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  • Weis Markets Corporate Office Headquarters

Weis Markets Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Weis Markets Corporate Office Headquarters

1000 S. Second Street 1000 S. Second Street, P. O. Box 471
Sunbury, PA 17801-0471 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-570-286-4571
Fax Number: 1-570-286-3286
Customer Service Number: 1-866-999-934 Option #5

  • i shop; weis markets every week and since i only have one leg at this time i always getting one of you electrioc carts sometimes not avaible and have to stay in car and let my wife do shopping alone. the carts are very ld and run out of power before i can get threw the whole store and for the location in broadheadsville they need more carts and update them, i feel that you are a big com[pany and it would be great if you could spend somemonies on the carts for the handuicap your store is getting busier every day and a lot of people shop here please update your handycap shopping carts please please thank you

  • Who berates a customer for scanning their membership card, Melanie Valentine aka Mel, does working at store #89. Evidently it slows her machine down. 95% of the cashier ask you before they start your order to scan your card .Very rude , nasty, condescending . Tried to ignore her she wasnt having it. So here I am. Yea I feel like listening to you complain about slowing you down, get a grip lady you aint that important.

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    Corporate Office Headquarters