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Volvo USA Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Volvo USA Corporate Office Headquarters

1 Volvo Dr.
Rockleigh, NJ 07647
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-768-7300
Customer Service Number: 1-800-458-1552
Volvo Mobility Roadside Assistance: 1-800-803-5222

  • Hello John , My name is Donald Crews im writing to you about issues with the 2004 Volvo XC90 . I Have been expressing my safety concerns about this vehicle over a year now at Volvo of Princeton. There has been numerous recalls and complaints about this vehicle since it was manufactured. The problem is instead of them honoring their faults there at Volvo they rather have the consumer to come out of their pockets for labors fees and parts . I never heard of a company of your stature trying to ripped off consumers. Volvo is rated a one of the top vehilcles and should live up to their reputation as such . My vehilcle is currently at Volvo of Princeton being looked at for gas smell coming inside the vehicle and the transmission stalling and stopping on the highway which is extremely dangerous . AS a consumer i know Volvo is aware of all these issues concerning this make and model . This is putting peoples lives at risk just for simple repairs that Vovlo should be held accountable for. With all do respect Sir the sales team their at Volvo should not be trying to capitalize or use their sales tactics over any consumer's safety. Very unsatisfied Customer. Thank you for your time SINCERELY, DONALD CREWS (609) xxx- 8605 . Looking forward to speaking to along with other safety agencies about your products and services

  • June 28, 2016

    I was at the Volvo dealer in NJ for routine check. I have a 2012 xc60. I inquired about additional coverage since I have just over 50,000 miles. The service dept. said that they would provide the right person that handles extended maintenance and warranty. That was early Saturday morning. I did receive a call Monday morning 6/27/16, but it was someone from the dealer to see if I was satisfied. I said that I thought you were calling from the warranty dept. She said that I could speak with that dept. right away, and gave me some excuse as to why I didn't hear from the correct person. I was transferred to the correct dept. I was asked to quick questions and was told that I would receive a phone call with the estimates. So far Tuesday June 28th at 3:02 in the afternoon, no one has called me back.

  • I was driving my volvo at 6:30AM on 6/14 on the highway, and the right front tire blew ou in the middle lane with nowhere to go, this could have been deadly. The right side lifted the tire was in such bad shape. The mechanics said that they had never seen anything like it. I think that it was a defective tire, because on 6/10, I had volvo replace the left front tire because it was causing the car to shake so badly. I personally think that the tire company that they use is giving low grade, low rate tires to put on an expensive car. This is not the first tire complaint I have had, as I have had about 4 volvos in the past. Volvo Corporate will need to address this imediately before the're responsible for any tire related fatalities. I think that they should pay for the damage to my car. I want to change my car immediately.

  • Good morning,
    I am an active duty service member currently stationed overseas. I am the proud owner a 2003, Volvo S40 which is my very first car. Even though we've had our ups and downs I've remained loyal to her over the years. Any maintenance or unexpected services issues, I took care of them. Like I said, I'm loyal and I love her. So when it was time for me to ship a car that would accompany me through me tour, there was no question on which vehicle I was going to ship. When my Volvo finally got here it was running beautifully, no complaints. Unfortunately as I was moving from one place to the next I lost my last key (valet). I've called several dealerships to see about getting it replaced but they all say the same thing, I have to bring the car in. That's just not doable. I can't even ship my car back to the states because it's not in drivable condition (no key). I have all my documentation showing that I own the vehicle and where it was shipped to. Please help me get a new key so I don't have to abandon my first car.
    Loyal Volvo Owner

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  • I purchased a 2007 Volvo XC70 and expected this vehicle to last a long time. I currently have 97,000 miles and have replaced the radiator twice. Now my traction control needs replaced for a second time. The dealer is not offering much on a discount for the part they originally replaced. I bought the vehicle for safety reasons. I believe Volvo should pay the entire cost of the replacement. The dealership made a ton on money on my trade in S40 that was two years old. I am most unhappy with the service.

  • i am wondering what is going on with the fuel pumps in the seattle washington area for a 2006 volvo xc90 awd… this will be the 5th one installed on the same car in 2 months. all the others have been defective. so needless to say i have paid a fortune to get my car fixed, a fortune in gas, and not been able to use my car for 2 months…. they were all fuel pumps from volvo . it is causing my car to have other issues too, well i need my car for work and i would expect volvo to do something about this. if i cant work i cant pay my bills or afford to get my car fixed. the one i have paid for 3 times now, one they replaced for nothing…going insane with the traffic and my car just stopping in the road because it thinks there is no gas in it..HELP!!!!~!!!

  • Positive comment: October 15, 2015
    Your ads on FOX NEWS in the evening are powerful. Excellent choice of music. KEEP the advertising company you are using….they are working FOR you, it seems.

  • Elizabeth Y.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
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    First of all, I really love my Volvo. I got my S40 when it was a couple years old in 2010 and it's my favorite car I've ever driven. I bought it at Volvo of Melbourne, never had a problem, and – until recently – planned to return there in the next couple of years for an S60. Unfortunately, I've had to change that plan after my recent experience.

    About a month and a half ago, the trunk suddenly stopped opening. I could open it mechanically using the emergency latch inside the trunk, but electronically, nothing. I took my car to my usual mechanic (who will get a glowing review because they're always honest which is apparently unusual), and they said they thought it was something the dealership may need to look at to get the right parts. I made an appointment with Volvo of Melbourne the next week. After performing their (pricy) diagnostics, the dealership mechanics said my car needed a new trunk latch. They said parts and labor would come to about $320. I agreed to have them order the latch and made an appointment to have it replaced.

    Two weeks later, I brought my car in to have the latch replaced. After several hours, the mechanics said the latch did not work and something more was wrong. I was confused by this, since they presumably tested the issue before determining it was the latch in the first place. They said they would need to look at the car for several days during the week, and sent me home with a new S60 as a loaner. I got a call several days later that the trunk was not opening because the CEM (main part of the computer) needed to be replaced for $1000. Being a woman, I've learned not to trust these kind of estimates from car places, so I called my dad for a second opinion. My dad thought this sounded unusual, and called to discuss the issue with the mechanic. The mechanic told my dad that the trunk may not work because the whole computer was dying, which could cause my car to stop running at any point which would be UNSAFE. This was obviously concerning to me, and I was afraid I would have to spend the $1000 just over my trunk.

    Luckily, everyone else intervened and said this sounded crazy. A friend tested the electricity up to the latch with normal results and determined the problem was just the latch. I ended up ordering a new latch online for $150. My brother installed the latch and fixed a wire that was causing intermittent results, all in an hour.

    My car is running beautifully, and the trunk wire and trunk latch were the entire problem. I'm back to enjoying my S40 and will still be able to take a vacation this year, but now I'm planning to get a car that more people can easily work on, since I know that the Volvo dealership really can't be trusted. While I'd love to have an S60, I will continue to look at the new Buicks and hope that Volvo of Melbourne decides against robbing other people with normal car problems.

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  • Deborah P.
    Winter Springs, FL
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    I called to speak to the Sales Manager to get some definitive answers to questions about the Volvo. The Sales Staff will tell you anything just to sell you a car. When I asked to speak to the sales manager, the receptionist connected my call to a salesman. To his credit, the salesman connected me to the sales manager. Unfortunately, the sales manager did not want to talk to me. He told me he was busy and I needed to speak to a salesman. So, of course, I will not buy an automobile from this dealership.

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