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  • Englefield Oil Corporate Office Headquarters

Englefield Oil Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Englefield Oil Corporate Office Headquarters

Mid Ohio Industrial Park
447 James Parkway
Heath, OH  43056
Corporate Phone Number: 1-740-928-8215
Corporate Fax Number: 1-740-928-1531
Lubricants Order Desk: 1-800-837-4458

Englefield Oil Company operates the chain of Duchess convenience stores throughout Ohio. The stores offer a variety of products and services, including gas pumps, ATMs, and snacks. They also offer a rewards program that gives customers discounts on future purchases.


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  1. The company is definitely bad, however so are a large portion of their the customers!

    There’s too many of Englefields customers who think that they are Englefield oil!
    They do things like spy for the manager, they don’t actually really know very much of what goes on they just think they do and thus they open their mouth and do a large degree make things up.
    Of course there are those that supposedly know the manager and if they themselves are too stupid to figure out how to use their credit card at the pub then they come in and want to blame us clerks and always threaten that, “they’ll talk to the manager the next day”. Even though we are not technicians of those machines.

  2. Ya'll need to change the way you run yr company regarding closing shifts. After I've worked a 13 hour shift and drive an hour home and stop to get gas at the duke 10 min from my house that's out of town the last thing I feel like doing is waiting 15 min for them to open the store back up OR have to back track ALL THE WAY back into town if I don't just want to sit there waiting, not to mention I have to still go pick up my 3 yr old daughter from babysitter. I've worked at multiple 24 hour stores and restaurants and NONE of them EVER have to close for 15 min to "end the day" so you all need to change the way you "end the day" that's just ridiculous! AND why is the clerk doing it at midnight instead of like 3 or 4 in the morning when there is hardly anybody out or most likely not getting off work at that time. It's just rude and inconsiderate of that employee to do that at that time if you all HAVE to do it at all which i know that it's possible to do it without closing the store you just need to set it up differently.

    1. doors are always locked store attendant is always in the back of the store, the paper towel dispenser is always empty at the pumps never has any coffee made the ice is always empty on the pop machine and the employees are rude. and the parking lot has trash everywhere it never gets picked up.

  3. I have been a Customer at the East Main St. Store in NEWARK, Oh for many years. For the past 2 Months, I have seen this Store go Down Hill. The Cleanliness is Deplorable!! Floor is unswept, not mopped and trashed. I normally go in on a daily basis and the same filth is still on the floors. The Counters are Dirty as well, with Gnats all around the Fountain Machine and Tea Dispensers. Also, the Prep Table for the Food and the Floor underneath it is Disgusting! I think it might be time to Call the Health Department!!

  4. You recently closed the duke travel plaza in Newcomerstown. This truck stop opened in 1971 and was a major fuel and rest stop for many truckers. I would like to suggest that you contact travel centers of america as to opening a petro or TA truckstop at this location.The small town of Newcomerstown needs the business this truck stop brings.

  5. My name is Ron Lowery I visit quite a few of the BP's englefield oil throughout the city of Columbus. One in particular I have visited on three different occasions, I observed the man Behind the Counter on his phone ignoring the fact that I am standing there. This is the location at Broad and Georgesville Road near Hollywood Casino. The man is rude and seems to be interrupted when a customer comes in. I am so thankful at the BP in Pataskala awesome people that work there and is like a family environment, that particular store is the best BP with englefield oil that I have ever visited. Back at the problem Georgesville Road BP I am working Saturday at 9 in the morning totally ignoring the fact that I am standing at the counter and again that was the third time. This could result in me as a loyal customer no longer coming to englefield oil because of the situation even though I love the one near my house. Please do something about this enough is enough rudeness is not right in your place of business and nobody has the right to be the way he is toward your customers.

  6. I may not get a response to this message but here goes. Your Store at 1073 Mt Vernon Rd, Newark, OH 43055 recently hired my ex-girlfriend from 4 years ago. I have shopped this store on a daily basis for more than 5 years. My brother has as well since it is a block from our home. We went in this morning to get coffee, while we were making our coffee a female claiming to be the gm came up to use and told us that we will no longer be served at this location. When asked why the response given was "one of our employees that dated your brother feels uncomfortable when yall come in." First off it's been nearly 4 years since we broke up, I have moved on to a real woman. Secondly, I have a high level of education and it makes no sense to refuse me or my brothers money because you hired my ex and she is uncomfortable seeing me after 4 years with 0 contact from me. This gm should be released from duty and destiny can be moved to a location that's not 600 yards from my house. I'm all good going to speedway myself but the closest one is 1 mile away and my brother doesn't have a car. I will also be reaching out to my attorney on this. I know vendors have the right to refuse service under certain circumstances but my ex has never waited on us and we haven't said as much as hello to her. So there is nothing that we have done that would warrant a service refusal.

  7. West Norton Duchess is only getting worse, I'm so glad a new Speedy is almost ready to open, everyone says the same thing, the assistant manager of this store is a joke,she actually put a sign up that says, Put Your Phone Down, for some reason she can't put hers down, the manager has no back bone to get rid of the crap that's ruining this store, she just keeps bringing this assistant managers friends in, which are as worthless as her and she's so lazy, she shuts the lottery machine down and tells people it's broke, which is now being reported to the Ohio lottery, there goes most of the money made at this store.

  8. West Norton Duchess in Norton Ohio is falling apart, the assistant manager locked the door sometime around 10 one night,the older woman waited for 15 minutes, she got tired of waiting and left and came back a half hour later, the door was still locked, they drove around to the back of the store and there she was, fighting with her boyfriend, she has been on her phone while customers are waiting telling someone she was leaving at 10 if no one was there and locking the door, the new girl sits in her car on her phone and smoking for at least 20 minutes, which I have pictures of, and left a new kid trying to figure out what he was doing, while 7 people waited in line, the store has lost numerous regular customers, also there is a witness to teenagers that knew the assistant manager ,walked out with freebies,this manager has no clue what's going on there, if she would watch the cameras, she would see what's going on.

  9. I do not think it is right to make your employees work full shifts on Thanksgiving or Christmas, your managers should not treat their employees with favoritism, everyone should have to work at least a few hours so they can have time to be with their families, not everyone has a large family and some children only have one parent at home and no one else to share the holiday with, you say your family oriented but you treat your employees like crap. The assistant manager leaves from work when she wants to even if she is scheduled from 2-10 pm. No wonder you can't keep employees and have a huge turn over !!!!! My mom works there and is my only parent, we don't have any family other than each other and I don't want her at work all day on Thanksgiving Day!!!!!!! You people suck.

  10. I am filing a complaint toward the manager Tania at chesterville/mt. Gilead duke and duchess. The way she treats some of hee employees is beyond ridiculous and absolutely ludacris. She is rude and throws objects. She is out of control and this is not the first time I have seen her act this way. I am a regular in the store and I would like to come in to a nice environment instead of seeing hostility with someone you call a manager.

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