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Reach CenturyLink Corporate Office 

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CenturyLink Corporate Office has its Corporate Office in the United States headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana. This post offers detailed information about CenturyLink/Lumen Technologies, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company’s transformation and services.

Contacting CenturyLink/Lumen Technologies Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

CenturyLink/Lumen Technologies Corporate Office: Overview

CenturyLink Corporate Office HQ

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CenturyLink’s Evolution to Lumen Technologies

CenturyLink, established in 1930, has evolved significantly over the decades, transitioning into Lumen Technologies in 2020. The company has a storied history in telecommunications and is now focused on leading the way in the network services, cloud solutions, and security for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The Telecommunications Industry and Lumen Technologies’ Position

In the dynamic telecommunications and technology market, Lumen Technologies competes with major providers by offering advanced network solutions, high-speed internet services, voice communications, and cloud infrastructure. The company is geared towards meeting the demands of an increasingly digital world. CenturyLink’s main competitors are Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, Wow!, Mediacom, Optimum, AT&T, DirecTV, Dish, Breezline, Sparklight, and Astound.

Lumen Technologies’ Commitment to Innovation and Connectivity

Lumen Technologies is committed to empowering human progress through technology. The company focuses on providing secure and reliable solutions to connect people and deliver transformative technologies, catering to both individual and enterprise-level needs.

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Sharing Your Experience with CenturyLink/Lumen Technologies

We encourage you to share your experiences with CenturyLink’s/Lumen Technologies’ services, customer support, and technological innovations. Your insights assist others in gaining a comprehensive view of the company’s operations and commitment to advancing digital connectivity and technology solutions.

Century Link No Customer Service

January 23, 2024

Off-and-on service for 2+ years. There is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT CENTURYLINK. Once again, for more than 50 times, I had to explain the same problem again about no landline, just static. It has been going on for 2+ years. (To someone above, you are right, a stupid voicemail menu that does not have BILLING as a choice.) I have gotten texts that a tech would be at my house, and I did not initiate that request. YOU CANNOT TALK TO A LIVE PERSON. Service was bad before being bought by Lumen, and now it is even worse. What in the hell are the CEOs and HQ staff doing about the many problems people have written in about? Don’t these people look at social media? Can they even read? I am a senior and need my landline. Can’t call 911 on the cell, as the call goes out of state to a call center, that is then rerouted 5 times (!) back to where I am. In the meantime, the caller has died.


Century Link Modem Replacement

January 16, 2024

Century Link is a lying company and doesn’t give a s… about their customers. Century Link promised me a replacement modem on Friday and was going to ship it via UPS. UPS is a 24/7 shipping company. If they meant to ship it on Friday, then I would have been given a tracking number. However, I received no such tracking information. On Friday their customer service agent promised to ship it and it would take two to three days. Well, Monday was the third day and I received absolutely nothing from Century Link. I work a very high-end Government job and need access to the Internet to do my business while working from home. Century Link charges you an arm and leg but, doesn’t care much of their customers when it comes to the service they provide. I lease a modem and my is INOP and I asked for a replacement. Again, they promised a replacement and receive it by Monday. After not receiving the promised modem I called back to their customer service, they mentioned that it was supposed to be delivered on Monday, but they didn’t process shipping the modem till Monday. How does something get to you by Monday when Century Link doesn’t process and ship till Monday? Customer Service rep’s lie to their customers so they won’t have to hear your complaints/issues. I talked with one (ONLY ONE) supervisor that actually heard my complaint and he tried to fix thier screw-up, but it is a day later, and didn’t fix the issue at hand. Century Link states it takes two to three days via UPS to something from them, however, this ONE supervisor made it happen in one day. I mean, he actually took it upon himself to get UPS to ship this modem in one day, he got it expedited in a day. I tracked it, and the modem was shipped from the middle part of the U.S. and it was received in Phoenix the next morning. That is how service should be handled. Cudos to this supervisor for his service. However, all other customer service rep’s downright stink performing their duties/job. One last thing is that my trust in Century Link to do their job is below a 1-star level. I would give Century Link a minus 3 stars for their way of handling issues. No having internet and paying for it, there should be some sort of compensation.


Scott Stansberry

Century Link No Phone Service X 3 Weeks No Access 911

January 8, 2024

We have had no phone service for 3 weeks almost a month and with no repair person showing up after multiple daily calls and multiple dates set up for repair they still haven’t shown up. I contacted the corporate office and left msg no call back and now they refuse to answer my calls. The phone has been out about every other month for a week or more all of 2023. This company is incompetent and has poor customer service. My parents have no access to emergency services 911 and no one cares. They shouldn’t even be charging for service.


CenturyLink Service on Land Line Phone Line

December 19, 2023

I live in a rural area where I have no cell service so I require a landline. My cell only functions via the DSL Modem from CL in my home. Every month or two, I lose service. i.e. no dial tone. I do the chat thing online. They always schedule an appointment. Nobody ever comes but I get a dial tone back within 24-48 hrs. and, and even though this is a fantastic reprieve from the telemarketers/robocalls, it is an annoyance for me. Especially at over $160/mo. Interestingly, I also pay $125/mo for DISH for TV. I am moving into a new house in 2024, on the same property, and I will be getting rid of CenturyLink forever!! Yipee! I love Elon Musk and Starlink! What’s costing me over $280/mo now will be $120 when I switch and set up VoIP. I have plenty of IT people in my family to hook me up inside too! I am sick and tired of all the issues I’ve had with telephone service since I moved in back in January 1982. Didn’t matter who owned the lines from the original Centel I had back then. Service in rural areas has been crappy. Try doing some upgrading of the computer and switching hardware.

Crystal Griffith

Century Link Main Office - Lousy phone and repair services

November 16, 2023

Lost phone service. Called the c/s number and could only use the voice response system to report the loss of phone service. After three tries using the vrs….. I was able to get a repair ticket and a date and time(all day from 9 am to 6 pm) for a repair technician. No repair tech called to say “they were on their way”…….Therefore …..As the only person at home……I limited my self to being available all day…….Meaning that I did not shower, etc…..Because I did not want to miss the repair tech. Eventually, late in the day, I checked the phone line ……and unbelievably……there was a dial tone and the phone service was restored. No one from Century Link called me to say that service was restored. When was the service restored? What was the problem? Two days without phone service……..What was I to do in case of needed emergency services? I have been a Century Link customer for over 15 years. I want to be compensated for the loss of service. Customer service at Century Link had taken a nose dive into the gutter.

Corporate Office Headquarters