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Planet Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I responded to a survey quite some time ago regarding PF services. I did not realize that the survey would go directly to my gym and that staff would seek me out to question me about it. The staff were very nice and I have a good conversation with the gentleman. Basically, he told me there was nothing he could do about my concerns as they were a franchise and virtually everything about the gym was dictated to them by corporate office. My concern is that there are dozens of treadmills, ellipticals, and excercise bikes but only ONE fly machine and NO preacher benches. I have been in the gym at many different times and every day of the week and have never seen even half of these treadmills, etc being used, meanwhile I have to wait to use a machine for which there is only one. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 people ahead of me waiting as well. There are other machines besides the ones I mentioned for which there is only one or two machines that are highly utilized. Why can't you remove some of the machines that are not being used and add some machines that have limited availability? You have plenty of floor space, you just do not utilize it wisely or efficiently. You may respond to me at joseph.henderson@mail.com Thank you.

  2. The Planet Fitness Corporation and other LLC's under your corporation needs to take immediate action. Your gyms throughout the nation have became a breeding ground for corrupt and bullying atmosphere against older individuals. These instances are taking place not in lower levels of your company but within management positions at your company within your clubs. Upper management have shown no signs of trying to bring this under control and deal with the elephant in the room by proper training that should be required for all employees of your corporation. A hostile work environment is a poison that slowly and methodically filters into a company usually involving low level employees but your issues seem to stem from a gang like mentality at low levels that has took hold within your clubs against anyone that is is not participating within these gang type work atmospheres that you have let fister within these clubs. This hostile work environment that looks to be widespread should and will be reported to the State and Federal agencies so a proper investigation can take place. Elder abuse and hostile workplace environments against anyone especially the elderly is something that needs to be addressed before others are hurt or even killed.
    What I have seen and witnessed is there is no desire by the corporation to try and get control of the situation you continue to let these small gangs control your gyms and when these issues are brought to corporate management attention the managers are the ones that go under investigation.
    Most of the older individuals such as my brother fear retaliation by the small gangs of thugs that are running the gyms in a gang style atmosphere and would rather just resign than do what is necessary to protect others within your organization from the hostile workplace environment that you have let take hold within your gyms. I am presently trying to convince my brother the necessity and dire need of people like him to stand up and fight against workplace hostility and abuse. I will however start my own investigation to see how far and extreme this has became within your organization and will be reporting my findings to the correct Federal and State agencies.
    This letter serves as notice that action is coming and this type of workplace intimidation and elder abuse and age discrimination will not be tolerated in any work place in America.

    Thank You
    William Bradford

  3. PF in Louisiana.
    Tried to get some information about what a certain area of the Gym was used for and the untrained young person commented "I only work here".
    I travel, this is why I joined PF, what they fail to tell you is that their is a limit to this. I can deal with limitations, but the PF'S do not know this information. Trying to find it anywhere is impossible, contacting this company is impossible. They sell it as
    "work out anywhere", nowhere does it say the limits. This can only be found through workout sites, and user reviews. About to drop my membership, so I guess I'll have to fight like the rest of the people who have trouble cancelling.

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