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Bealls Corporate Office 

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Bealls corporate office is located in Bradenton, Florida. Below are comprehensive details about Bealls headquarters, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company, along with its major and minor competitors in the retail industry.

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Bealls Headquarters – Overview

Bealls Outlet Corporate Office

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A Snapshot of Bealls’ History

Founded in 1915, Bealls has established itself as a prominent retail corporation in the United States, particularly in Florida. Known for offering clothing, shoes, and home goods, Bealls caters to customers seeking quality and value in their shopping experience.

The Retail Industry and Bealls’ Position

Within the competitive retail market, Bealls faces major competitors like Kohl’s, Macy’s, and JCPenney, as well as smaller competitors such as Belk, and Dillard’s. Bealls distinguishes itself with its focus on localized merchandise suited to Florida’s lifestyle and climate, coupled with a commitment to customer service and community involvement.

Bealls’ Customer-Centric Approach

Bealls is dedicated to providing a unique shopping experience, offering a variety of products that resonate with local tastes and preferences. The brand emphasizes quality, affordability, and a welcoming shopping environment, which has helped it maintain a loyal customer base in a diverse and evolving retail landscape.

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Bealls Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

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Bealls Great Customer Service

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 16, 2024

Vonda R. at store 807 – GREAT customer service….

I have a long story but you don’t want to hear all do my best to keep in brief.:

I had a return that mistakenly got charged rather than credited for a return. I was given Bealls card-to reimburse me for my original return and now the 2nd charge for the returned item.

I cannot remember what the card was called but I was checking out at another Bealls and was told there was $0 on the cards. I went back to the Bealls where the saga began and (here’s where it gets to great customer service) and Vonda R. – store 807 was doing her best to help get this fixed. Now this is during the Christmas rush and quite busy. She was on the phone, trying to reach someone to advise her. It seemed no one in the Bealls Company knew what it was. Now, when I say “on the phone”, it had to be almost an hour. No one could get her to the right department. When she did sort of’ connect and tried to explain what was happening, she got disconnected. I think this happened 3 times.

Poor Vonda was trying so hard, and she kept her cool (not exactly. She was sweating). She did much better than I would have done in that situation. She kept apologizing and I kept telling her I was amazed at her patience.

Lucille Griffo
Corporate Office Headquarters