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  • Speedway Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Speedway Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Speedway Corporate Office Headquarters

Speedway LLC. Address:
500 Speedway Dr.
Enon, Ohio 45323 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-937-864-3000
Fax Number: 1-937-863-6722
Customer Service Number: 1-800-643-1948
Credit Card: 1-800-428-4016
Payments: 1-866-731-1345
Speedway Mailing Address:

Attn: Customer Service Department
P.O.Box 1500
Springfield, OH 45501

  • I work for sppedway for 7 yrs now I love my job yeah we dont get paid much but I love my customers its like my extended family. I just wish we had more hours to work more then 2 people at a time its so hard to make all the customers happy and go the extra mile when you have a line a mile long and no help in sight. we get no breaks unless you smoke. i work hard everyday yes i am full time so i get 35 hours a week. never know when i am working because the schedual dont go up till tues or wen. the corp office need to give the stores more hours so we can clean and help customers, stock and that list of stuff that needs to be done daily. maybe if corp would do that list at a store for a week maybe it would be shorter with more hours. now we have food and pizza there should be 2 food specialist working till 7 pm like you said there would be. instead of working with food and that dirty money.

  • How much do you think a store clerk with no more then a high school diploma is worth. It is bad enough our idiot leader is talking about raising min wage. If you want to make more money get a higher education.
    Amen to that

  • Amy, the manager at the Speedway (#8608) in Dry Ridge, Ky, is the rudest manager I have ever encountered. I am a local customer and it is never a pleasant visit when she is there. At 10:30 this morning (Saturday, very busy), there was one cashier, and I counted at least 12 customers in line. Amy was in the cooler instead of running a register. The cashier had to send the "coffee" lady back 2 times to ask for change.

    Amy finally came up front and was so mad that she yelled out loud, "People need to start paying you with bills smaller than a 20. Start giving them back change in dollar bills and maybe that WILL TEACH THEM A LESSON!!" She opened her register and was not friendly to any of us. One customer yelled back that we are the customers who help pay her salary, but she didn't care.

    I have never heard her say anything positive. All she does is complain about customers, employees, and the corporation. Sounds like someone needs to go bye-bye!!

  • I worked for speedway for 3 weeks and in that time I noticed that they had family members working for them and also a customer would come in on a nightly basis and work for lottery tickets when I brought it to the DM attention… I felt like I was back doored. The next day one of the employees scratched my car up…I couldn't believe how they treat there employees. I have contacted a lawyer.the store is in new Palestine Indiana….don't go there

    • I got on this page for a phone number.. and I can NOT believe how rude the person is that is downing people that work at Speedway! Wow first of all you must be extremely bored to sit on a computer that long to disrespect like you are. THEY HAVE A JOB!! GREAT for you all that work and are not on welfare (no disrespect) NEVER listen to "snobby" people who down grade you for where you work, live, spell mistakes etc. .That is so wrong to judge someone like that. I would love to go on about this but I said what I think. That's enough, & no I DO NOT work at Speedway (21 yrs. ago I did) I have PLENTY of $$ but I know and I do not believe I am better than someone who has $10 in the bank or has no money at all ! Don't rob, steal, or lie and if you live your life right, no matter where you work you will be alright.

  • I put in an application about a month ago at one of the stores in Marietta Ohio and still have not herd anything back from them. When I called to see who I was suppose to contact to check on it, the gentle men on the other end of the phone acted as if it was a bother

  • The Park Ave. Speedway in Ironton, Ohio is one of the worst places to go. Their manager is rude and their co manager isn't much better. They will not let their older employees go to school, meaning they refuses to work with school schedules. They tell them they have 3 choices either quit school, go part time, or work 12 hrs weekends. Can you image a single mother or father doing that??? I think Tony Kenney is one of the worst human beings around for this!! He must not want people to better themselves!! Shame on you!!

    • No lie I do that, not happy about it but i work 3 part time jobs (1 being speedway) only doing less than 20hrs each and full time student but that is the system

    • You have the option of going to his boss or you can call the numbers on one of the letter that are posted in the back room. The number will allow you to notify corporate of what is going on anonymously. However first you should make it clear to your boss. That he is making you uncomfortable by the comments he is making. And that he needs to stop. Make sure that you tell him to stop. If he doesn't then take it from there.

  • I went to the speedway on 3915 Dixie highway in louisville, KY1200 am and was treated rudely by a csr named latonya who refuse to serve me because I asked her why she didn't speak to me like csr usually do

  • recently i used a credit card at a station in dayton oh, and my number was hacked into and used in staton island, ny!

    • Speedway has a company working for them on their gas pumps etc. Weekly. All convicted felons. Company is clear choice out of KY.

    • On 29 Sep 2015 I swiped my card at the pump for gas and one hour later received a text message sating that my card was charged $55.00 when I only purchased $10.00 in gas. 8 October 2015 I receive a text message stating that $55.00 was charged on my card while I have the card in my possession and once again it is at Speedway.

    • Did work at a Speedway. We learned about scamming techniques while it was then a Hess Wilco.
      The contracted maintenance people have full access to the gas pumps. The use of the old Hess Wilco stickers in the gas pumps service entries that read "If Void Opened Appears, Please Notify Cashier" have been discarded.
      And not replaced.
      Most card scamming equipment is located on the inside of the pumps. A place where non-Speedway employees have access to.
      Card scamming at the pumps is popular in Horry County SC.
      With Speedway the scamming may continue

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