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Lids Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Lids Corporate Office Headquarters

7555 Woodland Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46278 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-888-564-4287
Customer Service Number: 1-888-564-4287


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  1. Customer service is NO HELP for store purchases. Asked who in Lids corporate over see's the Lids stores, and here's the response from Lids customer service: "I don't know. I did my job. Is there anything else I can help you with?" I have to go to a Lids store for custom embroidering because I want the algebraic notation for b"squared" on it. I can't order that on line because it will show as "b2", with the number two being the same font size as the letter b. I went to the store in Waterbury, CT in the Brass Mill Center (which opened 55 minutes late. I'm going back at 11 am today (because I don't want to stand there for 55 minutes again) for a do over or a refund. Should either of those two things don't happen I will be filing a complaint with the BBB because what I was shown on the screen prior to embroidering, is not what I was sold.

  2. I placed an order a few weeks before Christmas. It arrived broken in pieces. I contacted them and at first they were very nice And told me they would ship out a new one and make sure it got here before Christmas. It definitely got here before Christmas but for a second time it was completely broken! I called them back and they gave me a $10 gift card and told me that I would receive a refund on to my card. 2 times now they have told me that it would be here within 5 to 7 business days. The third time I called they told me that it had already been credited. I checked my account and my bank has checked the account and nothing has been applied back on! They told me to have my Bank contact them to verify that it had not been refunded which is not a problem. However, I have worked call centers before and I know that they are just down and out lying to me! I will do what is asked of me but the fact remains that I've had to jump through hoop after hoop after hoop just to try and get a $30 refund. I guess it's my own fault because I did not check the reviews. I not only will never shop at this store again but I will be doing my best to tell everyone that I know not to shop here and I will be posting all over every social media site that I can think of to let people know what kind of a company this is.

  3. I bought 2 jerseys online 2/2. I paid extra to have it shipped the next day. I received an email on 2/4 stating my items have shipped and included a tracking number. YAY!!! Since I didn't receive them on the 4th I just knew I would get them on the 5th- NOT! According to the tracking information Its supposed to arrive on the 7th! I AM PISSED! I wanted the jerseys to wear to a party. I called customer service and the person was very nice and apologetic- she even offered to refund the shipping cost which was nice but unacceptable. If I wanted "free" shipping I wouldn't have PAID FOR NEXT DAY SHIPPING!!! Why LIE? If you don't do next day shipping why offer it? I will be returning my order and will NEVER shop online from LIDS ever again. And to think I renewed my LIDS Club- if I could return IT I would but they can have it as a donation towards better customer service!

    1. I'm sorry I ordered on 2/2- got a "your items have shipped" on 2/3. Tracked it and will not receive it until 2/6- AND STILL PISSED!

  4. I ordered a hat on 2/23/16 it is now 3/18/16. First they sent me the wrong hat which I paid out of pocket to send back at $10. I was told they would send the correct hat and reimburse me, never happened. This is the absolute WORST place I have ever delt with. Zero customer service. Just a total fail. I will be contacting the Better Buisiness Bureau amoung other consumer protection agencies. Do not buy from this company in fact boycott this dump!!

  5. My husband purchased and paid for a football jersey. $140. The store did not have any in stock so they ordered it for him to be shipped to their store in the mall. Its been over a month and a half and still no jersey. We've called kids multiple times. They said it was sent to the mall but returned because it was delivered to another store. Our last conversation with kids was horrible and full of lies. They said a check was mailed november 2427th which is bull because he only ordered the jersey a week before that. Then they changed their story to a refund request was made. Kids will NEVER get another penny from us.

  6. I am in the process of filing a complaint with corporate today due to wrongful termination of my 17yr old son this passed Saturday December 26th. The store manager Jason and the DISTRICT MANAGER AARON STENCIL are BOTH unprofessional, inconsiderate and VERY RUDE and sneaky. My son came on board and was the TOP SELLER of store# 5152. He has increased their sales TREMENDOUSLY!!! I am hoping justice is served because if not, I will be contacting ALL the news stations, lawyers, the EEOC And the Child Laboring Dept and EXPOSING all of the non practical ways they do things.

  7. I am livid. I placed an order on Sunday December 13 for 4 items–2 t-shirts and 2 koozies. I just got off the phone with customer service–my agent's name was Jackie–and was told that my order was set to leave the warehouse today! Central time zone is 7:13pm and was told my order would not be here by Christmas–which was the intention obviously. I had a horrible debacle last year, and the year, before with another similar company. I gave the first company a second chance but they disappointed me twice so I sought out an alternative and came across Lids. They had merchandise I liked for gifts so I placed an order and I completely regret the decision!!!! Jackie was the agent on the phone at customer service and all I got was an insincere apology which has made me ever madder!! I also was given a $10 credit to use 'next time'. THERE WILL BE NO NEXT TIME FOR ME WITH Lids!! They never attempted to inform me that my order was going to be delayed. Jackie said their warehouse gets busy and disorganized this time of year. "You're a national company–figure out your logistics!" I plan to post this incident on my social media accounts, I'm looking up the President or CEO of the company and I will make sure he knows how poor their service is and their customer service. HERE'S MY ADVICE–DO NOT USE Lids for your shopping needs ever!!!

    1. Sorry to hear it. I'm currently going through a similar situation with LIDS and am online trying to find the email address of Ken Kocher [or someone at LIDS to address my complaint to other than 'contactus@lids.com', which I know will be futile.] Did you have any luck getting that contact info?

  8. I can not believe how rude the Supervisor was to me from the Customer support center. I am so disgusted with them…will never buy from them again! What a horrible way to do business. the name given to me was Tishauna. She needs further training. What a terrible way to represent a company!

  9. Made an online purchase from Lids, to be delivered to a store about 25 miles away, since I needed to go to that mall sometime anyway, would pick the order up when I went. Got several emails, and two phone calls that my order had arrived, so I went to the mall for that and stuff from Sears. WHen I went to get the order, they said it had not arrived, so I showed them the trackind and the guy who told me that it had not arrived was the one who signed for it!
    He searched for it and found one item out of four….said the others were not coming in for a few days, so I asked why I got emails and phone calls saying the order had arrived, and was told, that is the way it is and I would have to make the 50 mile round trip again……I told him that I would not, and to cancel the entire order. They said they cannot cancel orders that are already in the store, but mine was NOT in the store. He said that he cannot and would not cancel the order, so I refused the one iten they already had and called Discover to dispute the charge as not ever being delivered. Worst. Buying. Experience. Ever.

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