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AAMCO Transmission Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I had a complex issue with my transmission. I brought it to Russell and Scott at AAMCO in Woodstock ga. They worked with me and we made decisions on how to proceed with work. They kept me informed at all times on the progress and very professional. It was a pleasure to have them work on my car. There customer service is the model for all and I was totally satisfied with the work done and at a fair price. What more can you ask for? I would not take my car anywhere else for service!
    Thank you
    Russ and Scott

  2. I have my truck in Amamco shop in Spokane Wa. The manager will not call me about what is happening with my repairs I have to call him every time.

  3. Hello, I am a concerned Technician who works for the corona ca AAmco store has anyone really looked at how filthy this store is, also the lack of test equipment and the lack of training there is as well.
    They don't even have a builder there they send all the transmissions to the Temecula store and it takes a week and a half to get them back.
    Signed concerned employee.

  4. Oct 31st of this year, at 8:50 am ( I had a 9 oclock appointment ). I was driving down Interstate 40 on my way to my mechanics to get my power steering pump replaced. On the way my transmission went out ( it would not shift out of the lower gears ) . I made it to my mechanics and told him what happened when he sent me to the Aamco at 5116 Nc Highway 55, Durham, NC 27713. I made it there and waited while the man behind the counter , Tom helped a woman pay her bill. After she left I informed him what happened and he told me to give him a few minutes to "consult with His MASTER Mechanic"
    While he was in back, he decided that no matter what happened, he was going to charge me $2000. Because when he retuned he gave me a piece of paper that had a price range, (I still have the paper), . The lowers being $1900, the highest being $2900. He proceeded to ignore my questions and "explain" that for the transmission rebuild the lowest was going to be the $1900 and the highest would be the $2900. I informed him that I didn’t not want the rebuild and I would not pay $2900. Which he lied and countered with " I didn't say you would".
    He again went through a whole litany of hyperbole and double talk to confuse me into buying the rebuild. I told him no. I only wanted my truck fixed. About 40 minutes has passed, my truck is still in the parking lot, my keys still in my pocket. No one has examined anything . Yet he is trying to charge me, at a minimum, $1900.
    WE finally make an agreement to have someone look at my truck and I leave.
    6 Day slater I call and he goes through a whole fantasy about this and that being wrong and bad. The point was the torque converter would be $50 more than the one I needed. Fourth planetary gear assembly would have to be replaced another part. All Totaled the cost would be .. Wait for it…..$2,800.
    I told him, again, that I not pay that, That price needs to come down. He ignored me and continued his sales pitch.
    I hang up and talk to my boss who uses a mechanic and contacted him. He agreed to pick my truck up and examine it. I called an informed him that we would be picking it up. He flat refused to replace the transmission .. Choosing rather to leave it "in a box" in the back of the truck.
    AT this point, 7 days later. I am waiting for them to put my truck back together.
    He was insulting, speaking to me as if I were a child. He ignored me when I clearly stated my intent and desires. He forced his sales pitch on me in complete disregard of what I needed choosing rather to make a quick buck at my expense. He continued talking down to me. I have the money on hand; I can afford the service, yet I will never return. This level of customer service is unacceptable. I will not be treated as an object to b taken advantage of. And I will not be treated like a child.
    I will never return to any of their locations.

    Pastor Tim Hopkins
    Durham NC

  5. Aamco transmission in Tampa Florida on Florida St.
    This place is a rip-off. They told me a quote for a used transmission. Then when I went to pay they said it's double that price because we installed a custom rebuilt transmission and also it's another $800 to program this fancy new transmission, the one I never told them to install. As a matter of fact I have a estimate from them how much I had to have done and this programming was never included in this price at all and estimate was more than I even verbally agreed to. This is a today problem not it happen a few months ago. Crystal Miller, Tampa FL.

  6. 08/02/2017 06:21pm Aurora CO. There is an AAMCO Transmission located at 14871E. Colfax Ave
    Aurora. CO 80011 aamaconorthaurora@aamcacolorado.com Harry Basluke 111 Ace Certified Master Tech. Too my under standing each AAMCO is privately owned but are held under a specific guidelines of they AAMCO CORPORATION of 100% Customer SATISFACTION. Let me explain #1 The communication with there customers is nonexistent you have to call them to find out whats going on with your vehicle. And they never call you back when they say there going too.And after 3pm they stop answering the phones and it goes to the machine they close at 5pm Monday through Friday an closed on the weekend and to open 8am Monday. #2 There are peoples vehicles that have been there more then 3 months. I met someone to day that said her vehicle has been there for over two months an two weeks and yesterday they called her an asked her to bring them $260.00 dollars an her car would be ready today. She gets there and they asked her for another $300.00 dollars and her car was still not ready this was at 4pm today. #3 Not even a month ago I had to have a new transmission put in my car they had my car for three weeks I called an called an for three weeks they tolled me they where waiting on a part that was ship to somewhere they had to wait tell they find it before they could order another one at the end of all this I had too pay $4068.34 and $2200.00 was labor. This brings use to last Wednesday my check engine light came on I toke my Chevy to a Chevy dealer an they ran a diagnostic an it said it was they transmission they gave me the report and said to take it back to AAMCO so they could fix it because the work they did was under warranty so I did. The lady at the desk toke the report an ran it throw the computer an said it was a sencer and she would order the parts they would over night them an will be in on Thu 07/27 an that was on Wed 07/26/2017 an I will have my car on Fri 07/28. I called them on Fri 07/28 to ask was the work done on my car I was told they where still waiting on the parts they should be in on Mon 07/31. So I did not call on Mon 07/31 I called on Tue 08/01 an they still had no part so I asked them if I can pick up my car an they call me when the part comes in so I got my car. Then an a few hours later the same lady called me an said the parts where there an to bring my car back today an they would fix it an have it back to me this afternoon around 2pm an she would call me when it was ready so at 8am I toke my car back. An I let her know I had a class at 3pm. So at 2:15pm I called her she told me that they had gotten the wrong part an they where putting my car back together so I can come pick it up and she will call me when they get the right part I asked her why she had not called me sooner she said that she had been on the phone with the parts people trying to order the right part because she knows how much I need my car. So I went to AAMCO at 2:35pm an demanded that they put my car back together so I can come back an picked up my car.They are robbing there customers an holding there cars hostage an getting ransom money before the work on there.. cars. It is unorganized understaffed an the person running this AAMCOmay need to be brought up on charges. These business practices unethical an probably illegal. The B.B.B said I need to contact you as a first step. Please help your customers this is not right what there doing. Thank you Mrs S.D Kouamelan of Aurora CO 80011

    1. Well you're not alone I bought my car in to see what was the problem of me not having enough power I was told by the manager that he would put it on a diagnostic and it will pinpoint the problem he called me back and said I can't find the problem I think it's internal in order for me to find a problem he will have to pull the engine out and open it up cuz he believed that is internal I said what how much would that cost me he said I can give you a price until I open it up I said okay he send me a estimate for $800 and that was only to take the engine out and open it up but still he never told me what was wrong with my vehicle internal and now they refuse to release my vehicle until I pay him $800

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