you even think of that?

  • Very disappointed in Planet Fitness. I could not locate my contract and my year was to end this March. I called Holland Planet Fitness to inquire about the end of my contract if it would renewal automatically and was told no it would not be renewed but was not told that they would continue to bill me unless I stopped in or sent a letter. So of course I have had the 19.95 fee deducted for March. I called the location and was treated rudely and it was implied I was just making the story about their employee giving me the incorrect information up. I will let them have the 19.95 and my certified letter will be posted tomorrow and everyone I know will hear about Planet Fittness and their customer service.

    • Worst gym I have ever had to deal with. Rude incompetent staff, no reminders of yearly fees, no manager is ever there to talk to, and the gym refused to give me the corporate phone number. I just told corporate that and they said that saying that was against policy. A rip-off of a business for sure.

    • Customer service at Planet Fitness is HORRIBLE. It is a rip-off for sure! I am thinking about contacting a friend to cover the story on the national platform. The only way to cancel is to PHYSICALLY report to the PF gym at which you joined or pay to send CERTIFIED letter requesting that your membership is cancelled. Since the gyms are individually owned, the corporate office TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY for any it. However, someone has shared with me a perfectly legal way around it.

  • Just heard that Planet Fitness actually allowed an adult male to shower in the women's restroom, and revoked a lady's membership for complaining to others about it. This is an outrage, and the policy should be reversed. Women cannot feel safe with men showering alongside of them regardless of what gender they identify with.

  • I would like someone to call me back from the Covina Planet Fitness. Tried to talk to the employee's there and got no where. Had idenity theft and called them the day the bank closed my card to prevent further theft, would recieve a card in 10 days, I called Planet finess immediately and let them know. I took the card to the gym today and was told I would have to pay the $10.00 late fee. I asked them to check my records I had called to let them know 3 times that I would be in. I asked to speak to the manager but she was not there, only the assistant and she had NO sense of compassion to my situation just the answer that she could not do anything did not even offer to get my number so someone could call me back, What kind of buiness is this, I actually got over 40 neighbors to join this gym and I am treated like this! Something so simple has to resort to this and a customer to be so unhappy. I had the same thing happen with Massage Envy and there employees were understanding and did not charge me $10.00 after I already was ripped off. I hope I get a call, each day that goes by it will result in me tell more and more people about my uncompassionate experience and encounter I had to deal with.

  • Subject: Buena Vista, CO Super 8 Motel
    Location: Buena Vista, Colorado, United States, North America
    Title: Unfair Owner

    I used to work at Super 8 Buena Vista CO. and the owner who is from India is cheap or shall I say greedy, they pays their housekeeping employees only $3.75 per room or if they like you they increase it to $4.00 per room, at the end of the day we only make between $5 to $6 per hour, below minimum wage! most Super 8 hotels that I know they pay their employees hourly rate or if it is per room it is at least $6 per room. The owner who is a couple from India treat their employees like slaves, they take advantage of the people who wants to work or who needed to work, I just feel bad for those exchange students that they hire during summer and all other helpless americans, I hope the Colorado department of labor and employment will respond to my compaint and do investigation to this company. I want to warn everyone of the breakfast they serve, it might be food from yesterday, also, If I were you do not use their pool, it is dirty! they don't change water.

  • Im writing a book about how badly I was treated at the Falls Church va gym. They made me leave after 3 years there becuase the morning guy was jealous that I talked t his coworker. He would try to get people to complain about me, he spent alot of time gossipping about me to the one owner on the phone. I had people over hear and tell me what he was up to. He would walk around and ask people if I bothered them, intimidated them, etc etc. They laughed in his face. he finally got thr owners to throw me out. And after thinking it over Im writing a book about the experience and expect it to do well. Judgment free zone????? hardly………..

  • super 8 in York , Nebraska need to be shut down and inspected owner dose not use do or operate the way super 8 is suppose to beg bugs that he dosent want to deal with cockroaches nothing is being done he dosent pay over time or holiday pay that i know of i want to see sum thing done asap…

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