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  • Springleaf Financial Corporate Office Headquarters

Springleaf Financial Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Springleaf Financial Corporate Office Headquarters

Springleaf Finance Corporation
601 NW Second Street
Evansville, Indiana 47708 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-812-424-8031
Customer Service Number: 1-800-961-5577


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  1. I called springleaf on 01/09/2017 to get a payoff amount. I did pay the amount they gave me. On 01/13/17 I called to ask that they send me my car title then they tell me I have a balance. I ask how since they are the one that gave me the payoff amount. I was put on hold and then was told oh our bad your loan is paid off. I ask about my title and was told that it will take one and half months. I asked why and they said it's company policy. They took my car title immediately and now I have to wait one and half months. I need to sell that car immediately. The person I spoke to at the Pacific highway location in Tacoma was also soo rude.

  2. the one in okc took my payment out three times in the month of dec i called to get it refunded back to my account as my payments are a month a head on my loan and i didnt budget for this to come out a third time this month and the manager was very rude talked to me like i was three and when i asked for corparates number she gave her bosses number very rudley they dont care to help people at all

  3. SpringLeaf Financial in Garner NC Timber Drive has the rudest most disrespectful and ignorant employee named Anna that needs to be fired. She works for SpringLeaf and is not the owner or CEO. She gives the company a bad rep and that country attitude should be given better customer service training. Please do not speak with this employee you will get no help nor will you be treated with good customer service that represents the company.

  4. Believe me when I tell you NEVER do business with Spring Leaf go somewhere else where, they give you false hope. There are other financial places that will help you. PLEASE DON'T TO BUSINESS WITH SPRING LEAF!

  5. I applied for a loan online with Spring leaf and it was approved. I have an existing loan with them, all I needed to bring them was a driver's license, check stub and vehicle collateral. I told them I would call them back, when I did the lady Lynn that was helping was just coming back from break I guess. I spoke to her she said she couldn't get me the loan.. now I have an email where they sent me that I was approved for 4,000.00 with vehicle collateral, driver's license and check stub and she told me that. It don't make sense,that is bad business and when I pay this remaining loan I have with them I will never get a loan again. I will tell my friends not to do business with them also.

  6. I applied for a loan with Springleaf and approved with a vehicle collateral. I declined the loan at the time and re-applied 2 months later and was denied even with a vehicle collateral. I asked the manager why even though my credit score went up from the last time of applying and he stated "things changed we just can't approve you" VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!!

  7. My loan was approved and after they requested my check stubs and my personal information, they did called me back and said we are going to need a car on this loan and sorry we did not tell you this before. I advised that I would not have allowed them to do a credit check on me and this should have never happened. All she said was she was sorry. My personal information is in the Morrow, GA office and I do not like this matter at all. I have filed a BBB complaint against them and hope they learn not to mess with people personal information.

  8. I have a document that the Irving Texas location forged my name on. A LEGAL DOCUMENT. Come Monday, a lawyer will have the documents. Class action lawsuit is sounding good.

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