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  • Viacom Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Viacom Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. I love Enterprise Al Firestone. There's a Gs that is the biggest pos,continually making mistakes.He was moved from Gs to a tech,screwed up so much and demoted back to a Gs. I thought once you go tech,there's no going back. Management needs to get their act together. those old guys that have been there forever don't do their jobs and get special treatment BC of being there too many years. There's no equality in the work place for their workers. Some deserve a lot more than they're getting. Some deserve to get fired but management is lacking.
    As far as work,it's guaranteed. If there's a prob,they work diligently to fix it and satisfy customers. They're the only ones I trust with my vehicles as well as my family's. I recommend them to everyone. Never had a problem,don't foresee one. I do have my favorites BC their work is better than others so I specifically ask for them and if they're unavailable,my vehicle will not be touched. This store has been here many many years. I do hope it remains there for many more.

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Corporate Office Headquarters