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  • Find GMC Corporate Office Headquarters Phone Number – Review

Find GMC Corporate Office Headquarters Phone Number – Review

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  1. I cannot find a Transmission Control Module for a 2011 GMC 3500HD-SLE in the United States/Canada/Mexico. Part# 24256861. I see that GM continues to sell new trucks but CANNOT/will not service trucks previously sold. Great marketing scheme. Sounds illegal but nothing will change in this country, screw the consumer. I am not the only person with this issue. Please contact me/leave a message so a lawsuit can be initiated.

  2. Purchased a 2017 GMC Terrain both sides of the front of the hood are peeling same place. I have since seen at least 4 other of the same make and model with the paint off in the same places as mine. I too took it to the dealership no help I have also contacted GMC and got the same run around. Why can't they just stand by their products and correct the issue.

  3. Purchased a 2017 Terrain great condition and withing a month to 2 months on the front of the hood on each side of the lights paint randomly just start peeling. I can't even wash my truck more will peel off I Have email Jack Phelan multiple times about this issue and since this then i have seen and taken pictures of 4/5 more vehicles just like mine with the same problem and in the same location.

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