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  • Verizon Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters

Verizon Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Verizon Wireless Corporate Office

Cellco Partnership
1 Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-908-559-5490
Mobile Service Number: 611 from your mobile
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-922-0204
Pre-Paid Customer Service: 1-888-294-6804

Verizon Wireless is famous for its mobile communication services. Verizon Wireless products include wireless voice, text, and mobile internet service. Verizon Wireless is one of the premier providers of smartphones in the US.

Verizon Wireless’s toll-free customer service number is 1-800-922-0204 or you can dial 611 direct from your mobile phone. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website. Verizon Wireless’s competitors include AT&T, T-Mobile, and Xfinity.

  • I just had to pay a collection agency $345. because Verizon customer service reps. do not know what they are doing. We switched to another carrier back in November of 2016. We were with that carrier for 3 days. Went back with Verizon, 3 lines. There was a promo going on at the time so all we ended up paying was $24. About two weeks later I got a bill from Verizon for $425. ,called to find out what this was for. I thought this was an early termination fee. Apparently the Verizon person I spoke with did not research my account. I was told that I should receive a credit in 2 to 3 billing cycles. I received a second bill, called Verizon again and was told the same thing. Next thing I know I receive a letter stating that the bill has gone to a collection agency. Called Verizon for the third time. Rep. saw where there was another account tied to the new one. She went over the bill and the amount was for the last month of service and no sure about the other fee. I told her the bill had gone to a collection agency. She lead me to believe that Verizon could fix this. Received a third bill, called again, this time the Rep. said that if I would pay the last month bill, $231. they would call financial and have them write off the remaining balance. She told me to wait till I got another bill before I paid. Tried to update my husband's phone today and it was turned down because of the outstanding bill of $425. This could have been taken care of if the Verizon reps. would have done their job correctly. This should never have gone to a collection agency. Now this is on my credit and it is not my fault. I want Verizon to refund the amount I had to pay for having let this go to a collection agency.

  • I got a Brand new phone it stopped working that night ..Went back gave me another phone it stopped working the next day so I go back once more they tell me that never happened before and give me another replacement I don't get out of Monroville before it drops dead. I go back to the store and tell them I'm not leaving store until it works ..Low and behold they tell me it's a manufacturer problem.. and for 10 more dollars a month and 50 more dollars down I can get another phone… And I said u must be crazy I'm not giving u a dime more !! And they didn't want to extend my 2weeks to return it

  • So I thought that coming back to Verizon would be great because I had very excellent experience with them before. This time around I felt used. I went into this store and one of the managers who helped me get started told me that Verizon would pay off my sprint account. He told me that when I turn my phone in I was able to get accessories or I can put the value of my phone on my bill so it sounded good and I did it. After I got my last Sprint bill I went back to this store So they can send my paperwork out for the switch program. Again I was informed this second time around that Verizon was going to pay off my sprint bill.

    Well long story short I received an email from Verizon of how much I will be getting back to pay off my sprint account and it was waaaaay less than what was expected. When I called Verizon I asked them the reason and they told me that when I traded in my phone "per terms and agreements" the accessories and putting some on my bill subtracted what Verizon would give me to pay off my Sprint account.

    No time that I was in the store when I first went back to Verizon or when I sent in my information to do the switch promotion was I told that anything would be subtracted from me turning in my phone from Verizon not paying my whole sprint account. I am now in collections with sprint and this is just very unfair. I spoke back with the store and they told me they can only offer me 100 credit off my bill. Come on 100 from 1100 I have to pay to sprint. I would have never got accessories or put anything on my bill if I would have known that something would have been SUBTRACTED. If I was aware of this I would have longed payed my sprint account myself.
    If I wasn't on a contract with Verizon now I would have left. This is bad customers service for new customers.

    • I was told to reach out to the corporate office by one of your lovely supervisors. After 4.5 hours on the phone with customer service, rebate ctr, switch ctr and g-d knows who else I have gotten no where. I was told by Rachel from your upstate NY office ID # 161639 to google your information. How is it possible that they do not have a number for a corporate office???? I am a business woman and deal with clients everyday and NEVER would I ever think to demean a client or rip them off by stating nothing is their issue. I switched from Sprint after 20 years, thinking it was a huge mistake due to a $650 switch promotion. We also switched from Comcast to Verizon and received a SMASHED 50" smart TV 5 weeks lat. Trying to exchange was a trip, now I have 2 TVS the good one and the broken. Amazes me that I can get a label to return the 2nd TV. I am now being told that I am too late because they can not find my submission that was sent in numerous times. I called back in August spoke to a wonderful woman who said not we have issues with Sprint. She could escalate because I was having issues submitting as they would not accept the bill Sprint sent to me. Now saying to late, out of good faith they will offer me $200 not to mention that this is now listed on my credit. NO ONE has the right to mess with someone's credit especially now a days! Please tell me if I need to have an attorney involved as I refused to be ripped off twice. EXTREMELY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER

  • Charles Kettell:
    You are very generous with your Verizon smart reqwards points, but they can only be used to buy other "stuff": junk that I don't need that has little to do with phones. Please explain to me why the points are 'valuable' for other stuff I don't need, but absolutely worthless for purchasing phones, which you do sell.

  • Your office in Waterloo Iowa is terrible. The wait is long and the assistance is awful. The Manager tone to customers is demeaning and with no regard to solving problems

  • Not paying my bill due to fraudulent charges by Verizon. Can't get anywhere with the reps because all they see is money. They are bad. Going to call corporate. If no relief, suing them.

  • This company is unbelievably bad. All I wanted to do is buy a new phone for $800.00 and they will not sell it to me. Customer for 20years. Went to Verizon store in Bayonne. They said because I am already on a plan they cannot sell me a phone. I'll write a check! NO, cannot sell it to you. He told me to go to staples or best buy. I did in 2 separate malls. same thing, they won't sell me a new phone. 5 hours out of my day.ready to cancel all of my service with them, I call they refer to customer retention. That's crazy she says. she does an order for me and says I will get the phone on Friday. guess what, NO phone. called yesterday, told the order was not approved.today, I call and the order is cancelled and a new order is placed. I will receive the phone overnight on Sunday. Didn't receive confirmation yet, 5 hours later. I call again!!!! Serv. rep. tells me that fedex doesn't deliver on sunday. what!!!!!!!! I say cancel my whole account. she says cannot keep my number!
    As a 100% disable Vietnam veteran for ptsd, I begin shaking. Thank God, I take ALL my medications.in my 68 years, I have never dealt with a company even close to this bad. I would love feedback, as I don't know what to do.

  • I a, hardpressed to thik of one positive thing to say about Verizon. Not that anyone cares in the slightest.

  • ISSUE: 3rd party companies of Verizon Wireless not paying staff nor providing tax info for filing.

    BACKGROUND: Yenifer Lopez Sandoval (DOB: May 2 ,1997, lopez.yeni@icloud.com and 240-418-6408) started working at DC Business Insights (3rd party servicing for Verizon – wireless, cable and phone bundling service) around December 7, 2015 until the first week of January 2016. The office is located in 405 E Gude Dr Rockville, MD, United States Owner of the office is Sers Sterlin ((978)-696-7377 serssalomonsterlin@gmail.com). When she was working there her COFEE2go ID was "yensancyd". Out of all those weeks she worked there she singed up 7 customers. The term they use is "closed apps" for the sign up. The only checks she received was just $200 bonus for being to work on time for the first 14 days. Then, the last check she received was around $230. The boss clearly told her that she was supposed to expect another check but when I tried contacting him the following week he never replied. Then she tried contacting his assistant manager and she also did not reply. And she tried to contact couple of people from the office and all they said was they were going to check up on that. She never got an answer from anyone. So out of the 7 customers she signed up she got paid for only 2. There was to be a $150 bonus the boss rewarded all the employees if they singed someone up in that day; however, she did but did not get paid for that app nor received the bonus.

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