Courtyard by Marriott Corporate Office Headquarters

Courtyard by Marriott Corporate Office Headquarters
Marriott International, Inc.
10400 Fernwood Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20817 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-380-3000
Hotel Reservations: 1-888-236-2427
Customer Service Number: 1-800-721-7033

  • I made the mistake of staying at this Courtyard in Evansville Indiana on Jan 16th until the 17th. first off, I can't remember the last time I stayed at a hotel/motel that did not offer some sort of breakfast, microwave in room or decent pillows. I always take my four older grkids to Evansville for their Christmas gift we stay at hotel with pool an hot tub have a fun evening then getup the next day an enjoy Evansville. I have never used this place before but by booking late this year because of kids all being sick at different times found this weekend to workbest. by booking later my first choice was gone after looking for hours on what was going to work size wise needed a king bed an pullout or 2 queens an pull out my options were limited everything in my price range was booked ($200.00) what finally made me chose this place was no pet rule I am allergic to dogs. Upon arriving front desk found my reservation I requested to see room first with my flashlight she came with me, upon checking room out I ask for different room prefer 1st floor. She found me one with king bed and pullout. She had to vacuum the room first because she knew housekeeping that cleaned this floor never vacuum. the room was SO small we had to move the huge coffee table to side just to walk in there. We got settled went out for supper came back to swim the pool was crowded just with my 4 kids in it, I had brought snacks went up front to find some spoons that's when I realize no breakfast at all except for a Bistro which yogurt with fruit was $8 that the most inexpensive thing on menu! also no microwave in room, when it came time for bed pulled out sofa bed the mattress was so flat an nasty used both sheets to cover it an used the quilt for covering up the pillows they gave were small square toss pillows! upon pulling back the bed covers well heck the sheet was a queen on a king you know this wouldnt and didnt work! I had stayed calm and couteous thru all of this but was finally getting over that! ask for different sheet front desk found a clean one I helped her make up the bed and she complained that she would get gipped at for touching the laundry but if housekeeping would do their job she wouldn't have to. I understand with the way the world is now good help is hard to find and I cut slack everywhere I go store, restaurants, etc. but this was one of the worst places I have stayed in my 62 years of travel. I didn't leave because I couldn't have my money back for a room which started out at $87.00 and ended up costing $136.76 by time taxes and booking fees were added. which is something else altogether! booking sites are a rip off! I will never stay at a Marriot again! and from the looks of this site they could care less

  • I am here in Ocala Florida for 1 Day. What does it take to get a TV remote in room 130? I have waited 5 hours… be gone before long

  • Location Sacramento, CA; they seriously need better general management and front desk people who know how take room reservations, don't lie and actually pay attention. ALWAYS have lousy service from this place.

  • Booked a room at the Courtyard Marriott 6280 Ridgewood Court Drive, Jackson Ms. Upon arrival on 2/02/2019 3:18 p.m. was assigned room 214. Upon inspection we found a large urine stain and dried feces on the mattress cover and sheets. Complained to the front desk and were then assigned room 314. Upon inspection found feces stains on the sheets and ACTIVE BED BUGS. There was also a foul odor in the elevator and hallways. This is by far the nastiest hotel/motel I have ever been to. And at 65 years old I have done a lot of travelling and stayed in a variety of hotels in my lifetime. We left and stayed at the Hyatt which was immaculately clean and odor free.

  • I recently just stayed at the Courtyard at Waldirf MD. First off out closet door handle was broken so we could not open the closet in the room. The refrigerator was turned down so low and there was no knob to turn it up. We went to the pool, the hot tub was out if service and that was pretty much our main reason for going there. The picture of the pool when we booked was so deceiving. The pool was so little it's rediiculous and they didnt even have pool towels stocked in the pool area. I had to go to the front desk and ask for towels. Lastly we was awaken at 8am to a loud fire alarm going off. 10 mins after getting down stairs to the lobby the alarm stopped. No staff member if manager ever apologized or even let us know what just happened because it obviously was no fire. My experience here was not great at all and i would not recommend a friend or family to stay here.

  • I recently stayed at the Courtyard Atlanta Norcross, I-85 for business. I went to take a shower and upon entering the tub/shower, I noticed a mildew spell. I looked at the shower curtain and it had mildew/mold on it. I took pictures and showed them to the front desk the next morning, the desk clerk glanced at them and said OK no other response. I still have a charge for incidentals on charge card but did not use anything extra. will keep monitoring this for the next couple of months.

  • I just made a reservation at the Courtyard by Marriott in Birmingham AL for one night to be close to UAB where I am to have a surgery and they are charging me $461.09 for a room. I believe that is grorging. I know from this experience that I will not choose your brand of Hotels every again. My name is Janet Rackley and my confirmation number is 2Q3WM3. I will tell everyone I know that the hotel is the one I will never choose again.

  • PRICE GOUGING in a DECLARED DISASTER!!!! Courtyard by Marriot in Santa Rosa just hike their room rates greater than the 10% allowed in a declared state of disaster. They are booting the citizens and charging 35% higher rates to first responders or anyone who has no where else to sleep. This is a violation of California law. It is a violation of ethics. It is an illegal business practice.

  • Since you support the NFL and its hatred to our flag and America. None of our sales fleet will be using your hotels in the future.

  • I'm a travel agent who booked my family into the Courtyard Green Hills location in Tennessee. I always book direct with the hotel I'm staying at and I never tell anyone I'm an agent. I want to experience what my clients experience. I called two days prior to our arrival to ensure the room could accommodate my family. I was told by the gentleman at the front desk that my suite would have two queen beds and a pull out sofa. Upon check in we were placed in a two queen bedded standard room. When I went to the front desk to notify them that the room was not what I booked I was informed they don't have rooms with that configuration. I was told the only way they could accommodate my family was for me to book an additional room! Seriously?!? This is bait and switch at its finest! I was forced into booking an additional room and the hotel did not offer connecting rooms only adjoining. As a travel advisor I find this completely unsatisfactory. I will never advise my clients to stay in a courtyard hotel in the future. I'm a virtuoso travel advisor with an excellent repoire with Marriott hotels. Marriot was a name I had come to trust and respect until booking the courtyard product.

  • Been staying at Courtyard for years. new room set up where ac unit is next to office desk is MAJOR ISSUE. Not only is it very logistics, but the vents on unit that blows directly at office are do not move. VERY POOR set up. need to at least have vents on ac units where you can move the air flow up, away from blowing direct on deck area.
    come on guys , you are better than this !!
    Rick Grossman 704-564-1568


  • Does any of you know where to find a customer service representative, but in main offices, not on the hotels??? I have been dealing for almost four months with one claim and they are still investigating, tis is unacceptable, if somebody know I will appreciate if you can send the contact inf to the following email

  • I went to courtyard located at 225 mcclellan highway boston ma, i was attending a job fair on September 1st 2016, got there around noon, i asked the front desk about the room where the job fair is , and they denied to know anything about it even if there was a sign that say the name of the concerned company , so i didn't have a choice and left .
    i still can't believe that discrimination action like this can happen in a hotel ,i'm calling for an investigation and necessarily actions .

  • Very disappointed is an understatement.
    We stayed at courtyard on Siegen in Baton Rouge at a high rate of $198 per night.
    We arrived at our hotel totally exhausted after working flood relief all day.
    Our bathroom had about 2 inches of water in it and the carpet by the bed was soaked. We were told there were no more rooms available but said if we would go to dinner they would have the problem resolved. When we returned we were told to check with the front desk before returning to the room. The lady at the front desk said they couldn't find the leak but cleaned the room and asked if we would mind a fan in the room to dry the carpet. By that time I didn't care and only wanted a shower and a bed to collapse in. We got to the room only to find a huge tornado blower on side of the bed. The next morning I went to the bathroom and again it was flooded and leaking from the toilet. My husband and I both woke up congested with headaches, probably from breathing toilet water all night. This is totally unacceptable and I will definitely call corporate.

  • Good morning,
    My name is Ms. Ronica Evans and my number is 832 577-6628. I have a problem with one of your location. On June 25,2016 I went to Marriott Courtyard to make reservations for my Wedding Ceremony on July 7, 2017. Well on August 2, 2016, I called Ms. Julie Aston the General Manger at 6708 Gessner Rd, Houston TX 77040 832 786 6415 location to cancel my reservations, because there will be no wedding. Well on June 25, 2015, I put down a cash deposit, but didn't notice that my unsigned receipt was given to me as a credit card purchase. I told the asst. general manager on 08/02/16 and the sales lady Karen that I did not pay by credit card, I paid cash. I was told that the Julie Aston the general manager do not make mistakes like that. The staff at Marriott told me that they credit someone's credit card, which do not belong to me, and that I was not going to get my $200.00 deposit back. They told me that I had to find the person they credit my money too. On the day I made my deposit, I asked the general manager if they had a ATM machine and she directed me to the ATM. I withdrew $100.00 to add to the $100.00 I already had and gave the general manager cash money, she then gave me a receipt for $200.00. I didn't pay attention that the receipt was for a credit card purchase because I didn't sign any paper work. I think it is wrong for Marriott to steal money from their customers. Just because the General Manager handle the transaction doesn't mean that she don't make mistakes. As of this day Marriott has not given me my deposit and someone else is happy that they got a $200.00 deposit and don't know where it comes from. I ask the Marriott staff to play back the security camera footage of that day and they told me that they could not do that. I this problem is not resolved by COB 08/05/16 I will have to get Emily Akins from Channel 2 news, the community and my attorney involved to resolve this simple problem. I just want my $200.00 cash deposit back.
    I think is very unprofessional to tell a customer that they are a lie and trying to get something for nothing. Especially if the customer didn't make the mistake in the first place. I will never stay at this Marriott or any other Marriott ever again, plus I am going to spread the word to other that the Marriott staff will steal your money, be careful who you deal with.

    Thank you for listening
    Ronica Evans,
    Houston, TX

  • My husband and I stayed at Courtyard Marriott Cleveland Airport South on July 3rd. They correctly charged me for my overnight stay but several days later on July 9th there was a $1495 charge with an arrival date of July 9th. When I called the hotel they were unable to tell me how this charge was put on my card. The Marriot representative told me she would get back to me by the next morning. In the meantime I'm supposed to sit and wait for more fraudulent activity to take place on my credit card? No thanks! I contacted my credit card company and reported this as a fraudulent charge which means they had to close my account and reissue a new card. What an inconvenience! Thanks Marriott for your not so quick response. I will let the professionals at the credit card company handle this because you think next day service is acceptable.

  • I stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott in Beachwood Ohio. First, this is the first hotel that I stayed at that did not have a continental breakfast…WOW..Not even a cup of "Free" coffee. We stayed 2 nights and it took housekeeping until 4:00 to clean our room. WHAT..the economy has turned around. "Hire People". This is my last stay. I will get my breakfast down the street at another hotel. You need to change the policies. we had been on the road for a couple of hours and no "coffee" #mylaststay #movingdowntheroadtoarealhotel

  • My husband and I stayed at the Marriott the night of July 2nd, checking out July 3rd. Room was clean, bed was comfortable. The a/c was quite noisy in our room 1114 Courtyard Marriott at the Pentagon in Alexandria. We got past that. Our beef is with the extra charges that are appearing on my debit card that we have no clue what they are. I have called the hotel and left a message for 'accounting'. I hope we get a call back. I do realize there was a $21 fee for the parking in the garage which was not divulged at time of check in either. But, these other charges are really nagging us as we literally slept there, watched a little tv, then left in the morning around 10:15 a.m.
    The charges were for $25, $6.56, and $14.44. Are we charged for internet access because our understanding was that it was free? We did not have breakfast at the hotel or go to the bar. I hope someone calls us back otherwise we will dispute these charges with our credit card. The # we called at the hotel to question the charges was 703-751-4510 and hopefully they will call us back ASAP.

  • Our weekend plan was kind of messed up by an unexperienced staff worker about booking through a 3rd party booking service. I booked and paid thru my CU Reward (Orbit) and when I arrived at Courtyard Marriott, Ivy (staff) was going to charge me again for my room that I have already paid for 2-nights through my CU Reward, which she said Marriott does not honor the CU Reward. I had already paid for this through a 3rd Party booking service. She would not check me in or issue me room keys, so I had to leave and find accommodations at another Hotel. I tried to call my 3rd party that evening but could not speak to a live person, so I could get reimburse or the issue resolved. So the next day I called and was told that Ivy with Marriott told them I was checked in. Wonder how that happens when I never showed anyone my ID; and was not issued room keys. FRAUD!!!!!!!!! My plan is to pursue this matter as far as I have to, to get my reimbursement. Points or cash whatever it takes!! I had my 2 grandchildren with me ages 4 and 7 and this unexperienced staff (Ivy) cause me and my family some very precious time that should have been avoided if she has only taken the time to find out the correct procedure before leaving us out without accommodation. She stated that if I wanted to stay it would be 179.00 per night. Now why would you ask for payment again? So I did leave and booked my weekend stay with a different Hotel chain, which cost me money that was reserved for out weekend adventure. I request that this be corrected and that Marriott reimburse me for my 2-night’s stay that was booked in advance and Ivy would not issue room or keys to.. VERY UPSET WITH MARRIOTT STAFF at this location. I am not asking for anything above the cost of the other charges from the Hotel I had to stay because Ivy would not issue me a room or key. The charge was $308.94, and I will be glad to mail you a copy of my receipt.

  • My boyfriend and I stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott , in St. Pete. Address 3131 Executive Drive, telephone (727 )572-8484 in April 28-29. We stayed in rooms 109 and 111.
    After our travels, I realized that I left some things in the room. I contacted the hotel and spoke to Ashley at the front desk. She was able to locate the items. She had to have been looking in the bag because she reminded me that I also left a white pair of shorts as well. Ashley went as far as to tell me the procedure for mailing items to Clients. I told her that we will pick the items up in two weeks. I contacted the hotel on Last Wednesday to let them know that we are coming to pick up the things to be told that they cannot locate them. The items were a Black BEBE – Telaviv T-shirt, a pair of black patent leather DKNY sneakers, barely worn, a green Polo men’s golf shirt and a pair of white shorts. I spoke to Tricia who left me on hold for 15 minutes. I had to hang up and call back to give her my number to call me back when she contacted Ashley about the missing items. ( I’M STILL WAITING FOR THIS CALL BACK). The next morning, I called the hotel and spoke to Thomas, who you can barely understand, explained again the situation. He took my number and promised to call me back. At 330pm on Friday, I called to speak to Thomas, who informed me that “ someone threw my number away”, but he did not locate my items and that Ashley will be in that afternoon and she will be able to assist me. I called later that evening and spoke to Shana, who again could not assist me. I finally was able to speak to Ashley who did indeed acknowledged my call and conversation, however she was so nonchalantly states “ oh you called about a month ago”, no it was two weeks ago and she had no answer to where my things are. She went as far to say that “ my boyfriend did not know the type of sneakers they were” . She was rude and obnoxious about the whole situation. I requested to speak to her manager in which she responded that no one was there to assist. I did call customer care and reported this, spoke to Kayla or Kelle who informed me that she will be off on Saturday but she will contact me when she returns. I contacted the hotel on Sunday and had to leave a voice mail for the GM. I called again this morning and the same thing. His name is Mike

    This is my issue. The T-shirt is very dear to me. This was purchased on my travel to Israel with my late husband and one of the fond memories of my travels, this shirt was purchased for 250 shekels which equates to $70.oo us dollars. The sneakers were purchased from Macy’s during the Xmas holidays due to me fracturing a bone in my foot. The purchase price was $75.00, the green shirt belongs to my boyfriend, Jack Edelman and the white shorts, no big deal. I need my things. Please understand, it’s not the cost but the memory. It would have been different if she informed me that they did not have it, but she confirmed it being there, so where is it now?

    Compensation is not what I desire, right now, I just want my things back. Ashley confirmed having my things. I believe she took my things.

    I have spent most of my early life in Marriott Full services hotels. I have supervised the front offices numerous hotels, ie, Marriott Airport, Biscayne Bay and Marina, Housekeeping manager at Marriott Vacation club. Senior Operations Manager at Marriott Town Place suites in Boca. I know the procedures for loss and found. I know what excellent customer service is; I lived it for 12 years. My boyfriend is a Director of Casino Host for Atlantis Hotel in Paradise Island, Bahamas. So we are aware of the Marriott Culture and Quality customer service. This is not the Marriott quality services that I’m used to. Please assist me with locating my items.

  • I stayed at the Marriot in Stuart, FL. It was the worst experience I have ever had. I had fraudulent charges on my account and Jackie the general manager did nothing to help me. I am now trying to get a hold of corporate office and contact the Stuart, FL police.

  • I recently stayed at the Buena Vista Courtyard Marriott in Buena Vista, CA during a visit to Knott's Berry Farm with my sister and her kids. We stayed one night and then traveled to Anaheim to visit Disneyland. It wasn't until the second day of our stay in Disneyland that I realized my wedding ring and a pair of earrings were not in my travel case. After an extensive search (and missing out on our early-hour into the park), I placed a call to the Buena Vista Courtyard Marriott. I spoke to a very nice woman named Christina who assured me she would do what she could to see if my belongings had been located and returned. Within the hour, she called me back and had located my wedding ring and earrings! I happened to be standing in Tomorrowland when I got the news and there were many tears and cheers!! What started out as a very upsetting morning quickly turned into a CELEBRATION! I wanted to take the time to acknowledge Christina Soto and the housekeeper Yolanda for being such honest and caring people. They are to be commended!!! Thank you to you both!

  • 2.0 star rating 5/22/2016
    My big mistake was bundling this in a package with expedia. Dont do that, you do not get your Marriott points. On the upside the staff was extremely friendly. After reading other reviews, they must have made some changes because the rooms were clean.
    On the downside. Room was said to have a microwave, there was NOT one. Extremely noisy all night. Windows need to be double paned. The hotel is worn! Stained carpets etc. Two things that really got to me. You pay close to $180 a night and no complimentary breakfast. You either pay a fee up front at a discounted rate and they tell you that (In small print) or you pay as you go and the breakfasts averaged approx. 10.00. Cracker barrel is cheaper and better. Was in the bar/bistro area in the evening for drinks and the clientele was not what I expected. These people that were there were NOT guests or employees. I was extremely uncomfortable.
    Again you can get more cluck for your buck else where but I do want to again give kudos to the management and the employees because they are trying that much is obvious.
    Will I stay there again NOT A CHANCE NOT FOR WHAT THEY CHARGE. I am about ready to turn in my Marriot rewards card.

  • We just stayed 6 days at the Marriott at carolina beach NC and was very disappointed, the furniture was dirty , the bath tub had chips and a tile was hanging down in the bathroom. i do have pictures to verify if needed. paying as much as we did, we were expecting a nicer and cleaner hotel suite.

  • The one in muncie indiana doesnt pay there employees well at all an sends them home before they get in a full day or has them to not to even come end. They wrote up a frnd of mine without even training her only after 4 days of being open. The boss there told my frnd who was hiring house keepers to go put up flyers at the Mexican restaurant to get them to hire. Stay anywhere but there

  • Courtyard Downtown Denver changed their policy to NON-CANCELLATION. Not only that, but they charged the credit cards of 4 travelers the DAY the reservations were made. The hotel was repeatedly called, and we spoke to different people each time, asking to change the booking to a 1 day cancel policy like our travelers have always had before. The hotel wouldn't budge. Even Corporate headquarters said that they cannot override the Denver Ct.Yard's mgmt. This hotel stands to lose future business over this ordeal and they don't even care!

  • On October 23,2015 I tried to check in the courtyard Marriott crabtree in Raleigh NC. needless to say because my husband made the reservation with his card and I was the one checking in the lady behind the counter said I needed to get a prepaid debit card because the card and the my ID did not match, so me with three children and already driving 2 1/2 hours went on a search to see where I can get a prepaid debit card or put funds on the one I had already. Because I am not from Raleigh (we were only there for the state fair which was so EXPENSIVE.) I already had to deal with a 9,4 and 3 year old by myself I got tired of driving around so my husband booked a room through at the Hilton everything paid for and all I had to do was check in. Best place ever in Cary NC (Hilton Hotel). Ok we go to the fair and Sat 10/24/2015 I check my husbands account and $156 was charged from the Courtyard Marriott Crabtree in Raleigh NC anyway. Even though the lady told me I was not authorized to use my husbands card with my ID which was fine but why charge his card ANYWAY. So on 10/24/2015 I call the hotel and tell the lady who answered, my husbands card was charged even though I didn't stay and she replied it was because I didn't cancel my reservation and I said I was coming back. Ok wait a minute lady you told me I wasn't authorized to use my husband card so why would you charge it anyway. what if it was stolen? she stated it was nothing she could do but Jason the front desk manager would take care of it on Monday so leave him a message she transferred me to his voicemail. I left the message and explained the situation. Sunday afternoon a lady Christine calls my phone and ask do I have a cancellation number she was calling from the courtyard hotel. I told her no because the lady at the front desk told me she could not make the reservation being my ID did not match the name on the credit card. So she proceeds to tell me the charges will stick to go to my bank and dispute it, I asked her was she a manager she said no she was calling on behalf of Jason. I asked her full name she wouldn't give it to me she just gave me Christine. So I hang up I call back Monday 10/26/15 for Jason and the man who answered the phone said Jason wouldn't be in until Wed but the General manager Racheal Pear was there so I ask to speak with her, I get no answer and leave her a voice message. I never receive a call back from her neither so I call today 10/27/15 and just ask for Jason the male answer the phone says hold on Jasons phone rings out I leave a message and still no call back from Jason the front office manager. I have stayed in plenty of hotels but this has got to be the worst experience I have had with one and by reading some of the comments from now before I book a room I will read all the comments first. We don't have $156 to just give away for a service we did not receive and you tell me its unauthorized. NEVER AGAIN……

  • Courtyard Memphis East/Bill Morris Parkway
    3076 Kirby Parkway
    Memphis, Tennessee 38115
    BEWARE!!! this facility has bed bugs!!!

  • Marriot ruined my life! My new wife hated the hotel in Jupiter New Jersey so much recently that she left me for a local mailman there. When I got back home & discovered she was truly gone from my life I wasn't sure how to do my laundry and shrank all of work shirts causing me to miss an important presentation and I was fired. Marriot killed my dog because only the wife knew the proper schedule to give the ol' girl her medicines. I found myself living under a bridge in short order trapping pigeons for sustenance while glaring hatefully at the Marriot across the highway that brought all this tumbling down on me. Thanks Marriot!

  • I stayed in Collierville, TN from July 17th through the 21st. I was there for a family member's funeral. I got to the hotel around 10 something that night. There were four guest staying 4 nights and they put us in a room with just a armoire cabinet. I asked to be moved to the room with a full closet and cabinet like the one I had stayed in 2 weeks prior for a happier occasion of a family reunion. The young man at the desk looked up my previous visit and said he would put us in the Executive room like before but it would be a while because they were waiting on maintenance team to come fix the cardkey lock. Turns out room 223 was the one being rekeyed, the room of the young lady that was in room 220, not room 220. About 25 minutes later he calls and says our room, room 220 is ready. He came up brought the keys and took the keys to room 225 that we were originally placed in. We, with four suitcases on the luggage rack, go to room 220. I open the door and there is a young lady painting her nails in the room. I had her call the front desk so I could talk to them immediately. He apologized and said there was a mix up and I had to go down to get the keys to 225 again and return the keys to 220. My mother is a stroke survivor and needs assistance, we had flown out of Denver and been up since 3 A.M., she as the rest of us was tired and drained. We had landed and had to go straight to Millington, TN for the viewing of her little sister's body. After going back to 225 I had put Mom in her PJs as we waited to get in our room. About an hour later we got a call that someone was on their way up to bring the keys to 220. We and all of our luggage are out in the hall in front of 220. No one shows up. I go downstairs and the lady at the desk calls on the radio and tells me the guy is on his way up. I go back, Mom, my brother, sister and all of our luggage are in the hall. No one shows. I go back downstairs and the "brain" at the front desk calls again on the walkie talkie and says "he's on his way" , I told her to make me another set of keys because my mother was in the hall in her PJs we all were tired and the hotel only has 4 floors, if I could make it down twice surely he should have already been there. (She made me a set of keys but only activated it for the one night because the next day when we returned they no longer worked. There were four adults and I don't see why we couldn't have four activated keys.) Finally we get in our room. Earlier, Michael, the man who checked us in, gave me vouchers and said, "here are vouchers for free breakfast for all of you for your entire stay and your bill will be taken care of. I am really sorry for this but we are having problems with our system". The vouchers were for only honored for 2 adults and 2 children, we are four adults so I had to pay out of pocket even for the first day and they took them so we couldn't use them for the rest of our stay. The website said the price of the room went from $199/night to $184/ per night on the 19th. I was charged $199 for each night and not compensated for the trouble. I have called since returning on Tuesday the 21st and no one has returned my calls. I keep getting transferred to a voicemail with no name. I have now filed a complaint with the corporate headquarters and am anxiously awaiting to see what they do.
    My family rented several rooms at this same location for our family reunion for the 4th weekend. I hate to think this is how they do business all of the time. I must say being there for the purpose of a death in the family made my stay even worse. I really hope they make good on their word and rectify this issue.

  • I stayed in Houston on Dallas st. Waited 30 mins for cab. Finally one arrived, but the front door guy. Told me that was not the one he called. Well I had to go. So I took this one. Had a dinner meeting I was late for. Well ont the way. The nice cab driver. Told me that they sell trips to limo drivers and other cab drivers. Who in turn charge you more for fare. So they made me late and charge me more money for it. Turns out they are not even employed by hotel. They are a valet service. Yet their management let this go on. Why must I be subjected to this manipulation. I just want to go when I need to go. Marriot clean up your act

  • Hi,

    I stayed at the Marriott Courtyard in Westborough, MA and the reservation host, Jennifer was excellent and took care of all the details to make my stay there a great experience. Customer service is so important in this business and I would recommend this hotel for business or vacation. Great job!

    Thanks you,

    Stephen DAmbrosio

  • We stayed at the Marriott at Easton Columbus OH and left my birthday present in the room. They told us nothing was turned in so there is nothing they can do! The maids are making more money than I am as they can sell what they found in the room on ebay! They were angry that we would even suggest the maids would take things. No more Marriott's for us.

  • Courtyard Marriott Lithicum Heights Md BWI Airport
    I will start at the beginning so that situation is completely understood.
    In July, my niece died, and because of circumstances, my husband and I had to take custody. Keep in mind out kids are all adults and we work a lot…this was life changing. The weekend of 11/14-11/16 we decied to take some time for ourselves, well needed and bowl in a tournament in odenton, md. To us going away for the weekend was a huge deal. We looked, planned and decided to book at the courtyard Marriott due to locations, pool, and reviews. on 11/13 I noticed that the full booking fee was charged to my account. Because of a previous incident at one of the Marriott hotels I was concerned with being double charged. After several calls (no one even knew what I was talking about ) it was straightened out. When I arrived at the hotel, I was told that they would be using my card to charge for incidentals only, and that it would be refunded, which was fine. On our way to our room we notices the sign for the pool…we were excited and decided to check it out…only to see it was down for emergency maintenance.( we were given the option to get a pool pass and take the shuttle to the Marrott, however it was 30 degrees out) We continued to out room, the room was nice, and well decorated, however, none of out trash was emptied, we took the trash cans to the housekeeper in hall to empty them, but needless to say the cleanliness of the room was now on my mind., which is how we notice the (brown) stains on the white bedspread. Still at this point were excited to be away, so we tried to make the best of it. Our first night was not to bad, although there were kids running through the hall all night on the elevators etc (lax team?). The next day was the worst. We decided to use the gym..but when we got there , there were several young boys in the room throwing paper and fooling around on the machines…needless to say, we couldn't use it, and there was trash all over. during the night, 2 am we heard someone fooling by the door…a receipt was slid under the door…really 2am? out last night there we decided that we would sleep in, something we never get to do…only to be woken at 730am because the room next to us needed towels and the front desk gave them the wrong room number.As were were checking out, my husband explained all of the issues that we had..only to find out that we had actually been triple charged! this of course held up all of out money , almost over 700.00 for the entire weekend and actually was not completely fixed until Tuesday 11/18. Talehia and Terri were as helpful as they could be , but as you can imagine I was very upset, this actually ruined the vacation (which was only 3 days) that we expect to be able to have for a while with the new custody of my great niece and nephew. We don't have a lot of extra money, and planned this and saved for it, only to not be able to use it because it was tied up with all the mischarges. It is extremely sad and disheartening since we specifically chose this hotel based on reviews, the pool and the looks. Since we knew this would be the last time we get away for a while we wanted to stay someplace nice, not a cheap, poor reviewed hotel. I certainly hope that this does not happen to someone else that plans and looks forward to a weekend getaway, because it turned into a terrible experience, and we didn't have available money for the rest of out trip due to the extra charges. So our weekend to relax turned more stressful that if we would have stayed home 🙁

  • (This message is being transcribed and forwarded to the appropriate agency) Newly hired Supervisor, Chris, is fond of a young lady He has hired. And, He is cutting hours from regular full time employees and switching their shifts to accommodate this new girl/employee who has absolutely no experience in the Hotel industry. He is and has been giving obvious preferential treatment to her. And, He has shown a bias towards her. A few of us employees find it unfair He is cutting our hours to give to this new employee and we need to take action. We feel we need to file a complaint with the San Diego Dept of Industrial Relations. We are also making efforts to seek legal counsel. We would appreciate it if you would look into this. Thank you, A Few Good Employees of The Courtyard Marriott in Solana Beach, CA

  • I recently stayed (Oct 16 – Oct 19) at the newly opened Courtyard by Marriott in Odessa TX. Although the facility was nice and new, I was furious to find that they had charged my credit card $60 for incidentals when I did not charge anything to my room while I was there. What gives them the right to do this? I was not informed at check in that they would charge my card. The usual practice when I have stayed at several other hotels is to give them my credit card number but no charges are posted UNLESS I do charge anything to my room. I travel alot and this is the first time that a hotel has charged my card for ghost incidentals. I will NEVER stay at any hotel with the Mariott name on it. I have been trying for 4 days to get the charge removed from my credit card. I spoke to Sarah the manager on Monday, 10/20/14 and she assured me that she would resolve issue. I have not heard from her since then. My next step is to contact the Attorney General in Texas and ask for the law that allows hotels to do this.

  • I was a big Hilton user and they seemed to have fallen off their game when it comes to Hampton Inn and like hotels and I was also a Marriott rewards participant so I decided to switch over and begin to use them almost exclusively. I'm sorry to say in the last several months, all of the Courtyards I have stayed at in various cities have disappointed. I had come to deal with them not including breakfast (Residence Inn does) but the quality of the rooms, even in hotels that appear to be very well maintained, has gotten to the point of me now thinking of where to put my money. I am a Visa rewards participant as well. I stayed at the Courtyard on North Black Canyon in Phoenix on 10/20 and it was one thing after another. The a/c unit was so loud when it would turn on, it rattled within its housing to the point where I had to just turn it off. That's right, no a/c in Phoenix. In addition, the smoke detector was apparently broken and the strobe light that indicates it is working was stuck flashing at this unusual rate and many times would get stuck in one constant non-flashing light, illuminating the entire room in a green light all night. I felt like I was in a sweaty disco. For the price of the room alone, and no breakfast included, this was totally unacceptable. I would have mentioned to the desk when I checked out but they seemed so uninterested in being there, I just left. Disappointing to say the least.

  • I just stayed at the Courtyard Columbus Tipon lakes IN 5/24 /2014
    The first day the shower in my room was luke warm, the swimming pool was cold and there was no towels. I told the front desk and they brought towels and told me that someone else had complained about the pool the day before and they was looking into it. The other room I rented the tub was draining very very slow, and the second person had to stand in water to take a shower. The next morning we went to eat our breakfast and the potatoes was not cooked all the way, the sausage was cold and the bacon was hard and cold and dried out, The lady that was taking the orders for the cooked to order eggs was wearing a black blouse and the back of her blouse had about 20 long hairs on it, no net on her hair, Just nasty! We left and went to Burger King before we went to Indy, went to Bob Evans the next morning. My shower never was fixed, they gave us another room the next day for the bathtub that took all day to drain. DON'T STAY AT THIS HOTEL, ITS RUN DOWN AND POORLY MANAGED. MARRIOTT SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO HAVE THERE NAME ON THIS HOTEL, I USALLY STAY AT HILTONS AND HAVE NEVER HAD THESE PROBLEMS, plus the guest we had in the other room could not get in there room with there key card and we kept going to the desk to get new key cards. the people next to that room was having the same problem. the morning I was leaving I went to bathroom and the light bulb was burnt out, had to change it up. o well what did I expect out of a run down dump. I really liked the town of Columbus, it was really nice and the ice cream parlor is great, just don't stay at the courtyard.

  • I stayed at the Courtyard Marriott Denton (Texas) April 4 – 7, 2014. I decided to arrive a day earlier than my original reservation, but due to unforeseen circumstances my son was going to arrive before me. I contacted the hotel to let them know and they informed me I would need to fill out a form and sendit back to them so they could allow my son access to the hotel rooms before my arrival. Gina A. was very helpful by emailing me the form and following up with an email and a phone call to let me know she had received the completed form and everything was fine. She should be given recognition for her excellent skills in customer service. I did encounter one problem. When I originally reserved the rooms in February, I reserved a King Suite; however, I ended up with a standard King room, which is much smaller. Because it was NASCAR weekend, I was unable to have the room changed to a suite. I am not sure how the mixup occurred, it might have been when I added the extra night or maybe from the beginning and the reservation was not reserved as requested. I stay at the Courtyard Marriott in Houston several times a year and always reserved a King suite and have never encountered any problems with my reservation. In the future, I will confirm my room choice with the front desk prior to my arrival. After reading all the negative comments about other Courtyard Marriotts and the unauthorized charges I will definitely be checking my credit card account. Does anyone from corporate ever respond to these complaints? I will check this site again to see if anyone from corporate responds. To end on a positve note, I have always found the rooms to be clean and the beds extremely comfortable.

  • I stayed at the courtyard in southfield mi for two nights i requestes a room with a balcony because my husband and i both smoke. Long story short took 100.00 off my card and said it was because we smoked in the room. Kevin the guy at the desk told me that he smelled smoke in the sheets which was bs. Then i asked well where was my deposit he returned the deposit but said the charges was because the room was trashed. I cleaned the room myself did everything but make the bed . I will NEVER EVER stay here again. We stayed here at least 3 times a year

  • You cannot feel that yourself or your belongings are safe at this hotel. I stayed at the downtown Norfolk, Viriginia hotel. I was there from 9pm to 7am (not even 12 hours). I left my Kindle in the room by accident. My fault – definitely. BUT – the kindle was STOLEN by hotel staff AND ABUSED. I had 44 fradulent charges made to my Amazon account in book purchases (nasty, filthy books at that).
    The hotel had absolutely NO concern that one of their own employees committed criminal acts! Someone not only stole, but also abused my kindle by purchasing over $200 worth of material. I had to cancel my credit card, cancel my amazon account, and scramble to make sure no other identifying information could be found.
    I pushed this issue with the hotel and they could have cared less. They punted me off their their insurance company who denied my claim. They said they questioned the housekeeper and laundry person who denied taking it…and that was it. No more investigating, no more help. Absolutely NO concern for their guests.
    How are you suppose to feel safe at this hotel if you cannot even TRUST their employees?
    Do not stay here. You can't trust them. And they will not help you if you leave something.

    • Unbelievable. I just stayed at this hotel 1/27/18 and found a fraudulent charge on my credit card from the Bistro there. Someone had my last name and room number and charged their happy hour to my room in the amount of 83.50. The bill was for 52.00 with a very nice 25.00 tip. Sounds like an inside job to me. The hotel sent me a copy of the receipt with someone else's name. I did not authorize anyone to charge anything to my room and I was not even in the hotel at the time of the charge. As in other cases, the hotel management was unhelpful and has not complied with my request for a district or regional managers contact information.I also had to cancel my credit card.

  • The kitchen at the Waldorf property is totally disgusting. The food is not properly stored and everything is all over the place. I wouldn't let my dogs eat from there.

  • This is GROSS and involves finding FECAL MATTER ON LOTION. Silver Springs, Md Marriott on Fenton needs a new GM. We stayed there from Thursday the 10/3-10/7. We expected a good time with friends of my husbands ( a men's group from around the US ). I just had some "work done" on my face, so I had an open wound that needed to stay moist and covered. No problem. I forgot my ointment, but the hotel had lotion, so I was about to use it when I noticed brown stuff. Yes, fecal matter was all over my lotion bottle top!
    I had almost put it on the wound. We were shaken, and called the manager on duty to come up. Enter Shannon or however she spells it. Did she make things better and get things clean? No. She made things much much worse.
    She thought it was funny! She laughed. She could not see why I was upset because it "only had happened the one time." She explained why a dirty bottle of lotion was put in the room instead of a clean bottle because "we are only human" – like maybe anyone can forget and pull lotions out of the trash cart and not the fresh box on the maid cart. She thought the whole situation was "stupid and comical".
    Later that day going into a luncheon, John – a member of our group – came up to us saying he had spoken with Shannon the GM and worked out things. When he was done telling us how she had called him into her office and they had talked it all out and everything had been settled, well, I was stunned.
    Not only had that hotel proven to be so filthy in it was dangerous to me, but the GM was without any human empathy at all or even decorum or any kind, and now she is so unprofessional she pulls another guest aside to involve them in the problem we are having. A guest who isn't involved in any way other then to be one of the many men there with the group. Backfired on Marriott because the wives were wondering what was going on with the GM talking to John about me and my husband, so I told them.
    Seems I'm not the only one with questionable bottles of toiletries. Most had noticed their lotion bottles were far less them full. Why was it just the lotions? I don't know. One of them said a towel was soiled and hung in her bath, so none of us were thrilled with that either.
    Will I stay at Marriott again? Not Silver Springs, Md. BTW, I have the recorded phone message on the Marriott system comping me the room, but the GM said she "changed her mind". Marriott is as of today, still backing their GM.

  • Courtyard marriott Brussels***Date : 08.SEPTEMBER.2013 12:30 AM
    I talk about courtyard marriott brussels.Today I went to breakfast 10.00 am.Before the breakfast fill the FULL BUFFET BREAKFAST form and sign(22 euro).This form including fresh juices than I request but the waitresses said it is able for just week days.Than I ask this question front office manager JORGE CANDERO ,he doesn't know anything about that .I paid full but you order not full.Please explain me?
    2 hours later I came to breakfast again,Than I take something from buffet after 20 minutes,waitresses comes with second breakfast form(22 euro),in 1 day I pay it 2 times,I want to talk with your manager than JORGE CANDERO,said to me it is true you pay it 2 times,if you enter 4 times you pay 4 times.Than I asked him I want see this rule do you have any book for that he said no book for that rule.
    I asked them ,why you didn't inform me before the entering restaurant.JORGE CANDERO said, you have to know already.

  • My family had a reunion for four days at the Courtyard Marriott of Oxnard. That was the worst experience our family reunion ever experienced. They harrassed our family, they had security following us around. Although, I know children could be overwhelming when staying in a hotel, Marriott knew they were reserving for a family reunion. We made sure we kept everything clean so it would not be too much on the wonderful housekeeping. The front desk and some of the management were awful. The housekeeping was wonderful. Marriott of Oxnard is the reason our family reunion decided to stay away from Courtyards. Our family usually use 50 or more rooms at a time. I guess their focus is not on future business.

  • I recently stayed at the Courtyard in Jackson, MS, and when I returned home I found that my card had been disabled due to fraudulent attempts to use my card. Marriott you have a real problem, and it is costing you business. I travel with a band and we allways block book at least 10 rooms, never again.

  • I also received fraudulent charges on my credit card when I was in Arlington VA at the Courtard
    Marriott for $1,500 I did look at my receipt when Ichecked out. My card was used to purchase tickets from stubhub!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Bistro will be a decision for me to choose another hotel. One size does not fit all. I have stood in a line of 30 people in Atlanta just to grab a sandwich and orange juice. After waiting 10 minutes and only 5 people served, I left and went to McDonald's. the bistro does not suit all hotel locations.

  • I just stayed at the Courtyard Marriott in Mt Pleasant, SC for the umpteenth time during the last 6 months and have experienced a complete disregard of my personal property, safety and lack of any customer service by the older female clerk who could not even make eye contact while dealing with my complaints. I parked in a parking spot on their lot that is located directly in line with their garbage dumpster. When I backed out of the spot in the morning, I backed my car into the 200 lbs enclosure doors that were carelessly left open at around 8:45 AM. When left open, the doors protrude in to the parking spot exit route as they are directly behind it. Needless to say, my $70,000 BMW was damaged at the side (possibly $200-300). When brought to the female manager's attention, she cynically laughed and acted as if I should have seen the doors and have should have shut them myself before backing up. As a business owner of multiple franchises, I find it extremely ridiculous to ask of your customers to ensure themselves that the hotel surroundings are safe for one's well-being and personal property. The garbage dumpster position appears to be built out of code as it interferes with regular parking traffic. No caution signage around the dumpster or that particular parking spot are existent. On top of all this, around 6:40 AM this morning, hotel workers were setting up a conference room near my room #163, speaking very loudly and completely disregarding that hotel guests are possibly still asleep. The complete disregard of the issues and failure to accommodate me in any way as repeat customer is what disappoints me the most.
    I will check with Mr. Bell of the building inspection department of Mt P if the dumpster was built by code. I will most likely not revisit this hotel as great customer service is a long way from what I received from that female clerk/manager.

  • I just stayed at a Court yard in New York city The pool was closed the whole time and the restaurant was closed.A sign said closed for upgrades but nothing was going on in the no work or dust or anything I'm very disappointed with them $220.00 for the night for a room not fair never again.Plus there parking was higher then a parking garage around the corner.

  • I checked into the courtyard on 0910/12 in Frederick VA. Since then I have fraudulent charges on my credit card that has never happen before. thank goodness Discover card caught the charges because I don't use the card like that. unfortunately the card had to cancelled. I contacted the hotel and was told that doesn't happen here, can't see the number at all but when I looked at my receipt the number was partially there. I guess I have learned my lesson with Courtyards…stay away!

    • The exact same thing has happened to me in Fort Lauderdale from this weekend. They have all kind of fraudelent charges and when I called to inquire bout them the front desk clerk hung up the phone n refused to give me the number for their corporate office. I had to literally find this information on my own. I think Im going to look into filing a class action law suit.

    • The courtyard was the WORST experience I've ever had staying ay a hotel I recommend that no one stys here the one in Williamsburg VA.

    • WOW!!! I guess it's still happening I stayesd at the one in Phoenix and amazingly I had to close my credit card for FRAUD in Aug. Not onlly that we got hit with a MONSOON and it woke me up about 11pm. I called down to the front desk to tell them I could smell something was on fire! The guy basically called me a "LIAR" bcuz his indicator lights didnt say there was anything on fire. after walking to the window and put my hands down on the window ledge there was water coming through windows that DONT OPEN!!!! and pouring in on the AC unit which is what i was smelling the fire for! I called him back told the "genius" what was happening he asked if I turned it off….I told him absoluely not i would rather leave it on and let the whole hotel catch fire and burn to the floor…of course i did. Then the really intelligent question came: Did you want to change rooms? OHHHH NOOOOO I would much rather stay in a flooding room and possiblly get electricuted!!!! I was on the 3rd floor…went to the lobby and the 2nd floor was pouring through the roof like a waterfall into the lobby. THEY GOT ISSUES!!!

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