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  1. COMPLAINT – how L- O – N – G does it make to make one (1) Sandwich?

    I had to reset my watch time this morning before going to Kneader's to order a sandwich "to go". Usually we drive thru the drive-thru, but even though it was 11:30 am, the drive-thru was busy, but few cars parked outside. I decided to go inside to not only save TIME, but save GASOLINE (at the price it is now, we waste so much just being in-line. To say the least — my inside experience was NOT GOOD! After waiting, standing, sitting, standing some more, and looking at all the neat stuff available to purchase while there, I finally saw all the cars had left — all the people who came in after I did had received their order(s), I decided I would ask for a refund and go to the other Kneader's in town.

    FINALLY, no one waiting for me or concerned about me — an employee asked what she could do for me. All this time my husband, who has terminal illness, is waiting in the HOT car for me. It was 12 noon at this time. The lady asking what she could do, asked me if I paid by credit card. I did. She was going to refund my money – when the employee that took my order rounded the corner with a Kneader's bag, letting me know my sandwich was ready.

    There was much more verbal exchange, but I took the sack and left, telling them that in the future I would not be returning to that store, but I would go to the other instead.

    Upon arriving home to have our sandwich, I opened the container and saw pieces of boiled EGG inside, the sandwich looked like it had been thrown together. Even when we ate, it has an unusual taste, and my husband and I both got sick to our stomachs after we had enough. There were no napkins inside the bag, by the way.

    I just wanted to air my complaint. Most times we wait, and wait, and wait at both of our St. George stores thru the drive-thru. This is ridiculous!

  2. Corporate office certainly seems to be trying to hide from the public. I have tried calling multiple times and if you don't know an extension number you are asked to leave a message but the machine hangs up. Especially troubling with the only thing the person at the store says is call the corporate office with any questions or complaints and judging from your reviews there are plenty of complaints. JM – Bountiful Utah

  3. I am wondering what is going on at your Logan, Utah location. There seems to have been a mass exodus of all the people that had worked there for a number of years. What is left are non-courteous, untrained in customer service employees. I've gone there for a number of years, ordering typically a few limited items on the menu. It's pretty bad when I know the menu options better than the person taking my order. And, I'm assuming your manager (she see was the one who had to answer all the cashier's questions about my order) is a young lady who really might want to dress like she is the manager of a restaurant and not going out for an evening. I really don't need to see that much of someone's "ladies" and cleavage tatoo when I go for breakfast. Additionally the food has become a little subpar. It's unfortunate that for whatever reason all the employees who kept this a solid place to dine are all gone.

  4. I have always liked Kneaders. In the past year I have gone vegan for health reasons and find it very difficult to eat there now. Almost everything as meat, eggs or dairy in it. I would love to see a veggie based soup without dairy. Sandwiches and salads can often accommodate special requests and omit meat or cheese, but ready made items like soup or desserts are hard. There are more and more people eating this way and it think it would be a great service to have more vegan friendly options. Thanks.

  5. Hello,

    We took our service dog with today to get lunch at the kneaders in Lehi today. Our dog detects when someone is going to have a seizure , she was wearing her service dog vest and license . My. Kids and I sat at the area of the restaurant that was empty as to not disturb those who don't like dogs, a older couple came in and sat next to us clearly seeing the dog and her vest and license, as they were leaving they approached us and told us they were uncomfortable eating in a place that allowed dogs. I explained that I occasionally have seizures and she can detect when I'm going to have one , I told them that she was a service dog and was allowed to be there with me. They told me in front of my kids that people like me need to stay home because a dog in an establishment that serves food is disgusting. They said they were going to call and complain. I was hurt and boggled by what these people said to me. I want to Thank the employees and manager who stood up for me and told me it was ok to eat there with my dog. Their kindness helped me through the rest of my day and taught my kids a lesson on understanding and sticking up for those in need. You guys are all awesome!! Thanks so much

  6. I go to the Kneaders located at 6611 E McDowell Rd Mesa 85215 about 5 times a week. I will have to say the staff is outstanding especially Deana who goes out of her way to deliver top customer service. She should be complimented. The other ladies are also great. The only issue is consistency, especially in regards to the soup. Some days it is good and other days like today 10/14/16 the loaded bake potato soup seemed watered down or too watery and not very thick at all. I have other friends who have had the same issue with soups. The most important thing with a franchise is to make sure all of the stores have the same good products and the food quality is consistent. Maybe having a secret shopper from corporate might be helpful to see just what the true issue could be.

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