Bashas Corporate Office Headquarters

Bashas Corporate Office Headquarters
22402 S. Basha Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85248 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-895-9350
Fax Number: 1-480-895-5371
Customer Service Number: 1-800-755-7292

  • I was at the Bashas on 7th St. & Missouri. There were at least 6 employees not wearing masks. At the deli counter, butcher shop (not all) and cashiers (not all). I have been fully vaccinated recently and just begun getting back to some kind of normality. However when it comes to food I guess it's different for me, I felt very uncomfortable. That's okay Fry's, Safeway and Walmart continue to have mask policies, I'll shop there.

  • I just had the WORST shopping experience in my life. 7:00 I went to the Bashas store in Lake Havasu City to get my weekly groceries. The store was being stocked and that is fine except there was so much stock on the floor you couldn't push a buggy through so I was walking the aisles and carrying what I needed to my buggy. I kept loosing my buggy in the mess and wasted a lot of time. The final straw was the aisle I couldn't even walk down without stepping over boxes. Two men were stocking and I said "This is ridiculous! You need to at least leave room to walk. One guy said I'm sorry we just got a big load in. I said I'm sorry too, I'm sorry I ever came here. I finally found most of what I wanted. I asked the checker for a comment card and she couldn't find any so I asked to speak to a manager and there wasn't one on duty. This was the most pathetic mess I have ever seen and I have been acquainted with the grocery industry for 43 years so I know what should go on there. SHOP LOCALLY Really? Why? Bonnie Ford

  • I've been shopping at the Camp Verde Bashas for several years. It has been my favorite grocery store and have considered it MY store. I think the health food section is pretty good for a small store and the deli folks are really kind and the service is great. I often buy food at the deli and eat it there in the nice seating area. But evidently, Bashas has instituted a policy that you can't sit in the eating area for more than an hour. I was unaware of the new policy when for probably the first time ever, I sat there for more than an hour waiting for the rain to subside. I have a leak in my truck and I try not driving it in the rain. I was asked to leave! I was horrified. I had never been asked to leave a place before. The eating areas has about 12 tables and it is never full. At the time, there was only one other person sitting at a table. I would understand the new policy if the seating area was always full to allow other customers to sit, but this is a small town. I have never seen it full or even close to it. I have witnessed personnel tell other customers to leave as well. They don't like it any more than I did. It strikes me as quite unnecessary, rude and denigrating. When I've asked personnel who set the new policy, I never get an answer. No one knows WHO, so there's no one to talk with about it. My whole feeling about Bashas has now changed. When I eat there, I'm no longer relaxed and at home. It's the only grocery store in Camp Verde so I still come here, but if there were another store nearby, I'd probably not shop here any more. Why? Can someone tell me WHY this policy has been put in place? What possible good PR comes of this?

  • I have been buying pizzas at Bashas in Eagar Arizona 85925 for some time I really do enjoy the pizzas but as of lately I have not been able to do when I call and ask the store manage ( Seth ) he has given every excuse from to many workers have called in sick to that's the new deli hours so what are the deli hours for this store. I also find it odd that you would close this part of your store it sure would be nice to know the truth but if that's the case ill go to safeway

  • I've been employed with bashas store #78. The managers there are the worse. Especially the store director Nadia Kane. She is very much rude and very unprofessional. How is she even the store director? The experience I've had working with her was so unsettling so uncomfortable I didn't even want to be there on shifts I shared with her. She is not only rude to her employees but also to her customers. She'll snap at them for asking a "ridiculous" question. Her and a few of the other managers will lie for each other. They come in 30 minutes or an hour late. I never see them clock in and out at the time clock. They go straight to the office. And they hardly ever come out. Even when you call for a cashier back up they get upset for having to help, or they don't come out at all. Then you're the one they agure with cause you don't "call" for help. She favors relatives or close friends. That store does need a lot of updates. There are some items that are so dusty it's disgusting. I felt so embarrassed working there and selling items to customers. The floors are disappearing in places. During the summer there are flies everywhere. I've had outdated items the customers handed me at times. The potatoes almost always seem rotted. For the new employees the hours are cut but for the ones who have been there the longest they make their 40 hours a week. The most I've made working there was 25. That's when I got lucky. So much needs to be done about this store and the director. She once has made a comment about her employee say, and in her words "I should just have more kids so I don't have to show up for my shift too" talking about a cashier who couldn't make it in cause she was having babysitter problems. Almost every cashier works hard there. She doesn't recognize the effort. She seems to only wants Guinea pigs, people who'll bow down and do as she says. She don't seem to have any morals. Again how is she the store director….

  • It's pretty sad when you go into a Bashas store and the manager can make YOU FEEL VERY UNCOMFORTABLE as a customer. I feel like I am being WATCHED!!!!! They should really take the time to think about who manages their stores. I hope they take the time to read the complaint statements and apologize for the manager who is in the wrong by making me feel this way!!!!!

  • I have been shopping at the Power & McDowell Store ever since it opened. Their crab salad was the best of all the other stores in the area. I told all my friends about it & they all were going there to buy it. The other day I went in to get some & one of the employees working in the meat dept. told me they changed the recipe. They added cabbage , carrotts & onions to the crab salad!!! IF I WANT COLESLAW , I WILL BUY COLESLAW!! IF I WANT CRAB SALAD I WANT CRAB SALAD. NOT THE 2 MIXED TOGETHER & THE SAME PRICE THAT THE CRAB SALAD WAS!!! DOES THIS SEEM FAIR??? Also that store has had a lot of remodeling , but no new handicap riding carts. The ones that are there need to be thrown away or totally refurbished!!! Thank you for listening.

  • Eddie Basha must be doing cartwheels in his grave… poor Eddie.. the store which I shop at (for 37 years) is going down hill so fast, its sad.. prices are so high, and shelves are empty .. Their bakery though is still the best store bakery there is in Arizona… especially the breads…The Mgr is a nice guy but what ever I ask its like we will try.. guess what ?? NOTHING its not my Bashas anymore I am forced to go to Frys.. Bashas in becoming Safeway…soooo sad!!!!!!

  • We have been shopping at B as has for 25 yrs because of the beef quality. I don't know who is making the decisions lately, but it has gone down hill in both the prepackaged and counter. My father-in-law was in Mgr of a meat counter and meat cutter in Mi. and my grandfather was a meat inspecter, so I know what I'm eating, and it is old dairy cow. If you are trying to bankrupt Bashas by doing this, you are doing an excellent job. Is this just going on in the 75 ave and Thunderbird store or is it a state wide policy?

  • Well, I am writing for a third time regarding 2 previous complaints dated June 5, 2015 and July 12, 2015. The deli manager from store #120 is leaving and the "lead" person, Kathleen, has been up to her same tricks. Calling out quite frequently without any apparent illness, leaving before her shift ends, taking multiple smoke breaks, and stopping her duties at least 2 hours prior to the end of her shift and when someone else comes in for their shift. This creates a backlog of work imposed on the night shift, a bad morale situation and other staff members thinking that they could do the same thing. This situation has been brought up multiple times to the manager that is now leaving, but has fallen on deaf ears. Store managers know of the situation but choose to overlook it as well. AS previously stated, there is always something to do in the deli, but she will say, "Oh that's a night shift job" or "I've already finished my job, I'm tired". I would like to pick and chose what jobs I want to do too, as does everyone else. This is what we hear when we start our evening shifts. What does it take to get someone to look into this?? If someone from the night shift said, "I've finished my duties, I'm going home" we'd never hear the end of it or perhaps be fired right on the spot. WHY IS THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR TOLLERATED FROM A "LEAD" PERSON WHO WAS ONCE A DELI MANAGER (and stepped down because she couldn't handle it). WE ARE ALL GETTING TIRED OF BASHA'S NOT HANDLING THIS SITUATION. IT IS INFURIATING TO SAY THE LEAST. We need new blood!! Lots of people still need jobs and are willing to work. We don't need a non-worker. We all get along well except with the afore mentioned person, who manages to start of all of our shifts on a bad note. Everyone else is afraid to say anything. I have had this conversation with her and nothing has changed. Please understand that I enjoy doing what I do but this whole situation makes it hard to stay positive. Thank you for listening.

  • ..yeaaah I got my job back at food city deli #26..the store director there she is the best…i will do my best to be a very great responsible employee there…I'm so happy

  • ..hello..i work in food city #26 chandler and I'am the deli cook there I make everything even the menudo on weekends..yesterday I was fired from my job because I have 3 behavior wright ups .there all do to the consequences from having to much alcohol the night b4 work and it cost me greatly that me having a alcohol problem would cost me my job at food city , I'am so sad I love my job…food city #26 never agreed to put me in the bashas special alcohol program for employees that need help..i feel that I deserve to be given a chance to do the program and learn what I can from it so I can be a smarter employee..but the store director didn't be alive I needed it because she said I was still young..I lost my job yesterday do to being out late and drinking and not showing up for work..yes I deserve to be fired but I also deserve a chance at that alcohol class aldo..please help me get my job back and to be enrolled in the bashas alcohol class…please call store #26 and tell the director to give me just one more opportunity and to approve the bashas alcohol class for me to attend and learn
    And for me to be a more responsible employee..thank you…… city #26 deli restaurant chandler

  • I am currently with your deli in Chandler Heights, I have 30 years experience and I love working for Bashas. I neven talk to either Trey Basha or Brandon Bashas' nearly everyday, which is awesome because the truly are great guys. Of course I want thing to go the way the should at the Deli at the Mothership store the best, best, best service, quality, and experience AAA+++!!! There is a problem which I need now have to share. The management is scaring new employee's off with false hours/more than they wanted and most I would say 90% are currently looking for other employment!!! most have already found there new jobs but don't want to tell the Manager Tyler till the Axe falls. This is the thyme since I came on board! The Deli is run by a huge anxiety energy named AAlyheea Brady whom favors her boyfriend Chris Wilson every shift…as in positioning them 2 together into a co-dependency, disaster! WE NEED LEADERSHIP!!!!!!!!!NOT DATING GAMES! just look at tonight (9/14) who called in sick and who was off. I hope they hade a great weekend because at the DEli our jobs it was SLAMMED with a rookie, me, and a girl having trouble with her health,god bless her. Is there hope???
    I love working for Bashas' but right now it's leadership at night's is highschool at best. Please help,

    anonymous and caring

  • I am currently working at the deli at 75th Ave & Thunderbird store #120. Well things have not changed since my last writing (June 5, 2015), and frankly nobody seems to care. The manager has not addressed the issues going on with this employee and the mood surrounding this employee has not changed either. She was scheduled for a 2 week vacation this month and decided to call off the week prior to the start of her vacation giving her 3 weeks vacation. Because of this, the manager was forced to rearrange everyone's schedule. When she came back from vacation, her attitude was the same. Constantly walking around with nothing to do or checking her phone.She said, "my work is done". Well this isn't a "My work is done" job. Everyone does everything, no matter how menial it is. There's no separation of night shift or day shift duties other than clean-up procedures which don't start until after 6:00pm. There is ALWAYS something to do in the deli, whether it's washing dishes, prepping salads, taking the trash out, straightening out counters and cases, taking temperatures, etc. There is no reason she should be walking around or bagging groceries. If everyone in the deli had her attitude, nothing would get accomplished. Customers are also expressing their dislike of her attitude.I don't understand why Basha's would want someone like her to represent their company. There are plenty of people needing jobs and would be happy to serve customers.

  • I currently work in the deli at 75th & Thunderbird store #120. I've worked there for several years and the deli has gone through several managers during my tenure there. Currently, we have a manager who quite honestly is never around. When he is around, he doesn't pay much attention to the goings on between the people. One individual literally comes in and goes home whenever "her work is done." She does nothing extra, including informing the night staff of what needs to be done for the next day. This is a person who was a deli manager several years ago and had stepped down to take a regular line position. She is designated as a "lead" person, however, shows no initiative. Customers have questioned what her problem is. She always brings her personal problems to work, She is a F/T employee, however, she never stays for her full shift. This makes it very difficult for the next shift coming in because the work gets backed up. She continually takes about 4-5 smoke breaks each day she works. She punches out for a couple of smoke breaks, but not all of them. She continually calls off and expects other staff members to cover for her. As a lead person, she should lead by example. She should ensure that the next shift coming in has everything they need to do their job properly and should inform staff of any changes that might have occurred during the day. Since she never stays for her entire shift, we don't know if there has been any changes. With the manager always on vacation she should be the one in charge fully. The manager knows of these issues and has apparently chosen not to address them, as they are still happening. This creates animosity among the workers and an overall apathetic atmosphere. (Nobody gives a darn). I know that you're trying to make this store the place to go in this area, but if this keeps going on, that won't be happening. Please understand that I love my job and only wish that it could be done the way it should be done.

  • It is my understanding that when the Board of Health comes to inspect a store, especially the deli, all employees working in the deli should have a current Food Handlers card. Currently, there is an expired card (December 14, 2014), and 2 cards that are not displayed at all in store #120. If I'm required to be compliant with the health laws then why isn't anyone else? Managers do not seem to care about this as they have been informed.

    • Omg, that's so lazy, you can update your card online via a quick tutorial and test..this should be mandatory!

  • Whiteriver Bashas #78 Store Director Nadia Kane
    This Store needs to be investigated I not only write and speak for myself but others many complaints but nothing is done We need a new Store Director She hires only relatives and friends this use to be a
    lovely live store now i cant stand to go there.cashers are mean horrible customer service is terrible You can not get an exchange or refunds The Store Director also let go of all people who use to work there i mean these people worked there for years these new comers dont know crap. How could she do this. Please help! We live in a small community where everyone is related.There is just no hope. The store is nasty dirty rats roaches dust on everything restrooms out of order some foods are bad.

  • Today as usual I spent over $100.00 on groceries at Bashas Lake O=Pleasant Road Peoria. I am a shopper in that store since it opened
    for the first time today I saw a little dog in a shopping cart with its owners groceries. I have seen service dogs in there but they are on the floor not riding in the cart I may put my groceries in. I told the lady at the service counte and she said they are no allowed to say anything to the customers . Why? And why can't signs be posted at the doors sayin only service dogs allowed in the building. And–why can't the employees advise the people of this. If this continues I will have to go to Frys which is a little farther but "No Dogs Allowed"

    • State/Federal law allows for service dogs in any store, Fry's or Bahsa's. You do not have to have even a vest or other identifying article on the animal, nor paperwork. If the owner claims it is a service animal, then State/Federal law says it's service animal and you cannot have it removed. The only person allowed at Basha's to ask a customer about their animal is the manager to prevent complaints.

    • I believe the person who responded that you don't have to request to see a certificate or that the animal doesn't have to wear a vest is incorrect. Also, any store can refuse service to anyone based upon any reason, so Bashar can get on the ball and post a health hazard sign at the door, like Starbucks does. Geez, I'm really surprised that Bashar reprenatives don't respond to the comments here. Ed would be disappointed.

  • I was recently in your big store in Casa Grande on Florence Blvd. I could not believe what I saw. The cashier was asking a question to what I could tell was a manager and he turned around, rolled his eyes and walked away while the cashier was still asking a question. I continued shopping and witnessed the same action again when a person in the deli was talking to him. Having shopped in this store for many years and not recognizing this man, I asked one of the employees who he was. I was advised he is the new store director. I am first appalled that he would treat his employees in such a way, but even more so that he did it where customers could witness it. I have been in the store only twice since this happened and I witnessed him being the same to employees. I have worked in customer service for over 30 years and would never think of rolling my eyes at my employees and if upset with them would make sure to pull them aside to talk to them. I feel he is rude and it will only be a matter of time that his behavior will trickle down to the work force. Something must be done. I do not know how sales are with this gentleman, but I have witnessed emptiness on the shelves and spoiling fruit and vegetables. The prior store director would not have treated his employees in this manner.

    • Unfortunately this whole company is corrupt. They're very cheap and treat their employees horribly. I am a former employee. They don't have enough staff for when it's busy. They make their employees pay full price for meals and drinks. Which I never worked at a place like that. Their stores are all outdated. Ajs fine foods is not fine. In fact it's the same stuff you'll get anywhere else. This company is very greedy and money hungry. They aren't nice to employees or customers. All they care about is making money. Since 2014 I have not shopped or worked at another bashas own store nor do I plan to in the future.

  • yesterday I went to your store located at 9925 East Baseline Rd and have never, ever , been treated so poorly and rudely. This incident happened on the 14th of March around 12:30 PM PST. I stopped to purchase some bacon at the butcher shop. After standing there for several minutes I saw that the counter girl was busy and there was a butcher there so I yell " help " and the butcher turned around and I waved and then he want back to cutting meat. I yell another time " help " and again the butcher turned around and I waved and smiled and then the butcher went back to cutting meat. Another customer came up and I said " I can't get any help " so I yell a little louder " a little help" when again the butcher turned around and again proceed to do what he was doing. Then some stock clerk yelled at me from two aisle over to ring the bell which I responded " why should I when the guys looking at me"! then she yells that there is only one person there to help and again I said " why don't you come over here and see how many people are here and that there was not one person". The other customer did ring the bell for at last 30 seconds and this time the butcher just ignored us altogether. Finally the counter girl came up and I got the bacon only to have the counter girl yell at me over and over as I left at the top of the lungs " thank you sir" " thank you sir".
    When I got outside in the parking lot the other customer came up with his wife and ask me to tell her what had transpired because he could not believe it either!!! no more Basha's for me thanks…

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