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Comfort Suites Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Comfort Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

Choice Hotels International, Inc.

Comfort Suites Official Corporate Address:

Choice Hotels International, Inc.
10750 Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20901 USAA
Email Help & Chat: Contact Page
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-592-5000
Fax Number: 1-301-592-6157
Customer Support: 1-877-424-6423

Comfort Suites Company Profile and Bio:

Comfort Suites is part of Choice Hotels International. The Comfort Suites corporate office is located in Silver Spring Maryland. The phone number for the Comfort Suites corporate office is 1-301-592-5000.

Comfort Suites specializes in mid-priced hotels located in the United States. Comfort Suite’s competitors include Holiday Inn Express, Marriott, Hilton, and LaQuinta.

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  1. Boycott this hotel! I will be posting this on Facebook as I am shocked by this hotel! THEY ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF UKRAINIAN REFUGEES LEGALLY WORKING HERE! Farmington hills used crystal clean cleaning at two point, they have several employees from Ukraine owned $700 plus for cleaning and have not been paid, this goes back to February! Do not stay here! This company takes advantage of immigrants!

  2. Never! Never! Never! Stay at EconoLodge Inns & Suites -715 Highway 6 – South (Energy Cooridor) Houston, Tx.

    Hotel Desk Clerk assaulted me with baseball Bat and tried to extort me out of additional money to get me to pay their local rate (2x+ more) at time of check-in. Only because I requested 10 more minutes in order to check-in because I was on business call after traveling 1,700+ miles from home. I had only been at location for 10 mins. I’m an American With Mobility Disability(ADA). Very senseless act, and clearly for nothing I could have caused to warrant such a vicious attack. I believe it was racially motivated!!!! I ended up in ER and transported via paramedics. Trust I cancelled my 1 week reservation. Warning to whomever, never even make reservation.
    To make matters worse I contacted Corporate Owners Office and all they would do is to document date of assault and say it would never happen again. Who does that?
    I gave you’ll oppty. To remedy this amicably and it seems you rather me go public and handle this matter civilly. It’s sad to say your Ownership supports such horrible conditions by other complaints and even physical injuries as well.

  3. I had a reservation at your hotel 4721 Market Street
    Wilmington, NC 28405 for 4-21-23 to 4-23-2023. On 4-22-2023. My lady and I left the hotel to get some lunch. When we got back to the hotel, I realized I didn’t have my room key. I went to the front desk to request a new one. At this time (Beth) supposedly the manager, who was very unprofessional and rude said that my card was declined and she needed another card on file to charge me a 250.00 ‘smoking fee’ which is absurd. She claimed that my room smelled like cigarette smoke which is a false accusation, especially considering I don’t even smoke cigarettes.

    When I told Beth that I didn’t have another card to use said we had 15 minutes to evacuate the premises and that she would call the cops if we did not hurry up. Another worker stood in our doorway watching us while we packed up our room. The entire time, she was making unnecessary comments while we were packing and said she was calling the cops because we were taking too long. Beth even made a comment saying “you’re lucky I’m giving you 15 minutes.” There were three employees that walked up and down the hallway looking into our room, making nasty comments. They ended up calling the police. The police said that we could take our time packing up but Beth made it clear that she didn’t care what the police said and we still need to leave NOW. We had a ton of clothes, snacks, food and drinks to pack up which required multiple trips to the car.

    I feel like we were bullied out of our room and false statements and accusations were made to get us to leave. We were harassed and the way that we were treated was horrific and very uncomfortable. I am a black man who works hard for my money and couldn’t even enjoy my vacation because of your staff. Once your staff saw that my woman was white, they instantly started to treat me differently. Their whole attitude with me was nasty as if they were bothered by it. When we walked outside to leave Beth had disappeared and the other staff would not give me her last name so that I could file a dispute. While driving away, she was sitting in her car smoking.

    I am requesting a refund for the one night taxes and fees included ($153.68) that I paid for and could not stay. You had no proof or evidence of any smoking activity that occurred in my room. Hotels are known for adding on fees as such without any type of evidence. I would like a copy of your policies, procedures, and cost for ALL smoking fees and the statutes showing the rights to evict someone from the premises. This was very inconvenient and sadly we had to find somewhere else to go and spend more money on another hotel because of false accusations. It is unacceptable to treat guests at a hotel in this manner and make them feel like the only option is to pack up and leave.

  4. My husband and I booked a reservation for the evening of Apr. 2, 2023 at the Comfort Suites (KY289) located at 3918 Coleman Crossing Circle, Paducah, KY 42001, 1-270-408-8800. At the time of checking in the clerk for whatever reason charged the reservation three times. The amount owing me is $307.16 + the interest the credit card company will be charging us. Kyle the other clerk came out and ended up making the two adjustments to our account which did show as an adjustment but not on my credi card. However the two adjusted room charges have been charged to my Mastercard. On Apr. 5th I contacted the hotel and spoke to Kyle who suggested I wait 3 to 5 business days and check my credit card. It is now Apr.21st and the charges have not been reversed. I again phoned my card issuer and the suggested I phone the hotel again which I did and again spoke to Kyle who said Honey the Manager won’t be in untilApr. 26th and to call back.
    This is the first time we have stayed at the Comfort Suites and have not had a positive experience. I would appreciate a response to my inquiry. Thank you.

  5. Reserved and paid $2005, for a room for my son, Alex McGuire (thru Booking.com 10/28-10/31). He was unable to attend due to illness. I requested a refund, but instead was charged $1917 and refunded only $88. The room was canceled, but if I try to re-book it shows no availability. This means I was charged and the room was re-booked by someone else. This is blatant FRAUD and will be referred to the local police. Please call me to refund my money.
    This was at the terrible State College, Pa location. A police report has been filed.

  6. If I could leave zero stars I would. This is not a safe place to stay. On the last night of our stay (Sunday, May 9), Walla Walla, WA, someone called our room at 3:15 am and started threatening us. 15 minutes later they were pounding on our door. Then they came back and tried to kick in our door several times. Pretty sure it was going to be a robbery. We called 911 because there wasn’t anyone at the front desk. Three cops showed up and they couldn’t find anyone managing the front desk either. They did a walk through and left a police report. We are waiting to hear back on the cameras, but I’m not optimistic the hotel will follow through. When I talked to the manager the next day, she just said sorry and said they have 24 hour management on site, which is not true. We had a block of 6 rooms, including one with a baby paid for by a local prominent business. By the last night, most had already checked out and headed back home. We stayed an extra night with a family member, which is one of the owners of the company that rented the block of rooms. The hotel is located in a kind of old remote closed down area, with nobody there at night. Very unsafe!! In addition, the service was very poor. They don’t clean the rooms everyday. You have to ask for your room to be cleaned by 11:00 am with written notice. They didn’t tell us that when we checked in. They were out of fresh towels and all of us had to wait until the next day for clean ones. Several of us had key cards that wouldn’t work and one person’s room wasn’t available for the last night after it was already paid for. They had to pay for another night. The rooms were way overpriced at $250/night!!
    Please respond better than the canned response below!!

    Response from the owner 2 days ago
    Dear Guest

    Thank you for taking the time to complete our online survey regarding your recent stay at our hotel.

    We very much appreciate and value your feedback and will share it with our team. Your survey responses will serve as encouragement to all of our staff as we strive to continuously improve the quality of our services to provide an exceptional experience for our guests. It is always a pleasure to receive positive feedback.

    Thank you again for sharing your experience, and we hope your next visit will be even more pleasant than the previous one.

  7. Roaches were crawling on my bed–over the pillow and across the open sheets–in the first room. I switched rooms at 1am when I noticed them. The second room also had roaches crawling around. I have pictures and videos. It was not ok.

  8. Booked hotel, was overcharged around $200, cannot get in touch with manager, 1-800 numbers can't do anything at all to help, no one can refund or really do anything. There is no one to call or contact just a bunch of front line reps with no power to do anything. Manager is never at the hotel and cannot do anything. Have been given excuses as to why the manager is not there and cannot get the manager's name or when they will be there. What kind of business is this? This is credit card fraud and that is a federal offense.

  9. Comf Suites 1227 N. St.Louis – batesville, ark.
    What a great place to stay at. Debra greeted us when we walked in and was so pleasant – we had been dealing with some really bad places and this was a breath of sunshine. The room was great…internet was fabulous— a great connection which is unusual in a hotel. Then late night was
    Shelly who needs a raise…she was fabulous….very nice very helpful and just there to make us comfortable as I am a late night person. Wow your employees are well picked for their jobs. Thanks so much and we will stay there again.
    Ida HErring

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