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Reach WoodSpring Suites Corporate Office 

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WoodSpring Corporate Office is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, United States. Below is WoodSpring Suites information including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

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WoodSpring Suites Corporate Office: Overview

WoodSpring Suites Corporate Office

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A Snapshot of WoodSpring Suites’ History

WoodSpring Suites, formerly known as Value Place, was founded in 2003.

WoodSpring Suites Competition in The Extended Stay Hotel Markte

WoodSpring Suites competes with Extended Stay America, Candlewood Suites, and TownePlace Suites by Marriott. 

WoodSpring Suites Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with WoodSpring Suites’ accommodations and services. Your feedback in the comment section is invaluable, providing insights that help others understand WoodSpring Suites’ operations and customer service.


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Where is Woodspring Suites Corporate Offices Located?

Woodspring Suites corporate office is located in Kansas. The address to their main offic is 8621 E 21st St N #200, Wichita, KS 67206

WoodSpring Bad Business Would Not Recommend

January 13, 2024

General Manager is notorious for kicking people out and not refunding nights. Left guests are expected to follow the rules of the facility, but employees may do as they wish; the location is full of drug activity and noise, Upon checking in the last time, I ensured there would be no problem then 3 days into my 5 day stay I was demanded to leave the premises (in the middle of a snow storm with nowhere to go, and receiving an injury due to falling on their non-maintained property) without being refunded the remaining nights paid for.

A friend also experienced a similar situation at this location with this General Manager. Bad business-would NOT recommend!!

Angela Angie Davis

Worst experience at any hotel to date

November 28, 2023

Georgetown Woodspring Suites is going through management changes. We also booked the hotel for Thanksgiving Day when their lobby was closed, apparently, but we didn’t know that. They called someone in to work who wasn’t originally scheduled from what I understand. With that noted, the upcoming manager, Gabby, was very apologetic and friendly, though didn’t offer any kind of refund or credit. I’ll mention the worst thing first, then back up. We were given the key to a room where a man was sleeping. My family started to walk in when I heard snoring and saw feet sticking up out of the covers. We quickly backed out, thankful I hadn’t switched on the light. The next morning we were told that he was supposed to have checked out the night before but didn’t. (Were they going to clean the room, though?). Now backing up…

We arrived late Thanksgiving night after spending the day with our family. We waited a long time in the lobby, locked out of the hotel with no one manning the front desk. There was a phone with instructions to call 500 to get help. I called twice letting it ring a lot, no answer. I tried the other number listed, it beeped as though it weren’t in service. I dialed 500 again, this time I think someone answered but the line was crackling so badly that I couldn’t make out anything that she was saying.

In the meantime, my family of 9 was standing in the lobby, tired, hands full of luggage, with nowhere to sit. I have 7 children ages 4, 5, 7, 12, 14, 17, & 17, my husband and I.

Eventually, she comes around, looking like she just woke up, lets us in, gets my name, and then disappears again for a while. Eventually, she gets my ID and disappears again, for a long while. She comes back and tells me that we were supposed to be on the second floor, but the rooms aren’t ready so she’s moving us to the fourth floor. (When I booked the rooms I requested either the first or second floor, with two rooms close together since we are one family having to split into two rooms).

I started having to sign several papers while my family was becoming increasingly less patient. One paper said I had the intent to stay longer than 30 days. I refused to sign this paper, though she was insisting I must. (Later the upcoming manager said that document wasn’t meant for me so she needed to train better for that, but at the moment it was very awkward and uncomfortable).

I requested copies of all the papers that I signed, I was told I could only have a copy of one of them. (Everyone should have the right to have a copy of any paper they sign), so I took a photo of the papers I signed.

The manager later confirmed that we only get copies of one of the papers and not the other, but said she’d make an exception for me. (Again, I believe that all customers should get a copy of any document they sign).

FINALLY, after an hour or more of being there, my family waiting around with nowhere to sit or put their things, the young children becoming quite any, we got room keys to 416, & 413.

I went to room 416 first, opened the door to a man loudly snoring and I saw feet. Mortified I quickly backed my family out and shut the door. Room 413 was safe, so I sent all the kids in there and my husband and I went back down to tell the receptionist that there was a man in room 416. She was very confused and said no one was supposed to be in that room. She’s got me a new key to room 426, which was on the opposite hall from 413, not close together as I requested and reiterated the importance of.

When I tried to call for extra pillows and towels the phone barely worked. I had to struggle with the cord for a bit to get a dial tone. When I called 500 again to get the desk, it was crackly again and I barely made out her telling me that the office was closed so I had to wait until morning to request towels.

The TVs were set to Spanish in both rooms so we had to figure out how to change the settings to English. There was no mirror in the room to dress with, no linen closet with extra pillows, blankets, or towels (for an extended stay hotel that was surprising. Also no dishes or cookware). No coffee. No breakfast. In the bathroom, only one bar of soap and one tiny shampoo. No lotion or conditioner. No hairdryer. Only 1 pillow per person (not good quality).

The next day I began to tell Gabby what happened (the manager in training). She was very friendly and apologetic. She promised this wouldn’t happen again if I came back.

I appreciated that, and it did make a big difference that she was professional and owned her mistakes. Had she not been apologetic I would have contacted the corporate office to issue a complaint. I didn’t do that, but I thought that a review was needed. I got the impression that she will be trying to fix the errors moving forward.

Brooke Luevano
Corporate Office Headquarters