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Taco Mayo Corporate Office Headquarters

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Taco Mayo Corporate Office Headquarters
1507 NW Sheridan Road
Lawton, OK  73505
Corporate Phone Number: 1-580-248-4933

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I have eaten at your Taco Mayo on S. Western in OKC for years and loved it. They closed it and did a total remodel. Now the service stinks. I have to wait up to 5 minutes to get waited on. When I complained about the wait I was told if I did not want to wait I could use the kiosk. No apology for the wait time. It appeared he did not care about my long wait. If I have to use a kiosk to be taken care of I will just go elsewhere to eat. So sad that my favorite taco place is now not worth going to. Corporate should fix this.

We live in Midwest City, Ok and stopped by our local Taco Mayo….it was filthy. The drink machine was so dirty I was afraid to even use it. The floor in the eating area had a lot of food and trash on it….it looked like toddler had been eating there and had a food fight. As we left and emptied our tray the flap on the trash that you empty your trash in was disgusting…..the whole restaurant was very dirty including the food prep track. I believe the manager was there but never once did anyone come out to clean or wipe off a table. I might add we were the only customers there….and now I know why.

My name is Aaron Speaker. I stopped by Taco Mayo in Bartlesville Oklahoma on Friday October 27th, 2017. I place an order and was asked what kind of sauce I would like. I replied, a lot of Fire sauce. I got home (3 minutes away and noticed that I was missing an order of potato locos and received fire and original sauce and all of my food was cold. I called the store and the young man hung up on me. I called back and the young lady wouldn't let me talk to the person that hung up on me. I went up to the store and they refused to serve me or refund me so I asked for the manager number. I called the manager and she said she was going to call the cops for harassment. They still wouldn't correct my order or refund me. This is the last time I will ever go there. They should refund my order.

I worked for a taco mayo and not only were they not willing to work with me on my schedule but refused to let me go home at my scheduled time. I asked the manager to mail me my check and have yet to receive it two weeks later.

The Taco Mayo in Chandler Oklahoma is awful. The customer service is terrible. Chandler is a very small town so when you work in the area there are not many fast food places to choose from. I go get lunch for people at my job daily and we go to taco mayo 3-4 times a week usually. Every time I go thru the drive thru the staff is short, and just down right hateful. I thought at first i caught them on a bad but I have went since then and every single time it doesn't matter what person is working they are all very rude. I even witnessed one of the employees rolling his eyes when the guy behind me ordered bottled water and he very hatefully stated "We do Not even carry that" I am starting to think that you have to be hateful to work at this particular establishment.

taco mayo in vinita has magots and roaches so bad its so gross plus one employee has intreated bed bugs its very nasty place

my fiancé got fired there after working 20 hours one day then didn't go in because of dirty clothes then got fired the next day why at ada Oklahoma taco mayo

My Daughter In Law is an employee of the Taco Mayo in Bristow Oklahoma. On Saturday June 27, 2015 I went to pick her up after her ending her shift. We had an order that we wanted to turn in. She had asked to turn in it before the end of her shift but was told that she couldn't .That if she wanted it she would have to go thru the Drive thru. So, we went thru the Drive thru. We turned in our order and we paid cash for our order. On Sunday June 28, 2015 when she went back to work she was reprimanded by Tosha for going thru the Drive thru. Now, the way I see it she was off the clock and was a regular customer, and paid cash for her order. I do not think that she should be told that she can't do that. The order was mine as well. I DO NOT work at Taco Mayo. So am I to not supposed to order??

I went to the ada, ok site and ordered a beef taco salad. When I got home and opened it to eat there was no beef and the bowl was greasey and burned. Wasn't very happy. Oh yes, there wasn't any cheese on it either. There was only two cars in the parking lot and I was the only one in drive through. No excuse.

I went to taco mayo #40 and odered a raco salad. It was mostly lettuce. Im not happy I asked for extra sour cream n didnt get much hardly any cheese. N my dr.pepper It doesnt taste like dr.pepper. I wont be back

Kudos to your staff at the Tahlequah Taco Mayo. Every time I go into the restaurant they are positive, helpful and professional. This is a mature staff that knows what they are doing! The restaurant is clean and the food is very good. I also commend you on your "lite" menu; the "ensalad bowl" is delicious (doesn't taste low calorie)! I hope there is some way you can recognize the good work of the staff at this store, they are very deserving of acknowledgement.

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