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  • Planet Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters

Planet Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Planet Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters

113 Crosby Rd., Ste. 15
Dover, NH 03820 USA
Corporate Phone Number: +1-603-750-0001
Customer Service Number: Contact Your Local Club

  • called my club to have my membership cancelled/on hold since i moved to a different city. It never happened. I still got that monthly premiums deducted from my account and when i called the club they were so rude and hang up on me, when explaining myself. I asked for her name and reference number for the call and she hang up. How can i go about getting help? Someone please advise

  • Why do you guys make it so difficult to deal with complaints at your various locations. You really need to develop check and balanced system at your locations. service can use major improvements.

  • It is most disturbing that for customer problems with an employee or a manager at a specific location, your solution is to have the customer contact that manager at that local facility.
    Let me repeat – if a manager does something inappropriate in a business environment, your solution is to have the customer bring it up with the same manager that the customer is complaining about. BRILLIANT!!!

    So in other words your official policy is to allow your managers to do anything and there is no accountability.

  • Hi…Do you know anything about Walton Life Fitness Pass Program from Wal-mart? Because your Garner, NC Planet Fitness Center doesn't know nothing about the program. I am a associate at Wal-Mart and would like to sign up with the Walton Life Fitness Pass and go to your PF Center. I don't know what plan you take for your membership plan. I would like to use your facility but do not want to pay extra out of my pocket. Can you please help me!!!

  • Hinesville, Ga. Planet Fitness have the worst custom service… This is at the Corporate Office…. Sad I need a refund!!!!!

  • Cincinnati Ohio Planet fitness Center I wanted to cancel my membership I expressed it was personal. I was canceling before the renewal date and was told by the manager that there was possibility I would still be charged. I explained that there would be no available funds in the account. He said there was not much he could do. Planet fitness needs to make the canceling process easier for the customer. How dose corporate office help the customer going to local Planet Fitness there is no quality customer service on resolving cancellation or billing issues

  • Why are certain Planet Fitness Center no longer taking Health Insurance Fitness from AARP? I been a member of Planet Fitness for two year and I was just told they no long will take AARP UHC Insurance, so now I have to move on to LA Fitness. I did find out it's only certain Planet Fitness Center will take AARP UHC but I can't travel 15 miles when I have an LA Fitness 1 mile from me.

  • Interested in joining but why can't I have fee taken from credit card. When I tried joining at the Black level, the first thing you did was ask for a credit card to charge me start up and monthly fee. Then asked for my bank account. No way for me to actually contact corporate about this but this form I discovered. Not impressed with lack of contact info. You have a note that says "if your local gym has not been able to help you, click here for corporate custome service" AND IT TAKES YOU BACK TO LOCAL GYM INFO. not impressed. Making me not want to sign up.

  • Hello, if someone from the corporate office could please contact me, there is an issue that I would like to resolve. I would much rather discuss this with a person than post it here. Thank you

  • My niece- Shianne Dolan, works at Planet Fitness, Aberdeen, MD.
    She requested Sat, May 18, 2019 off work, as we're hosting a Graduation Celebration Party for her. The banquet hall- Tidewater Grille, Caterer, DJ, photographer, flowers, cake, decorations, have all been PREPAID for (approx. $3,000+). Family members are flying in from out of town. The Planet Fitness Manager (Aubrey McCoy) refuses to allow her off for her own Party? I have left several messages for the Manager to call me to discuss. No response.
    EVEN if I were to RESCHEDULE the party as my niece was advised by the Planet Fitness, Aberdeen, MD– what guarantee is there that they will not pull this ridiculous work scheduling stunt again??!!!
    All of our family members belong to Planet Fitness– BELIEVE ME when I say we will CANCEL our memberships, and I will use EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM AVAILABLE to have this issue reasonably resolved!

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