Orbitz Corporate Office Headquarters

Orbitz Corporate Office Headquarters
Orbitz Worldwide, Inc.
Suite 1000, 500 W. Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60661
United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-312-8945000
Fax: 1-312-8945001
Customer Service Number: 1-888-656-4546

  • Never book a cancellation policy with orbitz. READ the fine print and you will see that the cancellation policies require an obscene amount of unreasonable paperwork that is denied through loopholes in the end. Even if you purchase the "cancel for any reason policy" there are still loopholes their company uses to get out of refunding you your money. It was awful. I was on the phone being transferred to various different departments for over 6 hours. In the end they said in order to get any kind of refund I had to go to a hospital, get seen by a licensed physician, submit insurance information, and if they decided that it was a "valid reason" by their standards, they would "consider" filing my claim for a refund. Even though I purchased a cancellation for any reason policy. THAT IS JUST RIDICULOUS!

  • the worst booking company ever ,
    they overcharged me when I was booking my vacation ,I asked for cancellation so may times,they cancelled only flight they did not cancelled the hotel, so I had to pay for their mistake,I have been calling them so many times they do not return my money back ,Their customer service his terrible ,
    I am going to sue them


  • I used Orbitz to try and make a flight reservation for three. I have an Orbitz account and have used it successfully in the past for making reservations. This time there was a computer glitch on Orbitz side. They charged my card (via United) seven times for the same tickets, and even then I did not have a reservation of ticket. The credit card is maxed out and I can not use it for any substantial purpose. I called Customer Service multiple times and Orbitz Corporate Headquarters. They said 1. charges would fall off within three days and 2. "No harm, no foul.". Hello? It has been seven days and the card is still blocked with 'hold' charges. Seven charges for the same reservation and there is no reservation. The credit card company said the charges should have been reversed by Orbitz by now. I could have flown the trip seven times by now. I'll keep calling Orbitz until this is eventually resolved, but won't be using them for making reservations in the future. I will contact the airlines directly.

  • I was also a VICTIM from the Orbitz thieves as they stole $300 from me. I needed to change my flight and had no problem with the $300 change fee. Problem was they found a $1500 flight when they were selling for $1000 which meant I had to add another $300 to the fare difference. All you get is overseas call centers as there are no numbers to call here in the United States. From now on I will use CheapOair as that is one of the few companies that Expedia does not own. No more Expedia/Orbitz for me again. And that goes for they other sites like Hotels.com etc.

  • This was my first and will be my last time to utilize Orbitz to book anything. You are not what you advertise yourself to be and do not live up to the reputation you boast about. Over a month ago we booked a stay in a resort area on the east coast directly in path of a hurricane. At the time of our booking there were no thoughts of a hurricane. Our date of travel and arrival to destination was to be tomorrow, September 2, 2016. However, due to inclement weather forecast that was not possible. Today, after speaking with the resorts General Manager he agreed to waive one night due to weather with change in arrival date to 9/3/16. I was instructed to contact Orbitz and have them call the resort to verify and appropriately credit me. I spoke with the Orbitz rep who verified what I said to be true. He verified with the resort and told me that I would be refunded the amount of the stay for that night. My arrival date was set for 9/3/16. All was good until he said that there were no available accommodations at the resort for the dates for which I already had reservations. I told him I was only changing my arrival date as you can do with any credible hotel chain/business for a valid reason. He couldn't seem to grasp the concept that there would be available accommodations because I still had them booked. There was no cancellation. He took my phone number in the event of a disconnect and placed me on hold while he supposedly followed up. After 20 min on hold our call disconnected (not on my end). I awaited a return call to my cell which never came. I called back and encountered the same issue with the 2nd individual I spoke with. He said the previous rep did call me back and I didn't answer which is not true since my cell was right in front of me and I was speaking with him at that time from a landline. There was never a call made to my cell from Orbitz. The 2nd rep also had the same plight. After going back and forth I finally told the 2nd rep I spoke with to forget it since they can't get things right. I again reiterated that I would not be using their service again. As it stands now, I am still paying $147.98 for a night that was waived by a General Manager at the resort all because they, Orbitz, are incompetent to perform their job. I spent approximately 1.5 hours, maybe more, without achieving successful. Need an overhaul to your customer service department. This only a change in arrival date to my destination, not a cancellation. All due to inclement weather forcast for my date of travel/arrival which made conditions for travel unsafe. After reading all other reviews for Orbitz I can't see how you are able to continue working in this industry. There seems to be a common thread of incompetence and lack of concern for your customers.

  • I can not fathom how this company is still in business their customer Service in the Philippines is the worst I have ever encountered. for the sake of your sanity DO NOT USE THEM I currently have a complaint with the BBB to see if the can make heads or tails with at least someone in the United States

  • Orbitz is absolutely the worst Travel Service. They outsource there call centers to the Philippines…you can not get anyone in the US to help you. They seem to all have the same tone on the phone and can care less about your situation. Be careful on purchasing the insurance on your flight…you will not be protected or get your money back as it says. We have gone on calls with them for about 2 days and get the runaround and it clearly states that you will get your money back. Horrible service and horrible sell out of a company…then outsourcing the call centers..of which they don't help at all….by the way…they still have me on hold…lol

  • Do not use Orbitz. My grandmother passed away yesterday. I called for help in my reservation. After being on hold for 1 hour and 45. I was told that I would get a refund and I would get a call back in a hour. Here it is the next day I called and nobody seems to know where my money is or there is no help or compassion for my situation. I booked this trip in advance for my bday and instead I have to bury my grandmother. I was hung up on, and I was not helped. I will not be using Orbitz again nor will anyone in my family use orbitz.

  • Do not use Orbitz. My grandmother passed away yesterday. I called for help in my reservation. After being on hold for 1 hour and 45. I was told that I would get a refund and I would get a call back in a hour. Here it is the next day I called and nobody seems to know where my money is or there is no help or compassion for my situation. I booked this trip in advance for my bday and instead I have to bury my grandmother. I was hung up on, and I was not helped. I will not be using Orbitz again nor will anyone in my family use orbitz.

  • After arriving at the hotel last Thursday, and not having the reservation for 3 rooms, (and 1 hour and 27 minutes later)Orbitz rebooked us at a higher priced hotel. I was promised a $50 coupon per room to cover the difference, and it would be sent to my email. Over a week later, and no coupon. I called (which by the way was the Phillippens) and talked for over 40 minutes with NO resoultion in sight. And even though I was promised another coupon in my email (within 24-72 hours), I highly doubt it would happen. Very poor customer service. And with the fact that I could not be transfered to a supervisor, or ANYONE who could make decisions, Orbitz is not going to be getting any more of our family's business.

    • Similar situAtion happened to me. I booked a room online with a coupon code and visibly saw the price reduced on the screen and thought ok I will go ahead and book it. The next day I checked my card and it was charged for the original price without the coupon code. I called and was on the phone for 1 and half hours with no resolution except she said they would give me a $50 credit on my Orbitz account. So we are at the beach and wanted to stay an extra day so we thought if we could use the 50 credit than we will go ahead and book another night. We call and it became the biggest deal and a three hour conversation all because we were trying to use the credit. Keep in mind we are trying to enjoy ourselves and not be on the phone for half the day. The lady tells us to book the room and the charge will reflect the $50 credit and of course it didn't. So now we are out of more money because we were only going to stay if it didn't cost us but $20. Nothing was ever done about it and I am pissed. I am on a budget and don't have money to throw away to irresponsible businesses.

  • In Feb 2016 I booked a trip (flight and rental car) through Orbitz. While booking the rental car I kept getting an error on the website stating that they couldn't process the transaction and to try again, which I did and kept getting the error message. Come to find out that even though I was getting the error message the system was processing the booking thus I ended up with 6 rental car bookings. I called and customer service said that they had deleted all but one car booking. a couple weeks later I was looking at my credit card statement and saw that I was charge by Orbitz for two rental cars. When I called customer service they told me that it was the rental car problem not theirs. I disagree because it was Orbitz on the credit card statement, not the rental car company, and it was Orbitz that took the card for payment. I asked to speak to a supervisor and I was hung up on. I called many times asking for a supervisor and only received argument or they would hang up on me. I even tried emailing several times and the response was you have an active car reservation. I called Capital One to see if they could help. They called Orbitz while I was on the line and Orbitz hung up on them too. Capital One said that they would try to work it out with Orbitz. I went on the trip April 3-10, when I went to pick up the rental car the person there asked me about the second reservation, I explained and he said no worries he thought it was a mistake. Then I received a message last night from Capital one that Orbitz gave them 'evidence' that the charge was correct. I don't know what that evidence can be. How can one person drive two cars? The vacation has past and Orbitz can contact Budget and they can verify that I only took one car. I was charged $226.35 for something I did not want nor booked. At the beginning of this nightmare, I just wanted my credit card credited back for $226.35. I have wasted a lot of time, energy and emotion in getting a wrong righted. It bothers me that a company I have used for years is treated me like this, it is criminal.

  • On March 22, 2016 I called Orbitz and spoke to a representative named James. He booked my trip from NYC to DFW that would be from March 25th to 29th 2016 in three separate parts. He booked the tickets, a hotel and a car rental. Everything was correct expect for the car rental. It was made under the wrong name, which makes no sense with the other two reservations. When I arrived in Dallas after my four-hour flight I discovered I could not pick up the car because it was under the name Rafael Rivera instead of Denise Rivera. On the spot I called Orbitz to fix the situation and no one could do anything for me. After three hours on the phone no one was able to give me a solution, offered any type of compensation and I had to rebook the reservation at a higher cost than originally agreed on. The inconvenience caused me to miss a day on my hotel reservation and cost me more money than I had originally planned on spending. I was promised a refund on the original amount of 107.47 on March 25th. I have since then called back five separate times, each time spending well over an hour on the phone and still no refund. The customer service at your company is horrible. I was originally told that by booking the car rental it would only be a hold on my card but the payment was actually processed that day. No one ever offered me a solution or any kind of compensation for my time or the money that the mistake has cost me. I have been made empty promises many times and I am disgusted by the actions of your company. One of your employees made a mistake that cost me time and money and after over a month later I still have not received the money that was mine in the first place. I have not asked for anything other than what was mine and yet I have not received that yet. You have made a mistake and taken no responsibility or even offered any solution or action in order to make up for what you have done.

  • Continued….
    Topic: Beware after being on the phone with Orbitz for more than three hours trying to explain that I made a reservation for an apartment type unit and that I had paid in full and had confirmation, yet I was standing in front of want looked like and abandoned portion of the building, there were no resemblance between what I was seeing and the photos that were listed on Orbitz website. The representive started by sounding compassionate and apologized for the inconvenience, and put me on hold to search for a near by Hotel and pay the difference in cost, the agent returned to the phone and gave me a name and address of a Hotel. The representive then asked me to hold for the confirmation, the agent come back to the phone and stated that, she was unable to complete the reservation because of a technical issue. She went in to explain that although I booked the hotel for the same day 23-28 April, a72 hour notice was required before occupying the unit. The agent was argumentative and pointless, the more she spoke the more like a con artist she sounded. While I was going back and forth with the agent, another lady walked up, she claimed to be the manager of unit 75 which happens to be the unit of the neighbors that I had met previously. The lady was able to put me in touch with a couple that owned the unit that I had the reservation for. During our conversation the owner stated that 1: she does not have a reservation for me from Orbitz, nor did the company send them any money. 2: The building is closed and that the listing was also closed long ago. 3: Word of advice, get your money back and don't be so trusting. Suddenly I had a taste of reality and realized that I had come in contact with a group of thieves and that I was currently in a active dangerous and vulnerable situation and needed to call the police.

    • Not sure what happened to the first section of this blog, but I must recap, because I would not want anyone else to have this experience. This nightmare began when the taxi driver abandoned my luggage and drove off, without demanding pay. Tenant of unit 75 invited me in from the side walk, where I stood in Lisbon Portugal with my luggage. It was due to the wifi connection that they offered that I was able to contact Orbitz via Skype. The tenants/ tourists left for a Bus tour as I waited for than three hours on the phone standing in an unfamiliar location. This was an elaborate scheme,the address was marked with construction tape and a dumpster in front of the location. After verifying the location and taking photos, it became obvious that fraudulent activity had taken place, other neighbors stated that I was not the first to have problems at this location.(Feeling Lisbon Discoveries) lisbon Portugal. Hopefully others will do their homework, follow up and know the risks. After hours of gaining information about the property and the listing as well as hours of being on the phone with Orbitz representatives and being transfered 4 tines to different agents, it wasn't until I attempted to get the police involved, did I finally get some assistance. Problem now is that I do not trust the Travel agency any more I do not feel safe where they relocated me to, defiantly my health does not permit me climbing three flight of stairs.

  • orbitz screwed up my reservation royally. On feb 16,I booked a hotel reservation for my husband , myself and my 17 year old son. I booked it for 2 beds at the westin in columbus ohio and they booked a room with just a king size bed. How can 3 adults sleep in one bed. I called the phillipines where the woman name Jane was absolutely useless. I called the Westin directly and found that my reservation was booked for an arrival of 3/31 and departing on 4/2. I called again and spoke to the supervisor KIM L # s#4453256 who said that the best she could do was get me a priority for a roll away bed. I called the Westin hotel while I was on the line with Kim and the information that she gave was not 100% truthful. The hotel would do their best to accommodate our request. Orbitz made the mistake and they should be held accountable for it. A $50 gift certificate does not cut bad customer service. I booked a recent vacation with United Vacations and could not go because my passport was expired. United Vacation was awesome they took great care of me and it only cost me 108 dollars to re-book my trip. I will never use Orbitz again and will tell everyone that this is not a company that stands behind their product and does not put the customer first.

  • Orbitz booked us for a the 8th of April instead of the 3rd of April, and the girls in the Phillipines tried to make us pay 200$ per ticket from Delta to give us the correct reservation. I will never use this company and I will tell everyone I know about the 2 hour holds at the phillipines
    refusing to transfer me to a supervisor and the corporate number doesn't work….bad business cost us twice booking through orbitz

  • I was victim of ID theft big time. Someone used my stolen debit card, found pin number(how I don't know, charged 2 tickets in my name. I called and this gal who couldn't help transferred me to her supervisor. He kept asking me for my confirmation number. I told him that if I didn't make the reservations, how would I know the confirmation number. He asked more than one time for the number. This was of Orbitz's overseas call centers. I was frustrated. I am trying to get the fraud division to give me the names of the person's who were placed on that ticket, since my account was used. I am contacting the fraud division if I can get a number and speak to a real live person.

  • I bought a ticket three weeks ago on Orbitz but upon calling the airline to choose my seats I learned the airline had no record of me. I have an email and itinerary from Orbitz that reads "Your reservation is booked and confirmed. There is no need to call us to reconfirm this reservation." I have been on hold with Orbitz "customer service" since Friday morning, waiting to speak to an illusive "supervisor." I am single mom who needs to get home to my kid. I am screwed. I have been using Orbitz for 10 years – never will again.

    • Same thing just happened to us. A complete nightmare. Ruined labor day weekend. Will be filing suit.

    • Same thing just happened to us. A complete nightmare. Ruined labor day weekend. Will be filing suit.

  • I booked several hotels for my trip through Europe. I agreed to pay upon arrival at the hotels. I entered my credit to secure the room. Orbitz indicated I would not be charged. $0.00 is what I agreed to pay. This morning, I discovered a charge from Hotel Libertel du Suede for $202.62. My reservation was for $336.72. I called Orbitz. I told them that first, I did not agree to any charges to my card. Second, the amount was not even an amount of any room I booked. Orbitz told me they have no record of the charge. That I must have called Hotel Libertel and booked it. Unbelievable!!! I found the hotel through Orbitz. So, basically Orbitz is allowing hotels in other countries to charge random amounts to credit cards that are used on the Orbitz site to book hotels. I have told five different excuses by Orbitz and been on hold for two hours and thirty minutes. This is the worst experience ever. Now my credit card company tells me there is nothing they can do and Orbitz says it is my problem and basically I am out the money on a hotel charge I never authorized. I have cancelled all of my reservations through Orbitz. DO NOT USE ORBITZ EVER!!!

  • I have the same problem with orbitz, I booked a flight but cancelled, customer service told me of penal charges of about $219 I told them to proceed and return balance, I later got a mail from supervisor@orbitz.com asking I should call 1-888-656-4546 to agree to penal charges which I already agreed to, I have called that number more than 8 times which keeps me on perpetual hold for about 40MINS an obvious tactics to delay and frustrate me into leaving the balance, well I will have to visit corporate HQ in chicago with recorded calls on my phone on this issue if this is not resolved,my booking number PBORB-892-712-4464 AND phone number is +2348037506902, or US number +18572618100 I still need a reply on this, I know there is someone there who has a good sense to attend to this.

  • Book flight for the Christmas season and they cancelled it and been fighting with them seens december 13 and they dont want to be responsible for their mistake not just didnt my flight get cancelled but i never got my money back $715.86 !!! And all they do is put me on hold for 30 minutes!!!! PLEASE DO NOT USE ORBITZ !!!

  • unable to talk with an agent in the usa all phone numbers you can find are no longer in service, book hotel room but hotel room was not available in Niagara falls please have an agent contact me

  • Orbitz customer service is extremely poor. They charged my account for two airline tickets even though we never received a confirmation page. When we called to see why they said they canceled the flight. I had to ask my bank to return my money. Then two days later they did it again. I called them and they tried to get me to give them my full card number because they didnt have that info. So how is it that they charged me twice. Now i am over drawn 500 dollars one day before my rent is due. How is this customer service? I honestly cannot believe their customer service. Orbitz literally stole $500 dollars from me illegally. You don't think i will take this to court? I recorded their conversations when they were asking me for my card info and them saying they cancelled the flight.

  • Don't ever use Orbitz…they steal and lie to there customers.

    I booked travel with them on June 28 for travel to Brazil and when I arrived at airport August 4th for my trip to Brazil..the travel agent that booked my flight never informed me that I needed a VISA to travel to Brazil which should have brought to my attention while on phone with agent..if she asked for my passport information, why didn't she inform me that I needed a VISA..because of this we were NOT able to travel to Brazil after a trip I had planned for 3 months took the time off from work made arrangements to have my animals watched and to get to airport to find out we weren't traveling due to no VISA..i called orbitz up while at airport and told I cannot have a refunded but could use the tickets to fly anywhere in the US..again a supervisor named Brooke gave me false information on my tickets..my tickets were good to travel anywhere outside the US as long as I flew back into the US..orbitz needs to get it together, there liars and thieves.

  • Orbitz customers watch your travel insurance fees. I had to book two fights home because it was cheaper than changing my return flight. The Orbitz agent was aware I had already purchased travel insurance which would have covered both flights home. He charged me for insurance again on the 2nd flight home booked at an earlier date. At no time did the Orbitz agent tell me I was paying for anything other than my flight. Allianz said the charge was unnecessary since I was covered in the original insurance coverage plan. This could rack up additional $$ for Orbitz and Allanz if this is a common deceptive practice for services that are not provided or required..

  • orbitz royally screwed up our travel arrangements by charging us when we placed our order for airline tickets and car rental. then when we went to get rental car our bank account was frozen because the double charge overdrafted my account. we were stuck at the airport 4 hours before we could find someone to come pick us up. 1000 miles from home, no car, no cash, debit card not usable due to orbitz mistake and all they could say was "sorry". now after all that and having to borrow money, hitch rides, etc. trying to change return flight because of all time lost due to orbitz and they want $250 more
    dollars!!!!! don't use ORBITZ – they don't care about their customers. Told us we would just have to sleep in the airport!!!

    • I will never use them or refer them again. I've been on hold with the customer service line for over 1 1/2 hours and I am still waiting. I can't check into my room. To think that there is no one to solve urgent issues is ridiculous. My last time ever using them!!!

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