Jo-Ann Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

JoAnn Corporate Office Headquarters
Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.
5555 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, OH 44236 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-330-656-2600
Fax Number: 1-330-463-6675
Customer Service Number: 1-888-739-4120

  • First let me say that I have been a customer of your stores. I've been shopping at the Morganton, NC 28655 store. I receive your coupons in the mail. Problem is when I go to use them (this is a 50 mile round trip for me), when it's 40 or 50% off a non-sale item, everything is on sale. I have asked the staff to show me what is not on sale, nothing. I feel that your coupons are a ploy to get you into the store. I know the clerks are embarrassed when being confronted by this. Why don't your coupons ever match the sales. I feel like I and many of my friends are going to find another fabric store. Please don't let this happen.

  • Gama,

    I know this is 3 years too late, but it is possible that the bolt had additional fabric if it was rerolled with another bolt of the same fabric. Combining more than one bolt of matching fabric is commonly done to make room on the shelves, however, this may not have been the case if it unrolled as a continuous 9 yards. The bolt with less fabric is usually rolled onto the bigger bolt simply because it is faster. I am curious if they measured the fabric in front of you at a cutting counter with the built in 1 yd rulers. They should have, especially if it was remeasured. 1 yd of fabric is hardly worth losing a customer over. I am surprised the issue was allowed to develop into a matter of returned phone calls and throwing a part-time employee under the bus. The manager on duty should have been notified as soon as this became an issue.

  • I am writing on behalf of my mother who works in one of your locations in Mt. Juliet, TN. She has repeatedly come home from work feeling as if she is being discriminated against due to her age and that the manger doesn't like her. She is a hard worker that gives her all in everything she does. She shows up when others don't due to weather conditions that prevent others from getting to work. She was only scheduled 15 or so hours Black Friday week after not being scheduled at all for two weeks prior. She hasn't been scheduled again for at least three more weeks now after Black Friday week (based on available displayed schedules in the store). She said she hasn't had any conversation with her manager as to why and she is scared to approach this manager as other employees in this same location have expressed the same feelings. I feel that this is a horrible way of handling an employee. She said she has had no communication from the store manager and doesn't feel she can talk to her. I recently went into another store in a different city and spoke with the manager there. She was very helpful in explaining that this same manger currently at my mother's location previously had worked in that store before she moved to my mother's store. This manager also said that when she took over her store the employees there shared they were scared of this manager when she was there. The more I speak to my mother about this situation the angrier I get. I'm afraid that if she doesn't work a certain amount of hours she will lose her job without any proper communication. I have tried to help my mother to find a compliance line or a number for human resources. She is scared to even ask for it at work. I'm left with asking through your website. If this is how employees are treated in your stores it's a wonder that people still come to work. I sincerely hope that this reaches someone of importance that can look into this situation at this store and get some answers for my mother and perhaps anyone else working at this same store that would be treated in the same mannor.

  • I can not figure out why Corporate management do not look into all the complaints about individual stores. If they would care about customers as much as the bottom line they would go to independent stores and see how poorly managed they are. It is really a shame when you live in a small town and have no choice but to use Joann's. In the future will only order my supplies on line instead of dealing with the ignorant employees in the Montrose Co store.

  • I've been a satisfied customer for years and want to keep shopping at Joann. Today, while I was in the store, somebody put a note on my car advertising a tax service. I was very angry when I found it and went into the store to ask what their policy is regarding people doing this. I was told there was no policy. When I got home I called the city to ask if people were allowed to do this. Their answer was if the store gives permission it's ok. I then called the tax service to complain and was told it's a public lot so they could do this. I called Joann again and spoke to another manager who said this was a corporate issue. So my question to corporate is….why are people allowed in your parking lots to put hands on my personal property (car)? The store is in Riverdale, UT. Thank you in advance for your prompt response. JPF

  • In Jo Ann Lemon Grove, CA it is the worst manager Andy! Avoids customers (probably never quilt or saw dresses so on), not talking to employees, standing by cut table and timing employees. Who hire him? Not knowledgeable at all.

  • I signed up for your text messaging for discounts. MY mistake. I have been trying to get off due to the fact that I get these texts at 4 and 4:30 AM. do the people in corporate get them this early as well? People please lets use our heads on this.

  • i called just to find out what something i wanted to buy was there and the price. The lady said yes she had them but then laughed and said "I have no idea" when i asked the price. I have NEVER had any company in business to make money refuse to find out for a customer what a product cost. Federal Way store, Washington

  • Your customer service is a joke! I suspect that no one from their company reads these, but I assure you that customers do!

  • I had a very bad experience at your Overland Park Kansas and thought you might want to know about my experience. 1st I went there on a Sunday to buy some lace for a project that I was working on….10 yds each of 2 different eyelet lace. Each was a full bolt…… according to the label a 10 yard bolt. and 10 yards is exactly what I needed for the project. the 1st girl measured and started to cut it at 9 yds. then when I stopped her from cutting Abby offered to remeasure and measured it the same way getting the same results! When I tried to explain that she was getting ready to cut it at 9 yds she excused herself and turned me over to someone else because I was so difficult "she needed to step away". The next person Annette measured the same way …..much more professional but with the same result. I told her that I needed the bolt (the 10 yard bolt) and she should charge me for what she thought was fair.She charged me for 11 yards. The girl that checked me out mentioned a questionaire on the receipt. When I got home I talked to my neighbor and she agreed that had she cut it I would have been a yard short.she suggested that I talk to the manager…..the problem with that was that I would have to wait on my project. I decided to fill out the questionaire and in a day or 2 talk to the manager when I was close to the store again.
    Today I talked to Margaret and she said that she was there on Sunday and was aware of the situation. She went on to say the Abby was week-end help and could have made a mistake. She also said the Annette was a floor manager and that she would have not made a mistake. I am in a threaders group at my church and we meet tomorrow, there are usually about 30 quilters there. I intend to ask them how they would have measured it. and to point out how I could be wrong. We are closer to the Shawnee store anyway. I need to put this behind me ……i just know that I am not wrong. I am only one unhappy customer. ….not going to put you out of business…..I AM going to pass the word. believe it or not I have been a Joann's fan. My visit today was a gift.As a retailer I know that if someone comes to complain that is your opportunity to win them back.Margaret did not win me back….At the end of our conversation I asked her how many yards are on a 10 yard bolt she said that she did not know how many yards the manufacturer put on a 10 yard bolt . You will not hear from me again

  • We have been at our closest Jo Ann's store and every time we go it always seams that no one is ever there to help us they are only staffed with two to three people at a time. We weight In line for 15 to 20 minis if not longer at a time and then when we get up to check out the ladies don't really know what try are doing. W have had forgotten product and we paid for stuff that we did not even want and sent home with that. this is a problem because we live 45 mins away and when we called they said we could not return it because it was a magazine that we did not even want in the first place.
    We are getting pretty upset that we have to almost ham them one item at a time so we know that each thing gets put in the bag and it is the things that we want.

    Thank you for your time
    Rose an Sarah Thissen

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