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Red Roof Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Red Roof Inn Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Red Roof Inn Corporate Address:
2071 N. Bechtle Ave, Box 226
Springfield, OH 45504
Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-744-2600
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-554-4555
Español: 1-877-733-7244
Email: Online Only
Website: RedRoofInn.com

  • Red Roof Inn, Brandon, FL – guest from out of town was booked here for a two-night stay. Pictures on the website look nothing like the actual condition of the hotel. Our guest found hair on their bed sheets, dirt and huge stains on the carpet, mold in the bathroom and terrible caulking repairs visible in the shower and bathtub; guest took a shower with their sandals on because of the unsanitary conditions. Location is in a bad area of what appeared to be prostitution and drug-trafficking. The Red Roof Inn corporate office will be notified as the hotel conditions are deplorable.

  • Red Roof Inn St. Joseph, MI (Benton Harbor) Charged me for a DELUXE 2 bedroom which was suppose to provide me with more room, Refrigerator, Microwave. In the end, the DELUXE room NO LONGER EXIST. ALL the rooms are "NOW" the same. My friends paid less than I did for their so called "Standard" room which is a deluxe room. RRI would not refund me the difference of what they charged me.

  • July 5, 2016 visit to Red Roof Inn, Duke Medical Center location at 1915 North Pointe Dr, Durham, NC.

    I will keep this comment brief…2nd shift staff member rude, extremely unprofessional, and had no concept of the terms "economics, business, or professionalism". He told me twice, and I quote, "if I don't like the room (1st room) I can leave and go someplace else. The 2nd room was simply, " go someplace else". I was assigned a room that appeared as though someone had been sleeping on top of the comforter, reassigned to a room that had dark stains on the comforter and the dirtiest windows I have ever seen at a hotel. I called today to speakers the GM, but was refused after I was told when to call, therefore, I will now contact the health department for no human being who is pro life should not stay at this location.

  • Correction to the complaint showing the phone number of 850-941-0908. This hotel was in Pensacola, Florida, not Jacksonsville.

  • I attempted to make reservations at a Red Room Inn in Jacksonville, Florida. In less than 2 minutes after the desk clerk answered my call, she asked if she could put me on hold for a minute or two. I agreed to this and she set the phone down. Since she did not put me on "hold" I could hear her talk with others and judging by the sound and what little conversation that I could make out she was entertaining others. Apparently one person requested some quarters so she broke open a new roll by banging on the counter. Needless to say this gave me an instant earache. She then counted out nearly $10.00 of quarters, one dollar at a time. A few minutes later she hung up the phone and ended that call. I called back and then was able to make reservations. When I asked to speak with the hotel manager, she told me that he was working as a night auditor and would not be in until 11:00pm so I requested that she ask him to call me back and she agreed. A little after 11:00pm I was told that she had to call him at home and wake him up and that he would be in in about a half hour. At about 11:30, I called again and someone who identified himself as the manager answered the phone. This person sounded like he was originally from somewhere in "bumscrew asia" and at first claimed that he could not understand me. A minute or so later he told me that the receptionist that I had spoken to had told him what happened and she had left to crying and that if I did not like the way I was treated, then I could stay somewhere else and ended the call. That will not be a problem as I will never stay at this establishment either now or ever. I did not get the names of the people that I spoke with but the number to the front desk is 850-941-0908. Past experience has shown me that anytime a motel or hotel is run by and "Indian" (from India) then it is most likely run down and nasty as it seems they are accustomed to living in "filth".

  • Me and my husband have been staying at Red Roof on 4035 Mt. Carmel tabasco rd. 45255. Housekeeping are extremely ride. They hell at me to leave the room so they can clean it, they woke me up early once I asked them to come back and they were very rude and I had to stand outside in my pj's, they also keep taking our do not disurbs signs off the door and knocking (actually busted them doing it) when I had went to the owner he said get a refund and go somewhere else. This ace is horrible. We for a free stay cert. For our 6000 points and when my husband we to the office the next morning to pay for anothing night, they didn't even check us back in for the free stay the night before. Something needs to be done, their are numerous complaints at this location and yet nothing has changed.

  • Has anyone ever had success with Red Roof Inn Corporate?

    If so, can I get a contact for someone that can actually do something?

    I am staying at the Ocala Florida property and have major issues concerning theft of $3000.00 in cash from the room (the video surveillance conveniently happened to be off on that day), and an non-negotiated rate increase from $60 per night to $160 per night . I am a business owner working in the Ocala, Florida from January to March and staying at the property for 2 + months. Without any notice or informing me the increased the rate (2 weeks ago) by $100 and charged my credit card.

    The rate ($60) was offered originally as part of a sponsored rate in partnership with the HITS Horse Show in Ocala, Florida, which I am a part of.

    Fraud and theft. This is a Family run franchise who will not respond to any of these claims.

    Please advise on how to proceed if possible.


  • I stayed at the Red Roof Inn on my birthday, hoping to enjoy a "comfortable, peaceful night," but instead, got a night of embarrassment, because, I had promised my kids to stay at a nice hotel & enjoy some quality family time, as soon as we opened the door, we saw dirty carpet, stains on the lamps that appeared blood spattered, the comforters were wrinkled & dirty, no microwave ir refrigerator as promised, they claimed for that price it didn't included, which was not true, because when I booked it, it was advertised, but the desk clerk, was very rude, & unpleasant! He got upset when I suggested another room, that was clean, well, it was an even smaller room, same thing though… Dirty comforters, dirty carpet, I have stayed at a different area Red Roof Inn, this location out of Bell & the I-17 in Phoenix, AZ, is the worst hotel ever!!!! I took pictures, but the corporate office does not seem to have an email office, & after reading all these complaints, I know why! This stay is the reason I WILL NEVER, EVER STAY AT ANOTHER RED ROOF INN!!!

  • My name is john and i have been staying at the red roof inn 362 in roseville mn since my house has been built it stared off real bad but got allot better the mannagers name is shaq and he has been so helpful and understanding if i had ran into any type of problem he has helped in any way he could they have been trying to improve the hotel and i can see where they have made changes the mattresses need to be replaced and the tv's are old and the remotes don't work and they need new towels it is hard to dry yourself off with a hand towel Lol and it is one of the few hotels that let you smoke i fought in two wars and i think i can smoke in my own room i think i deserve that much but anyways if you do stay here the maids are great and they will take care of you most of the time Lol and if you have a problem the managment will take care of it if they can.. the late night crew is not the best but the day crew is 100% thank you shaq

    • To say more about the location it is near allot of shopping and down the street from the state fair grounds where most of the car shows happen i would recommend 100% to stay here and like i said the management is always there for your service and if you need there is internet in your room and if you need there is a computer down in the lobby so if you need a place to stay close to St. paul or on the outskirts they are near the freeway close to most of all the major highways so once agine thank you shaq for all your help keep up the good work

  • I stayed at the Red Roof Inn in Woodbury, MN last night and it was an awful decision. I would have rather slept in my car. The sheets and cover were dirty. They had visible stains on them. The bath room had a little smear of blood on the threshold and a couple of drops on the floor. The bathtub had a spider in it so I didn't even bother showering. The room was so cold that even with covering we frooze. Also there were stains on the chairs, walls, and head boards. There was also a guest staying that had three pit bulls all running around off their leashes. Needless to say, I won't ever be staying there again.

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