SpeeDee Corporate Office Headquarters

SpeeDee Corporate Office Headquarters
Midas, Inc.
1300 Arlington Heights Road
Itasca, IL 60143 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-438-3000
Fax Number: 1-630-438-3015
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-8545

  • I went to SpeeDee Oil Change at 924 Savannah Highway Charleston SC on 12/28 there were no customers besides me. The two gentlemen behind the counter were very nice and helpful even said they would give me 10 percent off. Didn't take very long to complete. This guy come up with my paper work one of the guys left the counter I was talking to. He Never not one time made eye contact with me. Never. Told me it was $81.58. I have never paid this much. When I asked him why he said it was the type of oil I needed (still no eye contact). I asked what if I didn't have that much money I was thinking it would only be 1/2 that price his comment to me was I should have talked to the salesman when I got the car…What….I left there in tears saying I would never return. Thank goodness I did have enough to pay. Normally I wouldn't. In talking to others about this they said they took advantage of me being I am an older woman. How sad. I would never recommend this company to anyone. How sad. Writhing this makes me mad all over again. Oh and I didn't even get the 10 percent off either.

  • The Mount Pleasant, South Carolina location has ruined two of my family's cars. I am dealing with their insurance company who said they mailed out a check on 8/24, and still no check. Now they have added me to their email list so I am taunted with their marketing. Terrible company. I have called three times to be removed from their email list and they say they can not remove my email. It's my work email at the law firm I work with. Terrbile company. Awful people.

    • hah, they charged my step daughter like $180 for an oil change here where we live, then over filled it and blew out the engine, they say the $7000 check in the mail to replace the car was mailed on 8/24. That's a pretty slow post man, in great weather. Now added me to their email list for marketing spamming me.

  • I went to the SpeeDee Oil Change at 14014 Montfort Dr. for an oil change. I had called Monday, February 22, 2016 regarding the service in question. I called again on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 and explained that I had a coupon for $29.00 for conventional oil change or synthetic oil change. At this point, I was told to go ahead and bring my car in for the oil change. Once there, the owner, Bruce Strickland would not acknowledge the coupon. He stated since my car an (Audi A4), required synthetic oil, I would have to pay much more. I shared with him, according to the coupon and the SpeeDee oil change website, it stated the $29.00 price was for either grade of oil. He also went on to say that I would have to pay an additional cost for the oil filter of $15.00. I asked where was it advertised on the price board since it did not mention the upcharge on the coupon or on their price board. I stated to him when he mentioned to me about the additional $15.00 again, that it was not part of the advertisement and that he should remove this additional charge. He stated he would not remove it and also stated to me that if you can't afford the cost, then don't purchase an expensive car. I shared with him that he did not know my salary and was out of order for making such a comment. I request again for him to remove the $15.00 additional cost and again, he refused. Mr. Bruce Strickland begin to raise his voice at me and I shared with him that it was unprofessional and rude in how he was treating a customer. I asked to speak to the manager and he stated he was the owner. I then asked to speak to someone who would be possibly over him. He stated it was God, then him, and no one else. When I mentioned that I would call the corporate office, he again mentioned that he was the owner and everything stopped with him. His behavior towards me became very alarming and made me uncomfortable.
    I have never experience such disrespectful behavior, crude tone of voice, or customer dissatisfaction as was experience on Wednesday, February 24, 2016. He was very harsh and I am sure as an owner, the company Handbook describes how a customer should be treated. This was a very demeaning and callous encounter with Bruce Strickland. It is definitely evident that some form of training in customer service is very much needed along with better operation of his business. If you are going to charge someone additional charges, it should be posted within the pricing of each service the customer is requiring; not just telling the customer that a part is extra. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and any other entity with my situation.

  • Upon leaving American Tire with new tires I was handed my car key and with no problems I drove to the SpeeDee for an alignment. The job was completed and the worker came out and handed me my car key … he right away said that the key casing was cracked to pieces … I immediately told them that was not the way I gave them this key and that they either dropped it and crushed the casing …they denied it … I could not use the key to start my car … they put scotch tape around it and did get it to start my car … I got home but in calling the car dealer on how to get a new key I was to bring my car to them … I had to call a tow truck thru my insurance to tow me to the dealer … in order to have a new key it will cost me $135.00 … with luck I had a second key which I am using now … I have photos of the crushed key and will have an invoice for the cost of the repair of this key … these people who work for you are discusting and liers and take advantage of an elderly women (me) … I contacted the other business and also telling everyone I know of this place … and also put in a report to the BBB … I might be elderly but I have all my wits and do not like the way I was lied too and treated. … and I do not care if you need to use my name and information on this matter … these people need to be stoppedf!!!

  • speed dee in rocklin ca. got my steering collum locked and key won't turn at all. they said it was their fault but it was working just fine when i took in. never again will i take anything there. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Complaint: Today my car broke down right next door to a Sppede franchise in Arlington, TX on Cooper street. I asked the mechanic if could borrow a wrench to remove my battery cable. I was literally two steps from their drive way. His response was. "No. I make my living with my tools I'm not loaning then out to anybody". Seriously a golden opportunity to help a prospecticve customer and he says NO! Is that what you call customer service. He had four other guys standing around with their hands in their pockets with nothing to do. One of them could have brought the tool and watched while we removed the battery. But No…he couldn't think that far in advance.
    That's just plain stupidity. My friend drove home and got some tools and came back. The cable had some corrosion on it. That's all it was. They could have turned this into a opportunity to help someone but the manager chose to be bull headed and stubborn.
    You can be sure I will tell everyone I know to never go into a Speedee Oil Change

  • Not happy with the service at the Attleboro, . Found a huge oil slick under my car the after paying $96 for an oil change. Owner Chris Legere refuses to refund or give contact information for Speedie Oil corporate office.

    • Same thing happened to me and then my step daughter a couple of months later. Both cars had to have their engines replaced. They use Frankenmuth Insurance company. They would not give me the names of managers or anyone until my step daughter's father, who is a lawyer called them and demanded the information. Terrible Company.

  • Midas at Speedee oil change 3107 denton ,carrollton , texas…75007……I have used this location for many years……in August I took my Nissan Sentra to get an inspection sticker…..said I needed a new windshield wipers the one on the left was ripped…said they couldnt inspect it until I bought new ones….I know it was a not ripped when I brought the car in but I was in a hurry and went ahead and bought two , they said I had to buy two not
    one……just left the store 2 to3 hours ago….I'm so mad so upset and so angry that they did this to me……I brought in my mother's 2009 Toyota Camry…..with 7,500 miles…it has been sitting in a garage in Galveston…. I drove it up in the rain everything worked fine with the wipers…..the car still even has the new smell of leather and its in perfect condition…….my 84 year old mother probably drove it a hundred times…..probably not even that much…..my mother is getting her affairs in order gave me her car so I took it to get inspected…..the car was in the stall probably 2 to 3 minutes…..man walks back in the office and says he can expect it because the windshield wiper is ripped……I even use the wipers this morning they were perfect and beautiful……I went out to the store with him and again it was on the left hand side on the driver side it was ripped……it wasn't this a.m. ……..I walked in the office very upset told the lady I wanted my car out of the stall because I wanted to leave and go elsewhere…..I knew it had been ripped by them and wanted me to buy new ones with them…….told them no I was going elsewhere…..went back in the office and told the lady I want my car , now….didn't happen I went to the stall , he had taken off my old inspection sticker and put a new one on……2 to 3 guys was turning around and also the owner knowing , couldnt look at me in the face…..the guy looked at me and said I didn't rip it matter of fact I had someone the other day you , accuse me of that…lol ….the windshield wipers were almost brand new , I wanted to leave couldn't , they put a sticker on it then I had to pay them……as I said I have been coming here many years but they have lost a customer and also I will tell my friends…….I would really like a refund on my debit card that I put it on because I had told her and him twice I didn't want it now and I wanted to leave and he hurriedly put it on the sticker……no one could even look at me in the face …….shameful……I'm not a lady who just was born on turnip patch….61 years old , been around , I change my own tires, I know how to change oil , and I do know about cars……

    • I got hurt by another employee on the job and they are hiding the incident saying my injury wasn't that bad now I have nerve damage possibly so I plan on suing them now the one in Vacaville Speedee change

    • I got hurt on the job he try to hide the incident and now I plan on suing them all change Vacaville Speed Lube

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