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AHS Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact AHS Corporate Office Headquarters

860 Ridge Lake Boulevard
Memphis, TN  38135 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-901-537-8000


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  1. Dear Corporate,
    I have been trying to get my refrigerator and dishwasher fixed since Nov 22. To date the icemaker has not been fixed and the door still pops open on my dishwasher, I was
    told they are waiting on a part. So, its been six months waiting for service while you still continue to bill me for service you Did NOT provide. To add insult to injury your company sends me a email saying my contract is no longer valid and will be upgraded and an increase for doing lousy service. I am so dissatisfied with the performance of this company over the past year. And you close out the Tickets based on the contractor and not the recipient. Neither of the icemakers worked that were installed, and my dishwasher door is still popping a loose during the wash cycle.

    Please tell me how much more time you need to correct my issues, 6 more months and a pay increase for the service. This is totally unacceptable and I cannot believe the way I was treated. After numerous calls, no one ever to call to see if the work was completed they just closed the ticket.

    Very Dissatisfied

  2. This is in reference to my service request made on 04/19/23 (Dispatch: #219358958). Since this initial call, I have not received any contact from Certified Appliance Repair, LLC. My calls to them go unanswered, and their voicemail is filled to capacity.

    Calls to AHS are a waste of time. Although the staff is very polite and cordial, it does not lead to positive action. My next action will be to call and write to the Virginia Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services in Richmond, VA.

    This is the second time I have had difficulties with your service provider. Unless I hear from AHS with concrete information, I will call Richmond and start the complaint process and follow it as far and as long as I need to ensure my satisfaction with the end results.

  3. As usual the same old bs. Part is available locally but they want to send it to the service contractor and will take 2 weeks. Am in my eighties and will have no heat for that time. Have been with them for more than fifteen years and am just tired of their lack of service.

  4. I would like to report very bad customer service i have been receiving from AHS representatives. I have been trying to get my cash out monies for over 2 weeks and have been misinformed repeatedly and placed with people who cannot speak english fluently. I have submitted a copy of the sales invoice for the water heater but found in an email that the attachment was invalid in which I resubmitted. The last representative hung up on me and refused to transfer my call over to the cash out department as well as refused to give me the phone number to speak with someone regarding this matter. AHS has been the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. I am asking to speak to the corporate manager to assist me with this ongoing confusion and terrible customer service i have been dealing with since i became a member. It is terrible when you are paying for services and cannot get services when needed. Why does it take 12 to 21 days to receive a check for merchandise that is covered by AHS but only take 2 days to withdraw monies for monthly premiums? This is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. I am so dissatisfied with the services from AHS and will not recommend to anyone. A very frustrated customer.

  5. I have been waiting for over 2 weeks for the service provider to show up, ive called AHS over 15 times, and gewt the same run around that the provider has been to my house twice, with modern day tech, a camera and a ring on my front porch , no one has been near my house in 2 week, what less a heating and air guy, ive gone thru the escalation dept, and all, they have done is hang up on me when i ask for a different provider, this is absolutely ridicolous, ive never ever dealt with such a bunch of amateurs in my 40 year career in real estate, and to think that ive used these clowns to my buyers, i feel guilty for ever recomending this bunch, they out source their calls to India, where there is a disconnect on the language communications.sorry for the grammar, but im so upset with this company , im not stopping to correct any spelling or grammar mistakes , because they wont read this review, my next step will be to Google, and then Yelp, and a full page add in my news paper, i dont care what it cost, im fed up with this worthless company.

  6. Will be telling my realtor not to reco to anyone else. All customer service is overseas in Giahana, Phillipines, etc. Long, long wait and they ae useless,just like a computer, limited ability to think. 3 requests elevated so they said, never had a call back. Corporate headquarters has not phone number that does anything other that use the regular "no help" auto robo dial. This is ridiculous almost 3 weeks no success ingetting job done. Simple refrigerator

  7. I have been with these people for 16 years and the service has gotten progressively worst. They have raised the prices without notice and trying to get someone on the phone is like pulling teeth from a door knob.
    I attempted to cancel my account before they could get the money but guess what? Never got it done until today and they had my money for the month and then charged me 63.99 for canceling. Would not give me my money back for this month and canceled contract immediately. If my math is correct, which by the way he talked to me like I was dumb, they got in my opinion 129.29 free money.
    And guess what? THEY DON'T CARE

  8. I am 82 with COPD and full time Oxygen. The temp has been above 100 for over 10 days with no relief in site. When temp is over 80 I begin to have trouble moving physically and my house is up to 89. My air conditioner has failed three times and this last time the condenser is failing. The tech is waiting on AHS to contact him and AHS is waiting for him to contact them. When I try to break the stalemate all I get are people who are trained how to use the play book and are unable to think for themselves.

  9. Hello AHS. I need your help. My name is Michael Yorks, Agreement number 266955332. I am writing to you today about a service request for my dishwasher that needed service on 5/18, The contractor evaluated the issue and found faulty wiring so, he could not repair the dishwasher, He reported the issue to AHS. The last contractor thta worked on the dishwasher was an AHS contractor. I called customer service and spoke with Nicholas. He informed me that it was a third party issue and he could not repair the dishwasher. He informed me that I would have to do to the contractor that had worked on the dishwasher. He said that he would assign the issue to another agent. The next day I was informed electronically that the service order was complete. I have this account and another on a second home. Can you please help with this issue. My telephone number is 408-605-5215. Thanks Mike

  10. I had a leaky shower coming from the diverter. We noticed it when we were changing out faucets as I just had my bathroom redone. I called AHS and they sent out a plumber who said nothing to me other than he needed to order a part. I had out of town guest coming in and was running out of time. After not hearing anything I called the plumber back myself and he repeated that he needed to order a part. This sounded suspicious to me. He must have contacted AHS because they called to tell me that it wasn't a wear and tear issue therefore it wasn't covered. She said I could have a second opinion but that if they agreed with the first plumber I would have to pay another service call. I don't know what the plumber told them was wrong because he never told me anything other than a piece was cracked. I accepted the other plumber who said that the parts were old and when I asked is it wear and tear he said "It could be". So finally they came back after part came in and fixed it. Took 15 mins. He told me I was going to need to replace other parts eventually because of the age of the pipes and gave me a written estimate.
    A few weeks later I received 2 letters from AHS stating that it was not a wear and tear issue on my plumbing and therefore was not covered. I'm not sure how the plumber got paid because I was never given a quote or estimate or anything. I cancelled my policy and blocked AHS from taking from my checking account after being with them since 2007 and haven't used them in 5 yrs. There should've been a refund for the prorate of my monthly payment but guess what? They sent me an email charging me 58.41 for a cancellation fee. So no refund. How desperate is AHS for money to just literally rob people

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