Staybridge Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

Staybridge Suites Corporate Office Headquarters
InterContinental Hotels Group
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555
Reservations: 1-877-238-8889

  • StayBridge Suite in Wichita, Ks has convinced me to begin shopping for a hotel that doesn’t treat their customers with utter disrespect. And contempt. I am not sure where the breakdown with this once, awesome chain of hotels, but if their corporate level employees don’t care about the condition of their hotel, I suppose it becomes a trickle down effect.
    After many years using SBS for my home away from home, I can no longer

  • So, i have been staying at the Holiday inn express /Staybridge and i'm on the Staybridge side here in MA. The hotel is allowing guests to stalk/threaten other guests. It really sounds like a Trafficking issue. The guests in the room next door to me are up all night yelling and saying disturbing things. I have complained to the front desk and one of the guys i complained about that threatened me is buddy buddy with the hotel employees so they won't do anything about it.

  • Chandler AZ – do not stay here unless you are on the top floor. We were on floor 3 and the people upstairs sounded like a herd of elephants. The windows rattled, the floor bounced and the walls it was horrible. This went on until 4 am. Not a good night sleep

  • Stayed for the first time at your Independence Mo. location and enjoyed it so much decided to stay in Colombia location after our family reunion. Big mistake. I didn't get any sleep after finding a bug. Started to worry all night about more bugs and bed bugs. I killed it on the floor mat tile but later discovered it moved and had to really kill it for sure. I took pictures. Then while checking out of the room a lady slipped and fell because floor was wet and no sign. Glad it wasn't me but sorry for her. This is a lousy way to notify you. My email is I don't use the one it is coming to.

  • We had my mother's celebration of life services this weekend. Family from 10 state attended. The weekend couldn't have been better.

    Last month I contacted the Sioux Falls, SD Staybridge Suite and was give a great rate and the held a block of room. I worked with Deb Anderson and was impressed with her professionalism, kindness, and flexibility was outstanding. I can not say enough good things about good things about the Sioux Falls, SD Staybridge Suites. I have stay at this location 4 times and very impressed with the consistence of wonderful services. Looking forward to our next visit. A few of our older family member didn't want to leave. Thank you for making our trip a success.

  • I have had the WORST experience with the hotel in Parker Colorado. They reservation staff/front desk, are RUDE, INCONSIDERATE, and have no clue about customer service. I've called now 6 times for a reservation that has a special group rate. No one could tell me what the rate was. I was referred to a new manager and she could't tell me what the rate was, and then asked to call me back. She left me a voice mail that said she was working on it, couldn't tell me anything and then said she would call back tomorrow. Never called back. Called the hotel AGAIN the next day….of course Irene, the manager was out. Was put on hold for over 10 minutes and then Herman picked up. Was clueless and put me back on hold. So i called back again and the VERY RUDE lady would not give me her name and said she had several people in line to take care and put me back on hold. WOW….seems like this is a common attitude with Staybridge Suites. I plan on making a statement on FB to let everyone know.

  • We lost our home last May to a fire. To say we were overwhelmed is a complete understatement. You are never so humble as when you realize you are wearing the only underwear you own. State Farm Insurance arranged for us to stay at the Staybridge Suites in Rockford, Illinois. The staff could not be more helpful or sympathetic. We were among 8 other families displaced by fire staying at the hotel. During the worst time of our lives, our stay made us feel like celebrity guests. We stayed for about 6 weeks. The bed was so comfortable, we bought the exact same mattress for our new home several months later. Because of the excellent experience we had last year, when we went on vacation this year we booked a room at the Staybridge Suites in Jacksonville, NC. Again, all the staff was very friendly and accommodating. The breakfast buffet is always wonderful. We will be staying with Staybridge again any time we travel. We can't thank you enough! Please feel free to pass this on to both locations we stayed at.

  • Please read feed back left on 7/1/2016 due to an incident that happened on Thursday 6/30/2016 with the staff between the hours of 9:00pm and 10:40pm. You're staff was very rude and unprofessional. We were harrased by the male staff and including the other female staff telling us to leave when we were sitting outside the front door waiting to get a room. But yet we were told it was private property and we had to leave. Male staff also said to us there were 97 more hotels to stay at. Also was harrassing us as we were walking towards the car. Cops werw called due to something going on male staff said to police we didn't want to leave male staff almost got me arrested for that. Which was not true. We were walking to the car slow due to my daughter's sprained ankle. Staff needs to be re trained on customer service.

  • Had reservations that were booked through priceline. Got to the the San Antonio Staybridge Inn at about 11 and they said it was too early to check in but they could hold our bags. Choose not to and went out to enjoy the city. When we got back at 4:15, we were told we didn't have a room. Now sitting on the 18th floor of a Holiday Inn with no "free drinks", etc. RESERVATIONS MEAN NOTHING TO THIS COMPANY. I was told by corporate that company policy was followed they comped a room and parking at HI. (Keep in mind this room was paid for on the credit card over 6 weeks ago.) We had checked 2 weeks ago on our reservations and had them, so STAY AWAY. RUN. RUN FAST.

  • Fleas Fleas Fleas in more Fleas I ask for a pet free room because i had no pets duh. They gave me a infested room i was bitten so bad i ended up going to the hospital the manager told me sorry in that she hope i feel better in put us into another room that smell like smoke i ended up leaving in going to antoher hotel I will never go there again
    Staybridge Suites 1 Market point,Greenville,SC location STAY STAY STAY FARRRR AWAYYYYYYYYYYYY…..

  • Nasty dirty stealing housekeepers. I stayed at the Greenville,SC location only to have my tablet stolen out my room. A housekeeper came to me in told me another housekeeper stole it i spoke to front desk in a manager in they told me they was going to look into it well they fire the housekeeper that told me in then gone tell me there sorry for my loss like wth sorry for my loss I will never stay at this hotel again

  • Oh how I wish I would have read all of these comments before booking rooms in this hotel!!! We have booked a room for Thanksgiving night and the following night and something has come up and so I had to cancel the reservation. Well they said that they told me there was no refund and I don't remember them telling me that (frankly the person that I talked with could not speak very) but at the end of the confirmation in very small print it tells you the cancellation policy. Now I can understand that if we made the reservation a long time ahead and they had to turn away a lot of people that wanted that room, that would be one thing but I tried to cancel 3 days prior to our arrival!!! Now the manager told me that these rooms were in high demand because they are close to the football stadium! well does that mean that they can rent this room out????? for two night we will have to pay $399.24 so if they are in such HIGH DEMAND that means that they will rent this out and make $798.48 for that room!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ROBBERY Is clear in this instance!!! This is a SEC college in this town and if this is the treatment that you get from the hotels there we won't be going back…….ever!!! my husband called the corporate office and told the person there that he spoke with that she was basically "STEALING OUR MONEY" she said no sir don't think of it that way????????????? what other way do YOU see it? I am not thru with this I will right to everyone I can think of to get some satisfaction out of my $399.24…. SEC will be the First, Attorney General both my state and Arkansas, US attorney General and while I am on a roll how about one of the national news channels that will investigate for people who are ripped off!!!!!

  • Yes the ( Staybridge Suites In Bowling Green, Kentucky) has terrible Managers working the front desk…… Specifically upper management Mrs Zoey and Mrs Ashlynn – who would not give their last names but very rude & foul at the mouth!!! I highly recommend not staying at this unprofessionally ran by upper management establishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Corporation needs to send their employees through training AT LEAST once a MONTH…….????

  • Terrible attitude of upper Management – General Manager Mark Kerry- very rude, not professional in Edmonton Staybridge Suites on the West of the city


    My family and I lost our house to an electrical fire on 08.14.2015.
    My insurance company put us up at this location until I find a house to rent no later than the end of September, 2015. We were assigned 2 rooms.

    At first, being overwhelmed by our loss….we didn't realize how horrid this hotel was.
    Now, 8 days later, if I were travelling and googled reviews on this place,
    I would have NEVER stayed there.

    Here are my complaints regarding 8 days at this hotel:

    Each room has a kitchen.
    Alarms would go off every single day 2-3 times a day because they have no exhaust fans in those kitchens. We found ourselves running and trembling for lives 2-3 times a day. When you hit the exist doors, there would be an employee stating "Its ok, people are cooking"….go back to your rooms.

    Really? How do we know when it is "not ok"?
    Is there a separate alarm alerting us to "It's REALLY FIRE"??

    Having just escaped a fire, you can only imagine how frightening this was for me and my family.

    When you go thru this ordeal, you got a lot of people wanted to send you information and you have to print it out and send it back.

    They have "zero" working office equipment.
    One computer does not print to the printer.
    The other computer prints to the printer in a 99 font.
    Therefore, one single sheet consumes about 40 pages of paper.

    None of the hotel staff is aware how to fix this issue and none of them cared.

    Their "free breakfast" and "free dinner 3 x's a week" is comparable to dog food.
    One word………"disgusting".

    They allow cats and dogs to stay there.
    Constant barking came from my neighbors residence who has a HUGE dog.
    Nasty, scary dog that I found roaming off-chain on Thursday morning at 7am…..
    I had to run back to my room. When I came back out, his owner was there and the dog "lifted his leg and pissed all over the wall".

    This hotel is surrounded by mega noise so; if your looking for quiet you need to go elsewhere else. They allow refridgerated trucks to park 30' from the building and they run ALL NIGHT LONG. You try to crank up the AC in order not to hear them but,
    they are too close to the building and the AC is controlled so it never gets loud enough to drown the noise. The AC never gets cold enough to chill your body either so….if you can get into one of those trucks in the summer, you would be better off.

    I had to call the corporate office before I escaped that place with my family yesterday. I had to file a complaint against the front desk help "TINA". She is the most unprofessional, nasty, loud, vulgar, foul-mouthed person I ever saw representing anybodys front desk.

    She does not belong in that position; perhaps in the kitchen where no one will see her? I don't know but, DEFINATELY NOT the front desk.

    Did I mention there is no bar or restaurant?
    Did I mention you cannot walk anywhere from there without being killed by a car?

    In summation, if you are looking for a good place to stay with your family that is affordable with a GREAT BIG POOL, RESTAURANTS and in the town the Stroudsburg? Well, take it from me, I have lived here 27 years………
    QUALITY INN in Stroudsburg.

    GREAT free breakfast that lasts 3 hours and is REAL food.

    BETTER PLACE with a few more dollars to spend?
    That's where we are now……


  • I stayed in East Stroudsburg PA . The place looked nice ,but the problem was , some of my good clothes were stolen right out of my suitcase ! I didn't notice until I got back to SC . I really felt like I was violated . I will not be going back there any time soon !

  • We booked a suite with stay bridge In Chattanooga the room we booked online and payed for in advance was a queen bed with a separate living area. When we arrived we checked in only to find just one queen bed no other living area. We brought our 3 boys with us so we needed the separate space which is the only reason we booked with staybridge. When we inquired about the mix up the front desk said they didn't have our room available and it wasn't guaranteed because we booked online. When we called customer service we were hung up on twice before we finally got someone who told us that they would not refund our money if we left and we had no choice but to stay cramped in a room although we prepaid for another type. So we asked if we could at least get the difference in the price if the room you guessed it the answer was no. I will, I repeat I will NEVER stay with any brand associated with staybridge again and I will cancel our family reunion rooms with this brand as well. Contacting an attorney 1st thing in the morning. My money is important to me and this happens to be my anniversary weekend. Thanks staybridge for ruining my vacation.

  • So disappointed after my stay at Staybridge Suites Seaworld San Antonio. On day 1 the AC was not working properly after our late arrival we called the front desk to report that the AC was not working we were told the AC was set at 70 throughout. Finally at about 2 a.m. my husband called and threatened to take our business elsewhere so security came to check the AC and he agreed it was hot in our room, it was only about 80 degrees. The bathroom door did not lock & plumbing in room 127 the shower would backup when anyone showered so in order to get showered quickly we had to step in someones dirty water. The light cleaning never happened on Friday nor Saturday even after I requested it for Saturday, unless I called to complain about it at that moment when I would we would get clean towels and trash would be removed from our room. When I first arrived I thought the hotel was nice but after my stay I was extremely disappointed. This hotel was recommened by the company I work for it's one of their preferred hotels, I will definitely let them know they need to reconsider.

  • I called reservations to ask if they give AAA rates. The agent I spoke with said they did at a rate of $94.00 per night. He said they only had one room left of the suite I requested. He asked if I would like to put the room on hold and I told him I wanted to reserve the room for 7 nights at the $94.00 rate. When I got to the Staybridge in Torrance, CA they told me that I only had the room reserved for one night at $94.00 and the price would go up Starting Sunday – Thursday at $164.00 and then go back down to $94.00 Fri-Sat. I explained to the front desk clerk this was not what I reserved and that there must be some kind of mistake. She explained to me that she was sorry but there was nothing they could do and I could stay for the night at $94.00 but if I wanted to extend the stay the rates would go up. I got my keys and went to my room where I looked for the corporate office number on line and called. I explained to them what was going on and they said they were sorry but because the reservation was for only one night they could not honor the rate. I decided to stay the night and book another hotel for the rest of the week. The night I was there I decided to barbeque but could not get the barbeques to light up. I went to the lobby and asked the guy at the front desk if some one could help me. He said he would send the enginerest right over. 30 mins later still waiting. I asked my sister to ask the guy at the front desk what was taking so long. He said the enginerest was at lunch and he had forgot to mention it. He said he was back and he would be right over. 15 mins. later still no one. I finally decided to flag this guy down who had passed by me about 5 times and guess what? It was the enginerest. He told me that the front desk did not let him know that there was a women (guest) at the barbeque that needed assistance. Needless to say we had a very late dinner. The next morning I had gone to the lobby and told the guy at the front desk that I was checking out but my room at the hotel I was switching to would not have my room ready till 3:00pm I asked if I could stay until 2:00pm since it was their mistake that they got my reservation and rate wrong. He told me "NO!' Check out time was at 11:00 and the most he could help me with was to allow me to check out until 12:00pm. Luckily the hotel I was switching to had my room ready and I was able to check out at 11:30am. I will never stay at the Staybridge again.

    • Totally agree – they are QUICK to take your money, but horrible at customer service and getting their act together. We were charged when we couldn't make our reservation due to car trouble and I cancelled in plenty of time for them to re-sell the room (which I am sure they did –crooks!). I had called the day after to make sure we weren't charged and a guy who answered said I wouldn't be, but sure enough the wonderful manager charged me anyway (probably to make his numbers look better! Also, talked to him and he was so rude – this was at the Las Cruces Staybridge. Horrible, horrible customer service.

  • Oh my god, all of these comments are horrible! I am having problems with Staybridge as well. I am at the O' Fallon, MO location. When I made my reservations, I specifically told them I would be checking in at about one A.M. of March ninth. The woman who makes the reservations, Joani, e-mailed me stating my reservations total would be 745.44 after tax. The e-mail included the dates. When I was on my way, I called to let them know I was coming. The man on the phone, Tom Dinin, started yelling at me and said I could not check in until three P.M. Tom said I would have to sit in the lobby from arrival (about one A.M.) to three P.M. After I talked to him, my friend called him. He yelled at my friend too, and yelled even more when she simply asked for their corporate number. He refused to give it to her. I got here at two A.M. of the ninth. When I sat down in the lobby, Tom said I was not allowed to sleep. When I asked for the corporate number, he refused to give it to me too. I got on the computer here, and found this number right away. Another confusing detail is that I will only get a room at three "if it hasn't been bought yet" WHEN i HAVE A HARD COPY OF THE E-MAIL SAYING i HAVE RESERVATIONS. The only drawback is they don't open for a few hours. Well, I guess the above comments are a drawback too, as they make me wonder if I should bother. My friend and I are going to at least try calling corporate, though. Long story short, I am never coming here again! I had decided that before I even arrived!

  • Was driving home from Harrisburg PA this past week and happen to stop at the Staybridge suites in Fogelsville PA. Place was empty but needed some sleep. After laying in the bed for about an hour, I started to have some type of allergic reaction to something either in the bed or room and was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital with a rash now starting and an asthma like condition. I notified the front desk of what had happened and that I would not be returning. I spent a total of an hour in the room and 5 hours in the hospital and they wouldn't refund my money. As an elected official in the state and only dealing with Marriot, I definately won't be going back ! Will look to file suit. Sad

  • Confirmation #65864052 Membership #110515958 Location: North Brunswick, NJ Date 11/19/2012 to 11/20/2012
    We reserved our room at your hotel about 30-40 days before we were actually going to stay with you. About 48 hours before we arrived we called your North Brunswick, NJ location and explained to them that we could not stay at your hotel for both nights due to a family urgency and a change in plans. Because of this we requested either a voucher for a future night or credit for the 2cd night we no longer need to stay at your hotel. After speaking to one of the rudest hotel managers we have ever spoken too we also tried to speak to your customer service corporate office. The customer service manager was rude and horrible as well. When we finally arrived at your hotel we tried to speak to 2 of your North Brunswick managers and they suggested this letter. As a client and member of the StayBridge membership club we would have thought your website stated your cancellation or change policy. We still haven't read anything that states any policy. At this time we would appreciate a response from a StayBridge manager that can make an intelligent customer service decision. We would like to continue to stay at your hotel but we need this has to be resolved in our favor today. Have one of your corporate managers get back to us by phone, email or letter. Email:

  • I happened to stay a weekend at the Staybridge BWI near the Baltimore , Maryland airport and to say it was a nightmare was an understatement. I received the worse customer service ever and had my car vandalized while in their parking lot. No one lifted a finger to even calll the police for me….or even offer their phone for that matter.
    Once I contacted guest relations they sent me back to the same nasty manager I had dealt with. I was promised 2 night stays that I never received and when I inquired about them was sent some priority points and told to leave them alone.

  • If you cherish your personal items, then stay somewhere else. Staybridge has a horrible theft problem in San Antonio and the corporate office could care less.

    • I agree. I had my vehicle broken into and afterwards they refused to move their courtesy van from the front in order to accomodate me with safe parking also calling the police and threatening me with towing my vehicle for parking in a "dead spot" in front of the hotel. The night security who is not always there also refused to tell me the name of management that authorized him to threaten me with such actions!

      In addition to this the promise of food is never available for the duration of the time specified in the evenings as well as several operational violations concerning safety and Business Operational Codes.

    • I agree. I had my vehicle broken into and afterwards they refused to move their courtesy van from the front in order to accomodate me with safe parking also calling the police and threatening me with towing my vehicle for parking in a "dead spot" in front of the hotel. The night security who is not always there also refused to tell me the name of management that authorized him to threaten me with such actions!

      In addition to this the promise of food is never available for the duration of the time specified in the evenings as well as several operational violations concerning safety and Business Operational Codes.

    • I have been subject , to the harassment of Gang Stalking here at this very Hotel. When I informed the staff of the ongoing harassment , Hotel Mgmt told me that I am imagining things , and that I am "thinking too much"? Then when I told Mgmt NOT to call me by my first name , Mgmt became offended and will not answer my calls at the front desk , I am immediately put on hold , and disrespected. Should I be harmed by any means , while staying here , my family is prepared for Legal query in the matter. They are disrespectful , and doesn't give a DAMN , for my safety not privacy.

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