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  • Bealls Outlet Corporate Office Headquarters

Bealls Outlet Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Bealls Outlet Corporate Office Headquarters

E.R. Beall Center
700 13th Ave. East
Bradenton, FL 34208
Corporate Phone Number: 1-941-747-2355
Fax Number: 1-941-744-4931
Bealls Outlet Credit Card: 1-800-820-8792
Customer Service Number: 1-800-683-8655


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  1. Me and my husband walked into Bealls Outlet and we got starred at because of my husband's race and I over heard an associate talking about "is that her husband " and clothes all over the floor and fitting rooms where totally a mess. There where no manager in store floor to been seen and when I asked an associate if they Christmas towels and the manager had a stinky attitude. The bathrooms where nasty and there where toilet paper on the floor. When we where standing in line to check out we saw an associate behind the register popping pills and we saw another associate smoking in the corner by the purses. Another associate had a bad nasty mouth and they where talking nasty stuff while they where on sales floor. While we where waiting in line there was only one associate working at the register and the line was extremely long and they called for help and no one came to help. And we saw some associate being on their phones instead of doing their job. I WILL NEVER EVER RECOMMEND ANYONE TO SHOP AT BEALLS OUTLET!!!!!! BAD SERVICE AND VERY VERY BAD MANAGEMENT!!!!🤬🤬😡😤

  2. I just had a similar experience at Bealls Outlet store in Venice, FL. Store Cashier name Jean Dickson calls me LIAR infront of everyone just because she cant understand what I was explaining to her. She was disrespectful and the manager was there, but didn't move a finger against her or her mouth. So absolutely disappointed.

  3. My granddaughter worked for this company and was FIRED in October. It really broke my heart to see someone who bussed their behind for a company to be let go because she used her aunt, mom, and my card to make purchases for herself which is not against the law. Supposedly it was against company policy but how? That's like saying a wife cant use her husbands credit card when she doesn't have the funds on her own card. It really hurt me to see my granddaughter get fired right before the holidays when the people that fired her know she has a family. Store #277 my grandchild was there foe you all on her off days and you all did her wrong. The store manager Gisela didn't even back her up just let her take fault for things she allowed. I for one will no longer be shopping at this store ever again. I also encourage others to do the same. The fact that my grandchild had legally power of attorney over me and was told by security team that she could not use my card to make purchases because it seemed like she was using her employee discount for others and not herself just don't sit well with me. I just want you all to know that you will never find a hard worker like my granddaughter and miss Gisela at store #277 will forever know this. I hope someone from customer service see this feel free to email me at Foxxymitchell55@gmail.com

  4. I was at your outlet stone in Indian Harbor Beach FL and used the bath room for handicap and had a changing table in it for babies. It was the dirtiest I have ever seen. I spoke to a nice lady and she walked back with me. This room needs to be disinfected and painted. I suggested she close it off. I also told her I planned to contact their corporate offices.

  5. Bealls outlet in Thomasville GA has the worst people working for them one of them is actually making money from some of there customer

  6. I live in Venice, FL and shop at various Bealls Outlets. All of them are so hot in there, you could hatch chickens. I mentioned it today to a salesperson and was told corporate won't allow them to drop the temperature any cooler. Are you kidding me? Unloosen the money belt, will you and allow…not only your employees, but how about your many shoppers, to shop in relative comfort. Signed… Dripping sweat in Venice FL!

  7. Today I visited a Bealls Outlet store located in Riverview FL. I choose two items from the women section one has a clearance price and the other did not. I take both items to the cashier and ask was both the same as the clearance paid. When she ring up the clearance item it was the regular price so she spoke to one of her co-worker and she said maybe someone had switched the price. I ask can I spoke to the manager Angie the manger came and said it there policy they can't sell me the item with the clearance paid because they believe someone had switch the price. Now I'm having my integrity questioned because someone else switched a price tag. I asked Angie for the corporate office number and while waiting for a representative I listened to Bealls Core Values about customer service several times and was amazed at how they spoke of excellent customer service but was not able to honor the clearance price when the price of the item was clearly as clearance. I was also told by the representative at the corporate office that the District Director would get back with me in 72 hrs. instead of rectifying the problem then when I was already in the store.

  8. You'd think you'd would care to enough about your customers enough to put electric riding carts in your stores for people with disabilities you can put those alarm things you put on things you don't want stolen with sign on carts not to remove from store so no one has to go outside and bring them back in

  9. I went to the store at Gateway Mall in St Petersburg FL I asked one of the employees a skinny short black kind of from india he just walked away and flat out refused to help. The same thing happened today, the cashier asked him to help at the register he mumbled something and again walked away I told her that this was not the 1st time she kept making all kinds of excuses, and I asked so didn't you see him doing it again just now in front of your eyes she kept changing the subject and I said that I needed
    to contact the owners, she screamed saying no, no. Its disgusting. Iam sure he is still there not because of his looks or brains.
    I see that I am not the only one having a bad experience. I think they need to be reminded that WE keep the business going. I ended up by telling
    the one making excuses to go screw herself

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