Pronto Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters

Pronto Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters
805 Media Luna
Brownsville, TX 78520 USA
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-956-574-9787
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-888-338-6523

  • Brownsville, Tx Location on Media Luna…. complete garbage… no communication… very rude… both my adjustor and supervisor for claims department… it has been the worst experience I have had with any insurance company.

  • This is for the Pronto Insurance in Houston,Texas inside of the Joe Vs on Antoine. I caught the manager Denisse Garcia on the clock in the parking lot making out with my husband her husband showed up the same time it was one big movie very unprofessional and i will never do business with this company because yall have a person with no values running your stores we went in for a quote and next thing i know a week later she in the car making out with my husband

  • I have a complaint for the Houston location inside of Joe Vs on Antoine I caught the manager Denisse Garcia in the parking lot making out with my husband and her husband pulled up at the same time dont know what kind of establishment yall running but it is disgusting I will never do business with you guys again

  • No proffesolism whatsoever and they don't care about their customers. They are very punctual when the due date is near so they start calling and leaving messages when it comes to them getting your money, but when you need the help of Pronto Insurance they are nowhere to be found. Don't even bother talking to Luis Herrera because you have a better chance of talking to a wall and getting a response than you getting help from Luis

  • This is without the most horrible insurance company in Texas. People stay away. Don't get Pronto insurance. They have a bunch of incompetent people running their main office who don't care about their customers. Especially a Luis Herrera who doesn't care about his clients. What a shame that companies still have people like Luis running the show. People looking for car insurance don't get Pronto because you will get horrible customer service from people who don't care about their customers.

  • thats ok i am all over the internet this comment wont be approved or the last one but I am fixing to spread the word 3 weeks yall have held up my car beimg fixed

  • I am not a customer, but I have tried to resolve an accident claim, we were sent a check for $350 in damages. No adjuster has come out to see the vehicle, and if they had they would either total the vehicle or the check would be a couple thousand. Been trying to call and speak with someone only to be hung up on, transferred and then hung up on again. I'm guessing it's now time for an attorney to handle this manner since they can't be professional like a company should be. I hope corporate people listen to recorded phone calls because there seems to be many of unhappy people trying to resolve matters and get back to a normal life.

  • Horrible company,I would say just the person I dealt with was bad, but in order for the employees to have no people skills the people at can't have any either or they would make the ones under them better lead by example hopefully their future is as short as there attitudes, proggressive is a great company should take some pointers.

  • Not received my check for hail damage to my car. Getting a run around and being told lie after lie. Talking with a lawyer, will sue for all damages.

  • Thankyou for your service. Always trying to help the client. Really affordable prices. Happy in that.
    Well the reason I'm saying this is cause I just hanged up with a really rude person she was very aggressive in the point that I had to tell her if she wasn't going to answer me in a good tone to pass me to another person and she did.. so disappointed on this behavior did not like that tone at all so rude on her side she's need alot of more respect for other nd more education on her behave ..she needs not to mix her personal problems with her work and take it on others nd mix her issues with the client, that's all I'm saying.I truly hope y'all talk to her it's not nice to hear those kind of tones when your being nice ….
    Location at ***Riogrande City Office****

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