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  • National Car Rental Corporate Office Headquarters

National Car Rental Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact National Car Rental Corporate Office Headquarters

6929 N. Lakewood Ave., Ste. 100
Tulsa, OK 74117 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-918-401-6000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-227-7368


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  1. I have been an executive member for years. I was put on the do not rent list about a year ago. I have been contacting National for over 3 months now trying to figure out what the issue is and how it can be resolved. At this point I think I will just give up doing business with them.

  2. Since your company has decided to throw the NRA and its members under the bus and no longer offer a discount because they engage in their lawful constitutional right I will no longer be doing business with any company associated with Enterprise Holdings Inc. My vehicle of choice will be UBER.

  3. BNA Saturday Jan. 27, 2018. ECN 389780764. I returned the car an hour overdue and was charged for it. However, Hunan (don’t know her last name) was very sympathetic and took the charge back off. It’s opportunities like this that give your company and employees a great reputation! Please pass the kudos to the Nashville team and especially Hunan who went the extra mile!
    It’s always a pleasure doing business with National Car Rental!
    Johnny M.

  4. I must say I've listened, with much amusement and also disgust. to your commercial….you know the one where the man operates on himself. Having spent 38 years as the advertising art director for 2 of the world's largest newspapers I have a certain expertise in that area. When it comes on I can't wait to mute it since,simply put, it is so stupid. Nearly half this commercial is this fellow obviously operating on himself. Whatever you are paying an advertising agency is a total waste of money. Perhaps if you talked more about your cars and benefits you'd get more traction. The commercial was designed to be cute but failed miserably. According to the remarks above you're not doing a very good job keeping customers happy. Do yourself a favor and fire the ad agency and save some money! That's my 2 cents worth!!!!

  5. National car rental,

    I use no term of endearment because you don't deserve one.
    My husband who is a pilot for Sky West made a reservation with you guys well in advance yesterday. After flying those friendly skies upon being relieved from duty. He reached the National service desk at 11:00pm (and he's been up since 4am) to find there is no car available. No one informed him by Email, SMS or call. But you took his payment! Typical greedy corporations! He then is left in the airport for some time while I wake my 2 yrs old and 4yrs old to drive and hour away to come get him at such late hours.
    Your associate, had no remorse or explanation for why this had happened. 30 cars short and you guys felt you didn't need to call your customers to give them a heads up! Just another typical company that takes advantage of its customers. I guess it will take people like us and social media to spread the word on how your corporate culture works!!


    Lucinda H. Bekkestad

  6. I lost my credit card but I am an authorized buyer with another individual and I had a trip planned on July 13th heading to florida with my family now granted this is a trip I have been planning for over a year and I contacted the credit card company and they informed me that I can use the card with a pin number but National refused to do anything to help me. I also asked if I can use a debit card my rental is only 900.00 dollars they can hold as much as they like I just do not want to disappoint my fellow travelers. I have been in contact with National's customer service department and they can care less. I feel as if they are treating me as a criminal. If they contact the credit card company and they will verify my identity why won't National be willing to take the time out to help me in my desperate time of need.

  7. I've had a very bad experience with your rental company that will unless turned around will lose me as a customer for ever. Your customer service has told me to go screw myself over 300 dollars that I shouldn't of been charged. This year alone I've had over 6 weeks of car rentals. Your willing to lose a young customer for life over 300 hundred dollars when you could work with maybe even go in between to satisfy the customer. As a manager in the car industry this not only makes me never want to manage for this company this makes me want to stay completely away from your company. I will pass the word around to everyone I encounter that is in need of a rental. Your poor customer service will be the death of your company.

    1. Welcome to the "club". Overcharged by $133.47 vs. the confirmed rate. The Asst. Mgr.at the airport advised me not to worry about the charges as they will issue credit within a week. Guess what? A week has passed and no credit. Emails to the Tri-Brand Asst. Mgr. have been ignored. Calling the airport counter at National allows lots of rings but no response. This is how customers are lost by Corporations. Bye Bye.

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