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Have you been trying to contact Spectrum’s corporate office? Perhaps you have a question about your bill, or maybe you want to voice a complaint. Whatever the reason, getting in touch with a company’s corporate office can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some tips on how to contact Spectrum’s corporate office.

The best way to contact Spectrum’s corporate office is by phone. The customer service number is 1-833-780-1880. When you call this number, you will be asked to enter your account number and zip code. After that, you will be transferred to a customer service representative who can assist you with your inquiry.

If you would prefer to send a Chat, you can do so with the chat box on Spectrum’s website. To get more help got to Spectrum’s contact us page and scroll down to see FAQ, chat options, phone numbers, and accessibility solutions.

You can also reach out to Spectrum’s corporate office via social media. The company has active Twitter and Facebook accounts, and you can expect a response within 24 hours if you reach out via one of those platforms.

Conclusion: If you need to get in touch with Spectrum’s corporate office, the best way to do so is by calling the customer service number at 1-833-780-1880. You can also fill out the contact form on the website or reach out via social media. Whichever method you choose, a representative will be able to assist you with your inquiry.

Official Address:

Spectrum – Charter Communications, Inc.

400 Washington Boulevard

Stamford, CT 06902 USA


Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-905-7801

Fax Number: 1-864-297-2236

Customer Service Number: 1-833-780-1880

Accessible Products: 1-844-762-1301

Stock Symbol: CHTR


Charter Communications
2 Digital Place
Simpsonville, SC 29681 USA


Spectrum Corporate Offices

  • Today I learned that a Spectrum employee, entered false information into their system, which stated that I had gone into a Spectrum store, purchased a cell phone and authorized payment with my debit/account information to pay for it. Spectrum deducted that first payment from this account today and I feel I need to press charges. What ACTUALLY happened was that I phoned Spectrum 2 months ago to notify them that I would be moving from my residence of 9 years where we had Spectrum service the ENTIRE time, and would need to change service to my new residence. That representative I spoke with, noted the new residence address and told me she would be mailing the new wifi equipment to that new address, ALONG WITH A GIFT….a new cell phone that I was under no obligation to purchase, nor was I under any obligation to use Spectrum cell service. I assured her we would NOT be changing cell service and believe I even thanked her for the gift. I did, in fact, receive that cell phone but never even set foot into a store until several weeks later when I was returning our old equipment; and then proceeded to receive solicitation after solicitation to join Spectrum's cell service. I repeatedly declined and then one evening, I received a call from a solicitor who told me I was already under contract with Spectrum to pay for the phone we had been sent. When I called Spectrum the next day to dispute this, they apologized for the error and said they would resolve the problem, assuring me I owed nothing for this phone that I had never even taken out of the box. Yet I continued to see this bill on my Spectrum online account, and repeatedly contacted Spectrum by phone to explain my story ALL OVER AGAIN, each time being told again and again that this was a mistake and would be resolved. Today the funds were taken from my checking account and a supervisor informed me that no one at Spectrum would EVER "GIVE" a customer a cell phone and that according to their notes in Spectrum's system, I had purchased the phone in person, and provided my account number, ALL OF WHICH ARE FALSE. An investigation is finally under way but it took me too many phone calls to count over a 2 and 1/2 month period, all consisting of heated conversations to boot, funds withdrawn from my account, and time spent that I will never get back. Incidentally, I used to pay my bills from the account that was used, and someone at Spectrum illegally, without my consent, opened this mobile account and used that bank account to withdraw funds from. I would be a fool to NOT press charges! How many other people have fallen prey to these sleezy tactics? How does something like this happen at a company like Spectrum, with no accountability whatsoever?

  • Having been trying for MONTHS to get Spectrum to stop the robo calls to my home phone. Talked to multiple people and they don't keep their word. More than one said they would call me back – it never happened. My home phone is on the National Do Not Call list and has been for years. Their own page says a legitimate company would check this list and abide by it – that is a laugh. I would not have Spectrum – they do not keep their promises. Hope people check them out before signing with them.

  • I am a new customer with Spectrum . I am located in Louisville, KY. I WAS SOLD a product and google promotion that was Not recognized among your customer service team.
    First of all. I told the salesman that I wanted a package that include the sports we watch here in Louisville,KY so I was sold the Lifestyle package. I was also told that as long as I have a Smart TV of any type that that I DID NOT NEED A BOX for viewing. Well, I discovered later that I needed to purchase 3 boxes for each smart tv because this promotion was only for Samsung Smart TVS. Also, I discovered that the sports package I was sold did not include None of our Networks that are geared toward any KY Sporting teams. I was sold a generic package. After trying to talk to the sales team back and forth and talking to customer service, this really STRESSED ME OUT. Then later, the sales side wanted to fix my price however, they said they could Not because the account was closed on their side. The sales side had sold me a 3yr price lock but customer service could only guarantee me 2 yrs. I have been lied to and manipulated to join spectrum and this not how you do business. This was the Worst customer service that I have gone through in 2OYRS.

  • Re: The Xfinity Home Online Portal is going away not at all happy I actually use the Xfinity Home on the web portal quite a bit and will really hate to see it go. It is much easier when I am on the computer and want to check a camera or adjust a thermostat to do it on the portal rather than have to open the app (which is very slow loading) on my phone. Also, if I want to check a video recording I can get a much larger and better picture on the computer than on the phone. This is very disappointing not even giving the consumers a choice why would you put all your eggs in one basket. Did you'll not learn thing from the winter storm when everything is connected to one company shame you the person that made this decision. I will be shopping around and if I cant' find a company that will accommodate me I rather disconnect my security service if I don't have a voice or choice what I prefer.

  • I'll be writing a letter to Spectrum today (no one will read this!). Spectrum sends out far too many payment reminders by mail (one after another), via text and email. Spectrum also sends out far too many mailed advertisements for new service or adding cable TV with "Big Savings" of which there are none after reading carefully. I wonder about the cost for this and if cutting back on these practices Spectrum would save money and MAYBE pass that down to their beloved customers (not their investors).

  • With the price your charging you should give everyone a free modem!
    Why doesn't spectrum offer household a choice of 25 stations at a lower cost

  • Spectrum's call answering and customer service to completed phone call is one of the worst I've encountered. When I've had a technical, as I do now right now, it takes five plus minutes to talk to a real person. The computer aided voice system doesn't recognize real technical problems and is loathe to transfer to a real person. As to current issue: 24 days ago a technical rep came to the house and immediately took care of a small technical issue I had (but took that same 5 plus minutes when calling to tell someone what the problem was); when that tech rep was at the house he unknowingly to me, until he completed it, replaced the cable going from the yard cable box to the house. He said someone should come within 5 days to bury the cable. Two weeks after that the cable was still laying on the ground and I had to go through the same 5 minute plus routine to talk to a real person. I reported the problem, but as of today (24 days after the loose cable was laid on the ground) the problem still had not been corrected and therefore another call and another 5 minute plus phone call to report the continuing problem. And you talk about great customer service. Baloney. And to top it off last night I tripped over that cable wire and injured my knee and have a bruised hand. All because of lousy service from Spectrum. Get your act together with a more user friendly phone system and faster service and response to safety isssues.

  • I just got off of the phone for the third time trying to get a set top box replaced. Since your company decided to remove the local office from our town, we now have the choice to drive 50 miles to the closest store, or pay a 'tech' $50.00 to come in and install the box. That is because our area does not support the company sending boxes out for me to install. Funny, I can pick it up and install it, but you cannot ship it. I will be researching other options to replace your services.

  • I spent over 25 hours on the phone trying to get my service transferred from a house we are moving out of to our new house. It cost me over $700.00, because of your company's incompetence, to do a simple transfer. Since I had to spend so much time on the phone trying to get it scheduled I had to hire a moving company at $450.00, to do work I could have done myself, and had to pay an extra $250.00 in mortgage payment because I was not moved out of the house when I wanted to. I took a week off from work, plenty of time to move myself, but because of the phone calling I couldn't do it. Then because the work which should have been done on Thursday August 13, wasn't done until today at 10 am I haven't been able to contact anyone or connect to the internet. The work order wasn't placed properly, customer service representatives couldn't provide me information that I needed, phone calls were constantly disconnected because of the extended wait times, waiting for calls back, and even your supervisors couldn't get the issues resolved. Now I have to call back to get credits and deal with more waiting on the phone and most likely dealing with customer service people who don't know what they are doing. It is unacceptable and I want to be compensated for the extra money your company has cost me for something as simple as transferring my service from one location to another that was just 4 miles down the road. Who do I speak to about that?

  • I was Threatened by a technician and made an attempt to assault me in my home. I filed a complaint and it appears that Spectrum is sweeping it under the carpet refusing to address the issue.

  • I have had spectrum cable for over 7 years, in May of 2020 I moved to the above listed address
    since that time all I have had is problems with the cable. Every day/night it is the same thing
    buffering or no signal at all, I even purchased a new top of the line TV just to make sure it was
    not my system malfunction. The local cable company has been called multiple times several tech
    have come out to my place I ask for a supervisor to be sent and it was refused. One tech said
    there is signal leakage but he can not fix it. Another tech put on a filter in the cable to router wire
    to slow it down. I pay extra for the higher end, 400 mbps signal speed. In fact right now it is 1:30
    pm and my speed is 35.6 I am unable to watch my TV .. no signal.
    As I stated above since may 15th I have been having constant problems to no end. None of the
    repairmen know what to do. when I call it in and request a prorated or discount for the problem
    times I get sorry we cant do that.
    I’m at the point of switching service to another provider like AT&T or Dish. I would rather not
    but if this issue continues I will have no other choice.
    Please rectify this matter as fast as possible

  • Unable to unblock a family members number after 2 weeks of trying. Also I had an "INHANCED" cable box for the last 5 years,it died recently.I want the same box but after many phone calls to Spectrum and visiting the "outlet" Spectrum stores was told 2 different things.1- Can't find any 2) not available 3) available, put your name on a list 5)Have a service technician replace the "newer" box you do not want with the "inhanced " box.I called to have it replaced with another of the same type,technician came out empty handed and wanted to know why he was at my house.I explained to him how after many phone calls I was told that the technician would be able to solve that problem by giving me the Box type I had and wanted instead of the newer box which we are NOT happy with and he told me he had none of those and I was told I cancelled the appointment,which I did not! The LEFT hand at SPECTRUM seems to not know what the RIGHT hand is doing.Very disappointed with this newer type cable box and hoping somebody wakes up really fast and offers customers the product they want and are paying for?!! Most likely this will go on deaf ears.

  • After being with this lying deceitful company for five years as a customer and giving them the benefit of the doubt, I am done. We relocated to Manchester, GA on January 1st of 2o2o and have had nothing but problems with the router, and the modem since day one. Each and every time they have sent a so called technician out here it has been the same old song and dance, it's not our equipment it must be yours, however the office tells us they see a problem on their end where the modem drops off or loses connection.
    However, they say they will communicate what they see to their clown techs and they do not because it's the same story. After speaking with Ricardo in Tech Services who said he was a supervisor he said he was sending a tech out on Sunday and he was making notes of what has happened and noted all that has taken place, and he would call us on Monday on our landline. Well Monday came, Sunday the tech came out at 10:14 am and walked up to our front porch and stated its your equipment not ours, at which point my wife and I told him to get the freak back in his van and get down the road, he only looked at his phone did nothing to check the equipment and did not test the lines and on Monday Ricardo never called.
    I tried to call Spectrum Corporate in New York and the phone rang and rang no one answered which tells me they do not give a rat’s behind about their customers only their money unless they are minorities. I am done with Spectrum and their mistreatment of their customers. I am moving on to a new provider.

  • I have been with Spectrum for five years and when we moved to Manchester GA the quality of service dropped to zero. There modem continues to reboot, or drop sporadically and being that we work from home and I take college courses from home this causes problems for my wife and I. Spectrum and their clown technicians come out and every time they blame our equ[pment, saying things like it is our Ethernet cables so on the safe side I replaced all of them. I am A+ and Network+ certified and have been for 20 years and have tested all our computers and laptops and it is not our equipment but you can't tell these clowns nothing because they think they know it all. The think that decided it for me yesterday was the technician showed up yesterday 7-5-2020 and gets out of his van and gets to our porch and immediately states it's your equipment, not ours at that point we told the idiot to get the hell off our property. We are switching to Windstream.

  • Had a phone number for over 20 years (land line) and had it ported over to spectrum in feb. and in april it went back to at@t and no one can tell me how this happened and I lost the number had to get new one but still got charged for the number i didnt have for two months still get no answers as to how this could happen could some one explain?

  • I had been with Spectrum for years. Never late on a bill. They raised my bill by 30 percent and the discount they offered was more than I was previously paying. I cancelled my service and als0 sent a message twice through their site making sure they got the message. I called today and was sent to three different people, first of all the lady said oh yes I see where you called but their are no notes in the
    system. I was then transferred to where the first lady said I would get a refund on the last two months. so I was transferred to a cocky guy named Branden in billing and was told that I would not be getting a refund. That is one company that has no idea how to handle business. Stay away from them.

  • you should learn how to be a real company that has a standard operating procedure manual for all the call centers. Also each call center should have the same equipment so they can resolve the customers issues without having to be transferred throughout the U.S. until you reach the center with the proper equipment. This novel idea to you II suspect will actually cutdown of the customers wait time from say 1 1/2 hours to possibly 30 minutes depending on the competency of the staff.

  • if you want to receive the best service on how to be disrespectful and speak to various sales, tech support and conflict resolution people that actually have not a single clue on how to do their job than go with Spectrum as your cable, internet and home phone service. Ive just spent two and a half hours being transferred throughout the United States talking to the various departments trying to get my home phone re-established because some fool cancelled the service the same day I actually got it to work after two hours with various tech It took a younglady in modem setup to activate the phone. Oh and ask which state your calling and if you get Nebraska your wasting your time asking for a supervisor because they have more important things to do than talk to you about being disrespected. I will tell you the states of Texas, North Kentucky, Florida and Colorado actually have individuals that know their jobs and can resolve your issues. And don't grant them absolution when they say" I'm so sorry you have gone through all that". Tell them to speak to their god for that. Scott Ehrig

  • We have been with Spectrum for a few years now and yesterday I had to call Spectrum to change my plan because my promotions were ending. I was transferred 5 times and on the call for 3+ hours, mostly on hold. Today I had to call Spectrum again and as I typing I'm on hold. I have been transferred 4 times so far and been on this call for an hour and 52 minutes and counting. For the prices you charge, I would expect that you could hire enough phone representatives. There are plenty of people looking for jobs right now. Your customer service is CRAP
    Tammy Koenig

  • Customer service in this company is non exsitant.The customer that pays your company is lied to and no one calls back or anything. The President has a letter about it and still don't have service and no contact on your end I want my money back

  • I am paying 196.66 a month. For my money I was getting baseball basketball football and every other sport from pro to little league. Now I am still paying the 200 dollar a month bill but I am receiving nothing for sports. My dental insurance and my car insurance both gave me back money because they know I am not using there service at this time. Will you reimburse me for not getting any sports? I don't mind paying for that service when I get it but I am not getting that service and I am paying for it. How about being fare and cutting me a break on my monthly bill.

  • I have had service with Spectrum since it was Time Warner/Brighthouse (almost 20 years) and I am having billing issues since Jan 2020 and not one person can help me. I have spent hours each time I have to call only to hear "I will investigate this and call you back'. Each time I call I have to repeat myself only to gain more frustration. I am looking for an email or phone number for someone who can help me resolve this issue.

  • I made the mistake of ordering a cellphone from Spectrum Mobile a couple weeks ago. When the phone arrived I naturally wanted to examine it and after doing so, I decided that I didn't like it, so called Spectrum to get a return address and cancel my account. I opened the small phone box that it came in to take a look. Apparently just doing that warranted a Restocking Fee of $50. I have been charged $54.64 for my initial service fee than more recently $155.36 for a combination fee that I was turn would be refunded to me. I was told today that the phone that I returned was said to have multiple scratches on the surface and that I was being charged the cost of the phone as a consequence. It took me at the most five minutes to look at the phone, then I immediately put it back in the box. Anyone who stated that there were multiple scratches on the returned phone was badly mistaken. I have always been extremely careful handling such items. I have been with Spectrum Internet for a long time and am disgusted with this situation. I will be leaving Spectrum for the behavior of their Mobile Service.

  • I called your Mobile number on 4/18/2020. I gave a different credit number to your agent in order to pay my bill in the middle of the afternoon. Later that night, I get a fraud alert on my phone. There was a charge from Middlesex Liquor Store for $720. I live in Central Wisconsin. I haven't used this card number in years and I only have given it to your agent. Does he live in or around Middlesex, NJ or Middlesex, MD.I finally got on your website to cancel that number and pay with a different card. Thanks to him I have to wait for a new card. I want him to go on report. I hope I don't have to talk to him again if I have to call for any reason.

  • I received a call that I was behind. I did not receive a bill.. I explained U had not received. I was told I could pay on line. I explain I had not received a bill. In my mind I felt the call was a sham. I went to the post office mailed money for March and April because I felt this could be a sham in as much I had not received any bill statments. I tried to speak with a human being to let them know I would send the payments and that I want copies of the bill that I had not receive. I will cancel my services after I receive copies of my bills that I had not received.

  • Dear Spectrum,

    I have filed a Compliant against you with the Florida Department of Agriculture which regulates you services in Florida. You should anticipate being contacted by them.

  • I have to give a massive shout out to Spectrum customer service rep Celeste in Texas. After being on hold for literally 4 days with ATT I picked up a Spectrum Home install kit for my new apartment. Needless to say I couldn't get it to work. I called Spectrum customer service and after an hour of being on hold Celeste picked up. Not only did she stay on the line with me while I had to drive 5 miles back to the new place but she patiently waited while I had to try 4 rooms in the house to find the live connection, each one taking 5 minutes. Even at normal times this was amazing service but considering the mess the world is in this was beyond amazing. Thank you Celeste from the bottom of my heart.

  • Since Aug 2019 I have been battling Spectrum about their constant telephone calls to enroll me in service. I hit "9" to be removed from the calling list, yet continued to get calls 3-4 times a week plus a mailer once every other week. So the next call I hit "1" to talk to a representative. When I asked to be removed I got hung up on. So I called them. When I talked to the representative I asked to speak to the supervisor and once again got hung up on. I continued trying to talk to a supervisor on subsequent calls ( 40% of the time I got hung-up on) when I finally got a supervisor I explain that I was not interested in the service and asked to be removed. I got several different responses:
    1: it takes 30 days to be removed (still they continue to be called)
    2: it takes 60 days to be removed (ditto)
    3: I was getting called by someone posing as spectrum ( even though I called them)
    4: it takes 90 days to be removed
    5: I was given a 800 number to call. I asked if this was a Spectrum number and she assured me it was. I wondered why nobody had given this number to me before. I called the number and guess what it was the federal do not call number. I have been on the do not call list since July 2002. Apparently Spectrum does not bother to use the list in violation of the law
    6: When I asked for a corporate number to call I was told that they could not give out the number!!
    Eventually I found that the marketing dept handled it, so I called them. They took my info (name addr phone) and said I would be removed. I continued to get calls. Once again I tried – this time (late Nov 2019) I told the supervisor my frustration about getting remove from the calling list – I explained that I am 68 years old and use the library for internet and have rabbit ears for TV reception. Both of which are free. I explained how rude I had been treated by hangups when I asked for managers etc. I asked to speak to her boss. I was told he was unavailable and would call me back in 48hrs. Guess what they never called back. Once again I called and explained my problem – this guy said he appreciated my frustration and he would take care of it. Well Dec – no calls, Jan – no calls but I got a call in Feb the day after Presidents day and again in this last Monday Mar 2. Why does Spectrum's marketing dept feel that I am a perfect candidate for their service I can't comprehend. Take note that I had the same problem with Fontier FIOS 5 yesrs ago nd the first time I spoke to a representative I asked to be removed they were polite and asked for my info and I have not gotten a call or mailer from them since. Spectrum should hire someone from FIOS to teach them how to remove peoples name from their calling list. It been over 6 months I've been trying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I was duped into joining Spectrum Mobile. Not told I could keep my phone, sent a cheap phone. Box said $50 fee if the box is open, How does a customer know about the phone if they don't open the box? I didn't realize it was a cheap phone (152.00) until I spent hours with an agent making the change from Verizon. Then they told me the cost of the phone. The phone was in excellent condition, returned within 36 hours and I am being charged $50. Thankful I was able to go back to Verizon. I am forced to have Spectrum with all it's issues but will never use Mobile regardless of the cost. Your agent was very good at convincing me, generally a skeptic, that I was getting a really good Samsung phone. Awful phone and I feel the public should be warned about the deception. And to have to pay for a phone because you opened the box……how stupid is that.

  • Understand this: Spectrum is not a philanthropic company, a friendly neighborhood company or even your friend. They have one goal – getting money from your pockets. They do this by marketing various services at prices far higher than the service is worth. They can continue with this because people pay the price, even though it is exorbitant.

    Things like quality equipment and customer service are provided as cheaply as possible so their bottom line is not hit. quality is too expensive. Do not waste your time waiting for things to improve — the stockholders won't permit it.

  • I will not go much into the treatment I have received today in my attempts to add a 2nd line to my Spectrum account. You would think that Charter would have figured out how to treat someone who has been a customer for nearly 30 years. Next time and I will be an uncustomer for life. At 61 I really don't need what came about on this day.

  • I have been a long time customer and my bill keeps going up. I would think Spectrum would be a little more fair with the pricing. I pay 145 for basic cable and internet, i could cancel my service and set it back up in 30 days and get the silver package for 114.98. its a racket and i wish there were other providers besides Dish in the area. Spectrum does not care about their customers. I tried to chat with someone on line and got this message to cancel service. wow nice customer service.

  • I recently acquired service with Spectrum as a result of feeling I was getting less than quality service from ATT. Unfortunately, I’m going back to ATT because the service at Spectrum is far worse. I was originally approached by a gentleman, Andre that came to my door for service after recently moving in. He sold me on a great deal and while I was skeptical, I moved forward thinking it was a better deal. He also informed me that I could cancel at any time and my payment would drop down to $49.99 for internet only and another $10 if I wanted to keep the phone service. I’ve called several different times and was told the best they can do with my current monthly bill of $119 is to reduce it to $104 “so I might as well keep what I have with all three services.” Unfortunately, this is not acceptable and poor customer service. When I called today, I spoke to Christine, that I sat on hold for 60 minutes to get this information. On top of all of that the quality of the internet is poor service. Ironically, many members of our home association have been in talks with banning together to stop using Spectrum and I’m in agreement. Also, when I asked about getting a phone number, address or email for corporate they said they were instructed to direct me to the internet. WOW…….I cannot believe it is that hard to make a complaint, but I should not be surprised based on the service I have received since acquiring your service in September/October. This is so unfortunate and I’m so disappointed. I will share this experience with all my Facebook friends and will inform my family. I hope that you will teach your staff better customer service, not allowing customers to sit on hold and not offering any type of specials or programs to someone that will be canceling service soon. As a single mother of three, I’m trying to do the best I can offering my kids internet for school and me for work. I teach my kids integrity and honesty and to be a person of your word. Unfortunately, this is not an example of that, and I will discuss this matter with my children. Please be an organization of your word. I will be cancelling my service with Spectrum soon and it is unfortunate that it has to come to this.

    • I understand your frustration, here is what they did to me.

      After being with this lying deceitful company for five years as a customer and giving them the benefit of the doubt, I am done. We relocated to Manchester, GA on January 1st of 2o2o and have had nothing but problems with the router, and the modem since day one. Each and every time they have sent a so called technician out here it has been the same old song and dance, it's not our equipment it must be yours, however the office tells us they see a problem on their end where the modem drops off or loses connection.
      However, they say they will communicate what they see to their clown techs and they do not because it's the same story. After speaking with Ricardo in Tech Services who said he was a supervisor he said he was sending a tech out on Sunday and he was making notes of what has happened and noted all that has taken place, and he would call us on Monday on our landline. Well Monday came, Sunday the tech came out at 10:14 am and walked up to our front porch and stated its your equipment not ours, at which point my wife and I told him to get the freak back in his van and get down the road, he only looked at his phone did nothing to check the equipment and did not test the lines and on Monday Ricardo never called.
      I tried to call Spectrum Corporate in New York and the phone rang and rang no one answered which tells me they do not give a rat’s behind about their customers only their money unless they are minorities. I am done with Spectrum and their mistreatment of their customers. I am moving on to a new provider.

    • Spectrum will give you a good price at first BUT WATCH they will raise your price later it's outrageous! They give some people free modem than charge other. With the dam price they charge we should get free modem and cable box use. The tv service sucks too. There are many older senior who have no other tv choice and can't afford there price. We pay all that money to just watch no more than 10 stations but that's how they get you!

  • Went to upgrade phone.Pd $75 to get below 50%.After they took my money then its a $45 transfer fee forgot to tell me.Then u get phone next billing cycle.No refunds store or cust service.Had any of ur incompetent employees made me aware of this i would not have gone to ur store.Dishonest all u care about is ur money.Absolutely HORRIBLe CO

  • Spectrum are Cons! I purchased the Samsung Note 10+ 3 days after I activated the phone it stared dropping calls, changing screens on its own, it do not hold a charge and it freezing. I went to one of stores I was told because I bought it from customer service they could not help me. I called customer service three times – the second time I asked for a supervisor who turned out to be very disrespectful so another supervisor took over the call. she tried to help before sending me to a tech. the tech sent me a simi card that did not help. I called again this time the customer service rep would not let me speak to a supervisor nor transfer me to the tech I talked to the week before. she told me it sound like a manufactory defect and I have to use my insurance. if I use my insurance I am going to have to pay a fee. so, I asked her again for a supervisor… she refused so I hung up on her. my phone is still not working and if I was trying to buy a house I would stop all payment until I gets a new phone, because I do not want a repaired phone. that is not what I am paying $1000.00 for. my next letter is to the BBB. This is the second complaint I have filed with the corp. maybe I will get a response from this one.

  • Its sad, I have been a customer since 1993 and the service along with the way spectrum handles customers is a shame, I think there needs to be a boycott on time warner and spectrum along with a class action lawsuit, not getting what we pay for and overcharged in my opinion for the quality we receive, wish the FTC would just shut it down, I am expecting my fourth call in 2 weeks today, if it goes bad im going elsewhere. I would like to see the whole U S population with spectrum do a major dump of their product.

    • I seriously doubt it. But somebody has to approve your post before it's added to the queue.
      Spectrum only cares about the bottom line. If they have to screw their customers to make an extra few bucks they'll do it because they know they can get away with it. No one at the FCC or in congress will do anything and Spectrum knows they are accountable to no one.

    • Im curious too. It seams we talk to nobody. Is there anybody out there? If so, please give us a smoke sign… and it’s not kind not give any answer.

  • Do you or do you not want me to continue being a customer of Spectrum? I am a senior (age 79) and my bill will go up $33.00 in the next two months. It is unaffordable. I have not changed my plan since I have been with you maintaining boxes for three TV. plus one dvr. I can get the same service from AT&T for $147.00. I hate to start the change as at 79. change is difficult for me. Last month's bill $163, this month's bill $174 and next month's bill $189 for the same service-basic cable and expanded (no premium.) Changed the price back or I am gone. I have talked to the Redemption Center-that was a joke as there was no redemption.

  • I got Spectrum bundle on 1 Oct 19. For the past 2 weeks, I have been calling Customer Service, 5 times due to several problems I've had with the TV. First,every time I called I had to wait about 20 minutes before I could talk to customer service. Then another 10-15 minutes to get to exact area, i.e., Technician or another person. Second, I called about to question my bill, I was told that it would cost me $5.00 for answers. Then I called about DVR, I thought I had ordered one when I made my contract. Was told it would cost $7.50 for one, and $12.50 a month, and then another $50.00 to have it installed. Next I tried calling about my TV and home phone constantly going out. No service. My TV is always freezing up. I am afraid it would cost me if I call on the TV and phone. What should I do? Any suggestions?

  • The supervisors are not any better , they care less than the ones working under them. I had I supervisor tell me " it's seem like a personal problem" just being a smart ass then just hung up the phone. He must have prayed to God that I wouldn't be able to get back a hold of him cause I would have been in confession a year for what I would had told him. 11 year customer , I'm GONE!! Spectrum is a joke!

  • I tried to call the corporate office phone number and no one ever answered the phone. How can a company do business if no one will answer the phone?

    I had tried to call the corporate office after a call to the customer retention department, and when I spoke to the CSR agent, I could barely understand her because someone in the office was playing music so loud that it was difficult to her the CSR agent. After talking with the CSR agent and asking her to have people in her office to keep the background noise down so that I could hear her I asked to speak with the department manager. I told him that my call to his department was the most unprofessional department I had ever called. I did offer a suggestion that they purchase noise cancelling headsets for the staff that would eliminate most if not all of the background noise from the department. To give you an idea how how bad the sound of the phonecall was, imagine if it sounded like there was a waterfall in the background with someone playing loud music from really bad speakers will other people were yelling and ringing bells in the background too. On a one to ten scale, I would rate this call a zero.

  • My internet service was disrupted due to an outage on 09/26/2019 in N.C. at 2:30pm. The service did not come back on until 09/27/2019 at 10am. I was told I would get a call. I did not get a call until 11am. Luckily I was near my modem the entire time. NOW all weekend the internet service has been very slow. The earliest they can get someone out is 10/03/2019!!! This is terrible service. For the past 6 months my service has been terrible, terrible , terrible.

  • I Had The Same Issue. After A Rewire, I Still Had The Same Issue With Some Channels Being Unavailable And The Pixelation On Other Channels Were Horrible. Spectrum Installed An Amplifier In The Attic And That Has Fixed 90 Percent Of The Issue.

  • My cable service is suffering from intermittent freezing and then pixilation of picture and sound on several channels. Over the past two months we have had service visits from 6-Service Technicians, 5-Maontenance Technicians and 2-visite from the local Service/Maintenance Supervisor. They have replaced every inch of cable from the main pole up to each TV and they have replaced the two Spectrum communication boxes. Each time we are told that adjustment were made, however the issue still exist. I have made copies of these occurrences on several different channels, however each time I offer to show them to the Spectrum Technicians they decline and stat they have made adjustments. How can they decide the proper cure for this issue if they do not see what the real issue is?

  • I cancelled my service's with your company on July 6 2019 after having spectrum for over 15 years . I got a bill of 259.00 for the month of I did not haave your service for July .But you still trying to bill me for a month of no use .Still dont understand why ? I pay my last month bill which was for June 15 to July 15 As far as I know ur company own's me money back .Could some one let me know whaat is going on about this issue .Thanks

  • I can't believe this my comment was removed —- Spectrum is really getting unbelievable now!!!!!!!! — just lost your loyal customer of 12 years

  • I'm very disappointed in Spectrum — I have had an e-mail account with this company since 2007 when they were time warner cable. I never had issues with my e-mail and was very happy with the service until now!!!!! This past weekend I had attempted to enter my e-mail and my password didn't work –I had not changed it at all. When I called customer service they couldn't help me, when I attempted to change my password the system was asking for the modem number–well unfortunately that modem was turned in when I moved. No one from customer service advise me that I would need to reactive my e-mail when I moved and since it has been working for the past 12 years, I didn't think it was a problem. Everyone from my creditors –doctors –family members have this e-mail and now I having to contact everyone to change it — I have been a loyal customer for several years — and right now I'm a very dissatisfied customer —if there is anyway I can please get back my e-mail I will be very appreciative.

  • I am so disgusted with Charter right now I could spit. Charter asked me to bring in my router because it was outdated)I did – then on this bill I was charged for it "because I did not have one"…I have had a Charter router since it became available in our area. 2) – I have spoken with at least 5 reps about my bill going up 6 times in 8 months; of whom all said I needed to replace 3 DVRs with basic boxes. One DVR "fried" itself and a bedroom TV which we had to replace with no monies to help of replacement. This from a Charter tech who came to my residence and checked the problems to fix no cable to TVs. So I replace my DVR boxes with the ones I have now only to realize today; someone without my permission – took my off the plan I have been on for years and not only raised prices – Charter changed my plan and dropped channels. This is fraudulent and deceptive and unacceptable. I called again this morning – and was told nothing could be done. Really. There must be a law against this type of deception for a consumer. I will research this. Renee Wood 7707860159

    • This is a website that provides corporate phone numbers. It's not a Spectrum website. Your comment isn't going to be seen by anyone at Spectrum, and you shouldn't ever put your name and phone number in a public post.

  • Trying to get an answer as to why no one showed up for an install is impossible. If Fios was offered in my area I'd subscribe. Calling Direct TV.

  • Apparently Spectrum is to big for the concern of the customers. My father 80 year old continuely stay out of cable connection. NOT only is SPECTRUM the WORST service… their repair and customer service is just at BAD. He is the ONLY one on the street that is out of cable..AND YES neighbors has service. He has been with out for 2 whole days and can't even call 911 in an emgerency… So… When will you all quit LIEING about how great you are and start getting better service ???

  • I think it is crazy that a company can get away with charging you for a fill month of service when they cut your service off because you are one month behind and they wont let you make payment arrangements. My due date suddenly changed – I get paid once a month on the 25th and am a single mother on a fixed budget. I got behind by one month more than a year ago and have paid on the 25th every month since then. For the last 3 months they turn my cable off on the 20th and for 5 days I have no services but then get charged for a full month. Skeezy was to do business in my opinion.

  • Called spectrum to discuss an issue our homeowners are having with their installers drilling through their main plumbing line and causing raw sewage to back up in their yard and home. Lady who answered the main phone line for the corporate office didn't even let me finish introducing myself, sighed, hung up the phone, and now my calls cannot be completed to them. Great Service!

  • Liked

    Country Fried Sirloin, Ribs, New York, Porter House, Filet, Prime Rib, Sirloin


    Cold Food (Chili, Tarter Skins, Pulled Pork, Baked Potato, Buttered Corn, Green Beans, Seasoned Rice, Steak Fries) they all had to be sent back each week to get my food HOT ! ! !

    Pissed Off

    The last time I was at Texas Roadhouse, I ordered the Fall Off The Bone Ribs, had to send the Chile back because it wasn’t HOT. Then had to wait a very long time for the Ribs.

    Ribs finally came cut off a few ribs for my wife, she says the ribs are ice cold, so I check the ribs and its not just cold IT IS FROZEN, sent the ribs back AGAIN and they still they still returned COLD.

    Finally was so fed up with the whole situation I just took the ribs home but was still CHARGED for this.

    Later that evening I heated the ribs and green beans up and became very ill after eating. Was literally vomiting all night long. Obviously, I had “food” poisoning ! ! The ribs and green beans from Texas Ranch House was the ONLY thing I ate that day.

    When I advised you of this of this you just sent me a letter with a $20 coupon ! !

    I will NOT eat at the Texas Ranch House again nor will I recommend it to anyone.

    • 1) This is a website that publishes corporate phone numbers; 2) this is a page for Spectrum, not Texas Roadhouse; 3) why would you take the ribs home if they were frozen? and 4) of course you got sick, you ate uncooked ribs.

    • Guess what? who cares! My bill is 300.00. I rented 2 movie's and cannot view them. I want you to something about myself. I refused a free movie here in here in the Niagara Office because he thought he overreacted. GET IT FIXED because my support's Katrillion percent. By the way this is my fourth time to contact YOU! THANK's

  • I tried once more to get my mobile phone service and this time was given a 800 number that forced me to go thru a computer and when I get a person he doesn't know about extra info needed.

  • I am trying to get Spectrum mobile. Last Saturday the 23 I was at the Portland, ME office. The rep went thru the process of letting me use my unlocked phone. However, when it came time to pay the system said it couldn't proceed. Was told I'd get an email with request for additional info. Here it is the 28th and no email. While I was there I told rep that one of my cable boxes kept rebooting so he gave me a new on which works fine. Yesterday my old cable box started acting up by taking 20+ seconds to change channel and this morning It won't even allow me to change channel. This does not comport well for a service company.

    • I spoke with Maria i believe in OH to ask a few question about your Internet Assit
      serv.On May 20th 2019. Told her i would talk to my husband and get back to her. The very next day I have a modem at my front door. I have been trying to get someone here to pick it up ever since. I spoke with at least 8 different people on 3 occasions i was told that they would send someone over between 1-3pm. And once that Fed Ex would come on 6/4 all 4 times no one showed. They are telling me now i have to return it. I DID NOT ORDER THIS! I have tried and tried, I give up. Now i am going out of town to help my daughter in law who is having another baby soon. I told them all i would be leaving today. It just amazes me a big corp like yours and your employees will not work with one another. Very sad!!! I will try again when i get back in a few weeks. I've also tried to call your corp. office and no one answer's.

    • spectrum is the MOST dishonest co. the have rip me off, stilling my money and disconnect my cable that is payed every month and all this because I refused to pay an incorrect amount for my internet, If you want to confirm this go to BBB page and see how they treat their customers

  • To my understanding Amazon has deleted anti Sharia sites that may insult them. STOP Amazon, what about Americans and the anti Christian sites, why do you ignore them, we should not compromise our way of life for someone that would cut your throat with no remorse or are you afraid, what you should be afraid of is buyers boycotting your company and that is what I will do if you do not keep the anti Sharia sites up, Are you even America Amazon? Get with the program you anti American dummies.

    • I cancelled my service on April 26, 2021. Spectrum Did not remove the cable from my home which has caused undue stress to my two cats. I rescused both these cats and we love them very much.
      When your installers installed internet in my home they damaged my property which cost me $250.00 – I failed to get pictures so I can’t bill you for it.
      However, Today, I called 855-707-7328 and was promised over 6 times that someone would call me back in 90 minutes, no one called, one hour – no call, 30 minutes no call, 10 minutes – no call. It is not 9:00 -p.m. Dallas time – I feel that since I called at 12:30 p.m. Dallas time – this should have been taken care of TODAY. I was charged an extra month that I DID NOT Have internet – I did not have internet for the week I had no power – no reduction in monthly bill – no reduction in bill for poor internet service for dropped internet service for over 3 months either. I received NO calls from Spectrum time now 9:30 p.m..
      If my husband, climbs up on that roof in the morning and falls – I will sue Spectrum for failing to show up on my property today as promised. And that is a valued guarantee. You think money is your GOD – I paid you for a service I DID NOT RECEIVE. Therefore, since your people failed to call or show up to removed your line from my home to the pole, I am billing Spectrum, $1,000.00 per month from 4-26—2021 to the date I remove it and I will bill you for the full month of April since you billed me for a month of internet I did not have. (Total you need to send me is $3,000.00 for non removal of line) Plus if one or both of my cats die because of the noise causing them to go crazing = add $10,000.00 for the cats) It is making my two cats crazy. If I have to put one or both of them down – I will take legal action against you. This line should have been removed by the end of April.
      Why was it not removed since I no longer have Spectrum? Do you promise to call back your old Spectrum customers and DON” T?
      I will turn this matter over to Washington, the FCC and the BBB and Federal Trade Commission and I and tired of being taken advantage of. I must pay someone to remove your property from my roof and then put it in the alley – if the kids pull down AT&T’s lines then you will be held responsible. I am tired of messing with a company that does not give a dam about the senior citizens or care about anything expect money. I will expect payment of my money within 30 days or I will see you in court. I have forwarded this copy to the newspapers and to the necessary people so they know what kind of business you run. If you cancel you must remove your equipment.
      Gail Borneman
      1915 Utica Dr Dallas TX 75217 214-391-0135

    • I know right? I got a cell phone offer and two weeks into it they can't send me a simple sticker to mail the used phone back. argh! what is going on with these people???

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