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Family Dollar is famous for its chains of dollar stores. Family Dollar operates over 7,000 stores in 44 US States. Family Dollar is one of the premier discount retailers in the USA.

Family Dollar’s Toll-Free 800 Number is 1-866-377-6420. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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  • I took plenty of time to read many of these comments, and rude staff and corporate non-action seems to be the common denominator….I say anyone who can, shop elsewhere. I want to spend my money in places that know how to treat me. A few years ago Family Dollar was closing many of it's stores here, then I think someone brought them out, but they are flourishing again. I want to remind them that they can go in jeopardy if they continue to let their stuff mistreat their customers. Take our money elsewhere and tell others to do the same, if their bottom line starts to suffer, then maybe they will start to take these complaints seriously and do something about them. That's probably why the staff can be so rude and disrespectful, because they know corporate won't do anything. Somebody has to start, so I guess it will be me….anyone who wants to do it also would be appreciated.

  • Continued
    will be people's downfall. They need to re-train both of those supervisors and I usually don't ask for write-ups, but this was one of those times that to treat people with such disrespect when the fault is Family Dollar. Put the correct prices on the shelve. I don't care if corporate, the supervisors, cashiers or anyone else they choose to correct the prices…just do it. Professional goes a long way. Then on top of it, one of the items they said they changed they had not, he even got 2 different sizes to show me….he wasted him and more importantly my time. Maybe when they start losing enough business, they'll listen and take actions on all these complaints. I really wonder if they make finding the corporate contact information to avoid hearing the complaints. If they act like they don't know then they can just ignore it and take our money. I for one will be shopping at other places, where the staff is better and knows how to appreciate customers. So after all of that I still had to go back in the store to refund that item, he was giving me too much money, and I had to tell him it was the wrong amount. They both was trifling as all get out. I am usually am super polite, but mistreatment and disrespect will not be tolerated by him or anyone else. Family Dollar Corporate do better.

  • The store right around the corner from me: store#10013, 7790 Dorchester Road, North Charleston SC 843-973-5770. Supervisor #7066173. I went into the store instead of the grocery store that is close by as well, but you want to support the local businesses that employee local people right? Well, let me tell you what I received for trying to support them. I brought a few items, and 3 or 4 of the items were priced wrong on the shelf, when I informed them of the price, the first thing they said was it probably was in the wrong spot, so I walked over and showed them that (2 different people because apparently when I walked over & showed the first cashier wasn't enough). So they corrected the price, another item incorrect, so yep you guessed it, had to walk again and show the price on the shelf is wrong, so the complain as they are correcting the price. So you think this was bad enough, nope had to show 2 more items that was priced wrong (at least I got my steps in…I look for the positive in any negative situation). Three people I had interaction with (cashier had to get permission and codes to correct the price) and two of them may have been 2 supervisor…both were wrong, rude and unprofessional). The authorize code was for the most disrespectful of the two. I know finding people are, but let's be real family dollar makes enough, they keep expanding and opening new stores in my state. Pay them right, so tired of interacting with people who hate their job, don't like people, and forget that there is a human being in front of them. Keep in mind I have over 30 in the Customer Service arena…so I know good, great, terrible customer service and terrible service is what I received. This took way longer than it should have taken, my time is a precious commodity that once spent can't be retrieve. I see a bunch of people who came after me leaving as I keep having to walk and verify they had a different price in the system verses the shelf price. So now you wasted my time and instead of apologizing they are being rude, especially the male supervisor. Then the "same supervisor" is complaining the whole time: telling me he wasn't there the previous week while they were putting out stock, that prices throughout the store changed, that it was corporates fault and their responsibility to change the prices on the shelf, that the item I had was in multiple locations (the other location I didn't even know till he told me, I took him where I got it from)…the common denominator in this entire interaction was the excuses. An excuse is just a crutch for the uncommitted, I asked for the corporate number a few times, and he kept saying he didn't have it and told me I could google it. How rude and unprofessional, I always try to be polite and treat people the way I want to be treated, but apparently they need more training. How long it took me to find this information, shows Family Dollar only cares about our money, not our disrespectful treatment. Then for him to tell me I had an attitude when I told him he needed to do better. Looking at all of these complaints, it's obvious that they don't care about how their customers are treated. I guess they forget there are other places we can go, my money spends everywhere. I think I will take Family Dollar off of my list. They are so greedy trying to complete with dollar tree that is $1.25 and Family Dollar did the same thing. Dollar General still had $1.00 items throughout the store. If family dollar really cared about profits, it would have been better to keep the a $1.00 to give us a reason to go to them and not the dollar tree. Greed eventually will be people's downfall.

  • I am here to let you know your store 02405 has a horrible staff! I dont shop here often but have to run in sometimes and every time i have ever been in they are always rude! Today was no different. I ran in to get a bottle of ibuprophen and some chips for my daughter and was not spoke a word to the whole time. The cashier acted like I was a complete nuisance! I put my items on the counter and she did not have the customer service skills to say hey how are you or anything. I paid with card and the whole time she just kept smacking her hands down on the counter. As she handed my receipt i said thank you and she just walked away without saying a word. I work in a restaurant so I know there are bad days but your job is good customer service no matter what! This was not the only incident i have had with the employees in this store being so rude just the most recent and thought i would let yall know if you want to stay in business you need better employees! Especially after reading all other peoples complaints on the staff even in other stores I would think something would be done by now! Also I went to try and do the survey and cannot get to the website because it is saying it is considered a fraudulent site so my computer or phone wont even open the sight

  • Clerk was very rude arguing with me because I moved a large loaded unattended cart a few feet forward out of the way so I could get to the shelve,futher this clerk refused to check me out, told me so. this is saturday. Monday morning I will bring this to my legal rep. I find this store to have blocked areas common to this store, clerks outside smoking or eating at checkout or nobody at checkout, poor management, and customer service. appears to be a very poor company. At this time I regard Family Dollar as out of busness. I will no longer shop at Shinnston wv store. This is not the first time I ve witness this behavior at this store. This company appears get people from the bottom of the barrel. Very Poor Over a long period of time it appears a very bad company to work for. Beware of them. (You pay peanuts you get monkeys)

  • I have shopped store # 02130 in New Richmond, Ohio since it opened. The past several months I have noticed several of my cleaning product containers has had the seal broken when I got home. I now have to take the cap off every jug to check the seal and it is hard to find one that isn't broken. Bleach is always broken and about a quart of bleach is always missing from the jug. That store has a theft problem, it has to be an employee that is in a high enough position to open these containers and pour off a small amount into another container without being noticed.

  • On February 21, 2022, at 4:52 PM (photo time stamp)
    I was in the Family Dollar at 4072 Glenwood Rd, Decatur, GA 30032, I was told the store number (4965) with a friend as we were picking up an item in the area and she wanted to buy rope. The rope was priced differently on the shelf than it was at the register. My friend took a photo and showed the cashier (William) the price on the shelf which was $1 less and he honored the shelf price, end of issue.

    I wanted to purchase a new charging cord for my phone. The cord was $6 on the shelf but was $8 at the register. I also showed him the shelf price as well. There was another employee in the store (Tiff) who walked over and said the shelf price was incorrect and quoted the price of the C-type cord which was more. I showed her the C-type cord, and it was not the cord I was buying. Tiff was then extremely rude and started yelling at me saying she was not going to honor the shelf price.

    I then asked for the store manager, she said the manager was on the phone and Tiff said the person on the phone was refusing to give her name and refusing to honor the posted price of the merchandise.
    This was not one item possibly in the wrong location. Both cords were fully stocked on the shelves.

    The problem in summary, cashier (William) honored the shelf price for my friend, while I was told by (Tiff) and the unidentified store manager on the phone not to honor the posted price for me. I took a picture of the merchandise and price, but I didn't buy it. Too many other options, to spend my money where are I am not respected, and the employees openly discriminate between customers at will.

    I do want to inform you that if this issue is not addressed at the local store within 7 days, I will also file a complaint with the GA Governor's Office for Consumer Affairs and if the issue is still not addressed, I will also file a complaint with the Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection.
    It hardly seems legal to discriminate between customers, honoring a shelf price for one but refusing to honor the posted shelf price for another. It is especially egregious because we came in the store together but were making separate purchases.

    Also, I observed at least 2 customers who were making purchases who asked to use the bathroom and were told there was no public bathroom. I served as a community liaison with the DeKalb County Health Department for 10 years and it is not legal in the county for a business serving the public not to have public bathrooms.

    I did FYI this information to the store employee (William) but was completely ignored. In fact, William basically ignored everything I said, Tiff was rude, loud, and refused to honor the prices and whoever the store manager was on the phone was rude, screaming loud, cussing, refused to give her name and refused to honor the store prices.
    The Robinson-Patman Act is a federal law prohibits unlawful price discrimination. Since this same item is sold in a non-minority community at the $6 price, I called Family Dollar #9106, #363, #5607 and 2 stores had the item at the $6 price. One store did not have the item stocked.
    Follow-up comments will be sent to I should be contacted directly at about the resolution. Thank you.

  • I am an elderly disabled American veteran. I was recently on a trip in the Franklin, GA area. I experienced a physical problem and stopped at store #044600015941. I explained the situation to store associate Dawn and she was more than willing to help me resolve my problem. Her professionalism with customers was well apparent and appreciated. She also made a sale.

  • I had an interview on Tuesday 10/5 with the Mgr in Batesville, AR. My interview went very well, she actually told me she didn't want me for cashier/customer service but for full time Asst. Mgr., so to go home and do app online for that and she would pull it off and call me back in. She told me that it was me or another girl, and she REALLY didn't want the other girl working there. Plus, I had more experience and Management experience too. We discussed the job at length, the benefits, hours, all that jazz. We even discussed that I have jury duty in a couple weeks, and she went into detail about how she could work around that with the staff she had. So, I left on a high.
    I came home, let the dogs out, and immediately go online, and BOOM !!! THERE IS NO ASST MGR JOB FOR BATESVILLE LOCATION ONLINE. UGH my luck. I tried to call her and had to leave a couple messages. FINALLY got a hold of her and she says. "I'll have to get with my DM and call you back". I DID FIND the job for the Asst Mgr position that I was "told" about at my so called interview on Tuesday. It was on JobCase website, and was deemed (on Jobcase) no longer avail. THREE DAYS BEFORE MY INTERVIEW! AND…..she hasn't called me back since her "I'll call my DM and get back with you statement", and she isn't taking my calls. I'm being ghosted! Now the job that I originally applied for BEFORE she offered me the bogus Asst Mgr job, is no longer available. And she still isn't taking my calls. I just wanna know WHY she did this to me. Why not just say "sorry we aren't interested in your application" thank you and have a nice day. that is all it would have taken, and I would have been on my way.

  • Here it is at 9:30 a.m. and store 1159 in Columbus Ohio is locked up tight – as usual.

    What's the point of having store hours if you're not going to keep them?

    Big Corporations suck.

  • Why did I get a phone call on my cell from 231-937-6167 which comes up as FAMILY DOLLAR STORES INC near HOWARD CITY, MI ?

  • Im an employee at store 3940 and i have 1000s of photos from texts exposing corruption from the gm all the way up to regional managers. Im gonna sue this company for everything its worth. I sat and have texts that span over an hour of my gm lying to me in texts blaming me for somethinghe did. After i let him bury himself in lies i sent screenshots of texts he sent showing the truth. I contacted the district manager who then ignored me even after getting screenshots of texts full of lies. So i contacted regional manager who also refused to help with this corruption. I have so much evidence you all are screwed.

  • I have been to your store on East Colfax in Denver several times and have been treated quite rudely in that your employees don't seem to know how to treat people and I am treated as if I am a worthless "street person" and not as someone who has money to spend. Today I was stopped from going into the store because the staff wanted to search my backpack which was filled with prior purchases. You apparently do not want respectable people allowed into your store without treating them badly. I won't visit again.

  • THIS is what happens when the free market is ALLOWED to be swallowed up by big corp. EVERYTHING in the US is now owned by large Corp and they do NOT even pretend to gaf about customer service. Why? Because they don't HAVE to, they own the "competition" too. This is not an exaggeration this is life and shopping in the United States now. It's pathetic and disgusting. There are NO choices for anything.

    Having said that the stores in Columbus Ohio, particularly store 1159 on West Broad is one of the worst stores they have. Half the time they aren't even open. But guess what? Since it's the ONLY store around, they don't gaf if you can't shop during regular business hours or not. They don't CARE how many times you've dragged your young children out in the snow to find a locked store at 2:00 p.m.

  • 11/16/2020 Approx 11:00 am, I visited the Family Dollar store on Solano Street in Las Cruces, NM. I purchased several items, plus some Tussin Cough & Chest Congestion medicine to stock in my cubbard. The young, thin, short girl with glasses rung me up and I gladly paid for my items. I’d gotten outside the door and something about my packages seemed strange; the bag I had was so light in weight. I checked my bag to make sure I was given all the items I paid for. I noticed that my Tussin Cough medicine was missing. I walked back into the store and confronted the young girl. At first she tried to pretend she didn’t know what I was talking about. She then claimed she thought I told her I didn’t want the item. I told her I never told her that. She asked me if I had my receipt, of which I did and showed her the very item in question which was on my receipt. She literally bent down below and quickly pulled up the Tussin I had paid for and said again, ‘oh, I thought you didn’t want this item, my mistake’. My mistake ‘hell’, ‘you rung it up!’ She intentionally ran the same scam that I actually saw a lady from another Family Dollar store who was arguing with a Family Dollar worker about the worker keeping her purchased product and never putting it in her bag. People, people, please, be aware, this is what is now going on at Family Dollar. These workers are ringing your purchases up thinking you are not aware of what is going on. They’re taking YOUR purchases for themselves. Please take heed and review your items before either leaving the store or in your car before you leave the parking lot. Please check and make sure, also, that you are not being charged for things you did not purchase. She had MY item down below, she could very well have had other items she needed, tucked below, and could very well have charged them to my card. Please beware. These workers know exactly what they are doing. This… is really is happening. Please report these issues.


  • I just want to know what your policy is when it comes to your store closing? I ask this because the Family Dollar on Heiskell Ave. in Knoxville, Tennessee, has a worker stand outside the door at 8:30, rudely and disrespectfully telling your customers Family Dollar is about to close in 15 minutes. I'm confused, the sign on the door says 9, why is he being so rude and so dang disrespectful?
    This is the only store in our area that does this practice and again this worker is very rude and disrespectful. I can't stress that point enough. This is making people not wanting to shop there anymore. I mean, this worker is stopping people before we go in saying rudely and disrespectfully, "Hurry up we about to close" or at 8:45 locking the door not letting people in. He is very disrespectful and customers in this area are talking about boycotting your store. I mean, I can understand having someone standing at the door ready to lock it at 9. But this worker is standing outside rudely and disrespectfully rushing customers and locking the door before it's clearly time.
    Is this a Family Dollar practice? Or is this your policy and your employees are told to do things like this? Because if this is your policy, your customer service really really sucks. This needs to be fix immediately, or we will be forced to boycott your store.

  • family dollar in Forsyth, Missouri, 65653, has a dog in the store that comes up and sniffs you and your merchandise and a store employee, UNMASKED that comes right up to your face to chat. Never going in that dump again cause we have a civilized Dollar General in town.

  • Hello HeadQuaters of Family Dollars,

    I am writing to you for a complaint I have about one of your employees in the Wallingford, Connecticut Store. First of all I went to your store on 11/28/19 Thanksgiving day because the store clerk had charged two items on my receipt when I only purchased one item this occurred on Wednesday night 11/27/19. I was going there to get my cash back for their mistake. I spoke to a worker her name was Jodi that is what it had on her name tag and I explained what had happened and she returned my cash. Then she goes on to say that customer need to stay home and stop shopping on Thanksgiving because it was a holiday and we need to stay home with our DAMN families so she would not have to be working. She was very upset that myself and others were in her store. I usually spend roughly $30 plus every weekend at family dollars and was even going to buy some Aluminum pans that same day but after hearing her rant and swearing about how she didn't want us in her store I decided to leave the store and go elsewhere for my needs. My money can spend anywhere and I didn't feel I needed to be spoken to in that manner especially for family dollar mistake. Maybe she had not realized I had to drive 20 mins to come back to that store to get a refund of being double charged in the first place. If she is not happy with her job then perhaps she should quit because as a retail worker that goes with the territory. I used to be a retail worker and I had to work on holidays yet I did not treat my customer with such disrespect because I had to work. Almost every time I go in that store the worker Jodi has an attitude about something just seems to be a miserable person. I would appreciate someone speaking with her about her uncalled for attitude whether it be a CEO or high up manager because this type of behavior needs to be stopped fast. There was about 5 people in your store at the time she was flying off the handle and I am sure no one appreciated her type of behavior on Thanksgiving of all days. I love your stores but this particular store I am starting not to like the employees very much never friendly at all. Although I take that back there is an older gentleman there I think he is fairly new I have seen him now for about 6 months or so and he is always very friendly, says hello when you walk in the door just a very nice fellow now he should be the manager because that Jodi person is just plain RUDE.

    Mrs. Moore

  • every time u go into the store on N. Portland Ave. in Oklahoma City Ok. it smells like gasoline when asked about it
    manager say that nothing can be done except poor vinegar down the drains. it's a health hazard and needs fixed.

  • Family Dollar in Tarboro looks like a dump. New store in the past year but no one ever cuts the grass or picks up paper on the grounds. I know the company sets money for this chore. If I were family dollar I would be ashamed for my name to be on this store.

  • I am very very concerned about the Family Dollar Store in Rolla, North Dakota, we were there last night and it is awful, it is so dirty, and dusty and during the week a friend of mine came to get a bag of chips, she pulled out the chips and there was a mouse right behind it, she immediately went to the check out and told the checker this and she said oh we have lots of these mice in the store, now come on you cannot run a business like this, it never used to be this dirty and now even the individual m&m candies are just dusty, the furnace at times was not even working this winter and it was 45 degrees inside the store, please please come and check it out, send someone there to look and investigate.

  • The store in Rolla,ND is very dirty and unorganized, can not get around in the isles, have seen mice in the chips. It looks like the floor has not been swept in weeks.

  • East third street Dayton Ohio The employees are dating each other. the manager tells paying customers to leave the store or she will call police. something needs to be done quickly this store is unprofessional and rude. manager texts and calls employees all week to work because no one will. assistant managers should not be dating cashiers favoritism anyone

  • :
    Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2016 17:04:33 -0500

    Subject: Dissatisfied and Upset Customer

    I purchased a 7" Emerson Tablet from store 4775 in Houston Texas for a x-mas present for my son. I decided before I wrapped it that I would set it up and register it, I am so glad I attempted to do so, because this product is not worth selling in any store. It run so slow until I was not able to get pass the introduction page, I returned to the store and was told by the store manager that she received an e-mail from your corp office not to give refunds or exchange for this product opened or unopened boxes and she knew that the product was not a good product. I called your corp office on yesterday, was hung on by one of your agents after on hold for 40 minutes. I called back and was transferred to a supervisor’s voicemail that has not to this day returned my call. The problem I have is that my son will be very dis pointed for x-mas and I have a product that I paid 50.00 for that is no good.

    I shop at Family Dollar all the time, but this experience has caused me never shop there again and not to tell anyone else to. I want my money refunded and I will write whomever I need to, because your company is selling bad products and do not stand behind what you sell. Wal-Mart and Fry's give refunds; I wished I had gone there instead. I am very dis-pointed that this happen at Family Dollar.

    Shirley Spencer
    2608 Calumet St Apt 14
    Houston Texas 77004

    S spencer
    Attachments area

  • 900 southern blvd is horrible they always saying bad words in front of children they don't know how to talk to people one day something gonna happen to them keep it up

  • Ihave not heard a word from you all yet concerning I want another hearing without JOHN OR FARRAH having anything to do with it.Yes i can do that it is one of my disabilty rights and mental laws with people who have mental and disablities.Igo before the labor board this week .You better get all my papers right for the unemployment office and tax office.You and this company will have charges broyght against you all.I tried talking to you all but you hung up on me most of the time.Igo in front of the medicaid office about my bills and since i had that stroke any bill that got payed was by me while you was trying to put the bills on others.One last thing i talked to workmen composeitence i go see them next week so you better start from when i started working there to my last day there how much back 401k you owe me and for each one of my benefits like stock you are able to buy.Iam tired of talking to you and you not doing anything about it.From now on i want to speak directly to your boss or someone over you

  • My therapists and4 of my doctors said that you all have to make up for my 401k,health and wellness plan,You might not remeber about how many times i called to hr to see if you had finished the investigation.Of cource he dose not remeber but the right people i talked to today has all my paperwork from when i started to work there that i was never fired last year.The only person i need to a test to that is my Peer Support Worker.I You all don,t have my last yeartook him in the store just to see what kind of lier You do not you all are.He asked me she ain,t suppose to be working if you and her are in a investigation dispute he was talking about Sonya.YOU DO NOT HAVE ALL MY MY CHECK STUBS,OR THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF HOURS I WORKED.THIS STORE HAS CAUSED ME NOT TO TRUST A SINGLE THING THAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTHS.I CAN NOT DRAW MY UNEMPLOYMENT BECAUSE JOHN AND SONYA JUST THREW SOMETHING TOGETHER TO KEEP ME FROM REMINDING THEM THAT THEY ALREADY CAUSED ME TO MISS OUT ON MY TAXES BECAUSE THEY DID NOT HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OFFICE. OF MONEY WROTE DOWN THAT THE UNEMPLOYMENT.FOR THE MISSED TIME YOU HAD ME OUT OF WORK LAST YEAR AND THIS YEAR I WAITED FROM JUNE TO AUGUST TO GET A LETTER BACK SAYING HE FOLLOWED EVRRYTHING RIGHT.IF THAT IS WHAT BELIEVE THEN YOU ALL NEED TO COME OUT OF THOSE HIGH PAYING JOBS AND GO THROUGH TRAINNG AGAIN.BUT WHATS GOING TO DECIDE THIS FOR ME IS MY MENTAL STATE OF MIND

  • I think that if you go to a store and spend your money and cant use the cart to carry your items to your car is ridiculous . to leave some of your items in the door and go to your car and come back in the store for your other items maybe they are still there, that's ignorant on the stores part. but the store don't care they have their money get the items you just paid for out to the car the best way you can.

  • I was an employee of this company for over 3 years I had to put up with a manager that is rude uneducated in how you treat employees talks bad about all the employees no matter how many times I talk to the DM he did nothing I am also owed money from this company for travel pay and bonus pay that Rick Guy told me I would get for being Mgr. at another Store in Ne. until a new 1 was hired an trained this isn't a good company to work for nor spend your money at. As for all these complaints about these Mgrs that are at 98% it must be what they want because believe me they seem to prefer them to people who treat customers right, and works with other team members as a real team. I have gone to the Dept Of Labor because I worked my rear end off for this company and I want my money. HAPPY DAY TO ALL I SAY FIND A DIFFERENT STORE TO SHOP AT IF POSSIBLE TO AVOID ALL THE RUDENESS

  • I can't stand the store at 631 Peters Creek Parkway in Winston Salem NC. The 2 white men in the store are the rudest I have ever seen. They didn't honor the chocolate sale. Then I went to the store at 3195 Peters Creek Parkway where they did. I hope to see a better store when the new one opens at the intersection of Broad St. and Acadia Ave. Although it is not as close to shop, I hope it will be an improvement, and I hope you don't transfer those 2 men there.

  • I would like to make a formal complaint of the Family Dollar, store number 6030, located on 2045 Donald Lee Hollowell pkwy, Atlanta, GA. As a potential employee of Family Dollar, I am very disappointed in this location. I was contacted on 12/02/15 @ 4pm by a gentleman with the initials D.L. and clearly said, " I understand you put in an application for the Assistant Manager position?". I responded, "that is correct". we then set up an interview for Friday, 12/04/15 @ 9:45am. When I arrive to the interview by cab, this gentleman started interviewing me. I, then confirmed that I was there to interview for the Assistant Manager position. He replied that, that information was not in his notes. I asked him if he was the man that called me to schedule the interview and replied, "yes". Then he stated that the questioning had to change because he was prepared to interview for Customer Service Rep. He then cut the interview short and told me that if all goes well, the Manager named Willard would like to see me. I was contacted on Saturday, 12/05/15 at 6:30pm by the same gentleman asking me if I could go in to speak to the manager at 1pm on Sunday, 12/06/15. Once again I took a cab to go to the interview and I arrived to the store 20 minutes early. The store was a mad house so sense in organization. The Manager Willard was at the register assisting another cashier. After waiting an hour, Willard finally comes up to me and tells me that someone called out and that he will be with me as soon as he could. There was another young lady, who was there before me and was waiting just about the same time, a man walked in asking for a job, and Willard took a break from the register and escorted this man to the office. Clearly the man came after me and the young lady. I again waited patiently, the young lady told Willard that she had to leave and so she left, the man also left after coming out of the office. I waited another 2 and a half hours. and finally Willard comes up to me and asks me, why am I there? I reaerated why I was there. Clearly there isn't clear communication between the current Assistant Manager and the Manager. He then asked me if I could go today, 12/07/15 @ 11am. I again took a cab and waited 45 minutes before being seen. Again he asked me why I was there, and again I explained.

    I was first contacted because of this position, and I clearly have the experience. After sitting with him and listening to his experience with Family Dollar he then told me that he would rather hire internally rather than outside help. And that he would feel more comfortable hiring me for Customer Service Rep. He then asked me, "As far as Salary, how much are you asking?". I responded, "$10.00 an hour". He told me that he would only feel comfortable paying me $8.75. I clearly have well over 15 years in retail experience and to be offered $8.75 is a slap in the face. And the offer wasn't a definite one, he ended the conversation with. "If I don't get back to you by Wednesday, 12/09/15, call D.L. and he should have all the information for you. Not only was this a waste of time, but this was a waste of money. And now I have to call them back on Wednesday to see if I have a job? I was looking forward to working with Family Dollar but if this how your store Managers and Assistant Managers treat potential employees and future applicants, I don't want to be any part of the Family Dollar family.

    Completely Disappointed in this Company.


  • the manager in the Rennselaer, Indiana store is mean rude hateful and lazy she will not help anyone she stands at the front door and screams to the customer where something is located in the store why doesn't the district manager do something about this on going issue this is ridiculous behavior and totally unacceptable I am wondering if corporate management is afraid of her


  • I am really getting tired of being denied red tag clearance because it rings up a penny and they will not follow the memo and mark it up to 5cents as stated to do. I have been treated poorly and watched a MANAGER take my item and throw it into the GARBAGE CAN! I have had issues at 3 stores and have been denied buying 15 clearance items! THIS IS BS!~ LOOK FOR THE BBB CLAIM I FILED. I DONT WANT TO EVEN SHOP AT FAMILY DOLLAR ANYMORE!

  • I am a customer of the Family Dollar store located on 4748 W.Fullerton Chicago,Illinois.The last couple of times I have been shopping this past month,has been a horrible exerience! The store has been without air conditioning with the weather being over 85 and 90 degrees.I along with many customers have complained about this and the personnel keep saying that they are waiting for corporate to send out technicians to fix this problem. If it is unbareable for the customers,imagine how terrible it should be for the staff that have to work all day in such conditions! The store # 5539. Thank You Very Much For You Attention To This Matter! 🙁

  • I have worked as a manager in 2 stores and asked for a transfer out of state and my husband also was a manager ,funny how only our dm made sure my husband got a job but not me.I wish to have all the info that FRAMKIE BURFORD AND DAVID MCDONALD gave to dm's here in florida I feel since it's been a year and no one every time I apply hasn't called me .I know I am rehireable I had a manger pull app to see.I feel I have been slandered by this man whom was fired and is with DOLLAR GENERAL now.LONNIE MC CAFY knows my record and I have all my paper work of each inventory and pay raises.It would be wise to fix this mess this non trained dm did to my career .LISA MCSHEEHY ID # 160803 THERE HAS BEEN PLENTY OPENING FOR A MANAGER IN THIS AREA

  • I am an employee at store 8311. And up till a few days ago I was happy to work there. But now its all drama from one person. Her name is martha henderson assistant manager. She is very rude with customers and co workers. Freaks out over every little thing. Cusses loudly. Doesn't let anyone count or close their own till. And she talks bad about everybody including store manager. Leaves the store unattended. Does not do her part in recoving the store. She refuses to sell alcohol. Cause she thinks she needs a tabc license. Which u don't. Just the store does. I have tryed to tell the store manager but she doesn't want to believe. It. The store would be a lot better place to work if she was removed. Employees would be happy I know. I hear complaints about all the time. Customers not happy with her either. Please look into this. I want to stay there. I enjoy what I do.

  • I recently was hired at the location in Roseville,MI on 13 mile and Little mack about 2 weeks ago and started my training this week. I was surprised at how unorganized the store manager was, but when I met her in the interview she was nice. Then she turned into listening to what other asst.managers were saying about me she never got my side of the story and just assumed what they said were true. These asst.managers never had a chance to know me and never even tried..they weren't helpful at all either. I never had this happened to me in my life of working in retail. I was pretty upset and I see why this location is closing for good now. I never really understood why the store mgr hired me in the first place she knew i was never going to be transferred to another location. They just used me and that's not right nor is it a good look on Family Dollar. I dont think the asst managers of this store Amanda or Lashandra should be asst.mgrs they didnt help me nor made me feel like I was a part of a team the week i was there. And the store mgr Debbie her approach of letting me go was very unprofessional. These individuals do not deserve to work at another Family Dollar if they treat their employees as such. Im highly upset and makes me look at Family Dollar in a whole different light now
    . Also, this location is very dirty and nasty I wouldnt buy any food products there.

  • The family dollars on Baxter street in Athens ga supposed to be open up at 9:00am and I be standing there waiting for 30 mins and no one there to let me end. I then seen at 10 people come and go because they are not open. I even seen a employee that work there waiting to get in cuz she don't have a key to open the door, she been standing outside waiting to. This just dont make no sense n I'm highgly upset now I gotta go all the cross town

  • Melissa (manager) is one of the best Managers the Family Dollar in Hugo,Oklahoma ever had. Good job on training your store Managers.

  • I think it is crazy when the weather is bad and roads are bad and all the other stores around are closed Family Dollar makes there employees come out and open a store. it puts them at risk and other people to I mean come on if there is only 3 other stores open why risk your employees life and make them come out and open a store. why not just stay closed and open another day. One day of closing isn't going to hurt. Not like your going to get anyone anyways. To me its not worth opening the door and wasting the power over these bad nasty roads…

  • I think it is a shame that in New Bedford Ma that you are making your employees go into work when a blizzard is starting. I am sure that if the main office was in this area all you associates would be heading home early so that you can arrive home safe!!! A blizzard warning is now in effect and asked that only medical personnel be out on the roads. I have contacted the Family Dollar stores in this area and all state that they will be open until normal closing time at 10pm. Way to go Family Dollar for your lack of concern for your employee's safety!!!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves and hope to god that no one is injured due to your greedy practices.

  • I tried to shop at your store # 00593 and had a coupon for pepsi or dr pepper products 12 packs for $2.75 limit 4 items per coupon per visit.The people ya'll have working there would not sell them to me for the coupon price because their sell paper didn't have the coupon in it. So I think ya'll need to inform the employees of the sells and coupons you publish for the customers. The workers had trouble understanding a coupon and what it reads. it upset me so much but I went to Wal-Mart with the coupon and had no problems using it there

  • recently i visited your store located in corpus christi tx store # 10053 Horne road. i own a shop very close by and visit cause of convinence not cause your store is the greatest. you have the worst store emplyees at this store. last week was the last draw. every time i enter the store the music that your employees have playing is very loud sounds like a night club in there. no respect for the paying customers that if we would not go to your store they would not have a job. customers are their pay check. do they not know that ? your manager has always been rude. doesnt say thank you or have a nice day. well i was there last week with my son. who by the way has a disability. he needed to purchase some body wash. by the way the body wash is located on the same isle that the darn loud radio is always playing. my son could not make his dicision because of the loud radio playin. so i asked one of your employees if she could turn it down the radio just a bit cause he has a mental disibility could not concentrate for his purchase. well your employee said no cause your manager would not let them touch the radio. never the less my son stood in that i isle for about 30 to 45 minutes while your employee just watch him from the end of the isle like if he was going to steel something. and yes i did try and help my son on is dicision but did not want my help. i made my purchase and dropped it in my car and returned to front of store. i was at the front of the store waiting for my son the whole time. i have entered a complaint and no one has got back to me. left several messages still no one has returned my call. i will be sure to tell my family and friends not to shop at your store cause no one from family dollar has respect for the disabled. or concern for thier customers……shame on you family dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am a regular at the newly opened Family Dollar in Thonotassasa Florida on Williams Road. When I saw it was opening I was pleased as my family lives nearby. The first crew that opened the store was fantastic, it was the cleanest and friendliest place to shop compared to some other stores I have shopped. However, I am prompted now to comment here because of what I have seen and heard over the past month or so at this particular location. The staff has completely changed and the quality of service has certainly deteriorated. What is particularly disturbing is the fact that I have witnessed theft by an employee of the store. Certainly not my business so I did not get involved. After getting to know the current manager of the store (Heather) I thought she was a pleasant young lady. We had several conversations and chat whenever I am in the store and she is working. During our discussions she became aware of my recent neck injury and the fact I take medication to manage my pain. This brings me to the reason for this comment. She subtlely mentioned on one occasion that she would be willing to "trade" for some of my medication. I kindly changed the subject, finished shopping and did not think much of it again till today. While stopping at the store for some cleaning supplies I was speaking with Heather again and she ask if I considered what she said to me earlier. I ask what she meant she said that I could shop for what I need in exchange for some of my prescriptions. I causally brushed it off and left. I contacted a corporate office was put on hold and never spoken too so I decided to put it here, for all to see. After seeing the prior employee I put two and two together and now I see what is going on but how can the Family dollar bosses not realize something like this and how can it continue. I am considering contacting law enforcement because that is how offended I feel after being a loyal customer at that store and the company for years. I now have to drive further to the next Family Dollar to shop and even stop in at a competitor every now and then. I think a buy out of this company would be the best thing and bring in fresh management. Yours truly. offended


  • I visited the Family Dollar Store in Lindenhurst, NY, store# 02449, the price on the shelf was right under the merchandise that I was going to purchase which was $3.25 for one item, when the cashier asked the manager how much the item was, the rude manager came over and said it's $5.50 for two,I advised her that there were several single items with a price of $3.25 on the shelf right under the merchandise, she said it's $5.50 and walked away, she didn't even try to assist any further,the cashier proceeded to charge me $5.50 without asking if I still wanted the merchandise, I had to tell her to remove it from the my bill…..what a sad place to shop. I don't even shop there on a regular, maybe once in a blue moon but I won't be shopping there anymore, ever. And I will be spreading the word not to shop there because the people are so rude. All of their managers, assistant managers, and cashiers need to be trained on Customer Service Etiquette.

  • Today June 6, 2014, I went to the Family Dollar in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. I don't usually shop there (no particular reason why I don't), but I was looking for several items that other places had but were higher and I had seen the ad and items were cheaper. So chose to go for specific items plus my weekly necessities. This trip failed greatly because I couldn't finish my shopping due to the air conditioner was not working. Note it was 80*+ outside at about 4:45 pm. It was so miserably hot inside the building that I had to put my hair up in ponytail, I was sweating terrible, just dripping sweat, there was no air movement what so ever in there. I told a clerk that ended being the manager I believe that I was going to have a heat stroke due to being so hot in there. She replied I'm really sorry about it being hot but our air isn't working, so she apologized again and I said I sure hope someone one comes soon to fix it, and she said well I'm not sure when it will happen, they have been notified of it though. I said you and other employees have got to be miserable trying to do your job under these conditions, because its hotter in here than outside right now, and it's hard I'm sure to even want to stock shelves, and due your daily routine, cause its just so hot in here you don't want to move. I said its not fair for the employees to have deal with these conditions and if that's not enough for them to hurry to fix it then they need to respect there customers feelings as its not a place I'd want to shop knowing that the person in charge is not doing there best to get someone to come fix it. A customer should not have to suffer the heat on the inside of a building that should be a sigh of relief from the outside heat. At this moment right now I'm very frustrated that anyone has to come in here and burn up while shopping, especially knowing that its been noted to the higher up and its still not fixed. I have a lot more shopping I need to do but I'm sorry I cant continue under the circumstances. It's sad that the very few times I decide to shop here and I cant finish getting what I came for because the company obviously doesn't care that's it's hotter in here than outside right now. This problem should have been taken care of immediately if not for your employees (which it should be top priority to make sure employees can do there job to standards they were hired to do), but how can you when your spending your time wiping off sweat and it can make you so uncomfortable even irritable to deal with no air movement and heat. I'm sorry that you have to suffer with this but I don't and can't so I'm getting whats in my cart and leaving and I would like your corporate office phone number please because I will call to complain, on the behalf of you and your employees and other customers. You and your staff are still working as if there is no problem, and all have been so nice and polite and I hate that its so miserable on all of you trying to do your job. I hope for all, that this issue is taken care of immediately.

    To Whom it May Concern,
    You have been notified of the air conditioning not working at your Mt. Vernon, Illinois store, so I ask what is the hold up of not getting this taken care of ASAP? I'm just a concerned customer that wasn't able to continue my shopping and giving your store my money due to the extremely hot and uncomfortable conditions of the store. I hope that this problem takes top priority to getting resolved immediately. Because I'm sure I'm not the only person that walks out of your store unhappy. And a unhappy customer is definately not good business on your behalf. And I'm sure if the tables were turned the issue at hand probably would be taken care of immediately due to the temperatures outside. I'm just asking to please get this taken care of for everyone affected.
    Thanks for your time

  • Several times I have been in the Family Dollar in Clayton N.M. and have noticed the manager doesnt have a problem in saying things to her employees in front of customers, if the employee isnt doing something right the manager has no business in getting on the employee in front of
    customers,that needs to be done in private, not humiliating the employee in front of customers, this is so rude and very unprofessional in this type od business, this manager needs to get her mind in order and not talk about employees.

  • The store manager Crystal Sullivan at #08181 in Magdalena, NM is very rude and disrespectful towards the customers, as well as the employees.
    I have witnessed the rudeness onlre than one occasion. The employees are very unhappy and feel she is unfair towards them.

  • The family dollar in Houston, TX on airline and west rd (11046 airline) is ghetto, messy, unprofessional and never open on time or until 10pm like they're sign states. Open from 8am-10pm. I had an instance a couple weeks ago, I was up at the cash register paying for my stuff, when I forgot to pick up vitamin c drops, so I ask an employee who was just sitting there on her butt, waiting for me to leave so she can lock the door at around 9pm, I ask her if they had any vitamin c drops, she said with attitude, idk idc you can go check overthere, we might, might not, idc im quitting here in a couple days and her co worker at the cash register who rings me up just laughs and shrugs ger shoulders ……today(2-17-2014) at 836pm I show up at family dollar to buy some juice and the doors were locked with a customer waiting….so I look through the glass and witness a customer at the cash register paying for her stuff. So I sit and wait until they're done knowing that the employee has to let the customer out …once the employee opens the door, I quickly ask " yall closed?"..she responds "yes"" …I state "dont yall close at 10pm, thats what your sign reads" ..she says " we're closed" ..and rudely.shuts the door .. like 3seconds later or so she reopened the door and asked " are yall going to get anything" ..while walking in I responded being a smartass "Nah im just looking" …so she grabbed my arm while I walked in, as too playfully jokingly hold me from walking in the store and then let go, which was wierd and uncomfortable…then.while i was l in store I was called a bad customer because I was at the cash register waiting and didnt get any of the employee s attention to let them know i was at the cash register waiting to be checked out….they were to busy trying restock and clean so they could hurry up and leave before 10pm probly…please show your employees howto be professional, curteous, respectful and helpful… day something will happen as far as buisness, profit, etc….just fix yall issues hire ppl who dnt hate theyre jobs and take pride and joy in helping the customer

  • December 26, 2013. Family Dollar store at Walnut Creek shopping center, Poole Rd, Raleigh, NC. Around 3:30 p.m. I have been a regular customer of this store since it opened maybe 20 years ago.Unfortunately, I have had a pinched nerve in my back since April, and have been unable to visit the store due to no wheelchairs. Yesterday I decided to use my walker to get to the door and ask to leave it at the front of store while trying to use a shopping cart to get around the store. The manager on duty told me I could not leave my walker behind the counter, but could place it by the door. I asked, "But it might get stolen." Manager stated that it would not be the store's responsibility if it got stolen, and there was no place she would allow me to leave it near the cashiers. Attitude was extremely nasty, and totally unaccommodating for a handicapped customer. After I left the store, I realized that if she was truly there to build a strong customer base, she could have had me put the walker somewhere else (even in the back). A smile, a pleasant attitude, and a willingness to help would have kept me from buying my products from the Food Lion next door. Even though you don't have wheelchairs, I am sure you know that you can't keep customers with this poor service. This young woman has no business being the face your customers see in this store.
    I look forward to receiving a timely response from you about this incicent.


  • There are a lot of amazing people working for the company. I was there until about 5 months ago. Always had compliments from my customers, and I loved seeing them on a regular basis. (I'm 22 years young btw.) The problem is that the company puts the wrong people in charge. I used to stay 3 hours past my shift, or until 1am just to get that store in shape. I loved my customers, and prided myself on sticking up for my team. When my store needed a new manager, they put someone in charge without training, no customer skills what so ever, and treats his help like dirt. I got out fast. The rest of the team is trying to run, and one is looking to sue. Theft has greatly increased in that store since he came on, yet the company investigates the people that have been there for ages and helped reduce shrink, rather than the new guy. Customer complaints have gone through the roof, yet it's never his fault. That's who the company puts in charge. And the lowly cashiers and assistant managers that try really hard are overlooked

  • I went to the Family Dollar store in Trumann, Arkansas today at 12:20 p.m. the doors were locked with a sign on the door stating that they had went to the bathroom. I bet they were still on the clock and getting paid. Do you not put bathrooms in the stores? I think its ridiculous that the doors are locked in the middle of the day, is business so good that you can just close up in the middle of the day. I took my business to the Dollar General store.

    • i am a former employee of a family dollar and a lot of the stores ive seen including the one i worked at only had 1 person on duty until mid afternoon(3ish) so if you wanted to use the restroom the only way you could was to lock the door and run to the restroom. it has turned into a sad sad company. i was an asst mgr for 6 years and watched the company go down hill. no wonder they are now closing so many stores.

  • I just called one of your locations in McOonough, GA asking what time they close tonight and the employee that answered the phone was a smart aleck to me and refused to check on the availability of an item. I do not appreciate her attitude and if you wont do something about this employee Ill take my business elsewhere to someone who wants and aporeciates it
    Jennifer Coward

  • I am writing to complain about the Family Dollar store on broadway in garland,texas I recently went in to shop there as I normally do most every week. When I noticed that they are now selling cigarettes, Now I dont smoke and am well over the age needed to purchase them, but when I ask for a pack the cashier ask for my ID which I didnt have with me because my purse had been stolen a few weeks earlier. So I told her I didnt have ID but that I am a senior citizen as she could tell . Her reply was that she had to obey the law!!! What Law ???? Excuse me if I am wrong but there is no law that says you have to card senior citizens for cigarettes!!!! This made so mad and caused me to have to make another stop on my way home and by the way they had no problem selling me the cigarettes without ID. Are the people you hire so stupid that they can't tell when someone is about 3 times older than the required age to purchase them.??? If so you need to take another look at your employees and maybe raise your standards some. Not only did she cost you a sell but I will not be shopping there again , as dollar general is right across the road and I have no problems there. You really need to spend some time to teach your employees how to be professional and how to make a executive decision.

    • sorry, but it IS the law to ask to see your id no matter how old you are. the employee was only doing their job –

  • I wanna complain about store 10249 in Harpursville Ny you have the rudest manager working there! AND THE LAZIEST !!all she does is either sit in her car and smoke or talks and leaves the workers alone and the customers have to come and get her to help out,I was in the store when she has yelled at another customer and made her go out of the store crying!! what kinda of store is that?or should I say what kind of manager have you guys working for you? Not only that the district manager Jill the one thats on voice mail is very rude and has an attitude also,there has been so many complaints to that store i have heard and nothing is getting done so I guess the next step is you guys will be losing busisness cause no one will wanna go in to a place that someone is treating them like crap,I have always been told customers always come first and customers are also right.I also know they lost a dam good worker cause the manager is so lazy she didnt wanna work so she fired that employee,yes fired her!! she didnt walk out like the manager has been telling everyone, something should be done or u will lose alot of customers.

  • The store manager at Family Dollar on Driving Park store number 5527 is switching the hours around and they have no means of knowing if you are available to work that day. They don't let you approve that you caan work that day, have child care for that day or transportation for that day. The problem with that is people show up to work at the time that they were scheduled to work and they find out that the schedule was changed to meet another employees needs. They don't manage the store well and they have some of the rudest employees there that they just warn that they are going to write up. Someone needs to put a stop to the horrible management that is going on at that store because the store is falling apart also they are going to start losing employees behind that actions that they are making.

  • I am 38yrs old and this is my first time ever submitting a complaint on someone for their actions. I know finding and maintaining jobs today are extremely hard due to businesses closing and our distressed economy, however I do feel that if your job deals with the public you must be able to communicate and present yourself friendly along with being helpful at all times. I know this is true because of the line of work that I do. On February the 24th 2013, which was on a Sunday evening about 4:30pm. I entered the Family Dollar located at 4330 Winchester Ave. Memphis, Tn. 38118, store#5671. Once I found the item of purchase(a birthday card) I patiently waited to make my purchase. I did have a large bill($100), so I asked the cashier, Sharee if I could make the purchase with the large bill. She then asked the Assistant Manager Deshun. She did have change for the $100 dollar bill. Now this was the first insulting action from the assistant manager…#1. She said that she was tired of folks coming into the store with their INCOME TAX money and that they should know that we don't have change all the time. This was very loud and not professional at all, in fact very insulting. The cashier Ms. Sharee stated that she was probably in trouble for asking could she change out the $100 dollar bill. I told her that she had done nothing wrong. This is the next issue the assistant manager displayed… #2. She yells at the cashier, you should have told him NO from the beginning. Then she went on to give me the change for the $100 dollar bill in 20's which was fine. This is what really caused me to make this complaint was when she denied my purchase because she wanted me to use a smaller bill than a twenty that she gave me from changing out my $100 dollar bill. This was so inappropriate. After my time was wasted listening to her rudeness, I was still unable to make a purchase. The assistant manager Ms. Deshun denied my purchase. I was able to speak with the Manager Ms. Ashley, she was outside the store at the time of the incident. I then told her what had taken place and that the cashier had nothing to do with the issues of her assistant manager, and that the assistant manager was very rude, impolite and displayed a high level of unprofessional behavior..

  • The Family Dollar at 8649 West 95th Street Hickory Hills, IL #8284 phone number 708 598-3195. M 18 yr old daughter and her boyfriend and another friend (male) went into the store. My daughter tried on a hat and it didnt fit so she threw it bk on the shelf. They proceeded getting things they wanted and went to the counter. As they were paying for their things were asked my the cashier "weres the hat?" My daughter said in the back of the store. The cashier told her to go get it. My daughters boyfriend went to the back and as he was going the cashier followed behind him. He gave her the hat. She was accused of taking a six dollar hat. The people you hire at theese stores are very unprofessional. My daughter and her friends are black and in a white neighborhood. They were profiled and picked out of a store of about 10-15 customers all white. I believe you all need to get it together because I called and asked for a manager and an associate hung up on me. It was probably her. If you all dont fix this problem I will file a lawsuit. Im sick of theese small time stores taking advantage and being rude to people. Just because they are black dosent mean they steal.

  • The family dollar location in quincy massachusetts has a very unprofessional manager and supervisor. Rude and sketchy towards females.

  • Family dollar on queen city dr. In cumberland is my favor place to shop i absolutely love the store no person is perfect but when walk in im only greeted by certain people n others that glance n dont say a word n same goes for helpn me when i need it. I always pay attention to the name badges so i remember who helps me to thk. Them by name it to me makes appreciation show from both sides. There are things im not to happy about n ive shopped there since they opened that store. I was in there this morning n the manager was working i witnessed her talking about one of the employees to another customer ok the roads covered with snow everywhere n she said 3 people we not going to be able to come into work but she was talking so mean about one of them if 3 of them werent to come in y is she talking about one women n over the past few months i have heard conversations i as a customer shouldnt have had to hear out where im shopping . Incase anyone ever visits there if u ever need assistance i can say the best to ask bethany crystal brenda these girls are absolutly great with me n ive seen them great with other customers as well especially crystal and bethany i dt understand over the last times ive been hearing her conversayions y is she talkn about her employees that way she is she is the manager and she does not do the great job she does not by far she has walked past me without a word when ive asked for help from the manager acts like im bothering her n the tone of voice she has answered me n ive watched her do noth. Plenty of visits to the store while im seeing the employees busting there hinny my point is y do they have a manager like this if a complaint was filed on a cashier employee something would probley be done y is the company not paying attention to the head manager n what they do n dont do

  • the family dollar store on line st in eston pa,has a very disrepectfull,cashier there who does not want to work refused to open the register to help get the line down,was complaining why are these people coming in here on thanksgiving day.Is rude to the customers,and frankly in my opinion shouls have been fired on the spot.what is going on with your stores these days???

  • What in the world as happened to the Family Dollar Store at the corner of 138 and Tara Blvd in Jonesboro. The new manager and new employees are loud and unprofessional usually on their cell phones having personal conversations for the whole store to hear. Manager very rude and not professional at all to the customers, always seems to be mad at the world. I see this store losing business to the point of probably shutting down in the near future.

    Former Customer

  • ok so i went to family dollar in rocky ford co. there was this ganster lady who came in and left the cashiers were talking amongst themselves saying she stole something huh? the other Felina said I am not telling her ANYTHING shes scary she will beat me up and laughed. this is very sad no matter who the person is they shudnt be able to steal with no cause!

  • The Family Dollar in Rocky Ford CO the guy "Gabriel" told me when i paid with foodstamps "wow foodstamps huh?! dont you make enough money where you work to not be on that?!" there were other customers around.. very embarrising! and the manager didnt and wont tell him anything but the manager is always messing around laughing with him so of course she wont tell him anything! something needs to be done to this store!! help!

  • We live in Sandersville, Ga. We had a Great Family Dollar.Everyone was friendly and personal.. We go alot because we buy our supplies there..
    Thank God for Virgina who still works there. She is the best…..
    For some reason they have changed managers and staff. My husband came out of Family Dollar..He was upset.He almost fell in store..He said..They have have to ruined this store.
    CORPORATE YOU need to address these issues…My next step will be to call you…


  • Dear Family Dollar HQ,

    I thought you might be interested in one of your District managers.

    I had a scheduled interview at 12:00pm on June 11th for a Store Managers position at 4022 Chapman Hwy. Knoxville Tn.

    The DM "Billy"was contacted by the store manager at 1150am stating I was waiting, needless to say Billy had forgotten the interview.

    He told the store manager he would call me and reschedule in an hour.

    At 6:00pm he had not called me yet so I decided to call him (334) 301-6221.

    He told me to meet him at the same location at 11:00am.

    Well……………Billy never made it or called.

    The store manager called him again and was told he was on his way.

    After waiting another hour I left at 12:15pm.

    Billy has never made contact with me since.

    Needless to say his actions reflect a very poorly run organization

  • Was wondering why the Family Dollar in Ashland,Va. & Bowling Green, VA. and the one near 360 Mechanicsville stopped carrying FP Chocloate fill mints 70z. 12-14068?
    It hasn't been in any of the stores for months!

  • I have worked for family dollar for a long time now and i have to say i have never worked for a company so unorganized and so rude. The district managers are rude and lack the people skills to deal with other employee's. There is no training althought you prvide it.But yet alot of emloyees dont get trained. There is never enough hours to go around and store managers are not trained or overwelmed. They are required to work 52 hours a week and they find themselves working 60-70 hours .This company needs to realize that th they are killing their employee's and are leaving the other half to learn as they go.(sink or swim)You have many great employee's but you put in power the people that dont care and just want a paycheck.I hope u will read this and understand that i am not trying to say that yr company is a horrible one . This company has lot of great oppertunities but its takeing a route that will not get them there.I use to enjoy my job very much and loved working for family dollar but i have seen the ugly side and was disapointed and very sad that acompany that advertises family and teamwork really dosent care about the message. If i were u guys i would seriouly look at the people you have repesenting your company and see why are your employees so unhappy,why do you have so many customer complaints and all the same complaints. I am the typ of person that belives that things can happen. BUT… the orders have to come from you people and the investers.Its their money that is at stake. I would think they would want this company to be great, to take this company to the next level.I probly will not be with your company ver much longer so thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for having me as part of the family dollar family.

    • i have contacted corporate about the store in balto, md over 15 times, thet are rude and THEY CLOSE THE STORE WHENEVER THEY WNT. nothing is being done

  • one of my family members went into the family dollar store on north ave in athens ga and on of the employeers went up to them and started telling them lies about me. I think that this is harrasment on my part and harrasment on my family members part to and also it is still considered harrassing me through third party. when i called the store to get the number to make a complant the manager that i talked to told me that he was going to speak to the assistant manager that done this and he called her at home and told her what i said and who made the complant against her and nothing was ever done about it. I think that he should spoke to her about what she did but instead what he did is like they are trying to cover each others butts for when thedy do something wrong so that they dont get in trouble….

  • i was at a family dollars in kansas ciy mo april 16,2012 i purchase some things which came at a total of 5.00 april 17th was at home my cell text me to say my credit card was use at the same family dollar that i was the day before with one purchase of no more than 5.oo and stated it also had been use to pay a cell phone bill but me and credit card was home dind leave the house.i did call the bank amount the amount it still pending has been taken out of my account i will file a claim find out who used it who use it than go from there.

  • I think Kathy Lefleur, the store manager for store #04447 may have violated my boyfriend civil rights. The DM, Mr. Matt did not even investigate the matter. I contacted the ACLU, maybe he will listen when we go to court

  • Ms cythia at store 6611 is so rude an nasty to the point that something need to b done because I live n the area an thats the only store for me

  • The Family Dollar store in Houston ,Tx Store # 8210 is never open on time the employees make you wait ouside untill they are ready to let you in the store is scheduled to open at 8:00 am I went there today it was 8:23 and the store still was not open the Employee said we had to wait ten more minutes. They don't need a job if they can't open the store on time.

    • The store in evergreen, Montana is always dirty. The people that work there are rude. When your standing outside the entrance its dirty. These people don't care what there store looks like.

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