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How To Contact CenturyLink Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

CenturyLink, Inc.

CenturyLink Corporate Office Address:

100 CenturyTel Drive
Monroe, LA 71203 USA
CenturyLink Corporate Phone Number: 1-318-388-9000
Fax Number: 1-318-388-9562
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-877-290-5458

CenturyLink’s main competitors are Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, Wow!, Mediacom, Optimum, AT&T, DirecTV, Dish, Breezline, Sparklight, and Astound.

CenturyLink Corporate Office

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  1. I live in Colorado Springs, CO. Centurylink is contracting with Metronet to install cabling all over Colorado Springs. They are currently installing cabling on my street. They are installing (burying) the cabling between the street and the sidewalk. In Colorado Springs, the city own that piece of land but the homeowners are responsible for the upkeep. Many homeowners put landscaping rock along this strip for less maintenance and less watering. The homes up the street where Metronet has completed their work these areas with rocks are a mess. There is landscaping paper and soil underneath the rocks are all just mixed together creating two problems. The look of the area and the problem of weeds growing in these rocks which the paper is three to inhibit. Today, they may start at my address. Can we stop them from destroying my rocks and paper and put things back how they found? If not there will be complaints and more from me.

  2. It is 11:00 AM EST and I have been on the phone with Century Link since 8:30 trying to schedule an appointment to repair my 94 year old mother's landline phone. I have spoken with at least 5 technicans, none of which have been able to assist me. I was given a May 1 appointment date (today is March 28th). The first tech. attempted to secure an earlier appointment date and kept me on hold for over 30 minutes to no avail. I spent over 2 decades in the utility industry and if my compnay performed as poorly as Century Link we would have been fined by state regulators. That's my next stop. NC Public Utilities Commission.

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    On or about August 10 2021, I cancelled my service with Century Link, however I am still getting billed. When I call ed customer service, they say that they have no record of my calling to cancel my service. I have not used there service since 8/10/21 and have moved fron the billing on 8/10/21. They still insist that I have there servicde and I will have to pay the bill or they will send the account to a collection agency. If they did not put my original cancellation call into there computer, I can't help it. If they check their records close enough, they will see that i did call them on or about 8/10/21. Century Link has a very poor track record and should get some new leaders for the company that will better train their employees.

  4. I live in the Pacific Northwest and this phone company is an absolute nightmare. Their customer service must be the worst in the business. Either no-one answers, or if they do they are almost unintelligible – obviously from a call centre in India. Oddly enough, if you call sales, as opposed to customer service, you will get to speak with a native American speaker and will get all kinds of help. Selling the product is the name of the game. Thereafter you can apparently be ignored. If you do ever manage to be allocated a technician call do not expect them to arrive when promised, or to get a courtesy call to say when they will actually show up – just wait patiently 'cos your time has no value.

  5. Century link took out money from my account this morning over drafting my account i had just payed 100.00 dollars 2 days before but they went ahead and took out another 185.00 a total of 285.00 and now they keep telling me they are gonna put it back and still waiting plus they added over draft fees cause of what they did!! I'll be calling corporate tommorow this not gonna stay like this taking peoples money!!! Only reason i have this crap network is cause its the only one out here for us but when i do find another company im out and never gonna return bet on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Century Link told me they could give me 40mbps for $49 they assured me it would work when they switched me over on 12/8/2021 I had NO INTERNET. After 3 1/2 hours set me up to repair on 8/13/2021, lucky for me got a area field supervisor had a truck there in 1 hour Internet up and running with 9.97mbps ,,,5mbps less then I had upload went from 1.58 to .96 been on hold with billing for 45 minutes Thay have a monopoly in my area we are screwed

  7. My land line phone has been out since May 21 and today is May 28, 2021. The earliest they can get a technician is June 2. The phone did work for a couple of hours on May 26 but then went down again. Customer Advocacy was of no help and simply did not respond in a timely matter to my complaint. As an old woman, my land line is my main source of communication, but they do not seem to care. When the phone is working, there is constant static and the internet goes down at least twice a day.

  8. 89 year lady with no phone service since fri. feb.26,2021, no help from anyone at century link. was put off from feb 28, 11pm until mar 3, 11pm. 2021.no techs work on week ends..no help. unexceptabel. law suit might mbe pending.

  9. I'm pissed as hell. Centurylink customer service was moved to Honduras!!! Honduras is one of the most dangerous places in the world to live. These customer service reps there have access to all of our personal information to include social security numbers!!! As a Centurylink customer, I was never consulted about this as to whether I wanted my personal information accessible to workers in 3rd-world countries!!! Now, it's too late. I'm in their databases, and I'm vulnerable to identity theft. I was put on hold for an hour with CL trying to talk to a manager about this who has done NOTHING! They said to trust them and they would call back. BS!!! CenturyLink corporate is responsible for this!!! I want to talk to someone at corporate!

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