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Sams Club Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

Wal-mart Stores Inc.


702 Southwest 8th Street

Bentonville, AR 72716

Corporate Phone Number: 1-479-273-4000

Fax Number: 1-479-277-1830

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-964-1917

  • With gas prices surging upward, I have been using your store websites more often to check on supply status. In the past few months I have noticed the Davenport IA store is always showing out of stock on my of the items I wish to purchase. To my surprise, when I went in the store, there they were. Shelves full of items I was going to go else where to purchase. I checked the store website and it still shows out of stock on everyone of the items.

    Why is it that the store can not show what is and what is not in stock? It would be extremely helpful to me and other customers to know what is available when they go shopping. How many customers purchased else where because of your out of date website? I am not happy at the out of date site and I have purchased many items else where when I could have saved money at Sams. Many I should start checking Costco sites to check stock status.

  • I just got screwed by your Riverview, FL store #4801 Tire Department. I ordered tires paid for them online which I have a receipt from Sam's. The receipt states that credit cards aren't charged until your order ships or you pit up at the store. If you see a pending charge before this it's an authorization hold to ensure the funds are available, Which means when they finish the transaction the funds are released to Sam's and it has already been taken off my credit line with the credit card. After the tires where installed they now want me to pay for them, but remember I already have a receipt from Sam's and they put a hold on the amount with the bank. I tried talking to numerous people who they call the Manager of the Store which they were not. They were just department supervisors. They kept on repeating I had to pay after even looking at their own email receipts sent to me. I got upset insisting I paid. I told them put the tires back on car and they refused stating the tires I drove in with where rotten. They didn't know that I had them checked to find out how much wear was left, it was approx 350 miles. I will follow up with my bank, State of Florida Consumer Affairs and Sam's Corporate Office. Everyone should think before dealing with their Tire Department

  • I attempted to shop this morning at Sam's Club (12/07/2020), but was greeted with hostile Sam's Club employee(s).

    Apparently; and unknown to me, this morning was time slotted for plus card members?

    Both the women requesting store I.D. to enter and an elderly male store employee who decided to get involved both became confrontational with me when I asked: "Really?" in response of being told: "Your card is not a plus card."

    I am unaware of this kind of card or these special hours?

    The elderly man involved himself by using sarcasm: "Can't you read the sign on the door?" He continued with his aggressive insults and stance.

    I don't expect to be gained up on especially when mistakenly entering the store with special hours for special people?

    I will defend myself and return the attack. This man came close to a physical fight.

  • Sunday I went to the local Sam's just to be kicked out (very politely) by two (very polite) ladies who explained that only "first responders" could enter. So, my business is not as important as theirs to Sam's! (Incidentally, lately it is rare to hear a siren, or to see an ambulance/a police car!)

  • January 11, 2020

    Attention Please: A possible mattress delivery scam with XPO Logistics, Aurora, CO

    I am a prime customer member in Castle Rock, CO. I ordered a mattress online with the ‘white glove’ delivery included.

    Order was placed on November 9, 2019 order #3766420852.

    Received a call and email from XPO Logistics, which allowed us to choose our delivery date – we choose 12/7/2019. We received a confirmation email stating that it would be delivered between 9am-1pm. Around 8:30am on 12/7, we received a call from XPO stating that their ‘truck was in an accident’ and that they would deliver it on Monday, 12/9. I told them that we would not be available on Monday and would like other dates/times. He said he would let their manager know.

    On Monday, 12/9 at approx 8:50am, they showed up at our door to deliver the mattress. We were not home. We have a video doorbell and can prove that they did not make the delivery.

    I called XPO on Tuesday, 12/10 and they said that they would have to conduct a ‘dock search’ because it wasn’t recorded as brought back by the warehouse.

    I called XPO on Wednesday, 12/11 and they said it had not yet been received back in the warehouse. I continued to call them throughout the week with no additional information.

    I chatted with Sam’s customer service; they called XPO, and told me they would be conducting a ‘dock search’

    I called Sam’s customer service; they called XPO, and told me they would be conducting a ‘dock search’.

    This went on-and-on but by your customer, not your customer service team until 12/20, at which time they said they called XPO and would conduct a ‘dock search’.

    On December 21, a ‘warranty replacement’ was issued.

    We received a new call from XPO and scheduled a new delivery date of Saturday, January 11 (a full month from the previous scheduled date). Received a confirmation email providing a delivery window of 1pm-5pm.

    Today, January 11 at 8:25am received a call from XPO stating that their ‘truck broke down’ and they would not be able to delivery today. Wanted me to re-schedule during the week and I asked them to cancel the delivery.

    I emailed Sam’s customer service asking for a full refund.

    This is pathetic. I think the company you are using is running a ‘scam’, and you should be fully aware of what hoops and research your customers have to go through before finally getting help.

    I will not be ordering anything large again from Sam’s that requires a delivery.

    Please review all correspondence: Question Reference # 191218-007619.

  • I have been a loyal customer of SAM’s club for many years. Today I purchased a Microsoft product online and I need to return the product. It was only 5 minutes after ordering the product I try to return it. Initially when I called to return it, I was told the return would not be an issue, I just need to wait for the email and simply callback to process the return.

    After calling back a second time I was told to I would receive an email to process the return. I did get an email 30 minutes later, but the email state I could NOT return the product.

    This was very disappointing and simply not right. I decided to try to speak to a representative online and again was told I could not return the product.

    Very poor customer service and business practice. Not a company O would ever recommend

  • I am so frustrated at your Sams Club in Reno NV. I think the new management can't get the job done. You have taken Sergento Balanced Breaks out of the store forcing us to go to another store. I attempted to get help in the electronics department but no one ever showed up. Prices on items were missing and your self check has at least two not working and haven't for at least a month. I do hope you get your act together and get someone who can really manage the store.

  • You have now changed your corporate policy. So now we must stand in line and show our card to get IN, then stand in line to pay and again stand in line to get OUT! Why do we need to stand in line to get in? You cannot buy anything without a card. It is ridiculous. I have been a member for over 30 years but when it is time to renew I think I will go to Costco.

  • Hi, my girlfriend purchased your Member's Mark Power Flex Tall Kitchen Trash Bags at a local Sam’s Club. I believe these are the same bags we always buy. I love these bags. They are strong, they never break or leak. There is only one HUGE problem…for me anyway… these particular bags reek of perfume.

    I am hypersensitive to artificial fragrance. Perfume, aftershave, cologne, etc. Dryer sheets will almost put me in ER. Seriously, why do trash bags need to smell “good”? Am I supposed to take my trash with me on a date or something? Who makes the decision to put these caustic, eye-burning, chemical odors on everything imaginable anyway?

    I get a crushing headache every time I take out the trash. So I’m about to trash the bags themselves and buy your competitor's. Sorry, I really do like them. I would have already tossed them but it just kills me to toss nearly 200 bags.

    So, if you are keeping track, I’m for fragrance free everything.


    David Bonnette
    Amherst, OH

  • Why is Sam's Club in Evanston allowing dogs to come into the store where food is being served/sold and sampled? These are not the 'service dogs', these are people's pets! What is going on here! This needs to stop. I was just at the Sam's Club store in Evanston, IL this evening and this man was in their with his pet dog shopping and trying samples. People all around him walking up and down the aisles were not comfortable with a dog in a store where there is sampling, food and food being served.
    Sam's Club, you need to put a stop to this, allowing pets in the store! This is ridiculous and this so-called 'service/comfort pet' has gone to far! If you're not to do something about it; I guess I'll to relinquish membership. I along with so many other people do not want to shop and eat with the dogs!!!!!

  • Your location in Colorado Springs, Colorado off of Woodmen Road has transitioned back to having to show your membership card to gain access into the store. This is something that has always been done, but a while ago Sam’s Club didn’t require members to do so and have implemented this practice again. The problem is, now employees that are standing at the entrance asking members to show their membership card are being met with grave resistance from customers. Customers are responding and acting out in very rude, disrespectful, tasteless, angry and inappropriate behaviors towards those employees at the door checking/requesting membership cards be shown. Customers are reacting in aggressive, threatening and intimidating demeanors towards employees checking membership at the door because for a while, they didn’t have to and now all of a sudden they are required to again. I feel appropriate, visible signs should be posted at the entrance and throughout the store to inform customers of this change. Also, members should be notified via email and by whatever communicative resources that are available (news channels) to inform them of these changes so customers can be made aware in advance, to cut down on the unnecessary and negative behaviors from customers. In addition, management/supervisors should be made more available, or even stand at the entrance themselves occasionally to witness and intervene with these negative encounters. No employee should have to tolerate abuse and disrespect from anyone.
    In this world today people are simply angry for whatever reasons and will utilize any scenario to vent and just take out anger and frustration on those employees who serve. I’d hate to have a member showing their membership card escalate to a mass shooting or employee confrontations in the parking lot or other unpleasant outcomes. Human capital awareness is imperative regarding this issue and employees are becoming more frustrated about this change along with the consumers. An intervention needs to be implemented immediately to ensure employee safety as well as consumer satisfaction regarding this matter.

  • Sham's Club!!!
    Employees, including management, at Sam's Club are not valued at Sam's Club. It's always about the bottom line for this company. I'm related to a long-time (over 20-years of dedication to this crap company) Sam's club GM who was just released because they did not get the support they needed from the district manager. who by the way is threatened by every GM in their district!
    Walmart and Sam's Club are part of the demise of veiling employees in this country. All they are interested in is profits. I will never step foot in another one for the rest of my life and I'm spreading the word! this company is a disgrace to our country and has ruined small businesses and families all over this country.

  • Good evening, I have been a customer at the Sams club at the Portifino shopping Ctr in the Woodlands, TX. from day one. I have had a catering business since 1996 and have used Sams club as the bulk of my catering shopping. Through the years I have seen this store deteriorate tremendously. Customer Service has gone on the wayside. The past 3 click and pull orders I have had to do myself when they were not done at the time specified. If I ask for a manager, I can hear "what do they want" on the walkie talkies. In the beginning, the store manager, assistant manager, meat manager knew my name. I only have a handful of associates who know my name. I am not sure of its sales figures, but I do know inventory is horrible, customer service is horrible and frankly am thinking for the first time of going to Costco.

  • Yesterday, July 10th we were at our local Sam's Club to look at an outdoor storage shed. There were no slips left but went to the customer service counter to check if there were any left, they said they had one more in the back. We did not have a vehicle that it would fit in with us, so they said they would hold it till the next day ay 4pm. We came back today, July 11th, to get it. Customer service said all we had to do was pay for it and load it. Paid for it and as we are walking to our vehicle we hear and conversation over someone's radio that the shed had been sold this morning!!!! We went inside to check and ,yes indeed , someone had sold it even though it was on hold and had our name on the box!!!! Customer service was very apologetic about this but that didn't help us, they were surprised also that someone would have sold it. The same shed is online but we are not going to pay more for a product due to someone else's mistake!!Not very happy with Sam's Club maybe we will get more satisfcaction at Costco!

  • Sam's Club sent me 611 e-mails from 8:02 PM CT, 7-10-19 to 3:38 AM CT, 7-11-19 for 1 receipt. Please STOP sending me these e-mails! I tried calling and nobody even bothers to ask me my name or the e-mail address that keeps getting these e-mails. Obviously, Walmart and Sam's Club are doing so well with profits, they do NOT care about the customer. It will be a shame if I have to actually go to court to stop these e-mails. If I do, you bet I will be making sure as many people as possible know this is occurring, in case it is happening to them too.


  • I am so disappointed & frustrated by Sam's stopping the sale of the Smart Balance large tub 2 pack. I believe 2 tubs were 48oz ea and the cost of the pack was under $8.00. I went to Walmart to purchase a single tub and found a 15 Oz for over $3.00 & a 26 oz for over $6.00. You've got to be kidding. It's a disgrace to learn Sam's feels there weren't enough in sales when almost every time I went to buy the 2 pack there were hardly any left on the shelf. To makes matters horribly worse the price gouging by Walmart is nothing less than disgusting. Sam's is in Lady Lake, FL & Walmart in Leesburg, FL. I'm disgusted with both stores.

  • Hello, we have been Sam's Club members for several years. In general we are quite satisfied with the club. We do have a few things that might make people happier with the store. It might even keep members members. It might even draw some people to the club and away from the 'other' club.
    The first item you need to address is at the register. When one of your customers have 'points' or 'credits' they should not have to jump through hoops to 'not' use them for a particular purchase. MAKE AND KEEP IT SIMPLE!
    The second and most likely the most important change SAM'S CLUB should make is the little machine that customers must use to pay for goods purchased. Make them BIGGER. As a rule as people age their eye sight wanes. It is also a rule that as people age they spend more. If it is uncomfortable to shop at SAM'S CLUB those people will go where it is. It's a simple fix that could make the difference between being the top membership store and being White Front.
    These are simple easy fixes that hold absolutely no down sides.
    Thank you, William Hawkins

  • If you want to find out the meaning of incompetent go to the Sam's Club in Mentor. No one there knows what they are doing. It took 6 trips to try to get tires there and I finally gave up and canceled the order New Manager Markus Elliott has his head up a very dark place and the tire department could add their IQ's together and it wouldn't reach room temperature. Untrained help, people who don't care if your a customer or not. Membership will soon fall with openings of other stores in the area.

  • Just wanted to let Sam's Club know that I will no longer be using your MC credit card. I paid my last month's balance of $172.57, just one hour after the due date and was charged a $27.00 late fee. On to of that they charged me an additional $2.02 in interest for purchases. Absolutely ridiculous… So, no more "Synchrony Bank" and no more credit card.

  • My name is Anthony Brown I was trespassed from all Sam club and all Walmart's for no reasons.

    Hey u have to hear this I was in Sam club just 5 mins and I got trespassed from all Walmart and all Sam club in Honolulu Hawaii from no reason there was a cop there I didn't get it and I asked did I steal anything he said did I say that then I asked him why I am being trespassed from all stores he said there is no reasons I ask where is the videos he said there is nothing to see I then asked again what did I do why I being trespassed he then said again there no reasons he then said Sam club and Walmart can refuse u service at anytime and kick u out for no reasons.

  • Hickory Sam's Club
    No. 6355

    My Wife had a stroke last Nov. and is disabled; the Employee on Friday evening (8/24/2018) at the entrance of the Hickory store was very discourteous, and offensive in when I when in the store to take one of the electric shopping carts out to her. She is unable to walk more than a few feet and it is necessary that an electric shopping cart, be brought out to her. We visit Sam’s Club about once a week and never had such a rude offence as this. This Employee should not be the greeter at the door with the kind of attitude that he has shown to us. I would hope that as a Business that the disable is just as important to you as anyone else you could walk right into the store? I would like to know that there is at least someone at Sam’s who is considerate of the Handicapped

  • I have just had the most frustrating experience with Sams! On May 28, 2018, I ordered a mattress and bed frame as a set. When I received the order, the mattress was the correct size but the frame was not. I went online a placed a request for a return. Immediately, I called the customer service 800 number and asked if I needed to return both items or just the one that needed to be replaced. I was told I only needed to send back the bed frame. FedEx came and picked it up a couple of days later. The frame was received on 6/11 by Sams I waited to receive the bed frame. It never came. I have called Sams Club. com several times beginning on 6/11, 4 customer service reps and two supervisors to date. I am now being told that I must return the mattress before they will process a return; but at this point, after being misinformed and lied to, I am not willing to return the mattress until I get my refund. Under normal circumstances, I would be more than happy to return the item for a refund; but I returned what I was told I needed to return. Also, It was a supervisor that told me she had contacted the supplier and they had agreed to over night the frame to me. That did not happen. In fact, the supplier has emailed me a few times, who, by the way have also not been true to their word, stated that they cannot overnight items. Therefore since I cannot trust Sams Club or Zinus (the manufacturer/supplier)I will not return the mattress without a refund first. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION?! ALSO, YOU MIGHT WANT TO TRAIN PEOPLE BEFORE YOU PUT THEM ON THE PHONE TO REOLVE ISSUES! WE HAVE BEEN LOYAL SAMS CLUB SHOPPERS FOR MANY YEARS. NOT ANYMORE! BY THE WAY, SOCIAL MEDIA IS A POWERFUL TOOL! YOU MIGHT WANT TO THINK ABOUT THAT.

    • Both the women requesting store I.D. to enter and an elderly male store employee who decided to get involved both became confrontational with me when I asked: "Really?" in response of being told: "Your card is not a plus card."

      I am unaware of this kind of card or these special hours?

      The elderly man involved himself by using sarcasm: "Can't you read the sign on the door?" He continued with his aggressive insults and stance.

      I don't expect to be gained up on especially when mistakenly entering the store with special hours for special people?

      I will defend myself and return the attack. This man came close to a physical fight.

  • Mrs. Johnson, I read your email while I am trying without success to find how to contact customer service–I am appalled at your experience and want to apologize for your contact with stupid people. As we know, they are everywhere. And I bet your strawberries were already packaged and priced. I am truly sorry for your experience. Judy

  • I purchased a TV from SAMS Club and it was damaged in the box. I have called, entered a ticket and have gotten no response. The don't stand behind their products and have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. It has been over a month and still no results. I will not recommend this company to anyone!!!

  • Dear Sir or Madam , have been a loyal customers at Sams Club for many years.
    Now you desired to close the store in Hypoluxo road,Lantana Fl, you guys want customers to go to 45st, 13 MILES AWAY.
    You guys are crazy,closing a store 3.5 stars you want me, force me to go to a store 2 stars,be real.

  • I Love shopping at Sam's Club. I shop at the Fishkill New York club. My only complaint I have involve the motorized carts for Handicaps. I can not walk the store because of a back problem, but the carts in the Fishkill location do not hold a charge, normally within a half an hour the battery is dead and I am usually left stranded at the back of the store. It would be nice to see new carts or at least replace the batteries so they hold the charge.

  • I live in the Rochester New York area. We had 2 Sam's Club 1 in Greece and the other in Henrietta. I have been a loyal customer from the time they opened in the area.
    Last week I found out that both of the stores are closing. That mean the closest store is 66 miles away. 1 hour on a toll rad other wise it's 1 hour 30 mins. WHAT! How am I going to have SAVINGS when I have to travel 66 miles . Before it was a 15 min ( Heavy traffic ) 7 mile drive.
    I used to tell everyone Sam's club and Wal Mart was the place to shop. Not Anymore!
    You hear Community Pride that's what Wal Mart & Sam's Club is about.
    How about Loyalty to the Community and your CUSTOMERS ?
    I guess I will be shopping at Target, K Mart, BJ's Wholesale Club and Costco's !
    Thank you for Staying LOYAL to us the CUSTOMERS .

  • I am one of the many people affected by your multiple location closings this week. Frankly I am angered by the lack of notice to the customers and staff. I had recently purchased hearing aids at the Mt. Olive Location for my mother, my husband I have glasses that we purchased there. Both of these items come with adjustments. Now where do we go. Last week I bought my mother a citizen eco drive watch there as a gift. What if she does not like it and I need to return it. From what I see of your remaining stores I would have to go to another state (PA) to try and return this. What about the membership fees that I am owed. As there is no nearby location I won't be frequenting your store any longer. It does not seem to me that this closing was thought out well for anyone except perhaps Sams Club because we all did our holiday shopping and filled the coffers of your company. Please contact me at if you have any customer service people left at your company and let me know what you propose to do. This is no way to treat loyal customers, I am really disappointed in your lack of concern for your customers and employees.

  • I live in Prescott Valley, AZ and just read that you will be closing our store. I understand what is to keep a business going; however you employ around 200 people and for a town that is 27.000 to 30,000 residents that is a good amount of jobs. Things have been rough for all of us. Our town now has under construction 2 large subdivisions (1000 homes) in addition 5 miles down the road there is being built a very large senior housing the one little Costco that we have can't possibly provide for the number of residents we have moving into our area. Please reconsider the closure of the Prescott Valley store. Contact the Town of Prescott Valley and talk with them about the proposed construction for our area.
    Thank you for listening to me.

  • Caregiver for 86-year old and we previously purchased your Members Mark Total Protection (formerly Simply Right) adult women's pull on diaper with total satisfaction. Now you carry alternative lines that are the worst products we have found. I called corporate trying to find who your vendor was so I could attempt to still obtain this product and was meet with a total uninterested, unhelpful customer service rep. I am going broke trying other companies products with none meeting the needs of your former model. I see others on-line repeating that your replacement product is not worth purchase. Listen to your customers. This had not been just an inconvenience but using other products has left family member in part with burns from absorbents, diaper rash and having infections. While we appreciate your company shopping for the best prices for customers, inferior products at any price are not a good deal and when customers have a need for your product not available other places and then you discontinue it they are in a real bind. Take care of your customers and they will take care of your company! If someone in Sams corporate actually cares that can help message me directly at and I will be glad to discuss it further.

  • a company e-mailed me using Sam's Club rewards as a 'hook'…I didn't catch it immediately until I placed an order after completing a 'Sam's Club' survey allowing me to receive a product for only s/h for 4.95. As I completed the order 2 more pop-up pages for different product were offered for purchase and after clicking on 'no thank you', I completed the order and saw I was charged for these products ! That is fraud, plain and simple if not theft…this issue has caused me to cancel my credit card and contact the Bank Security and the Az State Atty Genl Office of Computer Fraud…I this shadow company is affiliated with Sam's Club, you and they better squar up and stop defrauding peole…the company who e-mailed me under the Sam's Club heading is 'Neulift'..if this your product and are allowing this practice to occur, you need to stop..this is a scam and you should not be a part of it…if you're not aware, you are now and Corporate should take steps to correct this. (after reading a couple of other notes, it appears Corporate may not care if other companies use Sam's Club as a marketing 'hook' me , that makes Sam's Club as complacent as the offending company ) I'll not be shopping at Sam's Club as it appears you don't care about the customers who buy your product and keep your business working…

  • I recently visited the Woodstock, GA store for your hot dog special. As we were eating and individual with is wife and three small children sat a few tables down. On the back of his shirt in letters about 6-8 inches tall were the words F— THA POLICE. As the father-in law of a police officer and having served in uniform for 26 years I found this very offensive.
    I approached the Sam's Club manager and asked if there was any store or company policy toward offensive language or nasty T-shirts. He said there was no policy on what members wore or advertised. I understand first ammendment rights, however, I also understand public offensive language and realize that not opposing such actions could give the impression of condoning them…I am sure this is not the case for the vast majority of Sam's employees or customers. I would like to see Sam's institute a policy that prohibits offensive language and nasty graphics on clothing. Is that possible?
    Quentin M. Thomas

  • Sam's Club in Billings Montana allows the miners to park in their employee parking. It causes many problems from dented vehicle's, cigarette butts all over the ground, trash left behind and limited parking for those of us employed by the businesses here. The employees who share parking, have to park further away from their place of employment. Some of whom are of the respected age, having to park at a distance to get to their building. Its difficult to walk on the ice and in the snow during the winters. Then there are the people who park and take up two, three and even four parking spots. There is plenty of parking for the miners to park up front by the street or by the gas station, where no one parks. This must be corrected. Its one thing to be kind and help. But when that generosity is being abused…someone needs to step in from CORPORATE and get the manager set straight.

  • As a new member to Sam's Club, in Billings Montana, I went to fill a prescription. The blond woman pharmacist was so rude I was actually contemplating canceling my membership. She needs to learn how to talk to and treat a person, especially in a position that is one to take CARRY-ON of people.

  • I received an e-mail from Sam's Club saying that I had won an award. All I had to do was pay the shipping cost of $3.82, after I took a short survey on shopping at Sam's (Houston Store #6346, at the corner of Eldridge and Richmond.) I took the survey and paid the shipping costs on my debit card – $3.82. The e-mail looked legitimate, had the Sam's logo, etc. Bottom line, this was a scam and this company raided my checking account for $206.17. I called the phone number on my bank statement. I talked to a guy named Joshua who told me they could refund me 35%. I am a caregiver for my mother who is in poor health, so I drug her out with me to my credit union to block the bogus company from taking any more money out of my account. I also stopped by my Sam's (Store 6346) to make them aware that another company was using their logo and name to raid their customers bank accounts. First, I talked to a supervisor named Elexis who told me there was nothing they could do, but I could file a police report. I asked her, wasn't Sam's interested in knowing another company was stealing money from the accounts of their customers and shouldn't they send a "cease and desist" letter to the company? She said, "Sam's doesn't care. You got scammed." I then asked to talk to a manager, (Alex) explained the whole situation and the manager said, "You know, it's Christmas. There's a lot of scams going around. Sam's doesn't really care what goes on outside the company itself." I said, "So if this happened to me, how many of your other Sam's customers do you think might be affected by this? Don't you think Sam's should send a "cease and desist letter" to the company ripping off YOUR customers?" The manager said, "Not our problem, it's yours." I said, "Your supervisor already told me Sam's doesn't care. You don't care. Shouldn't Sam's take better care of its customers? You're just going to let other Sam's customers get their bank accounts raided because you're telling me Sam's doesn't care? You don't care!" And the manager simply turned and walked off. Then I realized that everybody standing in the long, line at customer service was witnessing this conversation with Sam's manager. Some were looking at me, but most had turned around to watch the very rude manager walking away from me. They looked just as dumbfounded as I was. When I got home, I called Sam's Corporate Headquarters and waited 40 minutes for a representative to answer. The man at the switchboard said, "That's terrible. Sounds like that supervisor and manager need some additional training." And he transferred me to another person in the fraud department. The woman listened to my story and then hung up with me going, "Hello? Hello?" NOBODY at Sam's cares if another business rips its customers off using their logo and name. I will not be renewing my card when it expires and will definitely be shopping at Costco. I am unsubscribing to ALL of Sam's e-mails immediately. I thought I was doing Sam's a favor by reporting this to prevent it from happening to their other customers. As a caregiver, money is very tight and I will not be able to pay my bills for the month of December. Thanks A LOT Sam's! Merry Christmas. Sandy Davis in Houston

  • Dear Sam's Club Management,

    I wanted to pass along some kudos to the management team at Sam's Club #4830 in AZ.

    On October 9th, 2016 while at the checkout counter, I inadvertently left my cell phone as I paid for my items. A few customers later noticed it, took it and decided to keep it. I saw that I did not have my phone with me as I got into my car. That's when I returned and spoke to management there to help my locate it. Long story short, after the police were called I eventually got my phone back. It was ONLY because of the quick-thinking and actions by the management and others at that Sam's Club that day which allowed me to get my phone back so quickly. As we all know, our phones play an integral part of our daily lives.
    Please recognize and pass along a special Thank You to managers and staff; Alicia, Tynica, Diana and Bianca. I am so grateful for the time, effort and initiative they took in helping me contact local authorities to reclaim my cell phone.

    Kind regards,
    Glenn E.

  • I called your customer service to day about my credit bill that had a charge for membership. The lady who answered my call gave the reason, which was ok. However, the office you have them working in (call center) is so loud I had to ask her to repeat answers repeatedly. When I told her the back ground noise was keeping me from hearing she had no way to remedy that. Can't you find a way to make the call centers quieter so people can actually hear the customer service reps. It also takes to many (Too long) keystrokes to get to a live person. How about a live rep as soon as you push 0 or some other number without 20 questions.

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    Please HELP !. My Name is Frank Collins and live in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. In June 2011 I purchased a above ground pool from We bought a large 33ft x 18ft. x 52"deep. It advertised complete pool package, however, it did not say anything about the 12,000 pounds of sand that needed to go inside the wall below the liner. The pool has been great, I am a Retired Disabled Police Officer with Neurpothy and Asthma from exposure to a Meth Lab at work. We spent $500 for an excavator to laser level the ground and $500. for some extra hands to help us put this monster together. 2011 My 2 sons lived home (who have since graduated college and moved out of State) so it is just my wife and myself at home now. When we uncovered the pool this late spring we noticed that it had severly rusted around the bottom of the steel wall and several areas in the middle of the wall causing our liner to leak. I called the number on the back of my Sams Club card to try to get assistance, I understand that liners wear out but this would have been alright to use at least 2 more years. We , last Fall purchased a solar blanket which is still in the box and a sand filtration system due to inadequate single paper filter cartridge which came with the pool. A Social Security Disability Judge declared me disable in August of 2014 and I have great difficulty walking due to my Neuropothy and Asthma. Swimming was the only excercise I can really do, however, due to the holes in the liner and comprimised wall due to the rust we were unable to fill the pool this June. I have called the Sams Club toll free number 4 times trying to get a copy of the invoice since after 6 years I coould not locate the invoice that came with the bexes the pool was in. I never did hear back from any Representative from Sam's ans was given the supplier(Swin N Play Pools) phone number. I called and spoke with James Brown who was a Warranty Representative and explained my problem , Mr. brown sent a form and advised to take pictures of the problem areas(which is almost the entire pool). The pool advertised 30 year warranty of the steel wall and supports is one of the reason I spent $2359, on the pool alone. I did what Mr. Brown advised having to take the pictures , have them printed and sent them certified mail so I had proof of the Company receiving the information. I sent the Pictures and after speaking with Mr. Brown he advised he had a copy of the invoice. After all this time passing I received an e-mail from Mr. Brown with an invoice which said I would have to pay $1320 for replacement parts (which were the steel parts that was supposed to be guaranteed for 30 years). I was shocked since that is more than a months disability amount I receive, plus the whole pool would have to be disassembled and put back together, nothing in the invoice showed the lined which fail due to the steel 30 year wall rusting away. Our swim season is very short here in east Tennessee , usually the last of June to mid September)I can't believe after all the years I have been a faithful Walmart and would be at Sams if there was a closer Club in a safer area. I have now lost months of swimming excercise and now receiving Epidural shots and incresed medication due to the lack of activity. The number I called 5 times was 888-746-7726, and my Sams Club Member number is 101 34220 468940424 which is expired due to my limited income and 40 mile one way trip to Sams Club
    Thank you,
    Frank Collins

  • I was very happy when Sam's Club opened in Glen Carbon, IL and I shop there quite a bit. I especially buy many sticks of hard salami and whole hams that need to be sliced. Not a problem, right? Wrong – The slicer broke. I assumed no problem, they would just fix it. Wrong again, I was told by the store employee that "corporate" had decided NOT to replace the meat slicer. This is a MEAT department that sells products that need to be sliced. Isn't this obvious? Who would make a decision NOT to replace a meat slicer in the meat department? I can go elsewhere, but I just had to ask why, why, why? Sounds more like a government decision rather than a smart business decision. I don't normally bother to write, but I just would love to know if this is really true. Thanks for your time. Janet

  • Do not be fooled, Being a member of Sam's Club Plus since 2009
    on my last purchase I was told – you qualify for our Credit card which offers benefits such a 5% back on gas purchases anywhere anytime plus other benefits…Totally mislead, was given a card only good for use at Sam's and Walmart…..Do not be misled!!!!!

  • If this is how your CEO's feel about white customers. Maybe I should find another place to shop… Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer made no secret of her dislike at having to sit across the table from a group of white guys. In response, the Twittersphere is exploding with calls to give Sam’s Club what they think it deserves — fewer white customers.

    Brewer touched off the controversy in an interview with CNN in which she made it clear that the color of a management team was very important to her.

    “My executive team is very diverse and I make that a priority. I demand it within my team,” she said, noting that she favors minorities and women in the hiring and promotion processes.

  • I was shopping at your Mentor Oh. store on May 23,2015. I went between two cash registers to get boxes for my purchases. There was a case of Gatorade on the floor. I tripped over it and fractured my shoulder and tore my rotator cuff. It was memorial day weekend so I couldn't see a Dr till Tues. I couldn't dress myself, I had to sleep sitting up for six weeks. I had surgery on May 28. A rod was put in my shoulder. I still don't have full use of my right arm. I am 69 yrs old. I was hoping for some kind of compensation for my injuries. I got nothing but a lot of medical bills that I can't pay. Walmart always has carts full of stuff in aisles too. My arm was bruised all the way to my fingertips. My experience was very traumatic. I went there about six months after the incident, I started sweating profusely, and was shaking all over.

  • Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am writing to complain about the service my husband and myself received on May 25, 2016 around 7:48 pm when in your store located at 596 Bobby Jones Expressway; Augusta GA 30907.

    Unfortunately, your service has not performed well.

    On Saturday, 5/7/2016 2:40 pm I joined Sam’s Club via a promotion on your company’s website. The deal was, “Join now and get a $245 value for just $45”. Included in the deal was a $25 gift card, a Free Daily Chef Double Crust 12” Apple Pie, Free Rotisserie Chicken, Free Steakhouse Gold mash potatoes, free Plus Membership upgrade and $100+ New Member instant saving package.

    On Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 8:31 pm, I went in to the Bobby Jones Expressway location to pick up my new membership card that I had paid for online. No one seemed to know anything about the deal. I had to show computer print outs of the deal that was being advertised on the Sam’s Club web site. After going back and forth, a manager was called and I was given my Plus Membership card and the $25 gift card but was told to wait 72 hours so the free food items could load to my card.

    On Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at 7:46 pm I went back to the Bobby Jones Expressway location to do some grocery shopping and to pick up my free food items. First, I went to Customer Service to inform them that my free items never loaded to my card. I was told that the free items would come off at the register. That did not happen and I was directed back to Customer Service. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was told that she said that it would be 30 days before the free food items would load to my card and that there was nothing she could do about it. I was advised to call the number on the back of my membership card. Rochelle finally appeared and introduced herself as the manager. She said that there was nothing she could do about it. She said people had been coming in all day with the deal and getting upset with her because it did not work out. I explained to the manger how my friend who did a similar deal at that same store had the same problem and in the end the manager was able to help her get her free items that day. Only after my saying that did Rochelle go ahead and gave me my free items.

    It’s ashamed what I had to go through just to get what was promised. I just can’t understand how a corporation passes down deals and the employee’s claim not to know anything about it and give customers a hard time. Customer service has truly gone out the window and it’s very sad say. This whole experience has been a total nightmare.

  • Good Morning, My name is Mrs. Williams, on April 29, 2016 I went to the Sam's Club to on Midlothian Turnpike to pay on my closed Sam's Club MasterCard personal account at customer service and told the young lady I wanted to pay $150.00 on my card she put $50.00 in the register I told her again I said $150.00 she said I already put that amount in, so I gave her the money and then she put in the $100.00 and gave me 2 receipts. the problem is when I received my online statement it only had the $50.00 not the $100.00. I called to check my balance and last payment was $50.00 not the $100.00, it should be $150.00, so I called to talk to someone and the lady told me that $50.00 was posted then when I told her about the $100.00 then she said yes $150.00. I asked why the whole amount was on my statement she said she see the whole amount, I told her I need to see all the money I paid, if any customer make a payment they need to see what then have paid. I think by just having that $50.00 affected my payment. I don't like that at all and is very upset the way the employees you talk to have that don't care attitude. It makes me not want to shop there anymore. They talk nice when they want you to get a card then when you get one or cancel they treat you terrible with the service. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau about Sam's Club.

  • I have been a member since 2013 and in this time each visit to your stores get worse and worse. Today was the final straw with your company I spent 25 minutes waiting in line at customer service over a very bad experience in your Winston Salem store, I was there Sunday the 20th and got a piece of pizza and a soda, the pizza was burned and I had to ask three times for it to be replaced, then the soda was flat no lids and the food area was disgusting. I went in today at 12:30pm had to wait 25 minutes in CS and then was verbally attacked by a Sandi Collins when I asked to speak to Don Smiley the store manager, it was so bad i left, called CS and spent 2 hours being hung up on and given the run around, worst part is i got sick from the Pizza Sunday night and she said i deserved it. Way to go Sams Club, cant speak with anyone because your phone system sucks your employees are rude and your service does not exist. I have posted on social media about this experience and will warn all people I know to stop shopping at walmart and sams club shame on you !!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone of your stores close and you go out of business I will go back to Costco were the service is first rate and the quality is better then anything you sell, I want my dam membership refunded and a call from some idiot there to explain how the hell you can refuse customer service

  • When is someone going investigated Dan Book Market manager in Las Vegas. I have been with company nearly 20 years and I have never witnessed the type of behavior he shows every time he comes in to our club . Just rude and always threating Managers in front of workers. This is just a real power trip this guys on .

  • I guess the boycott of Sam's by all those offended people is not working. Apparently not enough have joined in. The CEO is still employed and has made no effort to apologize or explain her comments. Looks like saving money is more important than principal. Once again people are willing to sacrifice principal for person gain. How sad.

  • Sam's Club charges you sales tax not on the instant saving price but on Sam's Club original price. Example TV $1,299 instant savings $300 Register price $999. Sam's Club shelf price says $999 price at register. Price at register then I should pay sales tax on $999. Not sales tax on the original price of $1,299. $1,299 x 8.375% tax is $108.79 then they put in $999 and you pay $1,107.79. It should be $999 x 8.375% tax = $1082.67 A difference of $25.12 more I have to pay in sales tax because Sam's Club charges you sales tax on the before/original price not the savings price. So if instant saving is $300