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Yogurtland Corporate Office Headquarters

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Yogurtland Corporate Office Headquarters
17801 Cartwright Road
Irvine, California 92614 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-265-8000
Fax Number: 1-949-265-8000
Customer Service Number: 1-949-265-8000

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My experience with Yogurt land was always a positive one until they cancelled their coconut flavor. I would go at least 4 times a week with at least four of my life long friends. Pease bring back the coconut flavor!

I went to the Watsonville store. There was a promotion and I packed up the family to go
and enjoy. When we wanted to pay, I noticed before placing my cup that the scale already
had registered 2.9 oz to charge atop of what I would then place. I notified the cashier,
but the young girl was not happy that I noticed that. She made up some garbage excuse that
"Oh, there is a wire loose." I'm an engineer and this was not a wire in the way, but
rather a way for the store to make more money during this buy one, get one free to charge
people more money and make up for the free giveaway. All this delayed giving my daughter
rather a way for the store to make more money during this buy one, get one free to charge
people more money and make up for the free giveaway. All this delayed giving my daughter
her yogurt cup…and she tried to grab it and her hand became covered in frozen yogurt and
toppings coming off. Your employees delayed and deceived with the scale.

The store owner and employees doing this makes this store seem crooked. Being off by a tiny
bit is okay, but almost 3 oz is not a small amount. Did they tare the scale with something
else? Take a look at the video or something. Because this seems obviously poor in style
and causing smart people to not trust your store in Watsonville.

When we walked away, the chocolate chip toppings, some fell off. My daughter was upset and
wanted to get some more. After making our purchase, the employee said "No, we have a big
promotion going on and I can't help you" despite my daughter was with me (age 3.5) and
crying in tears. This further made the problem bigger for my daughter and the line was
quite long in queue. All we wanted was to replace the chocolate chips that feel off. A
little taste cup to put 4 little chocolate chips in as my wife asked the employee and she
insisted the answer was "No" again.

I think this was rude and selfish, but again, the employees (2 of them) were upset with us
finding out that the scale was tipped in favor of the store. I tried to call your phone#,
but no one answered. This is very crooked and also selfish not helping a child. Pretty
much wrecked her day as in tears and with us parents trying to enjoy a nice day. 4 little
chips would be nothing. I would have put a quarter on the counter if she wanted as for me,
my daughter was quite irritated and upset.

Please make sure to thank your Watsonville store for not being kind to children, crooked
with tipped scales and not caring at all to make a child happy. In fact, making our child
upset because of this, my wife and I had to deal with this all afternoon.

I will cc: this to the Weights and Measures of our county as well as facebook needs to see
this to ask at least 10% of my 700+ people to pass this along. It's not right to check
your scales. This is a responsibility topic as well as the denial to a child of something
as small as 4 little chocolate chips (white chocolate chips to clarify) in a tiny cup would
have made her day.

My family and I walked out of the Studio City store the last two times we went for yogurt. On more and more occasions, their machines seem to be in disrepair, and they run out of flavors often.

For any of you that have complaints, I was recently told by staff memebers that the Pernian Management Company manages most of the Yogurtlands. You can reach them at 818) 290-8100. I have a call into them now for an issue in the Simi Valley Store which I visit several times a week. Their rewards reader has been down for quite some time so no one can redeem their awards points. Staff have told me that other customers have complained and that they have told Pernian several times but nothing ever gets taken care of. I will report back on what happens.

I've been going to Yogurtland in Redlands for quite some time now and their AC has been broken for about 3 months. Since the weather is getting nice their store gets very hot. You can tell the employees are doing what they can to keep everything looking good but I think it's too hot for them to be working in there and it can't be good for the food either! The chocolates start melting and you can tell the employees are very uncomfortable having to work in the heat. They try to explain that the owner keeps saying he's working on it but he's obviously not trying hard enough. Give those poor employees a break!

What is going on with Yogurtland customer support? For the last two weeks, I have been calling, including leaving a message, and I have emailed, and have not gotten a response. I have even called and pushed 0, which is suppose to connect me to an "administrator", which then disconnects after the recording says I am next in line.

I am very upset that you closed the stores on the east coast, that's your own fault your going to lose more money.

I was at a Yogurtland today in Centennial, Co. The two employees were very rude and unfriendly. I am mixed race and my family is mixed race. The two employees were white females in their late teens. They made rude remarks about how I look and what my family looks like. They need to get a clue it's 2016 not 1950. Extremely rude behavior from employees at Yogurtland.

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