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  • Kettler Management Corporate Office Headquarters

Kettler Management Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Kettler Management Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 1751 Pinnacle Drive Suite 700
McLean, VA 22102
Email: kettlerreceptionist@kettler.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-641-9000
Fax Number: 1-703-641-9630
Customer Service Number: 1-703-641-9000

  • I am a resident at the property on Pennsylvania Ave S.E. 2323, I have been without A.C. for 2 weeks now. I can't seem to get it taken care of, the maintenance personnel don't seem to know what is the problem and give me run around answers. They are never in the office to answer my concerns. I'm 72 years old and need AC. With the rent i am paying (1,525.00) a month I shouldn't have this problem. The hot weather really has not arrived yet and I don't want to be in a sauna living in my on apartment, I should be comfortable where I pay rent. Please contact the property manager to let them be aware of the situation. Thank You

  • Concerning County Center Crossing Management
    What is the Legal obligation of a Property Manager?
    QUESTION: Is a property manager required to inform the police of the whereabouts of stolen property once she is informed? Instead of reporting the whereabouts of stolen property to police, is it legal for a property manager to instructs her son to profit from the recovery of stolen property that she knows is stolen, has a law been broken? Instead of reporting the whereabouts of stolen property to police, is it legal for a property manager to instructs her son to profit from the recovery of stolen property that she knows is stolen, has a law been broken? We now have residents in our community joining County Center Crossing in fear of retaliation from this manager son and his friends. We request a change of Management of County Center Crossing that puts residents first and foremost.

  • Unhappy Tenet
    It is my understanding that commercial vehicles are not permitted to park on the property. I live at your Cedar Brook complex in Pine Hill NJ. Are you aware that school buses are parking on this property? Taking up parking spaces cars could be using One bus belongs to Holcomb Bus Co & the other belongs to Hillman's bus company. I am unhappy that the property manager allows these vehicles to park here when they are not allowed & wanted to bring it to your attention.

  • Unhappy tenet.
    I currently love at Belmont Crossing in Washington D.C. and I am very unhappy with my living experience here. I have a major issue with the office staff and maintenance. First things first. It is very hard to get in contact with the office staff. Shen I make a complaint it seems to never get taken care of until I complain multiple times and then it's done weeks later. This summer I went almost 3 months with our working a.c. and I was pregnant 6 7 months pregnant and I had to spend nights at other people houses because it was too hot to bare and they knew that and still had a attitude about fixing it. Now my building is dealing with a infestation of mice and management knows and told me that they don't know when pest control can come it could be weeks and advised me to go but mouse traps when I pay rent here. Now we have been 4 days without hot water.when will this end. I am completely disappointed in this whole experience. Mind you I have been waiting since May to renew my new lease and it's September and I still don't have it. Every time it's a reason they don't have time for me or the office is closed for hours while they take 2 hour lunch breaks. This is the worst me and my 5 week old baby deserve better.

  • Hello. I am contacting you about a number of complaints for Waterford at summitview, in hummelstown, pa. I am a resident of the complex and have been for the last two years. My first complaint is about the office staff. In particular, Darla. She always has an attitude! For instance a child around here have her a compliment and she made an ignorant comment to her. I have called about property issues and I get an attitude anytime I speak with her. I called regarding an issue yesterday and she told me the maintenance men leave at 5pm, it was not 5pm when I called. Then she came over to my apartment with an attitude. If she doesn't like her job, she needs a new one. Customer service should be of utmost importance to keep good tenants. Another issue I have is that even if the pool is ready to go they will refuse to open it at the time it's supposed to be open. It's bad enough that the pool wasn't opened until last week. We pay rent and post of our rent is for the pool to be operational. Maintenance is slow to get to the things that need to be fixed. I understand there are a lot of units, but maybe more maintenance needs to be hired until the huge issues are taken care of. Sincerely, unhappy resident

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