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  • Natural Grocers Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Natural Grocers Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Natural Grocers Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

12612 West Alameda Parkway
Denver, CO  80228
Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-986-4600
Customer Service Number: 1-877-986-4600


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  1. Hello,
    After years of shopping at your store this is why my family will no longer be shopping at your store.

    Natural Grocers – Supports the Jack and Jill foundation, which partners with AARP, Dove soap, and Morgan Stanley, all of which we boycott. A growing democrat-donating company. Shop at Sprouts instead.

  2. I live on the west side of Albuquerque, NM. You are moving our West side store to Rio Rancho, so now we only have the one on the east side. I am on the west side and we really need to keep one on this side too. Rio Rancho never had a health food store over there which is suprising since it is so needed and I am glad you have moved up there, however now we do not have a store over on this west side just way over on the east side. Most of us loved this store and yes it was smaller than the one on the east side but so needed over here.
    Are you going to open another one over on this west side? We will be lost without this store, I just loved the smaller size and great parking for us.

  3. I spoke back in September 2019 to someone at HQ about when they would be back to distributing a sports bar called Kicao. She told me probably at he end of January 2020 the new distribution channel would be in place. I have checked with my local NG store in Phoenix, but they say it is not available for them to order. Any update on the availability of Kicao bars?

  4. I lost/left my wallet containing my bank debit card, driver's license, other credit cards, Medicare card in the Hailey, ID Natural Grocers store checkout counter on December 11, 2019 not realizing I had done so. The following week I replaced the contents assuming my wallet was in the street somewhere. The new debit card and credit cards were replaced and my driver's license which I had to pay $30 for. Imagine my surprise when the Hailey, ID Natural Grocers store called me on January 22, 2020 to tell me they had my card….yes, that's 42 days after I left it at the check out register….42 days…the manager, Erin, as I recall made no apology for the long time frame = delay and seemed as though I should have been grateful to receive it after 42 days….I told her that I would eat dirt out of the gutter before ever buying from NG again !! The real issue is that many payment accounts were linked to the lost debit card which I didn't realize until bills started not being payed. So in addition to having to buy a new driver's license I have had to spend hours communicating with entities who had the lost debit card as my method of payment. Still upset …… 42 days, what a sad managerial performance….also realize that this particular NG is seldom busy so to me, there is no excuse for not calling me and returning the wallet within the first week. Needless to say, I won't be back,, thanks for nothing !!!! Mike Bouiss

  5. I want to talk with you about carrying the Kite Hill Pasta's. Vegan and specifically, the tortellini. Currently, the only store that does carry it is Whole Foods and at a price that is just outrageous, and I so prefer doing all my shopping at Natural Grocers in Beaverton, Oregon. You already carry Kite Hill products. Just not the pastas. I know for a fact that this item would move off your shelves quickly as it is a difficult item to make at home. I am pleading with you, that you look seriously into bringing this product to that store. Please advise asap and let me know what the process might be like to inform THAT stores buyers that they can place orders for this product. I was directed to your Home Office by one of the store buyers there. My hope is that we can bring this to fruition to add some extra joy to this already happy Natural Grocers regular shopping experience. Thank you in advance. Joanne M. Beaverton, Oregon.

  6. Please consider building a store in Laramie, WY. You are greatly needed. There is a large market of untapped potential here. I would expect that you know that. How is it not large enough? Safeway USED to offer some decent products but they have recently changed and no longer offer a lot of decent organic and natural choices. People in Laramie are sick of Safeway and many of us have boycotted Walmart for decades and will continue to do so. Our food co-op is wonderful but very limited in choice and high priced. Please come to Laramie. If you've not already done the research, please do so.

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