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Club Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Club Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Club Fitness CorporateAddress:

1159 N US Highway 67
Florissant, MO 63031 USA

Phone Numbers and Contact Information:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-551-2582
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-551-2582
Email: bradbryan@clubfitness.us
Website: Club Fitness

Club Fitness Company Profile and Bio:

Club Fitness’ competition includes Lifetime Fitness, Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, In-Shape, Anytime Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness, Crunch Fitness, Fitness Connection, and Orange Theory.

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  • Please think long and hard about selecting a new manager for the Granite City facility none of the employees there now or management material please just watch the video you'll see what they are doing or the lack of what they're not doing thank you gym member

  • Club fitness is a joke. they obviously do not want any returning clients
    I made it very clear I needed to cancel my membership with plans to return to the area. not only they make it impossible to cancel. they magically never receive and cancelation letters. so they continue to bill you. I talked the service desk yes the same desk in fact the same guy that signed me up (whom I've become friends with over course of my 3 years) at the south county location. he assured me he could help. as they continued to bill me. I called the corporate number and that was a mistake. They do not care about any of their members. I have emailed mailed letters and finally call the front desk and recorded the conversation between myself and their representative. she assured me of all final cost and I paid got all the confirmation numbers. and low and behold I got another email stating I have an unpaid balance. it has been 7 month of being held hostage by the company that advertises no contracts, I have never had to deal with such strong arm tacktics. how about they try to keep memebers by providing good service.

  • I have recently change work locations so I have been working out at the Express loacation on Morganford. I normally go on my lunch hour so time is important to me. So lets talk about Club Fitness branding for a moment. You walk in and greeted by a very frendly staff and alway smiling. It is an express so I get there are no locker rooms and have so called "changing rooms". The one is larger and has a bench which is great esp if you have dress slacks and dress shirt to sit and change. There is only one hook in the room (if you can call it that) is a broken commnad hook. The other room is about half the size which in itsetlf is not an issue however thers is no where to sit or hang clothes. Have you ever tired to change out of work dress clothes while standing? The only thing there is to sit on is the toilet. This one needs a bench or chair and both need clothes hooks on the walls.

    Then you go to the work out floor. There are several blue mats that look like the rats have been chewing on them. There are 2 butterfly machines only equipped with metal handles there is not the option of the black rubber nylon handles.

    There is way to much cardio. They are never full but the work out area is in need of more space and machines.

    I realize there is not much focus on this gym compared to your new larger locations but really……. does no one care to whats happening in here

  • I have noticed a disturbing trend going on at the florissant location. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago. there are at least 20-30 people a night that stand at the door waiting for someone to go in or come out so they can go in without a card. the first night I noticed it there was a group of seven standing by the door openly talking about how the get in without a membership a couple minutes later someone came out giving them access to get in. so for the last week and a half I've parked and watched for about fifteen minutes to see how many people do this. in that time I see at least 12 people get in and the employees are to busy flirting with each other not paying attention and not caring for the safety of their paying members. this is unfair to the paying customers. if you have noticed this also please comment.

    • I've seen that also. look at all the money they are loosing by letting this happen. You are right it is a safety issue that they need to deal with before someone is hurt.

  • I second that………….CLUB FITNESS is not loyal to their customers. And you are right there are plenty of gyms out there. But now I'm worried I came on this site to find out how to cancel my membership, and did you ever figure out how to ??????

  • On 11/13/15 I went to the front desk of the South County location to inform them that my debit card had been compromised by the Home Depot Identity Theft. I provided them with my new debit card information, and requested they cancel my wife's membership (she hasn't gone in months and wanted to cancel). They said they'd take care of it. Today we get a bill for my wife in the mail. I called the "Customer Service" ph # on the letter. Customer Service at their call center is a JOKE. I spoke with Amy. If you want to speak with someone with no empathy skills, speak with Amy. Anyway, today we're told we need to send a letter, and that 30days from the postmark on our letter / envelope, they'd cancel my wife's membership. I explained that on 11/13 I was told by an employee at the S County location that they'd take care of it. She said I still had to write a letter, and that the person at the S County location was wrong. No empathy. She then ended the call. My wife and I have been members for 5 years. They don't care about the customers. I'm now cancelling my membership as well. There are PLENTY of gyms to give our business to. Club Fitness apparently doesn't feel like they need to keep their loyal customers.

  • Does anybody know how to quit this club. I've tried everything, and been sent to so many differant sites. I should not have to pay to quit. This is a major ripp off.

    • To cancel your membership you need to write a letter to Club Fitness. This letter should include your name, address, your desire to cancel and the reason you wish to cancel. Once your letter has been received you can expect to pay for an additional month (your membership will still be active in this time) because they require 30 days advanced notice for cancellation so 30 days from receipt of your letter you should be cancelled. Call your location to make sure this is still the process.

  • I just joined the club location off of 5th street, I joined under the assumption that I only payed $1 to start and $20 a month. They did not make aware to me that you are three days later charged your first month. So technically it is false advertisement, which in turn could get you a law suit or a BBB phone call. I have called the corporate office and expect a phone call, but like most businesses I can only assume that calling a corporate office is just another way to ignore and you and keep collecting. To bad this time, if I do not recieve a phone call in return. I will be contacting BBB and several other places and expect my memebership be cancelled without charge. Hopefully someone in their corporate world reads this before it is to late!

  • The Arnold location has a nice facility. However, I have witnessed several times where the assistant manager Scott has been rude to customers–especially those with passes. He is especially rude and harrassing to the girls who work there. How he is able to do the things he does and treat those girls the way he does surprises me. In any other business, I believe charges would have already been filed. He uses his"title" as assistant manager to intimidate the girls and they are afraid to say anything. Several of us watch them work and they do a great job, two girls especially. I have not seen him pick up a thing to help clean, straighten up, or anything to make the facility look better. He has been overheard saying how he isn't worried about much as long as he keeps making money off them.
    Wake up or more members are going to be leaving.

  • I have been an active member of the Club Fitness in Florissant Mo for more than 5 years. I am there when the gym opens at 5 am. It has steadily gone down hill. The gym reeks worse than any locker room I have ever been in. There is no circulation. Turning on the fans is a constant battle. The temp in the gym, on most days, is higher than most people keep thier homes. I know it has been a bad winter but it is a gym, not someones living room. Most of the weight machines have dust on them. The girl at the front desk does her best to accomidate but these things are out of her control. I can't beleive that Club Fitness would allow this gym to reach such a low when the compitition is just down the street.

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