Frontier Communications Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Frontier Communications Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Frontier Communications Corp.
3 High Ridge Park
Stamford, Connecticut 06905-1390 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-614-5600
Fax Number: 1-203-614-4602
Tech Support: 1-800-921-8105
Frontier Secure: 1-888-620-3663
Business Customers 1-800-921-8102
Customer Service Number: 1-800-921-8101
frontier communications corporate office headquarters hq

  • I had Frontier Communications internet service for over 15 yrs, simply because there was no other service, with the exception of satelite broadband, available in my area. Recently my local power company contracted with a provider and started running fiber optic thru the area. I immediately signed up knowing it would be better even if it was more expensive. After years of complaining to Frontier about the slow speeds and constant disconnects, all to no avail, I was happy to kick them to the curb.
    They did however manage to gouge me two more times before it was all over. I called and disconnected my service in the middle of the month, and the representative on the phone told me I would need to return the modem they had provided, and that I could return it to the local UPS store at no cost to me. I did so, and then when I got my monthly bill I noticed that they had charged me the full charge for a month of service. I called them, and they said if you disconnect at any point of the month, they still bill you for the entire month. This was infuriating, but I didn't want a ding on my credit, so I paid it. Then today I get a bill in the mail from Frontier and they charged me another $10 for disconnect fee! I called again and got all the placating about it being in the service agreement that I signed when I got the service 15 yrs ago, which I'm quite certain is just a lie because being a techie who reads everything I read the agreement, but I'lll pay them their lousy $10, and spread the word every chance I get to avoid them if you can. I told the last representative that I'm sure they will go the way of all other has been's like MCI.

  • I canceled my service in October but was asked to pay the complete bill for November on the basis that I would be refunded for the days of unused service by Visa card. I am still waiting, and on calling today, was told that it will take yet another 60-90 days!!! If I were to tell Frontier that I couldn't pay their bill for 60 – 90 days, I wonder how they would have reacted! What a terrible service. No one seems to care less about their customers, and even when I called the corporate office today, I was cut off midway through the conversation.

  • Today 2/5/2021 at about 7 am while traveling on I84 eastbound through Southington and Farmington CT A Frontier Communications pick-up truck was operating recklessly and endangering all drivers. The speed had to be in excess of 100 mph, tailgating to intimidate and cutting vehicles off abruptly. The vehicle number is 10-150051 it was operated by a white male baseball cap with a Fu-Manchu type mustache. The bed of the truck had branches from a tree limb which was an unsecured load and leaves/stick were flying out of the truck's bed also causing a hazard.

  • I just spent 3 hrs with 4 different customer service people telling me "I don't know why…"
    the guy 3 miles away can have a fixed 35.00 a month rate for the term of service and I can't. Well it's because long term ,older, customers are paying for frontier to generate new customers that are usually much younger. What do I concur from this? Age discrimination. At 62 my 46 dollar internet that is going up 10-14 a month is paying for frontiers younger customers. 3 hrs and ONLY by dropping my phone line could I get a 38.99 a month rate. This I will have to nogotiate every single year!
    So this is what Frontier finds to be good business. Force a customer to drop a service to get a lower rate on another service. IE, phone and internet goes from 79 dollars a month revenue to 38.99 internet only a month. This because 3hrs, 4 different agents they refused to simply lower my internet 10 dollars and not raising it again.
    Let me add, been a customer since 1979 and always pay bills and on time,save the month the post office sent back my bill with part of my shredded check and a sorry note.

  • omg does anyone not have issues with company? They are the worst customer service. I live 3 hours away from my vacation house and after 3 hours on the phone with customer service they finally comprehended I can not push the button on the modem. I have all but begged to have a tech come and reconnect my service, ( I am paying for but not getting) It is too bad this company could care less about its customers. No wonder when you mention Frontier people snicker and roll their eyes. I wonder if Corporate tells their customer service to be non compliant. Just sign up new customers and take their money then don't provide product.

  • ONT hardware failure. Created a ticket, wait two days,ticket was closed with no confirmation. Called to reschedule, scheduled an additional four days out. Was told nothing can be done.

  • going to call fcc file a complaint every day you still don't get it , I got my bill been a custumer 20 yrs and you started me over like new don't email me yes a complaint to fcc every day and it will name WaveDivision Capital LLC and Searchlight Capital Partners LLC

  • so earlier this yr. around late april or may, we decided to cancel our computer serv. with frontier and just keep them for the phone. here, they went and canceled both. luckily we had already gone with another computer serv. but after 4 hrs on the online chat with frontier i had to open a new acct. and get a new phone number. ok fine. so here it is oct. 2019, and they stopped our phone serv. for our new number ! with no notification mind you. spent 3 hrs with their online chat only to be transferred 3 times from tech support to customer serv. and back again. and i was like a million in que. finally i get with someone. they could do nothing. when asked why it was cut off they said my old number was still active, and the new number was discontinued in june. now im livid. i said if it was discontinued in june how was i able to use it this morning before you shut if off? no ans. i told them the old number should have been discontinued in june. they are clueless. so i drove over to my daughters house to use her phone and set up new phone serv. with another company…blue ridge. unfortunately, they wont be able to hook us up till next thurs. which is 6 days away. i told frontier i have 2 disabled ppl in my house. what if i need 911? they said nothing. i want to sue but i dont know where to start. i hate these ppl. and i should have left them a long time ago.

    I was going to have their service and called to have an installation but the service did not work in our area or something so I called to cancel since I could get no service and called another provider. NEVER USED THEIR SERVICE. I called to return the equipment and they said they would mail a box. I never received that box and this would end up being a year long documented nightmare trying to get anyone to understand that I did not ever get any service and I need to return the equipment. I have all dates and names of who promised to send a box but none of them can credit the PRE BILLED charges that I NEVER USED. Like I said this went on for one year without resolve. I gave up until I saw it on my credit as a COLLECTION!!! WHAT???? for a service I NEVER USED. Wow. These people need to be put out of business. Lets all do something.

  • Wow reading these comments is so sad. It is now 2019. I was first tortured by this company in 2008 and I filed a complaint with the FCC and swore I would never go back to them. I used spectrum for tv and internet then they started their nonsense raising the price to something I can't afford and I felt I had no choice but to try Fios again. It has been a nightmare! Why are they allowed to continue to abuse people?? Some of you have mentioned a class action suit? They are making me physically ill!

  • 3 times my fios was cancelled, once they texted twice no shows or texts…I have to use my cell for internet, plus phone has to much static. Your frontier van drives by every day but my install of fios keeps getting cancelled ???????????????? order number 40282637 I pay for a service I can not use

  • I just lost 2 days (400) buck's waiting on a service that they sold me that they could not provide ordered on the 26th of oct. was to install the 30th of november took off they did not show up,so i call they said they would be there the 3 dec. no show so i call and then i was told after 40 mim. on the phone but you know it's no sweat off their ass. thats just bad way to run your buesness the sad thing is i don't have any other way for internet or tv and that they just don't care

  • I have been trying for the past 5 months to work with your customer department to correct a billing issue and each time a representative states it has been corrected but it is never reflect in the next bill. I have documented that I have spent over 12 hours on the phone trying to fix the issue. I don't know any other way to fix the problem other then to cancel the service. Even trying to do that I can't get through to anyone and eventually disconnected.


  • after having nothing but trouble and paying insane prices which i was never told about, i finally cut off service. frontier desperately needs a new CEO and new customer service reps. The worst customer service I have ever had. Horrible company that cheats people whenever they can. No company will last if they continue like this and I'm hopeful Frontier won't either.

  • Do not do business with Frontier. This is by far the worst corporation in the world, next to Sprint. I cancelled service with them back in October 2017. I returned the equipment UPS Tracking # IZRA07569015545080. They received the equipment. And they have been sending me bills and notices for $321 in non-equipment fees. I've called numerous times and finally decided to keep track of the dates and times I've called. I called on 1/8/18 at 8:15pm and spoke to Raven. I called 1/23/18 at 9:00am and spoke to Carie. I've called on 1/29/18 at 6:10pm and spoke to Matt and his Supervisor Edger. After all of those calls each time they confirmed that they received the equipment and said my account is "zero out". Apparently, that's not the case and they all dropped the bomb. Now, they have sent me to collections and I called them today at 2/22/18 and spoke to Tatiana, which was no help. Then I spoke to April today at Frontier and she "assured me that her supervisor Stephanie was going to flag this as received". The main reason why I cancelled this company is because their service sucks. I was without TV and internet and they wouldn't be able to come out for a full 7 days! No, thanks! I called Spectrum and they were out the next day!

  • It's a ashamed our government can't or will not control these problems ,there lack of concern.I'm a masonry contractor,license by the state of California, they will respond to all situations,to protect the victims of problems. We have no leaders with backbone.

  • I concur with all the other complaints. I have waited almost 3 hours off and on the phone to take care some issues. In the end I asked 3 different customer svc folks for an address to send a written complaint to…guess what NO ONE knew an address to give me. The last referred number I called put me on hold, no surprise there. While on hold I tried to log in and it just kept spinning…then I tried the web site looking for an address…finally saw this web site…but, after still being on hold and wasting a good part of my day. I GIVE UP!!!! Plan at some point to discontinue phone svc and just use my cell phone…and change my internet etc.

    All the customer service folks I talked to were nice…but the aggravation of getting someone, who has to give me someone else, who has to give me someone else. etc……you get the picture – is just WRONG!!!!

    So Frontier, you win, I give up!!! Way to go – your plan worked – I hung up and will just sit here and simmer a bit, then go about my life!!!

  • I signed up with frontier on 10/26/17 omg what a NIGHTMARE!!! on 10/28/17 I cancelled due to all the problems an the frustration I was going thru first it was not what I signed up for and the phone services wasn't working spent days hours on the phone and all I got was one transfers after another , had enough so after 12 calls since I'm still fighting billing the y trying to bill me $322.19 for equipment they show the have and bill for services I had for 2 days when in fact I had talked to several supervisors and they told me I was not going to be billed…liars!!today 1/4/2018 I'm still fighting with frontier over the bill for $322.16 they trying to bill me for… so frustrated with the services from frontier..


  • Frontier doesn’t really pay attention to all of their Core Values.
    The only 5 values in relationship to customer service were grossly ignored.
    • Put the customer first
    • Keep our commitments; be accountable
    • Be innovative; take the initiative
    • Do it right the first time; continuously improve
    • Use resources wisely

    2 hours? 2 days? I can top that. 30 days (the entire month of December) I have had no internet service. So far I’ve had 2 service orders and 3 ‘no show’ technicians. It seem (I found out today) they all got the city wrong regardless of how many times they made me repeat it.

    Frontier has completely and horribly screwed up my change of service address. I have made more than a dozen calls, none of them less than 45 minutes. I have been on the phone today for 4+ hours. YES, 4 hours on one call. I’ve spoken with Customer Service and Technical support more times than I can remember. I listed 12 people that I have spoken with and that is only the ones I wrote down. I also spent an hour on the website trying to find a corporate phone number. I suppose they don’t want the customers to bother them at that level. Currently I’m on a call with the ‘retention’ department trying to get credits for a month of no service, 3 ‘no shows’ and all my time and trouble. What they are telling me they can authorize is pittance based on the value of my time.

    Kicker . . . I’ve been a customer since 2003 and it took them an entire month to figure out that they do not offer service in my new area. I guess my money will have to go to a competitor.

  • This company is a joke…. Horrible customer service. Was over charged and BILL was never correct…. different every month… and was just recently disconnected and now they tell me I have a credit… lol

  • It is ridiculous that calling customer service you are asked for an account number plus your pin number that changes every time a bill goes out. Most company's use your SSI or date of birth. My spouse has had the worst time getting a hold of customer service. We were forced over from Verizon, we hate Frontier!

  • three months waiting on amazon gift card they sent a code and it didn't work. been trying to get new code but just keep getting run around , going to small claims court. wish us luck dont waist you time with this company. was also 6 months getting service in.

  • Only with Frontier can you use their service for 5 days, cancel service (due to no one's fault) well within the 2 weeks and still get hit with a $185.60 bill. They insist it's not a penalty, they always charge you a full month PLUS the pro-rated days you used PLUS $50 for using the modem. I said, "but I didn't BUY the modem, I just used it for 5 days!!" "That's how Frontier works." "WHO DOES THAT?!" "Frontier's not like any other company." This problem has been going on for so long now it has ruined my credit score. I'm about to light up on fire I'm so pissed.

  • I am a 26 year customer who stopped service on 08/17/17 because of poor service. I contacted Frontier on that day and informed them of my action. I received a bill on 09/19/17, for the entire month. I contacted Patricia at CS who said she would send a for to another Dept to correct this problem and we would receive a closing bill for TWO days. Called Sebastian who confirmed the account and on line payments were closed. I received another bill on 10/20/17 for a full months service including late fees. I called Denisa (82870) and recapped the prior account history. She said that they send out bills for 90 days after closing accounts and that the 90 day bill will have the actual correct two day amount payable,. This is NOT a professional way to service their customers. If I could give a minus 5 Star rating I would.

  • Frontier customer service is the worst I have ever seen. In late September, I contracted Frontier Customer Service to request a transfer of internet services from one address to another. The rep scheduled a date when a technician would need to come out to the new address. I waited all day, no one showed up. No one contacted me to tell me that no one was going to show up. I moved on Friday Sept. 29. Service at my old address was supposed to end on Monday Oct 2. A technician was supposed to show up at my new address on Mon. Oct. 2. After a series of phone calls throughout the week speaking to different customer "service" people who each were only able to give me a small piece of the puzzle, I finally realized that wiring a a jack needed to be installed. I also found out that I was moving my service from a DSL neighborhood, to a fios neighborhood. I don't understand why the first person did not simply look up both addresses and tell me that in the first place. I was so frustrated that I cancelled the new order, and when I asked if service on the old address was cancelled, they told me that it would be cancelled as of the end of the billing cycle Oct. 27. I asked if they could cancel it sooner since I was no longer at the old address and would be paying for service that I was not getting. They would not budge because I apparently did not read some small print on one of my monthly bills that said I needed to opt out of some new terms of service. I feel that I have been scammed. I then looked up Frontier on the better business bureau website and found that they are not BBB accredited. I have been a long time loyal Frontier customer but no more. I have been treated shamelessly, They obviously do not want my business.

  • So tired of paying for service and not getting anything near what I'm paying for! Internet doesnt connect , they come out numerous times and TRY different things that might work for a day or so. You call them and wait on hold, then THEY try different things over the phone. All with 0 results! then they tell you everything is fine are their end…..really then come replace everything at my house maybe? My Wi-Fi card works perfectly when I hook up to it…hmmmm. Our bill should be half of what it is according to the service i am actually getting!

  • Frontier Communications service is plain and simple horrible. We live in a rural area with cell phone service which is not the best so we need our land line. Had to use the internet (another provider) to communicate our problem. They said it would be a week before they would address the issue. In case of an emergency, with no land line for a week it could be a matter of life and death. Since Frontier took over our area, there have been other occasions in which our service was out for several weeks. If I had a choice I would drop them in a heartbeat. Anonymous

  • It has been two months of round and round we go on the phone through various customer service people who MUST consult the supervisor for ever small request. My bill went up $30. in two months from 160. to 190.for slow Internet service around 15 MBPS. The phone was always filled with static and customer service is a ridiculous scam. Don't bother with this company if you want to maintain some sanity in these crazy times. ATT really did Americans a disservice when the sold to this company.

  • My mother, 83 years old, was moving from her home of 50+ years to a retirement apartment. She has been a Frontier Communications customer for decades. She called Frontier around the second week of August, in advance of her move, to let them know she was moving, and to request that she be able to keep her current phone, or to get a new number. Was told that she had to have a new number, and that it would be activated August 18. I called that day to ask that her old number be forwarded to her new, and was told that the order for the new number had been cancelled. Cancelled??!! This launched a week-long series of telephone calls (by me) to Frontier to get her phone active – I called every day, numerous times, and was told by numerous people that her service would be activated, no problem. Well, her old number was disconnected without a forward, and her new number not activated. She was without a telephone for 6 days – 6 days! I talked to someone on August 23 who said they would put a "medical expedite" on the service call, and that dispatch would be out to the apartment that night or the next morning. I called the next day to get the status, and they said that it would be August 29th, as my mom's call was in the line with everyone else’s. That is just one of many time that a "customer service" representative told me with assurance that the problem would be resolved, only for me to follow up, and be told that no, this was not actually going to happen. After spending another 2 hours on the phone with Frontier on Thursday August 24, I called the corporate office. Explained the problem, and the woman (Debbie) said that she would get the situation resolved. I talked to her several times, and she finally did get service out to the apartment on Friday, August 25 at 9am, after 6 days without service. My mom is an 83 year old widow, and I believe she was put in jeopardy because of Frontier Communications. Well, she now has a new number, but Debbie in the corporate office tells me that it is impossible for a message to be put on my mom's old number directing callers to the new number. Impossible. Isn't "communications" in your name? I have never experienced such a train wreck of a company – I absolutely can tell you the number of times that someone listened to my complaint, and said that they would resolve it, only for me to call to follow up and have to start all over again. I want you to review your entire customer service department, and I want a message put on my mom's old number directing callers to the new. This seems within the scope of possibility. Thank you.

  • This is the worst company to deal with, Our services was turned off and it's been 4 weeks and still no service. I have contacted customer service for days and everyday and all I get is sorry there are no Tech's available which I'm sure is bull but what are you going to do. Once we get our service turned back on we are going with a different provider. Too bad there's not a zero and that the president doesn't read the reviews or maybe he does and doesn't care either….It's sad..

  • My landline is down and Frontier can't get to it for 5 days. They said their call volume and service request in my area is excessive. After reading other reviews about Frontier service, it is no wonder they are unable to fix my landline in a timely manner. My landline is connected into my alarm system so my alarm company cannot receive any notifications from my alarm system. Unfortunately, there are not many options for landline service in the area.

  • Crappy internet service, crappy customer service, hold times are ridiculous. Then when you finally get a live body, you can't understand them. There was so much "dead air" on my last call, I had to keep asking if they were still there. Then all they said was "yes" – not what they were doing or anything. The only good thing about Frontier is the techs they send out to fix the issues, and they are out here a lot. Our internet is ALWAYS up and down and with such slow speeds. They tell us we are "getting the best we can get", and that is a joke. Even if we paid more, we could not get better speeds where we live. Our last internet outage was ELEVEN DAYS. You can build an entire barn in 11 days. What could they have POSSIBLY BEEN DOING THAT IT TOOK ELEVEN DAYS to get our crappy service back up!!!!
    I called to get a credit on the account for one month for all the inconvenience to our business, our online sales, my son's job search, and my son's college work, and they would not credit the $19.99 for the month. They would only credit the 11 days – $7.33. One month credit (a very small amount to them) would have gone a long way toward my attitude about them. Now I can't wait to tell EVERYONE how crappy and cheap they are.
    Frontier is AWFUL!

  • Binghamton ny, DSL is slow and they don't want to upgrade because there is only 20 residents in a rule area. It's is a simple fix, a remote at the end of the road as a tech stated, but they don't want to spend the money.


  • How is it possible a company like Frontier can hurt people/actually scam them (see stock prices .Board of Directors 10+ getting rich.) And no government agency to help?

  • Frontier in the Elkview, WV area is getting totally ridiculous on service response time. I have a neighbor with a serious heart condition. His telephone has been out four or five times in the last two years. It is out right now and they gave a June 29th commitment for the repair. NINE DAYS!!! I used to manage the SSMB for the telephone company and we gave a two hour commitment for a data line in my day. He lives on Reunion Road! They tried that with me a few months back and I have a similar medical condition. I went to the WV PSC and they sent a tech out the very next day.I believe a class action law suit may be the only way to get Frontier to either provide reasonable service or sell to someone that will.

  • We are thankful to be able to get Frontier Internet. The service tech that came today and installed the equipment was terrific. Great customer service. His name is Jason Harris out of Duqoin, Ill. Also a young lady in order verification was so helpful her name was Zulema Martinez. Thank you for great employees looking forward to being with Frontier for many years. Thank you again

  • I have been a Frontier customer since Dec. 2017 , I have never in my life dealt with a more dishonest and incompetent entity.You have zero customer service my internet and phone come on and off all day long , and I am told by the service tech. that I live in a high usage area and there is nothing they can do about it ,funny I was not told that when I signed up for their wonderful scam. although I have called numerous times for service , I have yet to see a service tech. sent to my home.You people are worthless.I am cancelling my service next week and I hope you try to hold me to my 2 year contract , you promised internet service which you can not provide , that is breach of contract—see you in court.


  • Your Customer Service and Tech Support in Tampa is horrendous. I have been told 4 times that a tech will come out and correct my issues…….nothing!!! The only thing this company does in timely manner is cash checks!!!!

  • I always thought Verizon was bad with Customer Service, but these guys take the cake. It took months to cancel service, even after numerous attempts in writing. He wasn't home much, in and out of nursing homes, had a cell phone and it (house phone) didn't work right half the time. One individual actually told us that it needed to be by phone because anyone could send in something in writing (yes, you heard that right). Months later we started getting bills of past due on a phone we thought was disconnected – after going through many people, we finally got a hold of a supervisor that knew something. She said that there shouldn't be anymore problems, she cleared everything up and made sure the line in fact was disconnected.

    No we're not in the clear. In the meantime the account got turned over to their internal collections. Now we can't get the right hand to know what the left hand is doing, it's almost like two different companies. We've tried and tried to get this cleared up again to no avail, so I thought I would post it here. To us it no longer matters, he has since died with no estate, and their mail goes straight in the trash.

  • LOUSY,LOUSY,LOUSY company. Would not deal with them if I didn't have to. Only Frontier is in my area, and I would NEVER use them again or recommend them even to my enemy. There is nothing good to say about this company. I can see these complaints go back several years, so evidently is not interested in there customers or their reputation. THEY SUCK!!!!!!!

  • Frontier used to be an amazing company…used to be. Had their service almost a year to the day and it has been nothing but problems. Rude customer service & rude online chats. Of course due to lack of options I am stuck with internet that drops multiple times on a daily basis. For $60 a month this is absolutely ridiculous. Was promised a new router….still waiting for it. Frontier should be ashamed of themselves.

  • I can believe all these postings and I am staggered that this corporation is able to conduct business. I was a Verizon customer transferred to Frontier. Any issues with Verizon were dealt with efficiently and quickly. Frontier is a nightmare, a web of lie after lie, deceit after deceit, misinformation, taking money that is not due to them, nasty, aggressive sales support. Are you reading any of this Frontier CEO, board members – whoever you are running this organisation. Hang your heads in disgrace.

  • My name is Kathleen Wheeler from Yucaipa California. Since Frontier took over Verizon back in April of 2016 my phone service has been completed messed up. Some of the issues are missing payments, service charges for service I don't have, taken off of LifeLine when I was approved for one year, forced to get Vios Internet when there really isn't anything wrong with my existing lines. Oh yeah, I was late on a payment because of a missing disability check but had an extension and my internet was cut off. THIS IS A HORRIFIC COMPANY AND NEEDS TO BE DEALT WITH. I have contacted an attorney for many issues not just what I listed. If you live in the San Bernardino County area and are interested in a class action suite please e-mail me at and leave a message.

  • I tried to send a letter to Cecilia McKenney to 3 High Ridge park Stamford, Ct. 06905-1390 and it was returned. I have a complaint about your service for the internet. Made an appointment Jan 23rd for someone to come out to give our business a higher speed and as of February 6th 2017 Ive heard nothing. No one has come out nothing. D. McElroy

  • After dealing with all the problems encountered with Frontier including no internet for 3-4 weeks the first time and when it happened again a short time later – after a week I arranged for alternate service and HAPPILY CANCELLED Frontier. That was in late December. I now find out that there is a credit of $83.00 which they say they will refund. But here is the kicker (always with Frontier) – I have to wait for three (3) billing cycles – that is 3 months and then another 3-4 weeks while they "process" it. So essentially they are holding my money for 4 months that should be refunded to me within 30 days of cancellation. Are they "floating" my money to cover other costs? Are they hoping I will come back? NOT LIKELY! – My next letter will be to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission for Consumer Affairs. There seems to me to be something illegal about holding off paying a refund for this amount of time.

  • I had a client pass away back in Sept. Cancelled phone service and 4 months later I am still waiting for them to send me the overpayment. Only now did they tell me that they are going to issue a debit card and they still can't tell me when that will be.
    How is a dead person suppose to use a debit card?
    They keep telling me that they won't even process a refund until the account is closed for 90 days.

  • In the second week of November, I called to schedule service into our new home. We were closing on November 30th and we scheduled the appointment for Monday Dec. 5th. I was told it could be anytime of the day. So I waited and waited and finally at 3:30 I called to find out when they would be coming. The girl said she had to check with her dispatcher. After being on hold for 22 mins, I got disconnected. I called back and right away, I was told the appointment had been rescheduled for the 16th of Dec. and that they had left a voice mail for me on the number I had called from when I made the appointment which was NOT my number. I was told they did not have enough service people. After much banter, they finally conceded to schedule me for the 7th. The person that installed did nothing but complain how the house was built, even though we showed him where everything could be connected. He then left leaving all the lines outside on the ground. I then called to get that fixed, but could not be told when they might come back to fix it and the hole in the ground that was done the week before to lay the lines, which still has not been fixed. I'm waiting for someone to step in it and break an ankle and then maybe Frontier will do something before they are sued. After not being able to get stations, I called a competitor and decided I was cancelling out. I had been told when I first signed up that there were no contracts and I could cancel at any time. I was also told I was not being charged for installation since I was a new customer. So, here it is a week after and I call to cancel and I'm being told I have a contract, funny I never signed anything, and if I cancel I would have to pay all the installation charges and then some. So after talking with the supervisor, I upgraded to get more channels and hoped for the best. I should have known better. I realized I could not get on demand on 3 of my 4 tvs. So I called them and spent the next almost 2 hours being disconnected, putting back into que and not really getting anyone that knew their job. I was finally told that it was a billing issue because it wasn't coded right on the inside of my account to have on demand. Funny I was getting it on one tv. So, the tech person said he had to transfer me to billing. This was at 12:30 this morning. OOOPS billing was closed and low and behold I was back in que getting another tech person who told me to call back tomorrow. So I did, and got a sweet gal, so I thought, that said she worked for Verizon in FL and knew all the ins and outs and my account showed my preferred account and showed on demand. She then asked me to hold…guess what? YUP, back in the que with tech support where I spent the next hour unplugging replugging, turning off, turning on, etc etc etc. NO one has any clue and when I asked if someone could please come out to fix it, I was told, I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR A SERVICE CALL. Really??? Bet they won't take money off my bill for not giving me a service I've been paying for, but they damn will charge me to come fix it. Now I have a ticket and someone might come or a higher level tech person might call me, but I only have to wait 5 days to find out. I'm pretty much tired of this company and I've only had them one month!

  • The very worst company ever. I've spent the past five days trying to get my services back up and running. I have spoken to countless customer service representatives. I was promised a call back today and that never happened. I called back myself and the representative I spoke with had no idea why I was calling so I was cold transferred to technical support. Technical support said this was a customer service issue. I was transferred back to customer service. This one telephone call exceeded 45 minutes. Supposedly my service will be on by 5:00 p.m. today. I decided to call Corporate Headquarters to advise them of my difficulties. After explaining everything in detail the individual at Corporate asked me why I was calling. She was of no help what-so-ever. When I stated that I couldn't waste anymore of my time on this and I would write a letter to Corporate, she replied, "That's fine, the letter is going to come to me anyway. And, this is the first time I'm speaking with you regarding your issue." How's that for customer service from Corporate Headquarters? Once my service is up and running I'm going to activate new service with another company and cancel services with Frontier. My advice to anyone would be don't order any type of service through Frontier. In the past my service was out for 48 hours. I had to call to receive a credit for the time that the service was down.

  • Speeds of 5 kbps are not unusual, getting the run around with support. Keeping detailed records to forward to FCC. Live in small rural Illinois everyone in town in the same boat. Thanks Frontier you've earned your F rating from the BBB.

  • I wish I would have read these reviews sooner. This is probably the worst customer service that I have ever received. Worse than Sprint! Nothing but lies. I set my account up a week ago. It was supposed to be installed yesterday and I was supposed to receive my modem today. However, the customer service woman straight lied to me about my service being connected. She setup a new install date for Monday. Really, why would you lie to a customer? Then, it irritates me that I setup everything in advance and never received any communication about delays or anything. Not only this, but every call that I have been on, I have had to wait for 20+ minutes. I have dealt with agents hanging up on me, not knowing their product information, and overall incompetency. I should be reimbursed for my time. I will never do business with this company again.