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Mr Tire Corporate Office 

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Mr Tire corporate office is located in Rochester, NY. Below are comprehensive details about Mr. Tire’s corporate headquarters, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company, along with its major and minor competitors in the automotive service industry.

How To Contact Mr Tire Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Mr. Tire Corporate Office: Overview

Mr. Tire Corporate Office

Map and Directions To Mr Tire Corporate Headquarters

A Snapshot of Mr. Tire’s History

Mr. Tire has established itself as a prominent automotive service provider, specializing in tire services, regular maintenance, and auto repairs. With a focus on quality service and customer satisfaction, Mr. Tire has grown to be a trusted name in automotive care.

The Automotive Service Industry and Mr. Tire’s Position

In the automotive service sector, Mr. Tire faces competition from major players like Firestone Complete Auto Care, Goodyear Auto Service, NTB, and Pep Boys, as well as smaller competitors such as Big O Tires, Les Schwab Tire Centers, and Discount Tire. Despite this competition, Mr. Tire stands out for its comprehensive service offerings, commitment to customer care, and extensive experience in the industry.

Mr. Tire’s Customer-Centric Approach

Mr. Tire is dedicated to providing high-quality automotive services with a focus on customer convenience and reliability. This includes offering a wide range of tire brands, comprehensive vehicle maintenance services, and a commitment to customer service excellence, which helps differentiate them in a competitive market.

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Mr. Tire Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences and thoughts about Mr. Tire’s services. Your feedback in the comments section helps others understand the company’s approach to automotive care and its commitment to customer satisfaction in the automotive service industry.

Mr Tire Roanoke VA Customer Service Issue

July 11, 2024

Brought in vehicle with working brakes , had to have it towed away with no brakes. I brought a handicapped van in for state inspection to the Orange Ave , Roanoke VA store on 06/06/24 for a disabled friend of mine.After it passed inspection , I was told the brake fluid needed changing , which I approved. They called latter and said they couldn’t drain the fluid because the driver’s side caliper and brake line were ” Stopped up ” and quoted a price to replace them. I was immediately suspicious because the brakes were working perfectly when I drove it over , and I had never seen a caliper ” Stop up. ” I told them if they couldn’t drain the fluid , then don’ t do it. When I picked up the van , it had no brakes whatsoever , and they refused to do anything about it. I had it towed to my house where I found the caliper had been drained and was full of air. I bled the air out and the brakes started working again . I sued them for the towing fee , but they were able to avoid subpoena service by claiming the store manager , Andrew Caldwell ,whose name is on the service report , doesn’t work there anymore. Since this was obviously an attempt to get money by false pretenses , I intend to file criminal charges. I filed a form S P – 164 with the State Police , and they are investigating it now.


Mr Tire Rocheser NY Customer Service

July 1, 2024

I went to the Mr Tire on 3543 West Henrietta RD. Rochester NY. I had a tire leak. Although they fixed my car properly the clerk who took my information was very rude. He was a very large person and as he walked towards the door I followed to point out my car and in a very hostile menacing fashion he said I dont need to shadow follow me. You wont get any more of my money.


Mr. Tire Main Office - Nothing done to car after 2 hours wait

November 18, 2023

I had an appointment to look at 2 rear tires for leaks. They did nothing for 2 hours. I called they said it was going into the bay now. 5 minutes later they called back and said it was ready. I asked how quickly. He said he didn’t see it go in. When I got there they had not done anything to the car. They lied. I told the manager I was going to report them. He laughed and said he was the owner.


Mr. Tire shows a lack of respect towards customers

December 13, 2022

We recently quoted a customer $650 for rear brakes and related services. The customer opted to use Mr. Tire in Waynesboro but later returned to us when they refused to reassemble his vehicle. Marvin, the manager at Mr. Tire, claimed no charges would be made, yet the customer was billed $200 for the disassembly without a proper reassembly, which is both unprofessional and unethical.

I found Marvin’s actions and misinformation disheartening. In seeking clarity, I communicated with other Mr. Tire locations and received affirmation that such conduct was inappropriate. The representative from the Harrisonburg branch facilitated a conversation with their district manager, Mr. Jason Anderson, at 1:23 PM on 08/10/2023. Though he spoke with both me and the customer, I’m still awaiting his follow-up.

In my professional opinion, maintaining standards is paramount, and such behavior could be harmful to a business’s reputation.


Mr. Tire Newport News VA

December 13, 2022

My wife came in for an O2 sensor R&R at your Newport News, VA location. I fully understand there is a markup in any part, as I ran the Hilton Village Big Al’s Automotive location for a year, but over 300% markup on a part. this is ridiculous, and not customer-friendly. The part was a 17319 bosch O2 and can be purchased anywhere for under $80. Why would your company mark this up over 300% when everywhere else it is 67% up to 100% at the most? I sent her to you guys because we used you when our location wasn’t available, but this was just not right.

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