Schlotzskys Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Schlotzskys Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
200 Glenridge Point Parkway, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30342
Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-255-250
Customer Service Number: 1-800-846-2867

  • Wow! I guess you can't write a review anymore…unless its good. The last complaint shows to be in 2017, except for the one in 2019 regarding an employee not getting his paycheck. Let's be honest, Schlotzsky's has gone way downhill on customer service and mostly because of wait times/prompt service doesn't seem to exist at any location now. Maybe because you haven't had good customer service for years, even before this ridiculous pandemic. Maybe if you hired enough people so you could get a sandwich out in a timely manner, you might have more business. People do not want to wait 20-25 minutes for a sandwich at any time, much less their lunch hour.

  • We went to the Odessa, TX store, on JBS Pkwy. to order pizza on 5/6/21.
    We went through the drive through to order pizza and take it to someone's home and eat with them. Let me say, the drive from the location to the house we were going to was about a 4 minute trip. We got there, opened the boxes and the pizza dough was not "brown" at all from cooking it. I picked up a slice, it was totally "limp". The crust around the edge and the bottom looked totally uncooked. I took one bite, and told them it was not cooked but a few minutes, if that. So, we had to wait for the oven to heat up and then had to cook the pizza 20 minutes to get the crust cooked enough to make it tolerable to eat. This was not even a huge deal, because we did make it work, but we don't always get pizza and then take it to a place that has an oven. I decided today that it might be a good idea to let management know this information so that it doesn't happen to others. We have been going to this business for years. I called the location and asked to speak with a manager, keep in mind, this call took place the day after. MY REAL COMPLAINT is over the conversation that took place, and it went like this. Hello, Schlotzsky's: Yes, may I speak with a manager. The girl said, sure, let me get her for you. Then this naive, ignorant girl that answered the phone, didn't even cover the mouthpiece of the phone nor did she put me on hold, but said out loud (probably across the store), there's a "Karen on the phone that needs to talk to a manager"! She didn't have a clue why I was calling, not like I had been rude in requesting to speak with a manager. So, by the time the manager gets on the phone, I was HOT! I told her I wasn't even calling to raise he!!, but just to let them know the pizza was way undercooked yesterday. But, since she said what she did, I was not going to ignore it. I told the Mgr.Linda, what she said & told her that she had no idea what I was even calling about….I could have been calling to ask if they take call in orders, catering info, etc. and my tone was perfectly normal, no anger at all…..until she said what she said. I said to her that I wasn't calling to complain, I didn't want more pizza made the right way for free, I was ONLY calling to inform. But, the employees comment IS now the issue. What kind of idiot young person, doesn't know this is unacceptable? I'm sure she didn't care that I could hear. Maybe she just thought I wouldn't say anything. IMO, this sends a message that the either letting them act how they want in order to keep employees, or she is trying to be their friend & let them do as they please. I have never been so disrespected by a employee. To call anyone a "Karen" when they don't even know why they are calling, is total BS. And even if she did know, she needs to know she was wrong in doing this. If we order something whether food or any other product, and it is wrong, that business needs to know so they can address the employee(s) responsible. I'm not sure I will even go back at this point. It was bad enough that we wait 30-45 min. for our order, but we like their food & have continued to return because of it. But, to have this happen, I just don't know if it's worth going back. I mean really, we know customer service is crap everywhere we go, but this is just on a whole 'nother' level disrespectful, irresponsible conduct that should not be overlooked. I did call the corporate office as well. I don't usually write reviews, but I do read them when going to a new business. I'm just not willing to give my money to people who think you are a POS & deserve no respect as a paying customer. Totally shocked at this behavior. So uncalled for. If you go here, always go inside. They seem to help them first. This is not a busy location everrrr, so why it takes so long is beyond me. Thanks!

  • I just want to be able to get my paycheck…. After 3 months!!! The store I worked at sent it back and I have not been able to contact anyone sense. I can't even get anyone on the phone to have them mail it to me!!

  • I am very disappointed in how the company handled my complaint about their franchise in Hobbs, NM. They seem like they dont care if you are embarrassed my the location turning down a corporate coupon. Why give them if you are not going to accept. Plus the location was very rude about. Refuse to eat at any of their locations and asking on social media for others to join me.

  • Hello, My complaint is on the Store at 8200 S. Main St, Houston, TX #1156. I went today at 4:56 PM and as usual the person making the sandwich NEVR CHANGES THE gloves after cleaning the counter, she uses those same gloves to make your sandwich. One day I told her not to use those gloves to make my sandwich. Do people not realize that these gloves are very inexpensive and get nasty and filthy just like your hands. The next time, I'm reporting the store to the Health Department. Those gloves should be changed as soon as she starts dealing with food. Hoe nasty.

  • I had a terrible experience at the Schlotzsky's Deli on Poplar in Midtown and I must say it was a bit surprising because I have never had a bad experience. I ordered an original medium Sandwhich, something that I have ordered since the 1980's. I asked the young lady that took the order to not put mustard or onions, so she was very nice and read the order back to me. Once I got the Sandwhich it looked nothing like an original Sandwhich, minus olives, with loads of Mayonaise(looked like a small jar was used) a small piece of deli meat, so small it did not cover the medium bread and mozarella cheese, so of course I asked could she please re-make the Sandwhich in stead she decided to say that the ticket said extra mayo. I said no ma'am I did not say extra mayo; well around that time the young lady that took the order walked up and I asked her could she explain to the lady that I did not ask for extra mayo and at that point she said no, the ticket says add mayo. (Meaning not mustard). So at that point I explained to the lady that I have been eating at Schlotzsky's for 30 years and that this was not an original sandwhich and that to please refund my money if I could not get an original sandwhich, so she continued to convince me that the ticket said extra mayo. So I asked the young lady to please let her know what I meant because it seemed as though she did not understand what I was trying to relate to her. So I asked her could the young man that was making Sandwhiches make mine because I felt he was making great looking Sandwhiches. So he made the Sandwhich which was great and I sat down and ate and once I got ready to leave, I thanked the owner, who had blurted out earlier during the conversation that she was the owner, rather than make me another Sandwhich. She acted as though because she was the owner, I was suppose to just each the Sandwhich even though it looked nothing like an original and be satisfied, even though I spend $9 and some change for a original medium combo. I still can't believe how that Sandwhich was prepared and I really wish I would have taken a picture.

  • The Schlotsky's in Gonzales,La at 7-2-16 at lunch I had a chance to meet the new Gm and she was very pleasant with her employees and everyone coming in the store with a great smile and attitude. The food was great with fast service and I will be back again.

  • My husband and I have considered an original Schlotsky's sandwich a treat for over 20 years. We have lived in several places around the country, never closer than an hour drive to a store location, but we have always made a point of supporting the franchise (favorite from 3 years ago is the location in Ft. Collins, CO, by the way. GREAT staffing when we were there.)

    However, I think you have broken this tradition with the Edina, MN location. We live once again about an hour away, but when we have reason to be in the Metro area, we go, even though the location is very poor, sharing space with a tire shop. We've probably been to this location a dozen times, and each time has gotten worse. This last time, June 18th, the restaurant was empty when we arrived, and the young man manning the register literally just stared at us across the counter. No greeting, nothing. We stated our order, registering at 5:06 p.m., he took our money, and we sat down. The man at the counter began cleaning tables. After a few minutes, I noticed there was NO ONE in the kitchen. I asked how much longer the wait would be, and he said two minutes, tops, as the staff was having a meeting. Once more customers came in, this individual took their orders and he and the dishwasher then began preparing sandwiches, no other staff in site yet. We were not served until 5:29 p.m. A 26 minute wait for SANDWICHES. I've waited less for a full-course sit-down meal in a NICE restaurant. We are done with you, Schlotzsky's. I fully understand why your franchise is failing.

  • I just wanted you to know that when you changed the recipe for your potato soup you made a large mistake! It used to to be the best I had ever eaten. Now it tastes like it came out of a can. So disappointed!

  • I just wanted you to know that when you changed the recipe for your potato soup you made a large mistake! It used to to be the best I had ever eaten. Now it tastes like it came out of a can. So disappointed!

  • I ordered large ham cheese sandwich in Wichita KS on central st.went home started eating it and tasted something minty spit it out it was used chewing gum almost vommited, called and told what happened they refunded the money and made me a another sandwich but I could not eat it. I was to grossed out I also was concerned about getting sick from the used chewing gum so I called back and told my concerns and they talk to the man who made my sandwich about the chewing gum and he said he was sorry. Then she said she would have the manager call me the next day. I feel like the man should have been fired. This is gross and should not have happened, I will never eat at Schlotzskys again.

  • I would like to say that I love schlotzskys, better than any and every other place but yesterday, I was very disappointed in your corporation, (03/05/2016 at 12:50pm) I went to a schlotzskys store in Houston, Texas on westhimer. I waited in line for 15 minutes before I was able to place my order (which is understandable since it was lunch hour) when I finally got the chance to place my order, I was told by the drive thru personnel to please wait, they would be back to take my order in a minute. Well, one minute turned to 5 minutes when I finally said hello are you ready for my order, and I was told to please wait someone will be right with you. I waited 3 more minutes before my order was finally took. I went to the drive thru window and paid for my food and was handed my lemonade. I waited in front of the window for 25 minutes, no one came to check up on my order or to tell me it's going to be a while. I blow my horn 3 times and nobody came to check to see what was going on or if I need help. I finally drove around to the front and to park and go inside. Once inside I was greeted by the same drive thru personnel who took my order and money. He asked if I got my order, I replied no and ask to speak ro a manager. The manager saw my and walked past me and continued to bring orders out to customers in the dining room ( There were only 13-15 guest in the dining room). I waited 10 more minutes before the manager decided to talk to me; I was asked what was my issue and I told him I paided for my food in drive thru and was waiting for 25 minutes and still has not received my order. The manager said that he does not have anything to do with that. (How does a manager have nothing to do with the service and speed of drive thru?) I asked for a refund, in which the manager rolled his eyes at and was sent on my way. My order was not a complicated order, I just wanted a med. Lemonade, a med. Turkey & guacamole sandwich, a bowl of clam chowder, and 2 center of the rolls. I am truly disappointed on how I was treat by the staff and I will no longer be going to that store, I don't even care if I have to drive any each miles to avoid that store, I am never going back.

  • Austin TX, location off of Hwy 620. SLOW drive thru, I've waited for a salad more than once for up to 20 minutes. I'm on my lunch break from work, this is unacceptable for the high price point of the food. I've never been rude or complained to them but they are consistently rude to me and have no sense of urgency.

  • I ate my final meal at the Schlotzsky's on Anderson Lane in Austin. Love the food but they no longer offer Combo Meals, so for my drink and small sandwich came to $7.99 and I told her, I ordered a "combo meal" and that should include chips, she informed me they no longer offer that. So I told her to tell the manager this was my last visit to Schlotzsky's. Good bye

  • Your I10west store in Sanantonio Tx just before Boerne runs their store with employees that can't get paid when they are paid they have to pray the check won't bounce

  • I eat regularly at the Georgetown Texas location. This location has been going down hill for several months… I sit in line for the microphone to order, while waiting I hear the conversation between the person taking the order and person ordering…. O' and so what's up how have you been, and the conversation continues… for several minutes. DURING LUNCH RUSH! I drive around the person and place my order at the window. The lady in front of me pulled forward and stopped. They had forgotten part of her order. The Dr.Pepper tasted awful. I really Love Schlotzsky's and am so disappointed to see this location go down so fast.

  • The burleson schlotskys store needs to be shut down. They have poor service, cold food, employees with vulgar mouths, and gossip between employees.
    I was in there a few days ago and over heard how a employee got fired for taking "cake". Well in that case in my opinion they all take food so shouldn't the other employees get the same punishment. I feel as if they are picking favorites. when Me my wife and kids wifeMe go there to eat a "appetizing dinner" the food is poorly made as well as cold the customer service is poor. I will be driving to a different location. As well as finding a way for schlotzkys burleson to get closed down.

  • I would like to address the problems at your store in Ft. Worth, Texas at Bryant Irving. First of all, one of the girls that works there has 2 of her children running around the dinning room, ages 2 and 4. Today my mother and I were wrestling her kids into their booster seats while we were out to lunch! The woman didn't know us or care her kids were running around the store! We paid to eat somewhere so we could babysit a stranger's kids! UNACCEPTABLE! The store is filthy! There is sticky soda everywhere, trash is overflowing and the bathrooms are disgusting. The people are rude, the store is dirty and it's simply not clean! My sandwich was disgusting. I took two bites and spit it out! The bread was old, it was like the cheese had formed to the bread and became a gross mess of old crunchy cheese and hard, stale bread. They were out of half the toppings, the tomatoes were bad, the lettuce wilted, it took over ten minutes to get the food as well! I don't know what's going on there but you seriously need to get a new manager, get rid of the children that just seem to live up there, not only is that unsafe, it's probably a public health risk. (we've seen them three times in the dining room unattended and this is the straw that broke the camel's back). Today the kids were sick, smearing their germs all over the tables and chairs! That is disgusting! Your customers should not have to watch your employee's kids! I'm amazed this store is even open! Everyone is rude, no please or thank you, no manners, no smiles. You will not get any business from us any longer!

  • I would like to complain about the store in Austin, TX. at 5105 Balcones Woods Dr. It has been awhile since i ate at Schlotzskys and was just leaving the doctor office in this area. Went through the drive in to order. Looked over the menu and saw the changes NO COMBO's, felt strange. Order Medium Turkey & Guacamole, Chips and Tea total of bill- $10.58. Got to work and the sandwich had no mustard or mayo, lettuces was old and tomato looked old and dried out.I was very disappointed with this.I have never eaten at your Schlotzsjy's and got served anything like this. I don't think I'll be going back to Schlotzskys in the future.The Host-Julia, Casher-Monkey DT-510.Thanks for your time Marilyn Littlejohn

  • I am not someone to normally complain about restaurants, but I regularly eat at the downtown Schlotzskys in Battle Creek, MI and there is an employee that works in the kitchen whose appearance is unacceptable. This young lady's hair is unkempt and looks like she has dreadlocks or doesn't wash her hair at all. I can't imagine why the owner or manager that runs that facility allows their employees to maintain that sort of look.. as it turns my stomach to think that she is involved in making my sandwiches. I would say something to the manager myself but I am a very shy person. I usually eat there with friends and they all agree that it is highly unusual for someone who prepares food to look unwashed and dirty. I don't know if I will be able to continue to eat there if that employee doesn't do something with that hair. I'm embarrassed to be so blunt, as I do not wish to dictate how anyone chooses to look.. but there should be standards for cleanliness when it comes to food preparation. Thanks for your time

  • I have been to our local Schlotzskys twice in the last two months and both times service was good, food was good (and I am very picky) manager was polite and I enjoyed my visit to the Leon Springs, Tx. Schlotzskys.

  • The Scholtzskys in Cedar Hill, TX has terrible service. I've been there several times and although the food is good, the employees seem to have more important things to do than wait on customers. I've gone there for the last time.

  • i ate at scholtzskys in greenville sc the bread was good but amount of items on the sandwich was rediculsuly small a slice of tomato you could see through will not go again akr

  • 4717 Menaul Blvd Ne, Albuquerque, NM, US, 87110 · (505) 883-0609
    One word "RUDE" The male manager that has worked there for years is the worst of the worst! Can't say much for the female bleached blone tacky lady who drives a black car. She too is very rude to all customers and employees!
    This is a shame on corporate as they continue to allow these people to work there! My daughter and I were there today and I asked him why he was so rude not just today, but always and he responded stating he gets great reviews on the website but reading them was just simply the other way around "TERRIBLE"! WOW!

  • In regards to the Scholtzskys located at 861 Virginia Ave
    Hapeville, GA 30354 – When my office wants to order food we go to the Schlotzskys website and click on the menu for this location. SEVERAL times I've gone to place the order and been told that this location doesn't have a menu online and that what we are looking at is a generic, corporate menu. If the Scholotzskys website is going to put a menu on their website then ALL locations should carry the sandwichs that are listed. It is SO annoying to get there and try to place the order only to have to call back to my office and try to scramble to change someones order.

  • I'm complaining about the franchise in Paris, TX. On May 21, 2014, at 6:49pmI ordered a Cranberry/Apple/Pecan salad. After driving 40 minutes home, I discovered it didn't have apples or pecans in it. On my way back home at 08:30 am the next morning, I reported it to a man named William at the drive-thru, as they were opening up. I wasn't wanting a salad "for breakfast", so I told him I would come back. He took my receipt & marked on it. I still had a shortened receipt, so I let that issue go. Well, 9 days later, I still haven't had a chance (or remembered) to go by, or it wasn't at a good time. I called them back today (5-31-14) to remind them I was still planning to come back & get another salad, correctly made. Explained everything to first employee that answered the phone. Then put on hold without knowing why. Next employee was "Starr", I guess the manager. Explained the situation to her. Of course, she didn't find a record of this happening. She kept interrupting me, so I informed her she was. Did she have a pleasant tone, or quit interrupting me? Why, NO !! It got worse. She started interrupting me more, so I then informed her what she was STILL doing and told her I was angry now, that I wanted the Corporate office #. She said, "I don't have it." I told her I could wait for her to find out the number to call. Was place on hold about 4 minutes, then she came back on the phone & informed me there wasn't a number (she had a tone). I told her that was crazy to not have a number. She interrupted me again, I informed her she did it again, then she said "I'm ending this call now," & hung up on me. I called back to get her last name so I could report her to Corporate, she angrily said, "ma'am, I'm in the middle of serving lunch right now, you'll have to call back," and hung up on me! I called right back, she then angrily said her last name was Jeffries, and hung up on me again. WOW !! I'll have the last word on this, because no one deserves to be treated that way. She doesn't deserve to be working there, much less, as a manager. She has absolutely NO people skills. She could of handled the call quickly & professionally & I wouldn't be wasting my time venting & reporting her. So, if you go to Schlotsky's in Paris, TX, don't let Starr Jeffries help you at all. And yes, I copied/pasted this so not only is the public able to be warned about this incident, but I can now forward my complaint to Corporate.

  • re store 1423 Sidney Baker Kerrville Tx. Your store needs HELP.Quality of food
    is going down–down—.Angus beef/cheese today was terrible–last week edible
    today bad.Beef was tough,fatty, gristly,–not good.This shop in past was quite good
    beef was sliced paper thin ,now its thick-folded taste-not edible.What
    happened–new manager?? Don't believe I've seen any of working help twice in a
    row. THIS store 1358 really needsto regain it's quality—–or close up.
    Good Luck

  • I ordered a small sandwich tray online today and the price showed $29.99 on your website. When I get to the end of the order it automatically added $5.00 for delivery. I got a pop-up box that said only orders of $35.00 or more can be ordered online. I was ordering $34.99 worth of food. Are you serious? Just one penny short? Then I decided to just pick it up myself and save the delivery fee. I edited the order to show that. It again was showing a $5.00 delivery fee even on my take out order. Feeling frustrated, I called the Preston Rd location in Dallas and ordered by phone. The girl on the line said it would be $34.99. I explained that I was picking it up and what the website showed and she told me those were old prices. She said the corporate office hasn't updated the website in over a year because they still show them as having a Carvelle ice cream store in with them which was over a year ago. I suggest that you pay a little needed attention to your website where people who enjoy ordering online can get the current and correct information.

  • I am writing about my Schlozskys at Rockwell and NW Expressway in Oklahoma City. I really enjoy the staff. I always have the correct order rather in the store or drive thru. I have introduced many of my friends to my Schlotzskys. They are now fans!!
    Oh and my store offers Cinnabons. I can never resist..YUMMY! Cyndi R in OKC

  • Aurora CO Abilene St.
    I eat at this store every so often, and it is usually quite good- WHEN I go inside and eat.
    The other day, we chose the drive-thru and 1st we notice the people ahead of us are told to pull forward and park- this is after them waiting a bit. Then we have to wait, and when the girl opens the window to hand us the bag, she is in mid-conversation with another employee. Didn't think much about it, and left. I looked inside to see 2 sandwiches which is what we ordered, so we drove home. I ordered a deluxe original, and the other was a regular original. Once opened, BOTH were burnt on the edges of the bread, there was very little everything in both, and were both the same size- NO deluxe. Also the reg. bread was wrong- ordered Wheat, got regular. Needless to say we did not want to get out and make the drive again- location is a little far, but we were in the area. Based on this experience we will not go there again. We literally and figuratively had bad tastes in our mouths afterward. Oh, the closer location to me in Denver (Yale St.) closed a few months back. Is this a dying business and these employees just don't care anymore?

  • I'm not sure where to start. We visit your Cedar Hill Tx. location at least a couple of times a month, sometimes with another couple. This past Friday [ Valentines ] we had a less than pleasant dinning experience. We arrived before 7:00 and didn't finish our meal until after 8;30 due to the [ Valentines buy a pick 2 get a pick 2 free promotion ] traffic. As a business man I could not imagine running a promotion of this sort and on Valentines no less and not being sure you had enough staff to handle the crowd . The shift manager which by the way is the weakest of those I have encountered in my many visits was preparing the food and running the register in between times. He would take about three orders from a line that was sometimes ten deep and then run back to prepare food. Usually you have a couple of people running the counter and delivering the meals but not on Valentines! GOOD GRIEF!!! I would almost guarantee you lost more business than you took in due to people walking out between 7:00 and 8:30, and the only reason more drive thru business didn't leave was because they couldn't get out due to the curb blocking them in. You were out of several chips, you only had two drink cup sizes available ,you were out of crackers, and you only had two soup flavors left and this was only the obvious problems and all as early as 7:30 on a Friday night. Unbelieveable to me that a company of your size and experience would let a location that has the demographics that this location has end up short staffed during a Valentine promotion…By the way in spite of this debacle we will return but if something like this happens again????

  • The location in Farmington New Mexico is a location I DONT wish to go to again!! The "manager" was rude and talked about her staff and customers very loudly. I was trying to enjoy my lunch and she was yelling and arquing with a staff member. I did express how I felt to thr Baker who was kind. You lose business and staff acting like that. I will be calling and complaining as well.



  • I would like to complain about the store in Richardson, TX on Coit Rd. I generally do not eat at this location as I have a Schlotzky's closer to my home, however, TWICE in the past few months I have stopped at the Coit location and it is so hot inside. No A/C. The last time the kind cashier said the unit was broken. Today it is over 75 degrees and inside the store it was sweltering. The same lady said the A/C was still not fixed. Whoever has the franchise better GET it fixed or there will be no customers.Summer is almost here!
    Nancy Winstead…3616 Arbuckle…Plano, TX 75075

    • schlotzsky's at 13201 N FM 620 Austin , Tx I Do Not Sign Write ups and if Managers Prevent Me From Getting a Job a Lawsuit will Occur this Company has Accused Me of Being a Bigot I am Not Hateful in Any Shape or Form I am Still in Grievance over the Loss of My Father I Like My Job

    • A Person is No Longer allowed to Defend Themselves anymore But I Have Every Right too I Have Not Lied about anything at Location 13201 N FM 620 in Austin < tx

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