Steak and Shake Corporate Office Headquarters

Steak and Shake Corporate Office Headquarters
Biglari Holdings
17802 IH 10 West, Suite 400
San Antonio, TX 78257 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-210-344-3400
Fax Number: 1-210-344-3411

  • after 50 some years of getting a orange freeze at steak and shake they decide its not worth selling anymore are you kidding me?. its the only reason i went there at all.

  • 3-24-22 I went to the Stean N Shake on 3906 S Florida Avenue, Lakeland, FL. I had a filled out a survey from a receipt from the same restaurant 2-27-22 for a free double cheeseburger via the drive thru. 3-24-22 when I got to the window the boy stated that the coupon could not be honored as it expired. The bottom of the coupon states expires in 30 days. The original receipt with the code on it was 2-27-22 and I went there to redeem it 3-24-22. He then made up another excuse that it could not be honored as it was not on an app. Mind you this is the same restaurant I got the original receipt from to fill out the survey to begin with. Now it cannot be honored because it does NOT HAVE AN APP. As I left I could see all of the employees through the drive thru window at what they had done. Discrimination, in my book. I will be contacting corporate.

  • Better add Steak n Shake, in Mentor, OH to the complaint list. Stood in line for over 15 minutes. There were empty tables but all were dirty. We counted over 9 employees that we could see, yet none of them thought to clean tables. Finally a waitress cleared a table and we sat down. Our food took forever and when it came out it was terrible. 45 Minutes after ordering,tables were still not cleared. Employees seemed to be enjoying themselves and it had nothing to do with work. How this place stays in business is beyond me. We asked for a manager, but he too seemed clueless. Best of all, instead of cleaning tables, they decided to make hand made signs and hang them on the doors, which said," Drive thru Only", so I guess the Open 24 hr. Is only for the employees, who you are paying to do nothing. I am sure this will be another company that will be going out-of-business soon….

  • I live in Tinley Park, IL and this was my experience at your Steak n shake on 161st & Harlem on 9/3/2016. Took a friend to this Steak 'n Shake this morning to try their breakfast for the first time. After waiting 10 mins to be seated we were given our coffee and then it seemed like the waitress avoided us after that. An hour and a half later we still didn't have our food. Many people complaining and walking out. Our waitress told us she didn't blame us if we wanted to walk out to ! I told her I couldn't believe all the people coming in after us getting to go food that came and went and we still sat there waiting and waiting. She didn't have any real explination except that the drive thru and to go orders back up the food that has to go to the guests that are seated in the restaurant ! Why would the drive thru be open for breakfast ?? When we left (without getting our food) they were feeding others lunch already ! If this keeps up this place only has days before shutting their doors.
    There even was a guy pleading with the server to give him a glass of orange juice because he has diabetes and his blood sugar was extremely low. What's going on ????

  • Interesting to see that the problems are company-wide. We are regular customers at our local store…or were. For over a year, we have had a problem whenever we go through the drive thru. The order is ALWAYS WRONG. ALWAYS.
    We have taken to checking the order before leaving the window.
    Today, my husband went through the drive through and ordered.
    He checked my simple order, a spicy chicken sandwich and fries, but did not check his, as they had repeated the order to him correctly. Got home and the burger ordered with no mayo was SLATHERED WITH MAYO. He went back to the store and went inside and explained the situation to the manager, the same young man e has complained to before. He made him a new burger, after having trouble getting the order entered.This is time-consuming for us and annoying, and loses you money, but it seems that no one is really too concerned.
    We typically eat at Steak n Shake several times a month,with a few additional visits for drinks or shakes. We will be driving farther and spending more to go to Culvers, where thry get the order right. You need to train your managers and employees to READ THE ORDERS AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. "In sight it must be right", indeed.

  • Had to repeat my order several times, waited in the drive-thru line for 16minutes, fries were cold and I was given the wrong size drink. Surprisingly, my burger was as ordered, but not hot. I used to like S 'n S, but won't be going back anytime soon. This happened at the Home Ave., Akron Ohio location

  • 3232 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205
    Pulled up to the drive thru, waited, finally went to the pick-up window and was informed that I would need to come in and order. The drive thru was closed!!!
    Fresh snow covered the entire parking lot, did not feel like walking in the snow.
    Had a flash back thought I was at a Waffle House or the Golden Arches.

  • Steak & Shake in Union City, GA just opened two weeks ago. Sunday evening I decided to get a take out burger meal. I went in side just as I always do at other locations for my take out. I was stopped at the door by the manager (I assumed) and was told I could NOT get take out inside, that I would have to eat in. I did explain that other Steak & Shakes take orders inside and he replied NO not here. The cars in line was very long and I didn't have time to wait. There weren't that many people inside either. This is NOT good for a new business. Steak & Shake was a pleasant surprise to numerous people in Union City and now people getting take out that work will have to get in line and it will take an awful long time for them which will eliminate time to eat it at work. Can something be done? The manager was very abrupt and had zero customer service skills. He had an "I Rule" attitude. Can "we" have a new manager who is "user friendly"? Needless to say I didn't get in the car line and went somewhere else for take out. I was very disappointed. I used to live near the Steak & Shake in Morrow and THEY ALWAYS gave great customer service and take out "inside" was not a problem at all. A great manager there, most definitely!!!!!

  • I recently had lunch w/friends at the Steak And Shake in Rincon, Ga. It is a new store. Very clean and superb service. I had the chili w/pasta. A bit greasy, nonetheless very tasteful. This was a great dining experience and every employee I had contact with was pleasant and helpful. I live on the California central coast and wish this store could be transplanted.

  • What cost cutting measure have you now taken with the baked beans? I've been eating Steak n Shake baked beans since the 1940's and I won't order them again!

  • I just came from a Steak and Shake in Ohio,, my complaint has nothing to do with the workers,,it has to do with the register and card reader.. I ordered at 2:07:30.. I received my food at 2:29 in the drive up window… the computer/register was not working.. I can't believe that there was no back up plan. the car behind me pulled out, I couldn't because I had already given over my gift card.. I sat there watching the whip cream melting on our shakes as we waited. Very frustrating that they don' have a back up plan,,

  • The steak and shake I visited in indianapolis indiana has a "manager" Alisha she is rude unprofessional and acts as if she is CEO of steak and shake, I visited there and listened to how she talks to customers as well as the employees, its no wonder no one has beat her A** they have the wrong person in charge of their restaurant. it starts with leadership standing around talking about other employees to other employees should be some kind of line drawn Alisha im sure you dont say it to the employees face. then again you are "just" a burger manager

  • Wow, after reading all these negative reviews about Steak & Shake, I'm really glad we don't have those problems at the S&S in Beavercreek, OH. I've been eating there for over 15 yrs, it's my favorite place to eat. Food is always good, and service is fast, and friendly. The only negative is that we have a 20 minute drive, so wish there was one in our town of Xenia, OH.

  • Today , President's Day holiday weekend we went to your store on 10600 Fowler St., Ft Myers, FL. to have what we thought would be a quick lunch at about 2pm. It was very busy but there were approx. 7 servers working the floor. When we came in we stood at the entry waiting to be acknowledged and seated. We were the only ones waiting at the time and it took 15 minutes for one server to even come greet us and at least let us know they had to clean up tables. (there were three empty tables). My husband started fidgeting ready to go get nasty and then walk out but I asked him to be patient though I too was losing mine. Another 5 minutes later a young man come over and asked if we placed out name on the list, I told him what list, and why would we if we are the only people waiting. He looked at the list that no one told us about, then admitted we were the next as we were the only ones waiting. He said he'd get a table cleaned up. We waited another 5-7 minutes and a few more people came in behind us. Now we are all waiting to be acknowledged and seated. Finally we get seated, the girl takes our order of two shakes, and our burgers. The shakes came around 10 minutes later, and the food another 10 minutes. Right before the food came she took our ketsup bottle and others form other tables saying she'd fill them up. The food came, the ketsup never did. My husband finally got up to another table across the room and grabbed one off an empty table (while more people waited to be seated). Then we were done in a matter of 15 minutes and we waited and waited for the girl to come back with our bill. My husband decided to stand in line to pay while I waited at the table for the check. Another 10 minutes passed and nothing so I got up, walked to my husband on the slow moving check out line and told "lets go". So, we walked out without paying. We are a middle aged middle class coule with plenty of money to pay for our meal but we were so disgusted by the lack of customer service and satisfaction that we decided to go. I feel bad for the young lady that served us because chances are she'll be comped for the unpaid ticket but the company is lacking service at most if not all their stores.

  • Why is Chris phelan sleeping wit is female employees?? Why is roach running all over the store?? Why is it all the employees sleeping wit each others? Smh.. and whenever u complain to corporate no one come investigate ..there must be someone that work for this company that care..

  • On a more brighter note…. Many of us on Facebook would like to know who to contact in order to request a Steak and Shake to come to our town in either Floyds Knobs or Georgetown Indiana area? The closest one to us is in Clarksville, IN and we only have about 3 other places here to choose from for Fast Food. We all decided it would be wonderful to have a Steak and Shake. We hope you take this message into consideration for one of your Restaurants in our area. Thank you Very Much. Lyn

  • My boyfriend and I frequently visit the Gravois Bluffs Streak n Shake in Fenton, MO. Usually we never have any problems. Tonight we went for dinner and a (homeless looking) man can into the restaurant in the middle of our meal and began Christmas caroling. I just thought it was a man doing something nice for the holidays until he set an on old, dirty, styrofoam coffee cup down in-between us on our table. I sat there speechless because not only was this rude, but it was just so ridiculous, I just couldn't believe it. It had "tips accepted" written on it, and he kept pushing it closer and closer to us as he was singing. I was appalled. I know this wasn't the fault of the restaurant. But Nici Allen, the manager at the time, could have done something about it. All of the workers and the manager just sat there and watched. I felt very uncomfortable and I could tell that others felt the same way. This man looked like a dangerous person. And not only that, he came into your restaurant and demanded money from your customers IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR MEAL and you did NOTHING about it! Absolutely horrible!

  • It's obvious that corporate doesn't care about it terrible restaurants. As a consumer advocate, I will make sure they are put in newspapers and magazines as one of the worst restaurants in business today. They lack trained staff, capable management, good service and warm food. They should be out of business in the near future with the complaints i have heard over the last two years.

  • I am outragef that steak n shake is opening christmas day.its the one holiday that my children and i get to spend with him. My kids were crying that he had to work on Christmas…..i kbow we get christmas morning with him,but even that is not enough…..very hurt and angered…..

  • I stopped at the Lafayette, Indiana location on August 31st at about 630 pm local time traveling from Illinois to Kentucky for labor Day weekend.

    We used the drive up and spoke to Autumn on the speaker and gave her our order.
    We waited in the drive up lane for half an hour.

    We got our food which was cold and not the normal steak and shake hamburger patties we expect. They were like charcoal briquettes in both size and shape. the to go bags were cusher at the top like garbage bags and our shake which they almost forgot was sticky with ice cream running down the sides.

    This by far was one of my worst experiences with Steak & Shake that I have ever had.

    I always brag about the good food at Steak & Shake.

    Corporate needs to step in and monitor the operations at this location.

    Why spend money adverising if the delivery is not made.

    your store in Matton, Illlinois is always on point with foood and service.

    Please fix so you can be better.

    Thanks you,

  • apparently these messages fall on deaf ears at your corporate offices,you have the perfect remidy for going out of business. I guess you think you are to big for that to happen.
    I will start my tale of rediculus management.
    1-three weeks ago we went to the steak and shake in fenton mo. we arrived and was first in line 15 minutes went by and the line grew to abouy 10 during this time we were never acknowledged however the 11 couple arrived and to our and everyone elses amazement they were immediately shown to a table and there order placed right away,when we complained to both the manager and the waitres we were egnored so we and several other people left, its just getting started.
    2-a week latter we stop at a store in festos mo. we enter and again get in line stand there frezzing for 15 minutes, not acknowledged and when we ask way we cant be seated because there were at leaqst 6 empty tables we were told they are very busy and they would get to us when they have a chance we along with others left again lost business.
    3- I saved the best for last, today 7/29/2012 we stopped for breakfast at bonescrossing in st charles mo. we arrived at 9.25 am to have breakfast it again was frezzing 20 minuts later(again not acknolwedged)we were finally seated at 9.45 and placed our drink order and food order my wife orderd 1 egg middium done with no runny white,crisp bacon and dark rye toast, I ordered 2eggs,with silver dollar potatoes also eggs medium done with sausauge and dark rye toast I order coffe and my wife ordered a coke 45 minutes passed before our meal arrived. during that time the waitress never came however the manager did and when we complained she delivered our food not the waitress and the manager left I looked at my plate and could not belive it the eggs were hard, the sausage was cold and burned,the potatoes were cold and had to use a knife and they were just brittle pices no potatoes. the toast was burned so bad it was uneatable in fact the whole meal was uneatable. now on to my wife, her meal waseven worse than mine sha had two eggs not one and both of them runny,her bacon was so over done it was uneatable her toast was not toast it was stale bread that waqs served in pieces and our food was served to us by the manager we called her back to our table to show her this food and all she said was she was sorry and we didnt have to pay for it the food should never have been period. you know the old saying three strikes and your out well we will never again eat at steak and shake. it appears these comments fall on deaf ears but believe me I am taking these pictues of this meal to our health dept. and showing every one we know who eat at steak and shake and show them these pictures and let them make up there own mind if they ever eat at steak and shake again.
    oh buy the way I forgot to tell you I toke pictures,

    • Man, what an idiot. You must be "one of them there sand niggers", what with your terrible english and even worse spelling.

  • I will never spend money at a Steak and Shake again, and I tell every person I run into my story.

    Got to the speaker at the drive-through and the girl says "be right with you". 10 minute wait later and she comes back and asks what I'd like, I tell her a shake. She goes "oh, that's it?", So I say yes, a mocha and banana shake, and she verifies "mocha and banana?". I say yes and she directs me to drive around. I get to the window and she immediately takes my card and rings me out. 10 minutes later, she comes back with two shakes. I tell her I wanted A mocha-banana shake and she goes "I asked you if you wanted mocha and banana and you said yes"… I confirmed I wanted A…A mocha-banana shake. Not one mocha and one banana. She says she will have one made but now I'm late for work and I ask her to just refund my money, and for that she has to go get a manager, who 6-7 minutes later comes to the window to tell me he can just mix them together. I repeat I'm late for work, just a refund will do, and he refunds me, while in the background she is still insisting I ordered two shakes. Funny thing is, she only charged me for one, and the manager refunded me for two. If any corporate bigwigs are reading this, it's Steak and Shake location 388 (Plantation, FL) order# 512040 on 7/26/12 @ 4:08pm. I wonder how often double refunds occur there. Would have preferred my shake to be completely honest, but being late was bad enough, I'll never ever go back there and I work retail. There's a lot of people that are currently hearing my story.

  • Ok, I dont even know where to start! Lets start from:
    expiernce number 1, went and got some food at the Clarksville Indiana store and sipped a long stringy film through my straw of the sweet tea, took it back manager said "they are supposed to clean it every night, but obviously the dont"

    expirence number 2, went and got another meal, got all the way home it was not what I ordered and the sweet tea was the same!!! They replaced my meal!

    expirence number 3, went to get meal replacement and ordered extra shakes, waited for 45 mins just to recieve my food and 3 shakes, ran off and forgot one. If I didnt forget about it I am sure it would have been another 45 mins to get it!

    expirence number 4, went back to get my shakes I had left! order food again! Just opened and there is a FLY cooked into it!!

    I am going to post pictures of this and contact the health department..

    The corp. office has everyone of my calls on record about this crap and I completely livid over this!!!


  • Stake and shake in Madison tn area code 37115 needs checked out I highly doubt that corprate would enjoy knowing what goes on in there store When employees have foul mouths and curse there guest I love stake and shake and would love for someone to check into this location so I do not have to drive 20 min to go get a burger and shake I think undercover boss would show this stake and shakes true colors

    • Have them do the Robinson township Pittsburgh location as well, where managers in training seem to think it's okay to serve already tasted soup to other customers, where new hires are put in a position they haven't been trained for, and all the servers disappear to play on their phones while they shun the good servers and force them to quit.

  • Why is Mike at the Willoughby, Ohio restaurant firing the best workers? Is it possible to post an accurate work schedule at this location? I will not eat there again until you resolve your management issues.

  • tyrone area.. st pete FLA… why do you discontinue items that are money maker's? the fish was fantastic, so you get rid of it. the coffee was outstanding, so you change it. the ice cream was firm, so you go to soft serve. since you like change, i will now change and try BURGER KING where they are serving great food and prices.steak and shake .. you are a disappointment!!

  • I was stopping through at the Martinsville Indiana restaurant. We were on our way to Indianapolis for a NBA ballgame. We placed our order and the boy at the drive thru window was young, confused and not friendly. I had to tell him twice a fish plain, along with the rest of the order. We sit at the drive thru window for over 6 or 7 minutes and then pulled up and realized the order was not right. I took the burger that wasn't ordered, back in for my fish, that was left out of the bag. The person said, "you didn't order a fish", I said "yes I did, I don't eat ground beef, I ordered the fish, and repeated it twice to them, which they repeated also." I explained this, they continued to not want to own their mistake. I believe the girl that finally said she would make a fish, was a manager, and a very unfriendly, manager. She had dark short hair, maybe in her twenties. I explained nicely that this was taking along time when we need to get to Indianapolis, I saw boys in the shake area, whispering and talking about me. I never raised my voice, never swore and never talked unkind. Me and my family are fast food family 🙂 and we eat out alot due to alot of activities and I will never stop again at this Steak and Shake. When the management is not helpful or nice, there are some real problems.

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