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  • Kobalt Tools Corporate Office Headquarters

Kobalt Tools Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Kobalt Tools Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 1000 Lowe’s Boulevard
Mooresville, NC 28117
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-758-1000
Fax Number: 1-704-757-0611
Customer Service Number: 1-704-758-1000

  • I have a Kobalt 40 volt weed trimmer Model KST 120X-06 all I need is a spring for the bump head, but I am willing to purchase the whole assembly. I have called your support number and got a lady who couldn't speak or understand English. I have tried your Lowes website and that didn't do any good what do I need to do to get he part i need for my weed trimmer

  • got a 7 1/4 sliding compound miter saw w/ laser guide and the blade guard is broken. been trying for about 2 months to get a replacement for it but when i call they keep saying high volume calls the next person will be with you shortly I get getting the same for 22 mins. Don't what your problem is your service but it is not very good. can't use this saw safely because the exposed blade . If this is your way your service is I will not buyu any more Kobalt tools. As if you care………..

  • 2 years ago I bought an 80 watt lawn mower from Lowes on the sales persons recommendation. His selling point was that I could buy additional 80 watt lawn equipment in the future. I have been trying to find an edger, blower and trimmer now for 2 months only to be told they are no longer made. now they want me to buy 40 watt. I am done buying Kobalt stuff. I feel like I have been ripped off.

  • I am trying to contact your headquarters. My battery does not work any more and the warranty is still on for one more day. Please contact me asap.

  • Brandon s.

    Have a total game changing idea. I love kobalt tools and have come up with a revolutionary idea for consumers that will boost satisfaction,brand loyalty and sales all at the same time. Please contact me at 724-422-0238

  • bought a kobalt air compressor to run a nail gun used about 4 hours total thought my warranty was 2years turned out to be 1 year. called once in august and once in September to no avail, was told by vendor they would call me when part arrived in about 2 weeks . well here I am still no call, still no compressor, but I will get one for myself for Christmas, at sears.

  • I bought a 20v advance lithium-ion drill set of four an impact driver a regular drill flash light and a saw 5 years hassel free tool guarantee. Im a contractor and i always buy cobalt tools because most of them are lifetime warranty so i thought it was a safe bet. Everything i have is kobalt,anyways my impact driver broke 2 days ago after 6 months im still under the 5 year warranty i take it back to lowes and they tell me they cant do anything because the item has been discontinued the new one now is 24v and the one that i have is 20 the set is at lowes for 350 dollars i just bought the same set for 298 6 months ago i even got the extended warrantee on it and all they want to do is give me 74 dollars in store credit because thats how much my set of drills is worth now 74 dollars i cant even buy one impact driver with that.i use those tools everyday for work and they couldnt replace it for me i just left home Depot got my self a set of Dewalt drill set for 164.99. I will never ever buy kobalt again i used to tell all my costumers how good kobalt was and all my employees bought kobalt because of me telling them how good they where never again. I wish they would do a report on the news of this kobalt hassel free garanteed scam. I had to spend more money for a set of drills so i can work i am extremly upset with kobalt i called customer service and they said there is nothing they can do.so much for hassel free even the recording when you call kobalt says hasselfree. I wouldlove to speak to the ceo of cobalt i wonder if he knows how kobalt is really working.if anyone from management reads this please contact me via emali. Ulises988@hotmail.com

  • You should change your warranty "Hassle Free Warranty" to " You will be screwed when you buy our tool". As of right now I am still have a broken pipe cutter that collecting dust. Lowes will not honor their life time warranty because they stop selling this pipe cutter. What ja oke. I am not going to buy Kobalt tool again.

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