Captain D’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Captain D’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
624 Grassmere Park Drive
Suite 30
Nashville, TN  37211
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-391-5461
Customer Service Number: 1-800-314-4819

  • We had not been to Captain D's at 350 Tanger BLVD for a while so decided to stop and patronize them today. It was a big mistake I will not make again. The team (if you can call them that) had to be told we were at the counter waiting, messed up our order, (Twice) overcharged us and for all intensive purposes seemed like it was their first day with no training. This had to be one of the worst dining experiences I have endured. It simply means that I will not eat at Captain D's again. It would have served them better to just have stayed closed today than to have exasperated so many customers and driven people away. I can't recommend them and will tell people to go elsewhere.

  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to reach a Captains Ds in Jacksonville, FL. The delivery services have taken over all of the Captains Ds local telephone numbers so cannot get a telephone number online. So ridiculous and frustrating that now we have lost our appetite for Captain Ds. Thank you Corp Management!

  • The captain d's on gray highway in Macon, Ga has alot of issues. I went there yesterday and was told that there was a 25 minute wait on my food and there was no one in line. I have also been there on several occasions and was told that they were not serving food because they did not have enough help. They are not very nice or professional. You need to close this store if they dont want to serve your customers or get better help so us people that like the food can go there

  • We have always enjoyed Captain D's however we won't ever eat there again we ordered through the drive thru a fish dinner and lobster rolls. it was horrible it tasted old wasn't hot and I think it had been prepared hours before, a waste of money, if you're trying to lose customers you're doing a good job of it because we won't eat there again

  • There are a lot of things that need to be resolved! Managers having to work open to close because the area director nor the general manager wants to take responsibility for their stores. And it is getting out of hand! There are things going on in the store that isn't being taken care of. It is unfair and against labor laws to have someone work open to close on a shift. I have seen this too many times visiting a store and making conversation with the employees. Someone needs to act on this and fast.

  • I just literally left the Captain D's on Covington Pike in Memphis, TN 38128. The service is ridiculous! This is the second time that I have tried to go through the drive-in window to place an order. No one comes to the speaker after waiting for over 10 minutes and I'm the only one in the drive through. Goes to the window and the clerk is walking around talking to her co-workers with the headset on. Looks at me and just kept on talking. I get out of my car and goes in to speak with the manager and she is just as unprofessional as the workers. Several other customers are complaining about there food and poor service. I addressed the manager and told her that if the workers don't want to work she needs to send them home. Poor service spreads like wild fire because I am going to tell everybody not to patronize this Captain D's. I did not purchase anything! Businesses are closing because of poor service. The workers treat the customers like they don't want to be bothered. No customers – No BUSINESS! I am going to start a partition to have this Captain D's shut down, if possible.
    It is a shame that an establishment want you to pay for poor service with a smile! I'm sure that corporate doesn't pay bad vendors for there service, so why should I. I made a promise not to NEVER,EVER go back to Captain D's. There are still businesses that sell good food, with good service and appreciate the customers for patronizing them. When all of the Captain D's go out of business then maybe you will get the picture. Thanks for nothing!

  • I just got off the phone with an operator at the corporate office in Nashville who is suppose to pass my info on to the Area Mgr to call me. But I still feel compelled to put my complaint here. Yesterday 10/03/2016 at around 6pm, I drove up to the order intercom at the Captain D's on Scottsville Rd in Bowling Green, KY. When I started to place my order, the employees attitude was terrible, like she couldn't be bothered to take my order. When I drove up to the window, her attitude continued. She was rude and disrespectful. Handed her my card, she ran it, then shoved the card and receipt back at me through the window, then started to take another order, continuing to be rude to the customer over the intercom. My daughter then leaned over from the passenger seat and spoke a little louder so she could be heard and asked for some honey mustard. The female employee (couldn't get her name, as I could not see her name tag), said "Yeah" real smart like to her. I'd had enough of her attitude and ask her to get her manager. She turned around and shouted, "Hey Mary, this guy wants to talk to you". When the Manager came over, I told her (Mary) how this employee was acting. The employee then said "Whatever, she (pointing to my daughter) was the one being rude, then she reached towards the window, causing the manager to have to step back, grabbed the window edge and slammed the drive thru window closed in my face and then the employee walked away. The manager, reopened the window and had this "dear in the head light look" and stood there for a few seconds and didn't say a word. I said to her, "are you kidding me? I have never been treated like this at this restaurant" Mary apologized, but had this stone like expression on her face that told me that 1. her apology was not sincere and 2. that she was not going to do anything to this employee. She may even fear this employee, as this employee appears to have some serious anger issues. Upon driving away, my daughter started crying. I had just picked her up from the hospital, she had had a rough day. (what I am about to share, is me not looking to play the sympathy card, but to prove a point in customer service). Customers should be treated with kindness and respect…always. You never know was is going on in someone else's life and your kindness could go a long way in making their day. Especially when that customer has some serious life threating conditions, to which my daughter happens to have. She is slowly dying, nothing more can be done for her. And to have one of your employees treat her (or me for that matter) like she did is down right WRONG! in everyway. You need to tell your employees and managers, that customers are people too. They have feelings, needs, and wants just like they do. This level of treatment from your employees and Mgr leaves a lot to question as to the "value" of the "warm and inviting atmosphere" you say you have on your website. I can only hope you will "seriously" address this issue and NOT just sweep it under the rug.

  • Dear Captain D’s Representative. MY husband and I loved Dining at Captain D’s back in the 1990 when we lived close to one. We moved away and haven’t ate there in almost 15 years – until yesterday. We were so excited!!!☺ Until the meal came. Everything changed and NOT for the better. No more Alaskan White fish, now it’s cheap Asian Swali. The crust was no longer flakey, but hard and salty, it tasted exactly like the deep fried fish tastes at other local eateries. YUCK to say the least. It must be the same provider.
    We will never eat there again. Thought you should know. D&D

  • I work at the captian d's in villa rica ga and they wont let us get our free kids meals at all , they also wont let us get half off on our off day ive brought it up with my managers a couple time but nothings changed. We also not allowed to cary out a meal unless we pay full price

  • I went into Fitzgerald captain D's today and it disgust me to hear the manager talking about calling then police on one of his employees because of something that didn't even happen at captain D's. This is so unprofessional and this is my last time eating here. Information about a employee should be confidential and not talked about in front of costumers.





  • I am now considering legal actions as corporate has once again failed to contact me. I have a lot of proof in all actions stated in above messages that have been ignored.

  • One more thing…at his Cleveland store it was very quick and simple to get my separation letter but now at his Cornelia store it's hard? I have to deal with HIM MCCLURE to obtain it and listen to his nasty voice and evil in his words…..WOW….

  • Once again JIM MCCLURE owner of capt rd in Cornelia Georgia is acting extremely unprofessional . II am the woman in which his best friend and district manager charged at me fired me and spit I by face as Jim took his side. Jim also lied to me in saying he interviewed his entire staff saying every one claimed I was at fault to find out by the staff personally that he NEVER spoke with them. I'm at peace with that because I believe in God and know God saw all of this and I have since moved on in my life….however I was asked to get a separation letter for my personal citations for my doctor. So I contacted the GM of the store and asked for it. She said no problem we will get it for you soon. This was about 5 days agi. My deadline for this separation letter is in 3 days. So the GM informed me that NOW I must contact JIM MCCLURE to get my separation letter. So I called his cell left message and at no surprise got no answer or response. So I found out he was at the store and called him there. I downloaded an app to where I am able to record phone calls so I got him on the phone. And politely asked for my separation letter. So he in response got nasty with me again in bringing up the previous cituation. As I informed him I was in fact recording the call he then immodeatly got professional if that's what you'd call it and said he'd have that for me in a few days. This owner allowed his district manager to charge at me fire me and spit in my gface. He then decided to give me a hard time obtaining my legal separation letter at only 3 days to its deadline. This man makes me sick. He presents himself as a Christian and goodwilled person but Behind closed eyes treats certain people in an evil manner. This man and his district manager also didn't pay one of his managers a bonus in which she filed a lawsuit against them and won!!!!! He also years ago yelled at me for informing police of a drunk driver in the drive threw stating he doesn't want that to happen on his property. DO NOT HAVE THIS MAN CONTACT ME ON THIS COMPLAINT. a corporate member should do so…I'm already having a hard time getting this letter….and I am extremely disappointed in a man to be so deceitful for the mere fact he wants to be a millionaire…..this is absolutely insane

  • On April 5th 2016 I went to your store in Clarksville Indiana (store #3567) there were 3 people in line and I was next in line to place order. 10 min before I moved up one spot 15 min and order module before order taken 15 min to get to window and pay than 25 min to receive my food. I called the districk Manager Steve Armir and he said maybe they were short handed and MAYBE he should look into it. I never complain but this was a lot even for me to take in. Really 1 hour and 5 min with only 3 people in front of me. Not to mention my wife was in the car and I had to deal with her being upset at the LONG wait. You think Steve would have at least offer me something for my trouble but I felt like all I got was some lip service. I will now never stop at a Captain D's again and do everything I can to convince others I know to avoid them as well.

  • I have a complaint about closing time at Captain D's. My son is a minor that works for the company and every time he close with assistant manager Antonio Parnell, he is in the store way longer than needed. I am his ride and have sat outside half an hour and better every time he closes with Antonio. What is my recourse considering my son is under eighteen and still attends school?

  • I am a retired behavior specialist for abused and disabled children. Your most recent commercial for Captain D's is my concern. You must have hired an idiot to create a commercial about a very real and serious problem with neglected children. Starved for a little attention, a child will go as far as doing them selves harm. It is not in the least funny to show a child purposely harming them selves so their mother [ a stupid one at that] will take them to Captain D's. I think your restaurant is pretty good, but this commercial has left a gross taste in my mouth. Think next time before you create a possible damaging commercial. I know that it was only a few IDIOTS that probably thought this commercial up, as a corporation you need much more careful this is very dangerous territory your treading in. Thank You.

  • I am in Atlanta and have been a patron of Captain D's on Ralph David Abernathy in the West End for many years. In the past years the food was always good but lately this location is falling short. The food is sometimes burnt and they almost never handle my request of putting my cole slaw in a cup. I make this request because I always have to warm my food when I get home. Who wants cooked coleslaw. Anyway on one occasion they had obviously run out of the proper containers and my crab cakes were put in the plastic containers used for salads and desserts. On another occasion they didn't have okra or corn. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I went there last week and my to-go food was put in a container without a lid and put in a paper bag and I had at least 5 a la carte items. As if that wasn't enough, I went back last Friday and they ran out of Captain D's bags and used Family Dollar bags to bag your food. This location is going down hill fast and I feel that corporate should look into this. I assume you have a standard by which all your franchises must follow, but this location is clearly not doing it. I won't be eating there again. What a shame. I've been eating there since the 80's

  • You definitely need to hire a new advertising company as your ads are offensive. Specifically, the ad showing a battered child is reprehensible. I get that the joke is supposed to be that he is injuring himself in order to be taken to Captain D's to feel better. However, the antics of jumping off of a roof, stirring a hornets nest, etc. are not laughing matters. The commercial also risks planting inappropriate ideas in children who watch. Please stop these commercials.

  • I have yet to get a response from corporate. This is serious it's not a joke. I'm a grown woman 33yrs old and I'm trying to keep my focus on God threw this. A district manager spit in my face…..please help me. I didn't deserve that nor did I deserve to be fired. I'm a very very hard worker. I'm on time never miss work and I am working hard. Please don't make me into a joke. I'm the little guy here in the company but I'm also a person. This is very sad to me. Please contact me. Thank you

  • Must I call corporate office for a response to my previous post? This was very serious. A district manager of your company assaulted Me. I want justice!!

  • This is a serious matter that needs to be addressed. It's a fairly long story so I'll try to shorten it. I was at work at the Cornelia Georgia capt Ds. The district manager TROY CROSS Was there. I was working fryers and he started getting nasty with me. Bascically I was doing my job and was asked to leave a basket of frys down longer to crisp them. He got nasty with me. Then I heard chicken coming in So I went to drop chicken and was getting nasty comments from him. So u started to get very confused because everything I was dropping he was saying rude comments. So I asked him am I on fryers or are u on fryers? He didn't like that and got nasty again. So at this point I'm almost in tears. The wheel person asked me if something was down yet and I was so confused I said I don't know ask troy. I then walked to the back to calm myself down. I was going to wash my hands say a quick prayer then return back to the fryers. TROY CROSS then came to the back of the store getting even more nasty with me. I told him his actions are very unprofessional and asked him to stop yelling at me. Here's where it gets bad….TROY CROSS THEN RAISED HIS ARM WUTH GIS FINGER POINTED AT ME AND CHARGED MY WAY. HE WAS LITERALLY LESS THAN AN INCH FROM MY FACE WITH GIS FINGER ALSO LESS THAN AN INCH FROM MY FACE. HE WAS SCREAMING AT ME AND I FELT GIS SPIT HIT MY NOSE. I WAS SCARED. I KEPT TELLING HIM TO GET OUT OF MY FACE. HE KEPT ON. CONSISERING THAT GIS SPIT LANDED ON MY NOSE ITS CALLED ASSUALT. I was so scared as I clicked out and grabbed My purse because he's a large man and was not backing away from me at all. As I left store I threw a coffee pot out of fear and anger. And because I threw the coffee pot I know I could also be charged and possibly go to jail so I called police and told the dispatch what happen and they said yes Its an assault. They also informed me that Troy could press charges for me throwing coffee pot . and that's the only reason I'm not pressing charges. As I drove home I called the store owner and his wife Jim and Val McClure and told them exactly what happen. I was hyperventilating and having a panic attack as I spoke with them . I almost went to the ER because I was so shaken up and scared it triggered a major panic attack and also a migraine. I was very sick last night throwing up from the fear He caused me. I want this addressed. I want those cameras watched by corporate and I want him reprimanded for his behavior. Its one thing for people to fuss and have words but it's another to charge at me and yell so close to my face that I could feel his spit on my nose. So I'm permanatley terminated from the store was assaulted by the district manager and had a very bad panic attack that left me sick all night just because him and I weren't seeing eye to eye. His name is TROY CROSS he's the district manager in Jim McClure stores in georgia. Jim McClure US on vacation in Colorado so there's not much he can do. Jim McClure us a very respectable man and I don't want him or his family in trouble. I do however want this addressed. U can contact me at my email address.

  • The Captn D's in Douglas,Ga needs major management over haul. Went there on Sun night as we do a lot, the food was COLD service was awful. People waiting on their orders take out and drive thur orders were being brought back in. Please clean this place up fast!! I will say the poor feller out front had it all to himself and his kitchen crew was the ones messing up.

  • Wow!!! Captain D's, i guess your business will be going under pretty soon! Horrible service, RUDE, didn't get what I ordered and employees were yelling at each other. Now after all that kid took his cup to the front didn't like he's tea I the front girl poured the rest of the tea back into the pitcher. F*$@&ing gross. This restaurant was ghetto and the employees were to.PLEASE stop embezzling cause you need to put everything back into this company.

    • Oh no I had a very bad experience today ordered cheese sticks and a crab bone was inside one of them,had to pull over on the side of the road ,luckily I had my needle with me for allergies..I'm so hurt this happen don't no how to even start do a complaint I could've died,but thank God I'm ok..Just got a sore throat..Captain D's

  • My wife and I had dinner this evening at Captain D's at 7330 Highway 8, Riverdale, GA 30274. First when we walked into the building it was cold in the area where you eat your food. Once we received our meal the fish was barely warm and the okra was cold. We ate only a portion of our meal because the food was basically cold as well as the eating area. This is not the first time the food has been barely warm or cold (who wants to eat cold fish. We was hoping that it has gotten better, but it has gotten considerably worse.

  • I recently got fired on November the 6th 2015 on my day off an the didn't have the ball to call am tell me I had to find out by two employees that I know longer work there. Why because they got people who work there as so called managers who talk down on the employees expesaly the girl they treated is like crap.they do what they want when they want, like when my drawer got counted by Bryant it came up 23$ short how I don't know I've never in my life ever had problems with my drawer coming up short when I work a McDonald's or Burger King or jacks so I'm like WTF they been having money come up missing but nothing been done.hell they it's so missed up because is the area manager doesn't do anything about problems with others their all he does is say take up with who ever is in charge up front am that's pretty messed up.npt only that the drug deal go on in the he park in the lot smoking in the bathroom drying beer in the coolers an bathrooms. Nothing gets done about it,am the most messed part about it he whole thing is I busted ass off everyday working so can gety own place am when I finally do I get fired over bs am thanks to caption ds I'm about to Loos everything I've worked hard for

  • I recently got fired on November the 6th 2015 on my day off an the didn't have the ball to call am tell me I had to find out by two employees that I know longer work there. Why because they got people who work there as so called managers who talk down on the employees expesaly the girl they treated is like crap.they do what they want when they want, like when my drawer got counted by Bryant it came up 23$ short how I don't know I've never in my life ever had problems with my drawer coming up short when I work a McDonald's or Burger King or jacks so I'm like WTF they been having money come up missing but nothing been done.hell they it's so missed up because is the area manager doesn't do anything about problems with others their all he does is say take up with who ever is in charge up front am that's pretty messed up.npt only that the drug deal go on in the he park in the lot smoking in the bathroom drying beer in the coolers an bathrooms. Nothing gets done about it,am the most messed part about it he whole thing is I busted ass off everyday working so can gety own place am when I finally do I get fired over bs am thanks to caption ds I'm about to Loos everything I've worked hard for

  • I have been going to the captain D's in winder, Ga 30680 for the past few years and the past few weeks that I've been there I am so shocked and disappointed about the manager you have working there! I heard her yelling at her employer's and calling them stupid idiots. I asked one of the workers what their managers name was and they told me her name is Rebecca. And you should also see something about the stock because lately they have been running out of things ex. Sauces, straws, food etc.. i also saw one of the employees crying Never have I ever experienced this type of behavior at this captain ds. please look into this. Thank you.

  • Well I was at the captain d's on 138 in Conyers,Ga and I was eating my food and all I heard from the workers I think his name was aj and he cursed this women worker out so bad that I throw away my food and left

  • I went to the captain Ds in union city georgia and I was in drive thru waiting for my order to be taken and this really delightful young lady answer saying welcome, itade me smile, so after placing my order I pulled to window and there was this very pretty and proffessional lady name Mary not only was her attitude above reproach she was a new hire and did a very good job. You really should commend her in some way because at that store the attitudes are not like hers they are rude and immature.. I will definitely come back, shout out to Ms.Mary in Union city Georgia..

  • I totally agree with the negative comments regarding the puppy commercial where the puppy is left in a box for the family to run out for hushpuppies at Captain D's. This is sending a wrong message to kids that dogs don't matter and their kind treatment is not important. I will quit going to Captain D's if this commercial continues.

    • Wow never in my 65 years of living i seen so much disrespect i was dine in at a captain ds in Clarksville tn off riverside Dr. Me and my husbands and grandson had to wait for over 10 minutes for our food when we finally got it i guess something went wrong and to managers were in a disagreement one women keep yelling and screaming at the other until she finally left. The worst experience i seen in my life will never return

  • I wish to praise your corporation for DRIVING away a loyal customer. I chose Captain D's over Long John Silvers for several reasons, the main reason being quantity of food for price. In recent months I have noticed the portion size has reduced and the price has increased. So Captain Ds and Long John Silvers are NOW THE SAME. OVER PRICED and UNDER SERVED!

  • Total agreement with the comments above about your puppy/hush puppy commercial. Right now I'm fostering 2 dogs and 2 litters of puppies because people think it's ok to dispose of pets. Captain D… if you are serious about not condoning mistreatment of pets, then do the right thing. Take down this commercial and support rescues and shelters who are trying so hard to save lives… not just make money. My email is in case you want to contact me.

  • I saw that puppy commercial and itmakes me really angry! U echo "Denise" comments above. That family taught their child nothing but pet abandonment. Parents take child out and leave the pup in a box so she can have hushpuppies? No wonder parents and children throw away oets. Our family will not be eating at the Captain D's near us, and I liked the food. I absolutely am livid about that commercial. I even posted about it to my Facebook crowd. Pull that thing down, please!!!
    My name is Billye in case you think I am joking.

  • I am very upset about the new commercial about the new puppy in box. That leaving a new puppy in box & running to Captain D is just wrong. You should teach children to take care of pets not run out door leaving a new puppy still in a box. This is a terrible commercial. I have always went to Captain D made special trips to go but that will chsnge with the new puppy in box commercial. My name in Denise if you want to call me 931-797-5331

  • just bought a 3 piece fish dinner and a 4 piece chicken dinner and it was awful…the fish and chichen was cold and the fries tasted terrible,,we have been going there for yrs and this is the first time it has happened…whats going on.

  • Just bought a 2 piece fish dinner at Capt. D's, Monroe, NC and it was the worse dinner I've ever had. Fish was tough and over cooked, fries were cold and limp, slaw was warm. It's in the garbage.

    • That's just what happened to us in little Rock then they snatched our money I've made calls while I was there no one cares they just want there money don't care about there custermers at all but they us spending to make them a paycheck tho. They need so bad to go under cover then they may see.

  • I just ate at the location in oxford al I had a wonderful time i usually do this night i had a nice young lady names Ashlei that remember my name and entire order because I come in often. The dining room was clean the bathrooms we very clean and very well stocked and my food as always was very good. Although if I could change something it would be how the mgrs speak to the employee's some are very too on several occasions I have witnesses very abusive behavior but had a overall great time .

  • Used to eat at Capt. D's often in TX but since moving to OK there are none here. We miss Capt D's and eat there every time we go back to Fort Worth. PLEASE consider opening a Captain D's in OKC soon! The Mustang, OK or the Moore, OK areas have ample traffic to keep a Capt. D's in operation for a very long time! I know one family who would keep their doors open! 🙂

  • I just wanted to tell you that last night my son and I had the pleasure of eating at the Captain D's restaurant , store #3326 on Rivers Ave. in North Charleston,. SC. We had pretty much quit going there because the food was not too good, service was terrible and the overall appearance of the dining room was not good. Last night, however was a total different experience. It was so nice to eat off nice plastic plates and use real silverware! The food was delicious, the personnel could not have been nicer and the dining room was orderly and clean. I would like to suggest, however, that you make the grilled whitefish available without the bed of rice and let customers choose 3 sides, one of which being the rice. A lot of people, including myself, are trying to lose weight and rice is not very weight loss friendly. The grilled white fish that I had was really good – cooked perfectly. But I dumped the bed of rice in the garbage. I really hate to waste food that way, but I could not eat all that rice. Thanks for making such major improvements to our Capt. D's. We will definitely be going there a lot more often now.

  • I feel that corporate doesn't keep proper and complete eyes on their stores. I would like to start off by saying I do work for your company. I have for about 3 years. My husband also works for you for going on 4 years. We have loved working for this company for a long time. Even though, we have a GM who has a massive turn over rate, shows favoritism, has her children working for her, has her husband working for her, and also has been caught "fake hiring" family members and clocking them in and out without them ever stepping foot in the door and working taking hours from people who need and want them. She has a high theft rate by employees as well. We are a million dollar store and were a GREAT store. I take much pride in it. But we have cruddy equipment. Everything we have is broke, doesn't run right, or is rigged in one way or another. This is due to the GM and RM wanting their bonuses. Don't get me wrong my family needs the bonus just as much as they do if not more some months. Which brings me to my next issue. Am I right to say that your GM's are salary paid. Therefore they are contracted not to work anywhere else. Well our GM works salaried for you as one of the highest paid GMs in the area, and has started working at a factory full time as well, making her less available to the store and her employees. Our RM lives 30+ mins away, and one of the other AMs of the store also works full time at a factory. Leaving my husband the only person to cover them. I just got diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) about a month ago, it has been so hard on us. I have had spinal tap after spinal tap, and all kinds of tests and PT and new drs, my husband will request one day off (that is what we are limited to a week because his GM needs him to cover her and the other AM at captain D's so they can work their other jobs, for my Dr apts. Which has hurt my health more) and even on those days she will call and say she needs him to come in. For an example my last spinal tap my husband had to leave me and our two kids at the hospital because she said if he didn't come in she would have no choice but to let him go or give his hours to someone else. I feel like no matter what happens Jim (our AD) doesn't care because his stores are making goal money and some. This is obviously looking like your company is very much about playing favorites and if we don't like how we are treated we can find another job. But what if we love our job, and have for many years, and don't want to find another job. But rather we want or job to show the same respect we show them. I will let you know the store I'm talking about is in hopkinsville Ky. Mind you I am hesetent in sending this to you due to my family needs the jobs we have and if all you do is address the problem, we will lose or job, since we were all told to keep our mouth shut about this or we would lose our jobs right then. Please check this out.

    • I seriously doubt anyone will read anything here. You need to post on Yelp or on their Facebook page. If you still work there, you should be careful what you post, though. I would write a letter to their Human Resources Dept at their HQ in Nashville and see what they say. I would also tell them if your situation is not fixed you're going to write bad reviews on all of their websites and go to the COO of the company and tell them that your managers are "stealing" paychecks from them by continuing to draw a salary check while NOT going to work and clocking in somewhere else and getting paid. Good luck!

  • I have observed somethings in my past history with this company that corporate needs to look into. One being how favoritism between some of the area directors and lower member of management, like there past history of of employment together.. or how some of the employees have some kind of relations to a higher member management therefore they wont get in trouble for anything.. again favoritism.. another thing would be like how labor could be in the bead and others get the blame but if you were to look into the many things like forcasting, schedules, or even the times of people who clock in/out during the day everyday im sure you would find some "riding of the clock" on overtime.. then there are those members of management that act high and mighty but dont do anything in the store as a team period.. and then you might wonder why in certain stores you have so many walk outs with employees and those that quit.. its not the company ots who you have running the stores. A suggestion to you is maybe have all employment trust in you for confidentiality and have them fill out a serious questioner of what they think and/or possibly feel and allow them to include names. Im pretty sure your unaware of some of the things that have happened that could ended in a lawsuit as well if the employee felt that you cared about them and wouldnt just shrug these matters off.. your employees are your key to success and your business.. start showing them a little more appreciation and gratitude for their suuport and talk with so they know where you stand.. dont just throw your ad`s and od`s in there to do it.. then you might see alot more business and "wow`s" and more team support if you do. Especially in some of your stores from knoxville to crossville those are the worst..

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