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Mr. Tire Corporate Office Headquarters

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Mr. Tire Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 200 Holleder Parkway
Rochester, NY 14615-3808
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-716-647-6400
Fax Number: 1-585-647-0945
Customer Service Number: 1-716-647-6400

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Hello, I'm taking the time to write you this email to let you know how much of a disappointment it was dealing with your "customer" service person at our local store. On drop off to just have 4 tires removed from the rims NOTHING else was needed. It took 4mins for the guy to get off his chair as I stood a mere 8feet away at the front desk. He did take my info and the rims and said he would call when ready. Well 6 hours later I was driving bye and just stopped to see if ready. Another 15mins standing in the lobby listening to him on the phone with a customer who had a problem with something. He took several opportunities to bad mouth them to the manager sitting next to him at his desk out of my view. They both were giggling and having great time at the poor woman's expense. You could tell from the conversation she was an elderly woman who simply didn't understand what he was saying. After he hung up the jokes continued for another few minutes until he came out to see me. Didn't know who I was where the paperwork was and had to get the manager ( the guy out of view) to find it and my rims. He just stood at the desk flipping the mouse around in circles until the manager finally got the bill ready. I will never go back to that store again and their laziness and unprofessional attitude made me come home and write about this here. store number #867 on 7/24/2021 manager name was Christian Summers. Not sure about the lazy guys name he had his name covered on his shirt but worked the front desk (at least I think that was his job)…

I visited Mr. Tire on 3/19/2021. My service was good and the store itself was clean. But the interior and exterior parts of the store was raggedy. The front of the store was littered with trash. The trash can was running over with trash.Liter was all over the sitting area outside.The front sidewalk was dirty.The State Flag was so worn,torn and raggedy that the only way you could tell it was the State Flag was by it's colors and even that was dingy and dirty. The "leather sofa on the inside was torn /ripped in two places with cracks running throughout the sofa.The customer service counter had a makeshift plexiglass and cardboard barrier to divide the customer and sales associate.I took pictures. I would love for you to see them.

I find the Mr. Tire service manager at Boone, NC very rude and quick to turn down customers, especially customers that are seniors and need a tire change due to sudden inclement weather. This franchise has lost business because of their uncaring and rather curt treatment of potential customers. To my knowledge, this brush off of customers has happened twice.

3-15-2020. About 10 days ago I took my friend's car to Mr. Tire at 137 Front Street in Berea, Ohio, managed by Jeffrey Gauchat. Her name is Ruth and she suffers from dimentia and so I help her with things like that. We described the steering wheel wobbling and that the car was pulling to the right. We asked him to check that out + do an oil change. When Jeff called us he quoted an estimate of $3600. He talked about the steering, tie rods, control rod arms, new tires, new windshield wipers, balancing and alignment (which I would have expected); I'm sure he talked about more but I couldn't keep up with the whole list. Jeff said this was the cost in order to bring everything in the car up to what was needed now or in the near future.
LONG STORY SHORT…..we took the car to White Wheel for a second opinion. This is a family run business for 80 years. They checked EVERYTHING because I recounted what I had been told by Mr. Tire. RESULTS? Our cost was $377.28. They did a complete inspection of entire car, tires rotated, balanced, and aligned, rear brakes adjusted and a sway bar bushing set installed. NOTHING WRONG WITH THE FRONT-END OR SO MANY OF THE ITEMS THAT JEFF DETAILED. SHAME ON JEFF GAUCHAT. I DON'T HAVE WORDS FOR WHAT HE TRIED TO DO TO RUTH. Now I'm wondering about the repairs she had done after Mr. Tire took over Parkway Auto. I'm wondering how much more $ she paid for work that simply didn't need to be done. I don't know how someone who does this kind of thing reconciles his actions or how he can sleep at night. I will do my best to alert people to this behavior and to this franchise.

I took my car to Mr. Tire on Karl rd Columbus ohio to have an oil change. Two hours later my car was stalling saying reduced engine power. I did not have any issues with my car until they did an oil change and engine flush. They tried to say they looked at it after it was towed back up there which was a lie when my husband called them out on it. Very disappointed in this service. They were very rude the day I took my car there to get the oil change too. No customer service skills at all.

Mr. Tire replaced the 4 tires on my car 23,000 miles ago. Mr. Tire did the 4 wheel alignment. I checked tires with a hand tire pressure gauge at times to check on the dash menu display accuracy. Of oil changes / tire rotations / oil changes, Mr. Tire check was to examine improper tire wear tire, etc. ; All 4 tires at 23,000 miles are very even. However, the 23,000 miles of less than 50% the Tire Manufacturer warranty, Mr. Tire's offer is to replace the 4 tires with new tires pro-rated + installation. In my opinion, Mr. Tire is involved in constructive fraud to sell inferior tires that that do not reasonably nexus said Manufacturer's warranty. The inferior tires should be subject to warranties under the "The Lemon " . A warranty is valid under "Lemon Law". What's your opinion.

In April/ May 2017, my 2006 Honda Odyssey was towed to Mr. Tire in Phoenixville, PA. Bill said I needed a "NEW STARTER". I paid nearly $425.00 for this "NEW STARTER". On June 10, 2017 this so-called "new starter" failed and I called Bill at Mr. Tire to complain that I just had this starter installed recently and it should NOT have failed, leaving me stranded miles from home. Bill told me it could be the wiring and I told him it was not the wiring, it was the starter. I called the towing service that Bill told me to call and after several hours of waiting, this tow company never arrived or called me back. I was stranded until I called a relative who took me home. On June 10, 2017 I called AAA and had the vehicle towed to Monroe Muffler, 1 Old York Rd. Willow Grove, PA 19090 215-659-8650 where Bill told me to take it. Don, Monroe Muffler, told me the starter was "BAD" which blew out the MAIN FUSE, back up lights fuse, horn, and Vehicle Stability Assistance (VSA),and possibly other items to be determined by the a certified Honda repair shop. On June 20, 2017 I called Bill at Mr.Tire to complain the starter was once again making weird sounds, similar to the "NEW" DEFECTIVE starter previously installed by Mr. Tire. I also told him the horn & VSA would not work. I called Bill on June 21, 2017, he told me the horn was bad and wanted me to pay approximately $200.00 for a "new horn". I told him the horn was working perfectly before the previously and recently installed DEFECTIVE starters were installed by Mr. Tire and Monroe Muffler, which had blew out the main fuse, and other fuses, which ultimately cause my horn to fail. I told Bill I would NOT pay for any damages caused by the DEFECTIVE STARTERS. Bill said "REFURBISHED STARTERS SOMETIMES FAIL, ITS HUMAN." I paid for a what Bill told me was a "NEW STARTER" NOT REFURBISHED ONES Mr. Tire & Monroe Muffler installed. Mr.Tire & Monroe muffler caused damages to my vehicle, by installing defective, refurbished starters without my knowledge or permission
Desired Settlement:
Desired Outcome Description:
As a direct result by Mr. Tire & Monroe Muffler for having installed DEFECTIVE, REFURBISHED STARTERS in my vehicle without my knowledge or consent, they are directly responsible for the TOTAL COST & repairs for the immediate damages and any additional damages that may be determined by a Certified Honda dealerships mechanic. Mr. Tire & Monroe Muffler are TOTALLY responsible for the cost of any towing, parts, storage, repairs and including ALL damages & REFUNDS.

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