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Francesca’s Corporate Office 

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Francesca’s, a popular fashion retailer known for its boutique-style shopping experience, is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Below are comprehensive details about Francesca’s corporate office, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company. This overview includes Francesca’s competitive position in the retail fashion industry, competing with both large national chains and smaller boutique stores.

How To Contact Francesca’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Francesca’s Headquarters – Overview

  • Francesca’s Main Office Address – 8760 Clay Road, Houston, TX 77080, USA
  • Francesca’s HQ Phone Number – 1-713-864-1358
  • Francesca’s Customer Service Number – 1-800-980-1180
  • Francesca’s Website: francescas.com

Francesca's Corporate Office

Map and Directions To Francesca’s Headquarters HQ

A Snapshot of Francesca’s History

Founded in 1999, Francesca’s quickly expanded from one boutique in Houston to hundreds of stores across the United States. Known for its carefully curated collection of trendy clothing, accessories, and gifts, Francesca’s offers a unique shopping experience that combines an eclectic mix of carefully curated merchandise with an inviting, boutique atmosphere.

The Fashion Retail Industry and Francesca’s Position

In the competitive fashion retail market, Francesca’s distinguishes itself with its boutique-style approach, offering a diverse range of trendy and affordable apparel, jewelry, and accessories. The brand competes with larger retail chains such as Zara, H&M, and Forever 21, known for their extensive global presence and fast-fashion offerings. Additionally, Francesca’s faces competition from smaller boutique shops like Boston Proper, Lulus, ModCloth, and Anthropologie, which offer unique and personalized shopping experiences, catering to fashion-conscious consumers seeking individualized style choices.

Francesca’s Customer-Centric and Boutique-Inspired Approach

Francesca’s is committed to providing a unique and engaging shopping experience, focusing on customer satisfaction, a distinctive product mix, and a welcoming store environment. The company prides itself on offering a boutique experience that makes fashion and style accessible to a wide audience.

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Francesca’s Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Francesca’s products and services. Your feedback in the comments section is invaluable in helping others understand the company’s dedication to offering a unique and personalized boutique shopping experience.

Francesca's Customer Service

Rated 3.0 out of 5
June 28, 2023

I work for Francesca’s at the mall of Nh. Today I quit because of favoritism ( by my boss) and the lack of willingness to resolve several problems I have brought up. One of these was the maintenance of the store, due to the fact I had been injured by a cabinet door not shutting properly. Another problem is workplace appropriate language/ jokes. I mentioned I was having mental health issues to a co worker( the assistant manager) who laughter off with a joke about “ grippy sock holidays” by which she meant psych wards. Add to this the fact that they wanted to demote me for not being able to do several processes that I ask to be trained in but never was , I am furious. I will be calling hr, and whoever else I need to, in order for this to be rectified.

Corporate Office Headquarters