Western Union Corporate Office Headquarters

Western Union Corporate Office Headquarters
12500 East Belford Ave.
Englewood, CO 80112 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-720-332-1000
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-634-1311

  • At the beginning western union was fine but now they even accussing people of dishonest and asking all kind of question like if you are a narco or protitue or something abnormal so now will like to find out what is the problem need to fax my Id to them its crazy

  • I sent money to a family member in prison, and it never got there, when I canceled the process they took my money and have not refunded me. It has been a month now and I have been fighting with them on the phone time and time again. They say they will call me back but never do. Anyways I'm to the point of contacting a lawyer and will supena them to claims court for a hell of a lot more then I lose.


  • got a phone call from 720 332 0432 claiming to be western union asking question about where and who I send money via western union, this is a scam and maybe an identity theft issue.

  • Recently I paid for a photocopy of my cashed money order because my landlord claimed to never have recieved the money order. Well, westen union sent me a copy of the altered money order with a fictious name , altered address yet they did not change my apartment account number nor my purchers signation. Obviously my landlord name "paid to the order of" was whitening out. You would think that it is plain to see forgery, yet western Union denies my claim as claims they do not bear witness to fraud. What do I do now, just give up on my $500. I am so pissed!

  • Dear Sir
    I would like to compalint against the POST OFFICE RAWAMANGUN JAKARTA TIMUR INDONESIA branch
    Three time i went to collect and they refused , i collect money from Other Post office Branch In Jakarta also , so i like to Complaint against the office name is Miss RIA

  • Dear Sir
    I would like to compalint against the POST OFFICE RAWAMANGUN JAKARTA TIMUR INDONESIA branch
    Three time i went to collect and they refused , i collect money from Other Post office Branch In Jakarta also , so i like to Complaint against the office name is Miss RIA

  • they never listen to complaints,their compliance dept is virtually non existant & our lawyers,attorneys in usa,australia,uk, verified funds, & these clowns still didn't know what to do.they even verified funds in a hedge fund that didn't exist via jp morgan chase NY.THEIR CUSTOMERS SERVICES DEPT ARE POWERLESS.WU are not bankers,their business development managers incomputant.they never accept any responsibily for their in ferior services.l complained wanting to do large transfers via their corporate division.they even messed that up with assumptions.absolutely shocking service.senior management listen to your customers.WU In London shocking.

  • please,i have to tell you a story,my name is Laxs (not My real name) from Malaysia,i got some money coming to me and sent to the westen in New Delhi,India,do you wht happen a women and a man that works took so much and cheat me and the customer sarvices is so bad ,they yell at me and ask us to listen to them and they are very bad ,and they want us to trust western union that they say can get money in mins
    omg i hope whoever runs this company got to think of us too

  • we have also been fraud of western union almost lost our house we will be in the process of suing western union they are ridiculous and have horrible customer services we will be taking further action because of western union we almost lost our home because mortgage payments wwere not sent.

  • I suggest everyone switch to Walmart. Western has gotten to big. The managers like Operator 574 Latoya telling customers just deal with it after they intentionally held my money and would not release it.I didn't speak to one American the entire time trying to resolve my issue. Why are we letting people have access to our information in foreign countries to do as they please. My lawyer will be contacting western in regards to the money I lost as a result of them holding my money for almost 24 hours without an explaination.

  • To Western Union Corporate Office:
    Please be advised that upon receiving e-mail from foreign countries, I am but one of millions of people that have become the victims of spam, scam’s and Identify thief.

    I would like to be compensated for the Angus of your company dealing with these foreign countries that uses Western Union to swindle people out of their hard earn money.

    These foreign Countries use Western Union on a daily bases with fake executives that aid in illegal act ivies, these companies represent Western Union.

    I believe that your company can put a stop to the spam, scam’s and Identify thief setup by these foreign countries should your company invoke the necessary means to regain the corporate image that you so well deserve.

  • in December of 2011 I sent money to a friend in Panama, unfortunately I forgot to tell her and the money never got picked up. Last week I found out about it and it turned out that the MTCN number simply disappeared from the computer. WU has my email address but never bothers to inform that money hasn't been picked up, let alone return it to the sender. They just keep the funds. In my book, that is a case of fraud, plain and simple.

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