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DTLR Corporate Office Headquarters

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DTLR Corporate Office Headquarters
1300 Mercedes Drive
Hanover, MD  21076
Corporate Phone Number: 1-410-850-5911

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I went in the DTLR at Spotsylvania mall yesterday December 17,2018 evening and the customer service was so poor I would not spend $1 in that store. I paced back and forth they had several employees standing around didn't offer any customer service. I just finally walked out and went to Journeys and got what I needed and the customer service was excellent and on point. If it was up to me and that was my store I would fire everyone of them. I won't ever patronize DTLR again.

Well after reading these comments DTLR is very unprofessional. I went to DTLR in Northgate Mall in Durham NC to purchase some shoes and the employees were standing around. I have even heard an associate by the name of Catiya well at least that is what she said her name was. She was using some foul language against another employee I even had my 5 year old child with me in the store I do not think that is very professional at all it is ridiculous that you hire people that use this kind of language towards other employees in the store. I do not know if I want to continue to shop at this store due to the unprofessionalism that occurs with the employees.

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