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  • Cable One Corporate Office Headquarters

Cable One Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Cable One Corporate Office Headquarters

1314 N. 3rd St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85004 USA
Corporate Phone Number; 1-602-364-6000
Fax Number: 1-602-364-6010
Customer Service Number: 1-877-692-2253
Customer Service Number: 1-800-550-2436


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  1. How do you get ahold of Cable one? They keep charging me a monthly service charge and I do not have there service. The refund it in about 3 weeks and then guess what the bill is due again and they auto draft it. I have talked to regional folks and local never gets fixed this is illegal they do not have the right to draft from my account

  2. After being a customer for nearly 5 years, my family came home yesterday to disconnected services from CableOne. After contacting our Sherman office locally this morning to rectify this situation, they AS USUAL, were unable to provide further assistance. In these many years, I have only had 1 other interface with the Sherman office-incredibly miserableness experience. (BTW, no information of disconnection took place + internet services were up and running 8 hrs prior to the supposed disconnection). My only option given to date is to come in to pay a new set up fees, lease fees, deposits, you name it. Because I work from my home and very limited with other internet services, our options are incredibly narrow with whom to use outside of Cable One. UNACCEPTABLE for being a long time customer. UNPROFESSIONAL every.single.time I call my local office. UNDENIABLE that other customers have experienced exactly what we have. I would hope that someone in authority on a corporate level would step in promptly to respond and rectify this. I will be happy to retract this upon satisfied results. This, my friends, is a sock in the gut as a consumer! acct #2144256394 gonzohome@gmail.com Valuable time is ticking…

  3. You will note this page presentation is quite deceptive. This is a generic page for what I would assume are companies that refuse comments or reviews on their own pages. Why would companies resort to a decoy page? Could it be, comments from disgruntled customers will be somewhere else when perspective new business comes knocking at their front door? That is, the Company's authentic home page. Could it be, there's always enough business at the front door? Could it be that the companies on decoy pages hope dissatisfied clients who will vent here, never know where these comments are being displayed? CableOne probably has forgotten this site even exists. Why bother after all, why give customer service when you can hide any dissatisfaction from the mainstream? CableOne is only one of many companies misleading, and misguiding, adding to the dissatisfaction.

  4. Hi! TY for being my internet provider for a number of years,and value our relationship over these many years. While I truly value our long term relationship, and the ease of having 3 services through you, as one provider. To honor this relationship, I regret having to now just have my Social Security check forwarded directly to you. This will account for close to, if not the highest telephone prices on the planet, 300gb of internet bandwidth/month even though through our relationship the overall bandwidth has averaged under 300gb of bandwidth/month. This also includes the digital pack on tv. The summer months include MLB.tv streaming. Thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to purchase MLB.tv, and stream at my expense. Since premium channels have the good movies, I subscribed to Netflix. I stream it at my expense, of course. I really appreciated the notices on exceeding bandwidth/mo., and letting me know there's another package deal I can move up to; So really nice of you after all these years. Further, on-line to my account page. Awesome move to put a tab that greets me personally with all the copyright violations 'listed below.' Oh wait, no list but it was necessary to warn me, and tell me the owners would be suing next week or, so. Oh man, I must have wasted about 10gb of bandwidth just venting to the wonderful, caring people at CableOne. Please allow me the honor of re-upping so, I can look forward to my periodic letter from CableOne telling me how much I am valued over the years, and don't forget the annual rate increase or, I wouldn't feel like it was the greatest ISP on the planet.

  5. We have CableOne High Speed Internet. Lately, it hasn't been high speed. There have been intermittent outages. So, we called and yep, tech support said there seemed to be a problem and scheduled a service call. That was supposed to happen today (07/07) sometime between 8 a.m. and noon. I took the day off and sat at the open front door from 7:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. No service person. Happened to look and found I had missed a call. So I called the number and learned that because I did not answer the phone the service person had cancelled the call. Now I don't know about most folks but I don't keep the phone with me every second of every day. There is a whole lot more to this story. It includes the ridiculous double speak and runaround I had to endure. I'll sum it all up with this…I am shopping for and will find a different provider as soon as humanly possible.

  6. Hello I'm putting in a fraud complaint for a man named David that lives in Odessa Texas on Florida Avenue he's been hooking up cable for people in this area Trailer Park area and duplex for $50.

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