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Carrabba’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Carrabba’s Corporate Office Headquarters 

2202 North West Shore Boulevard 5th Floor
Tampa, Florida 33607-5747 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-813-288-8286
Customer Service Number: 1-813-288-8286

  • Disappointing to hear all the negative experiences you all have had at carrabba's in other states/cities. You need to try Carrabba's Summerlin in Las Vegas, NV. In Vegas, excellent service and food means a positive time for all. We all know the names of the manager, assistant manager, bartenders and servers. I can order off the menue or make small adjustments and there is never a problem. AND, Jimbo's Tuesday wine dinners are famous and always sold out! Come to Vegas to really experience a family style, Italian meal. You'll want to become one of "the family".

  • I had placed an Online order for Christmas Eve earlier today. I received all the details that are listed below. There was a phone number to contact if I had questions and there was an order number. There was an add to sign up for "Dine Rewards" so that I could receive 50% off after paying three regular dining's. Once you were signed up for that service, you could download the Carrabba's App which allows you to pay for meal, ensuring that it makes it to your Dine Rewards. So I called the my local Carrabba's and the young lady had no clue what to do so she grabbed her manager. Manager got on the phone and said "Can I help you"? I had no Idea he was coming to the phone and I honestly thought he accidently picked it up. I said I already had someone helping me and he said "We don't have an order for you right now". I told him, I could give you the order number?? He persisted that he didn't need it and that my order wasn't there yet. I asked him if he knew when it would be in the "system"? He told me that he had know idea. I understand that it's Friday night and the night before Christmas Eve so I'm sure it was pretty busy there but Gosh! A manager that doesn't understand his own computer system? Or "Sir, could you call back tomorrow morning and I'm sure we can take care of this situation". The second one would have been much more appropriate.

    Carside Carry-Out Time:
    7:00 PM

    Restaurant Location:
    7120 Campus Drive
    Colorado Springs, CO 80920
    (719) 264-0401

    Your Order
    Family Bundle Lasagne
    Salad Choice:
    Caesar Salad Qty: 1 $39.99

    Family Bundle Chicken Parmesan
    Salad Choice:
    Caesar Salad
    Side Choice:
    Garlic Mashed Potatoes Qty: 1 $44.99

    Soup of the Day – Cup
    Soup Choice:
    Lentil & Sausage Qty: 2 $7.98

    Sub Total $92.96
    Sales Tax $7.67

    TOTAL $100.63

    Pay At Restaurant $100.63

    BALANCE $100.63

    Order Comments
    Bread Yes

    Silverware No

    Order Details
    Ordered By: Sonia von magnus
    (808) 542-8291

    Ordered: 12/23/2016 9:13:26 PM

    Fulfillment Type: Carside Carry-Out

    Order Number: 1493139

    Fulfilled By: Carrabba's Italian Grill – N. Colorado Springs
    7120 Campus Drive
    Colorado Springs, CO 80920
    (719) 264-0401

    If you have any changes or questions, call us at
    (719) 264-0401
    © 2016 Bloomin' Brands, Inc. All Rights Reserved

    Someone from higher needs to really address this situation before this manager starts neglecting safety measures as well!!!

  • We are in Tallahassee Florida and this is our 2nd catered Christmas Party on Friday December 9, 2016. Stephanie and Steven delivered our meal and they were so professional and set up the food so perfect. The food was outstanding. People usually get on places like this and bash a company but I want to say outstanding your staff , food and service is. We a thank you for making another Christmas party a success. Please let the store know how excellent the service and food is.

  • I had the worst meal the worse service and even sent an email to the manager and never got a response!! Very disappointed I will never go there and waste my money again. I went to the Voorhees nj location!!! Please save yourself a trip it horrible and make sure you carry cash cause he credit machine never works!

  • I truly enjoy the food at carrabbas; however, sometimes the customer service is hit or miss. This past weekend we had excellent service but ants were in our booth. We received several apologies, moved to another booth. After my husband, daughter, and me swatting little critters we alerted our server. Perhaps a gift card, free appetizer or some compensation would have been in order, but we realized we weren't at Houston's. They have mishaps as well but they compensate for it.

  • I have always liked Carrabba's and has always been my #1 Restaurant. I always ordered Penne Pasta, but they have taken it off the menu. WHAT????? YOU ARE AN ITALIAN RESTAURANT. You should carry every pasta, especially Penney pasta. You lost my Italian family's business. Bring back the Penn Pasta!!!!!

  • My two daughters, my daughters girl friend and my seven year old grandson had lunch, as we do weekly at the Carrabba's in Matthews, NC. All was fine until we had finished lunch and were talking. I felt "something" on my left shoulder and as I turned to look, I saw the daughter sitting across from me point, eyes wide and gasped. I then felt something in my hair and swatted it off. That is when a huge cockroach ran off my shoulder, across the back of the seat and onto my other daughters shoulder. She screamed and swatted it off. We were all now standing, having leaped out of the booth and were trying to slow our heart rate. Shortly after our server came by to see why we were standing and after telling her, she apologized and left. I thought she would get the manager but I overheard her say to another staff member that she couldn't find him. I wasn't looking for my meal to be comp, although it should have, but to have not been addressed by the manager or even a bar manager was rude and just wrong. My family has eaten there for years and I can assure you that was the last time.

    Susan in Matthews

  • I predict that Carrabbas will be out of Business within 4 Years.
    They used to be one of my favorite restaurants but within the last couple of years they have been terrible.
    Way over priced, and the food is worst than Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

  • Live in the Tampa Bay market and very upset with what they did to Happy hour pricing, Many people including myself no longer go there because of the increase in pricing.

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