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  • Amica Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters

Amica Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Amica Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

100 Amica Way

Lincoln, Rhode Island 02865-1167 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-401-334-6000

Toll-Free 800 Number: 1-800-652-6422

Fax Number: 1-401-334-4241

Auto, Home, Marine, and Personal Umbrella Customer Service: 1-800-242-6422

Life Insurance and Retirement: 1-800-234-5433

Billing: 1-800-492-6422

Amica’s main competitors are State Farm, Progressive, Geico, USAA, Liberty Mutual, Farmers Insurance, Travelers, American Family Insurance, Nationwide, Erie Insurance, Auto Club Exchange, Chubb, CSAA, Kemper, MetLife, Mercury, The Hartford, Auto Club, Country Financial, Shelter Insurance, and Brightway Insurance.

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  1. Worst insurance company I have ever got a quote from!!! I did a quote online and it came back with the amount to pay. I called the 800 number to purchase the policy since you can't buy it online and the representative that handled my call was the most unprofessional and unknowledgeable as it gets!!! I have two vehicles one under my name and the other under my husbands name with me as a cosigner on the lease but not on the registration or the title!!! I and my husband were listed as drivers on our old policy so since I'm getting a divorce and needed to get our own separate policy's I was told by this insurance company that since I was a cosigner on his truck I would also have to add that truck but also add him as a driver!!! The exact words that this representative told me was ALL CARS OR NOTHING!!! I don't know if I should laugh or cry about how stupid that sounds and cry because that there is that kind of stupidity that lives on the same planet as us!!! I advised the representative that my husband no longer lives with me and that he was able to get insurance from another company with no problems or I should say way less stupidity!!! I got to put this on my Facebook page and my other social networks cuz this is something that's laughable!! Who knows maybe I'll even call my attorney and see if I have a case since it sounds more like a prejudice reason more then anything else!! plus I asked if the called was recorded and he said yes so should be easy case!!! Anyone that's looking for insurance please do yourself a favor and don't waste your time with this company!!!

  2. I am in the process of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as a civil law suit against your Concord NH office due to their processes and inability to handle a claim appropriately and their acts of bad faith refusing to and avoiding to pay a claim as they should. On 1/20 a client of Amica's had caused an accident by pulling out into a main line of traffic and failing to yield to ROW. On scene the client profusely apologized and stated that did not see me and I must have been in her blind spot. Not to worry her insurance would take care of everything. She was then advised by her insurance to not take complete fault. There has been two witness statements, a citation by the officer and a full police report showing that Amica's client has violated NH State driving statutes and has also been informed by NH State Insurance department that they stand completely behind my claim in that their client is 100% at fault. Amica's adjuster is refusing to take complete liability with not solid ground or facts to support their refusal to take 100% liability. They are acting out of bad faith and taking advantage of the fact that I was uninsured at the time and causing great deals of stress and strain. It has been made clear to them by the responding police officer, myself, the witness's, and NH State Insurance Dept that their client failed to follow NH State Statues and they are still refusing to uphold their duties.

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Corporate Office Headquarters