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  • Shapes Total Fitness for Women Corporate Office Headquarters

Shapes Total Fitness for Women Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Shapes Total Fitness for Women Corporate Office Headquarters

2726 Broadway Center Blvd,
Brandon, FL 33510 USA
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-813-496-3060
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-888-507-4273


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  1. I am looking for someone to tell me when U-verse internet speeds above 6Mb will be made available at my home. within 2-3 miles they receive 20Mb speeds but at my home we receive only 6Mb max. speeds. I have been asking this question for the better part of a year and no one can answer my question. I do not want to switch to Comcast but running out of patience for lack of someone to answer a simple question.

  2. no please – be honorable. Don't be making fun of decent folks. Your sweet words are shameful.
    Many companies do their best to hide their corporate contact information in layer after layer of web pages. Also, they make you navigate frustrating phone trees just to reach a live person.

    CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com is dedicated to make those numbers front and center and easy to find. We also provide helpful tips to actually reach a live person without going through 5 or 6 steps of phone messages

  3. I am a member of your newest City Sports Club in Hayward, California on Hesperian Blvd, it is a beautiful vicinity but I notice that there are no 35 pounds plate in the gym. I was a previous member at 24 hour fitness but after going to City Sports Club on a free pass from your advertisement to the public and after seeing all that it had to offer, I decided to cancel my membership with 24 Hour Fitness and join your club. I am being told that the reason that there are no 35 pound plates is a company wide thing with all of the City Sports Clubs but I feel that if other gyms like 24 hours fitness and the Sports Center in Hayward can have 35 pounds plates, there should not be any reason that 'City Sports Clubs can not have them also. You are probably gong to say, just add a 10 pound plate to a 25 pound plate and then we would have the 35 pounds but I think that a a single 35 pound plate should be available to the members if they so choose to work with just that single plate. I would think that members convenience would be at the top of your list. I do hear other members asking for the 35 pounds plates including my husband and myself, so I think this is something that should be considered. Thank you in advance for any consideration that you might have in this matter.

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  6. I ordered flowers for a funeral that I could not be present at. I never heard from the family so I contacted the funeral home to see if my order ever arrived. They relayed that they only have a card, and they are not even sure if it was on flowers from me. This is because the florist did not put my family's name or any name at all on the card. I called FTD to request a refund and I could not believe it but they started some bargaining routine- First offering me a 50 percent refund. When I expressed that is not acceptable, they went down and started offering me a 40 and then only a 30 percent refund. One of their customer service representatives said they'd give me 100 percent but she then added "but you don't want to do that because we will go (to the funeral home) and take the flowers back." I am in shock that FTD''s employees would put a family in bereavement through this. The flowers were purchased as a gesture of support and the local florist FTD used blew that for us. Also, FTD will not even provide the name of the florist they used. This company has not shown accountability to me and I wll never use them (FTD) again!

  7. FYI.This is really an f'd up site here.I think you meant to post a comment on the Enterprise car rental thread.

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