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Geico Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Geico Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


5260 Western Avenue

Chevy Chase, MD 20815 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-986-3175

Corporate Fax Number: n/a

Corporate Email: info@geico.com

Geico is famous for its auto and home insurance products. Geico offers personal property and casualty insurance along with life insurance and retirement products. Geico is one of the premier insurers in the US.

Geico’s Customer Service Support Number is 1-800-841-3000. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

Geico Inurance’s main competitors are State Farm, Progressive, USAA, Liberty Mutual, Farmers Insurance, Travelers, American Family Insurance, Nationwide, Erie Insurance, Auto Club Exchange, Chubb, CSAA, Kemper, MetLife, Mercury, The Hartford, Auto Club, Amica, Country Financial, Shelter Insurance, and Brightway Insurance.

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  1. Geico incurs no risk to these errors made on their end yet the consumer absorbs the risk of losing their driving privileges which results in possibly losing their employment, not meeting family/education/child care needs that rely on vehicle transportation and costs for goods/services not able to be accessed. This places undue stress onto the consumer and demonstrates Geico does not act in good faith and this raises serious questions about their lack of internal controls and business practices. It does not meet the expectation of paying for goods/services when they are not being provided in real time yet costs are incurred. This practice should be further investigated to ensure consumer protection occurs and ensure fraud, waste and abuse are not occurring by this for profit corporation.
    Consumers needs to spotlight these issues and reach out to the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Consumer Affairs and Better Business Bureau.
    On 1/2/2022 I purchased a new auto vehicle which Geico insured and issued insurance ID cards. On 1/14/2022 Geico sent me an email acknowledging Geico made an error and informed the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in New York State that my newly purchased vehicle was NOT insured which resulted in my driver’s license being placed at risk of suspension, DMV removing the registration from my vehicle and not allowing me to drive the vehicle. Geico continued to charge me for a service I could not utilize on a daily basis. Geico asked me to contact DMV on my own to resolve this matter. On 1/18/2022 I finally spoke a live person, Troy from the Geico Internet Management team from Virginia who denied that the 1/14/22 email was an admission on their part that Geico did anything wrong. He reported while their electronic submissions are not infallible, they can in no way be responsible for this error. When I inquired about how Geico knows their electronic submissions are sent successfully and accurately, he said Geico cannot attest to that and admitted Geico did not have a clue how this occurred or what happened but Geico is certain it was not Geico’s error at all despite the 1/14/2022 email reporting otherwise.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've always paid my bill on time therefore, never had any problems….until I hit a deer and damaged my car.
    They told me to upload photos of the car. They gave me an estimate that wouldn't fix a bicycle and told me I had five (5) days to get it repaired. I told them I wanted someone to come out and look at my car because there are damages that you can not see in the photos. they kept giving me the run around. I went to a paint and body shop and got my own estimate and uploaded it on the app. I got a call. The adjuster who called me was treating me as if I was trying to get over on them, scamming them or something. He made me feel like a criminal!!!! He was RUDE and over talking me. I would try to talk and he wouldn't let me get a word in. I will be finding another insurance company after this.

    I had no idea so many people had issues with them.!!! I did not see ONE GOOD REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Who ever you marketing people are should be ashamed of the ad with the player in red swatting things out of peoples hands. It is nothing but rude. Some of you ads are dumb, but this one is just rude and disrespectful.

  4. I want to thank Gieco for saving me much more than I could ever imagine. I have gotten rid of all my televisions because of your hidous advertising. If I never hear your name again it will be too soon!!!!!

  5. After years of being a auto GEICO customer and no tickets or accidents, this year they raised my premium to almost TRIPLE……what an outfit. We will now drive without insurance. I cannot believe they did this to us…but they will"thank you for your military service" crap. This is how they thank us!!!

  6. My neighbor hit my car while it was parked on December 12, 2017 and I took my car in to Caliber Collision in Rock hill which was assigned to me by geico on December 13, 2017. The adjuster Michelle Thomas who worked for geico but in this shop said that there was a possibility that the paint could come back a different color which was weird because I've never heard of anything like that. They called me at 3 P.M. On December 15th and said my car would be ready at 5:30. I thought that was a little sketchy because it would be dark at that time and if there were any issues I wouldn't be able to notice and I was right. I saw that the paint was off the next day but the shop was closed. I called first thing Monday morning and was instructed to bring it in the following day so they could take a look. Another adjuster who also worked for geico took a look at my car and said that she noticed the difference in color and they would correct it and then begged me not to do the survey or review. They put me in another rental and kept my car for three days but when I picked it up they said that they didn't see anything wrong with it, what was the point in keeping my car then. I called geico again and asked to speak to a supervisor about my claim and Gewan Ramsarran came out to my home to take a look at the car. He did everything he could to point the finger elsewhere instead of listening to my concern but had the nerve to say that the people in the shop had poor customer service. He also said that it's a three step paint job so that could be why it's off and then said that the metal on the car is going to be a different color than the plastic on the car, he said everything he could except for you're right it's off we will fix it. My car was struck by a dear a few years ago and it came back to me as if there was nothing ever wrong with it, the paint was perfect. I pointed out where the car paint was off where Caliber painted it and he said that it was off on the other side too but that side has never been touched. Instead of him saying we will fix it and get the paint to match he said the best thing that I can do is get an attorney. The warranty on the paint job that they swear you have if there are any issues is a lie and now I'm driving around with a two toned car. I am now considering leaving geico and I will be contacting the attorney general's office like Gewan Ramsarran suggested. This has been nothing but a headache since December 2017.

  7. Geico has NOTHING going for them except the Little green animal that represents them.I have called the corporate office and complained. The corporate office called me and left an email, I returned the call only to get his voice mail. Not even a minute later the adjuster called me saying oh I saw you called me. UH No I called your corporate office and now you are calling me saying you received the voice mail. Since when does the employee get the supervisor's voice mail code. Something Fishy to me. What happened to the supervisor following up on the employee and helping to obtain results at the lowest level. Feb 12 2018. Jerks

  8. The Adjusters are a joke!! They continue to avoid returning your calls and act as though you are at fault when your car is stolen. I understand we have people in this world that commits insurance fraud, but asking you the same question in 5 different ways 5 times is just unprofessional and rude. The paperwork is like a quiz. They want you to remember what underwear you were wearing two weeks ago!! (Being Sarcastic),but it is that detailed. I would not mind this as much if they were respectful and not rude. They work for the customer, but want you to do their job. It takes at least 4 days before their courier can get a police report back to their office, but want you to return your rental car in 7 days!!! We do not even know the amount we will be given for our stolen vehicle that was found at a total loss!! Are we suppose to walk to find another car in two days that we like and can afford??? Call the CEO at their corporate office if you want results!! ON THE PHONE A TOTAL OF 4 HOURS..TO GET RESULTS!! UNACCEPTABLE.

  9. I have been a GEICO customer for over 30 years, My husband and I was hit in our turning lane, sitting still as this woman cut across 4 lanes of traffic and didn't go across far enough to get into the lanes going the opposite direction, she plowed right into us in our lane. She is also insured by GEICO, She was also using her car as an UBER DRIVER.She had called Geico prior to us calling and told them it was our fault, when I called GEICO they wanted me to say it was our fault and I refused, 2 days later I called Geico and they deemed the accident her fault, so I thought great now we can get our car fixed, oh no another catch 22 GEICO says because she was using her vehicle for UBER, she was not covered but they wont be making that final decision until after the Holidays, now its been almost 3 weeks our vehicle is sitting in the tow lot, I finally got in touch with someone from Uber and without him looking into anything he says that he has deemed it to be half our fault and half her fault so they wont pay. I spoke with GEICO AGAIN THEY ARE DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO FIGHT THIS FOR US. Guess all that money we have paid them is just not enough for them to do their job. I am seeking legal against GEICO and UBER.

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